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Trivia / Treme

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  • Actor Allusion:
    • Creighton disparagingly references The Big Easy, a film John Goodman was in. The writer had actually forgotten this, and at first Goodman was suspicious that it was an insult.
    • Wendell Pierce channels his inner Bunk and proclaims that "Antoine Batiste is strictly a cooked-fish eating motherfucker."
  • Actor-Shared Background: Lucia Micarelli is a professional violinist making her acting debut as Annie; both started on the instrument at age seven.
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  • Author Existence Failure: Writer David Mills died of a brain aneurysm while on set. Mills also worked on acclaimed series like The Wire, NYPD Blue, Homicide and was the creator of the tv series Kingpin.
  • California Doubling: Mostly averted, but the scenes in New York are all faked on sets.
  • The Cast Showoff: Wendell Pierce mimed his trombone playing in season one, but learned to play for real starting in season two.
  • Too Soon: There are some folks who've left New Orleans and can not watch the show or anything dealing with Katrina.


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