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    Series Wide 
  • Sookie has had quite a few: decapitating Drew Marshall with a shovel, hitting Maryann with energy from her hand, and hitting Cooter with even stronger energy from her hand.
  • Basically any time Godric shows up.

    Season 1 
  • What about way back when in season one, when Lafayette intimidates the hypocritical closet gay senator, right in front of the media?
  • Also, Lafayette's rather direct way of dealing with homophobic rednecks. ("In this restaurant, the hamburger deluxe comes with french fries, lettuce, tomato, mayo, AND AIDS! Do anybody have a PROBLEM with that?") Followed by one of the world's fastest and most to-the-point beatdowns.


    Season 2 
  • Hate Jason Stackhouse all you want, but give him all the props in the world for standing up for Sookie against the huge bully Gabriel of the Fellowship of the Sun in "Release Me".
  • "Don't. You. Ever. Talk about my sister." Commence total absolute ass kicking of The Dragon. Gabriel had to attempt to rape Sookie to make himself feel better about this, which only pushes him into deeper shit, with the arrival of Godric.
    • Jason actually gets two CMOA. First he gets Sarah Newlin to seduce him even though her husband is the kind of armed nut who would kill them both. Then he lays her so good she feels the presence of God. Jason Stackhouse, Bonkmaster Supreme, we salute you!
      Sarah Newlin: I know, here with you, I feel closer to God then I ever have!
    • And then he throws that in Steve's face:
      Jason: Now I reckon I've already been to heaven. It was inside your wife.
    • Which was after shooting the gun out of his hand with a paintball, and putting another one between his eyes for good measure.
  • Yet another one for Jason, when he teams up with Andy Bellefleur to save Sam from being sacrificed to Bacchus by Maryann's zombies. Doubles as a CMoA for Andy.
  • Jason taking back Bon Temps. With a chainsaw. Sure, it wasn't successful. But it's Jason! With a chainsaw! Also, when he "vanquished" Sam was pretty awesome, too.
  • Lafayette and Lettie May have their own crowning moment of awesome when they team up to rescue Tara from Maryann's clutches.
  • Gotta give one to Hoyt for finally standing up to his overbearing mother on Jessica's behalf!
  • Bill bashing Lorena with the flat screen TV.
  • Jessica finally standing up to her overbearing, possibly abusive father after she's been changed. "Go ahead, Daddy, get your belt. This time I'm ready."
  • Sookie calling Tara on her anti-vampire prejudice here. Not that the average vampire is Mother Teresa or anything, but if Tara still can't even accept Bill by now...
  • I know this is later subverted when we find out Maryann's motivation. But when she called out Tara's mother at their first meeting, I cheered at the screen.
  • Hell, Sookie nailing a Gun-wielding Lettie Mae in the head with a statue, knocking her down with one throw.

    Season 3 
  • Away from Sookie for less than an hour, Bill proceeds to have concurrent Crowning Moments of Awesome in the first two episodes of season three. He escapes his werewolf captors, then eviscerates three of them while they're fully pumped on his own vampire blood, and then, upon seeing Lorena again, lights her on fire without hesitation.
  • After Bill is forced to break up with Sookie over the phone, Lorena gloats about it and how he will always "love" her because he can't help himself. Bill's response? He punches her so hard she hits the wall outside his room and then promptly slams the silver-plated door in her face without another word. Two words: Bad. Ass.
    • Just to drive the point home: he then slams the door. The silver-plated door. Badass, indeed.
  • The Unstoppable Rage really comes out when Bill learns Sookie's in town, first beating the crap out of the werewolf who taunted him with the information, then pushing his vampire guard's face into the silver plating on the doors long enough for him to stick to it.
  • Eric turns out to have been pretty badass even as a human, when he kills one of the werewolves attacking his family with a single backwards sword thrust.
    • Turning on Sophie after she sets him up to take the fall on their V business, including almost ripping her head off with his bare hands before Russell stops him.
    • Seducing and killing Talbot, inadvertantly saving Bill's ass in the process.
    • Though the best of all may just be staking Lorena, complete with destroying her Yandere motivation: "You wouldn't know what love was if it walked up and kicked you in the fangs!"
  • Every single Tara scene in episode 3X06: Seducing Franklin to get him to untie her, telepathically alerting Sookie that help is on the way, beating Franklin's brains in with a mace from his own Wall of Weapons, dropping Talbot's name to get into Sookie's room, and beating up the werewolf guard with an able assist from Sookie.
    • And she follows it up by throwing Bill into full sunlight after he almost kills Sookie.
  • Russell's plan to get Sophie-Anne to marry him. Bringing up her financial problems, holding Hadley hostage, having her most powerful vampire come to his side. "Mama couldn't be more wrong" indeed.
    • The final scene of episode 3x09: He breaks into a newsroom during a live broadcast, punches through the reporter's gut, and keeps hold of part of his spine as he destroys the relationship between humans and vampires by announcing himself as a true example of what vampires are like. Followed by jauntily turning things over to the weather girl.
  • Sam infiltrates a dog fighting ring, frees all the dogs in the back room, and calls the old man and woman out.
  • Jessica is chased by a werewolf just after having much of her blood drained, so that she keeps stumbling trying to run at super speed. It sure looks like she's a goner, until the next time we see her having overpowered the werewolf, who's now begging for his life as she keeps biting his neck.
  • From the above same Episode , Sookie and Debbie Pelt's no holds barred, full blooded fight. No pretty choreographed moves, just one crazy she bitch and one Southern waitress who has had enough!
  • Many, many fans surely cheered themselves hoarse when Jason killed Franklin for GOOD in "Everything Is Broken".
    • Props also for Tara, for verbally mindfucking Franklin into last season, and calling him out on his insanity and all the abuse he's put her through. He was crying afterwards.
  • Hoyt knocking Tommy to the ground with one punch, without even breaking stride, followed by Jessica picking up Tommy's pitbull form and hurling him into the woods.
  • From the end of "Fresh Blood": Eric, perfoming HeroicSacrifice to kill Russell by sunlight - Be brave. We'll die together. Also counts as TearJerker.
  • Sookie tossing Talbot's remains down the garbage disposal and laughing about it to spite Russell.
  • Bill handcuffing Eric and throwing him into the wet cement. After three seasons of getting dicked around by everyone, especially Eric, it's refreshing to see Bill get the drop on someone. Shame it doesn't last.
  • Eric heads to Sookie's house fresh from being dug out of a concrete grave, and spills the beans on how Bill's been manipulating her from the beginning and let the Rattrays beat her to a pulp.
  • Jason may be a thick-headed simpleton, but he may be the very first person to have a CMOA when at the age of no more than eight or so, he protected Tara and drove off her screaming, violent drunken mother by simply standing up to her and telling her the truth to her face. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment as we realize it's what fuels Tara's crush on him in Season 1.

    Season 4 
  • Season 4: Pam. "...let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots..." Also doubles as CMOF.
  • Tara's reintroduction in season 4, beating her girlfriend in a cage match and giving a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to a guy who treats them like prostitutes.
  • Season four's opening sequence: an epic fairy battle in a washed out, post-apocalyptic wasteland! That's how you welcome viewers back in style.
  • The flashback to the Crazy-Prepared way that Bill killed Sophie Ann.
  • Jason jumping down from a tree and killing Felton with a makeshift spear.
  • Tommy killing his abusive parents, then thinking on his feet and turning into an alligator to keep Andy from finding the bodies in his van.
  • Antonia compelling the vampires posing as priests to step into the sunlight in front of everyone watching her execution.
  • Antonia's "Vampires are not immortal, the human spirit is!" speech.
    • The entranced Jessica breaking her silver bonds.
      • And Jason barreling through the doors to save her, even at risk of her killing him.
  • Sookie restoring Eric's memory and ending the attack on The Festival of Tolerance.
    • Jesus breaking through Antonia's forcefield.
  • Sookie and Jason saving Bill, Eric, Jessica, and Pam from getting pulled into the forcefield.
    • Sam kicking the crap out of Marcus, followed by Alcide killing Marcus and dumping Debbie.
    • Jesus separating Antonia from Marnie.
    • Eric finally shutting up Roy... By ripping out his heart, sucking the blood out of the aorta like a juicebox with a straw right in front of Marnie's face.
  • Jason stopping Bill and Eric from blowing up Moongoddess Emporium with Sookie inside by giving a What the Hell, Hero? speech and reminding them of how much Sookie's done for them both, and what the fuck kind of bastards are they for even thinking about sacrificing her. And when Pam asks if they're really going to call off the plan over "some gash in a sundress", Jason gives her a glare that says "if you weren't a vampire, I'd punch your lights out for that, and I might just try anyway." Both Bill and Eric decide to call off the plan and try to save Sookie.
  • Eric telling Pam to get out of his sight before he kills her after she tries to blow up Moongoddess—and Sookie—anyway. She's distraught, in tears, and she had it coming.
  • Marnie telling Pam not to laugh too hard in case her lips fall off.
  • Antonia finally rejecting Marnie for good after she intentionally kills an innocent human being.
  • Adele (Gran) ripping Marnie's soul out of Lafayette.
  • Bill and Eric killing Nan and her bodyguards in a nanosecond.
    • "WE ARE NOT FUCKING PUPPY DOGS!" Made more awesome by the fact that Bill just took out a much older vampire.
  • Sookie killing Debbie.
  • Sookie fearlessly slapping Eric, the Viking, the one thousand year old vampire, in the face.

    Season 5 
  • The newly turned Steve Newlin decides he wants to feed on Jason. As he's preparing to sink his fangs into Jason, against Jason's consent, Jessica makes an entry and tells him off in the most badass way possible:
    Jessica Hamby: Jason is mine!
    Steve Newlin: I am Steve fucking Newlin. Who the fuck are you?!
    Jessica Hamby: What the fuck I am is an older vampire than you. Who I also am is the progeny of the King of Louisiana who happens to be out of town, which pretty much makes me the Queen! [lifts Steve up by the neck] So I'm gonna give you a choice: you let him go, or the True Death. There is no in between.
    Jason Stackhouse: Plus I take back my invitation. [Steve is dragged to the door]
    Steve Newlin: [as he's being pushed out the door] I LOVE YOU!
  • Bill and Eric escaping the trunk of a car by breaking a hole in the inner wall to reach the gas tank and making a spark. They are barely harmed by the explosion.
  • The reveal of how Eric first met Pam, when he saved her from a Jack the Ripper-esque prostitute murderer, while wearing a quite dapper hat.
  • Sookie bitch-slapping Pam with her faerie-fireball, knocking her clear across Fangtasia.
    • Pam throwing Sookie across Fangtasia immediately prior is equally awesome.
  • Tara, on her first night as a vampire and completely unused to her feeding instincts, manages to stop herself from feeding on a woman, something so hard that she has to chug several bottles of Tru-Blood afterwards to get her hunger under control.
    • What makes this more awesome is that she has had no time to come up with her ideal Tru-Blood mix, and so is chugging down what appears to be several cases of Tru-Blood in all its revolting glory, while the previous newborn vampire seen doing this took one sip and immediately spat it out and demanded a human to bite. Heroic Willpower indeed.
  • Russell's plan to take over the Authority. The return of the show's true Magnificent Bastard, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Lafayette spitting in Jesus' Abuelo's face when the man holds him at gunpoint, then Flipping the Bird when the man threatens to cut his head open.
    • Props also go to Abuelo's young wife for taking him by surprise and stabbing him repeatedly, before he could do to her unborn child what he did to Jesus.
  • Admit it: you too cheered when Alcide challenged J.D for the role of Packmaster, and doing it not because he wants the power, but because he doesn't want the pack to be ruined by in the influence of V
  • Sam shooting Junior - the owner of the anti-vampire weapons' store and one of the humans who killed his friends - with a crossbow.
  • When Lettie Mae disowns Tara for being a vampire, despite being devastated by it as we see later, Tara completely keeps her cool as she scares the crap out of her mother, saying this is not the last time they'll be seeing each other and baring her fangs.
  • Pam glamoring a racist woman who bullied Tara in school into becoming Tara's willing food slave. A big enough Asshole Victim makes even horrible Mind Rape something to cheer on.
  • After coming dangerously close to joining an anti-super hate group, Hoyt finds that he can't bring himself to kill Jessica, and instead frees her. Jessica proceeds to kill the guy who kidnapped her with a sweet Bond One-Liner.
  • Sam's Big Damn Heroes moment when he rescues Sookie from the hate group and proceeds to kick all their asses. They're armed men with guns (and in one's case, a hook). He's 'nude'
  • Sheriff Bellefleur shooting Bud Dearborne
    • Followed by Sam telling Andy that he's not the worst sheriff Bon Temps has ever had.
  • And finally, Luna chasing Sweetie down and beating the tar out of her.
  • Terry doing what is right...and shooting Patrick in the head.
    • Preceded by Arlene shoving a pencil (that she'd been using as a hairpin) into his neck when he was about to kill Terry.
      • And putting the gun to Patrick's head and yelling "DON'T MOVE, motherFUCKER, or I will blow your FUCKIN' BRAINS OUT!!" It almost didn't SOUND like her.
  • Though it is (so far at least) a major win for the bad guys, one has to admit the recently Brain Washed And Crazy Bill utterly destroying Eric and Molly's plans to escape the Authority compound counts as one of these. Even more awesome in the way Eric seems so surprised that after his initial knee-jerk reaction of anger he just stares in shock and pretty much just allows himself to be lead away by the "gay stormtroopers".
  • Though it also doubled as a Tearjerker for this troper, Molly's subdued but calm accceptance of her excution counted as this, along with her telling the assembled Chancellors just what she thought of their newfound fantatacism.
  • Tara and Ginger taking out the newly appointed sheriff of Bon Temps, followed by the reveal that Tara came up with the idea on her own, with even Pam being stunned.
    • And Pam's subtle So Proud of You look at Tara when she defiantly states: "We're not running. Nobody fucks with us in OUR house!"
  • Sam and Luna sneaking into the Authority compound to get Emma back. These are two shifters going up against the vampire government, most of which are easily hundreds of years old. For sheer balls alone...
  • Sam and Lafayette defending (and outgunning) the two rednecks at Merlotte's that were about to shoot Jessica with wooden bullets
  • Russell finally doing what we've been we were all expecting him to do and declaring his Wild Card status to the council, bashing their Lilith-worship, and responding to Salome's threat to re-seal him by TOSSING HER ACROSS THE ROOM. All this followed by a bored-sounding threat to kill them all before zooming out of the room to do some faerie-hunting on his own terms and no one else's. The Russell Edgington we've been waiting for has returned!
  • Alcide's father saving him from newborn vampires with a bow and arrow. And Alcide wasn't doing too bad before that.
  • General Cavanaugh of the U.S Army showing the Sanguinista-led Authority just how flimsy their plans for world domination are when he points out that: a) the Pentagon has been preparing for a vampire insurrection for a long time, b) the government knows that the Authority is responsible for the factory bombings, c) that weapons are being developed to systematically wipe out vampires from the face of the earth, d) humans still have the freakin' sun on their side, oh and e) there's multiple video footage of Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin massacring the frathouse that WILL be leaked to the Internet if anything happens to him. After six episodes of watching the vampires strut around like they already run the world, watching a human give them a healthy dose of Reality Ensues and seeing them squirm in response was satisfying. General, we hardly knew ye
    • Followed by Eric completing his long con by killing the General and passing it off as a momentary loss of control. This gets the Authority to let him outside to help with the cleanup, at which point he promptly kills his guards with Nora's help and they both escape, leaving the Authority in one hell of a pickle.
    • This results in a hardcore dialogue exchange between the General and Eric.
      Gen. Cavanaugh: Oh god,
      Eric: God is a vampire. (breaks his neck)
      • Though it might not have been a good idea in the long run considering that the General threatened that if he were to be killed, evidence of Russell's still being alive would be released worldwide, igniting a war against all vampires.
  • Pam taking the blame for Sheriff Elijah's murder, knowing what she's going to face, to protect Tara.
  • Alcide finally stepping up and taking J.D down for good to assume his role as Packmaster.
  • In the fifth season finale, Sam's Voluntary Shape Shifting way to kill Rosalyn by going into her mouth as a fly, then resuming human form. Her body explodes and leaves Sam a bloody mess. For those of you keeping track at home, that is the SECOND centuries-old, infinitely-more-powerful being that Sam has taken down.
    • Luna deserves a mention too. She voluntarily shape-shifts into Steve Newlin, knowing what skinwalking eventually does to shifters, to get Emma out (which would have worked if Rosalyn hadn't intercepted her to start damage control on the real Steve and Russell's massacre). And when she gets too weak to keep up the facade, she uses her last bit of strength - ON A LIVE TELEVISION FEED - to tell the world about the Authority, its location and the humans that are imprisoned there for food. If Eric's actions on the last episode didn't guarantee an all-out war against vampires, then hers definitely will
  • Jason holding the line at the Authority's front desk, taking down several of the security guards.
  • Tara opening Pam's prison door to get her out. Remember that these doors are made of pure silver, and Tara's barely a month-old vampire. Not only badass, but it shows the level of devotion that's between the two of them, culminating with a passionate kiss.
  • Bill switching the blood from the vial, lacing that sample with silver and waiting for Salome to drink it as 'the chosen one.' He just sits there, watching her get sicker and sicker from drinking silver-tainted vampire blood, gives her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and then stakes her.
  • Salome going out with dignity, serene that Lilith chose well and calmly nodding for Bill to stake her.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Eric finally takes out Russell Edgington for good, staking him from behind as he's gloating to the faeries about how he's going to eat them all.
    • That was for (deep breath) Eric's entire family, Cooter's henchman, the Magister, the newscaster guy, the prostitute, Roman Zimojic, Dieter Braun, that wedding chick, about 22 frat boys (although in fairness, some must have been Steve's) the Faery Elder. Eat that, you psychotic, crazy-ass, ancient weirdo.
  • Though it counts as a victory for the Big Bad, Bill downing Lilith's blood and ultimately being 'reborn' in her image, covered in blood and naked and screaming hellishly. It bears repeating: Bill Compton goes from being a glorified delivery boy, to King of Louisiana, to Chancellor of the Authority, to the second-in-command after Salome, and finally ends up as THE LIVING INCARNATION OF THE GOD OF ALL VAMPIRES. All in the span of a few years. Is it any wonder that Eric's reaction is to get the hell out of dodge?

    Season 6 
  • Billith single-handedly destroying the Authority's headquarters.
  • Sookie staking Billith. It doesn't actually do anything, but it speaks volumes to how far she's developed from the lovestruck girl who'd make any excuse for him.
    • From Jessica's angle, her standing up to Sookie and the others by taking Bill's side.
    Jessica: No. Bill is staying and so am I. You're the ones who should leave.
    Sookie: Jess, I'm not leav-
    Jessica: He's my maker! You will never understand!
    Sookie: This is not Bill!
    Jessica: You don't know that, you can't know that! None of you know everything! All you want to do is kill and ask questions later! You told me that you loved him and then you tried to stake him! How could you?
  • Burrell laughing in Eric's face after faking being glamored, then revealing the government has developed contact lenses that prevent it.
  • How about the fact that we see General Cavanaugh's threats to the Authority coming into fruition? From the very second episode, it's revealed that humans have invented silver bullets that emit UV rays. Then come the contact lenses. Eric put it best when he said that vampires have to evolve with the advent of these new weapons, or there is a very good chance that they'll all be killed.
  • The final seconds of "At Last," where Sookie reveals she knows exactly who Warlow is, and all her apparent falling for his seduction was just to get him in a position where she could hold a blast of fairy power point-blank against his head.
    • Really, the fact that she figured it out on her own and laid out a trap for him instead of trying to sneak up on him (like Niall and Jason). She invites him to dinner, plays the perfect hostess and calmly waits for the silver she laces his food with to take effect. When it doesn't, Sookie keeps her cool and proceeds with the seduction act until the fairy nuke ball is in position.
  • Warlow destroying Lilith by creating a hole for the sunlight to leak into her resting place, utterly annihilating her. This is after this creature turned him into a vampire against his will, resulting in him destroying his home and killing all the fearies he knew. I Hate You Vampire Mom indeed!.
  • Eric and Pam are forced into a gladiator match, and will get shot with UV bullets if they refuse to fight. They Take a Third Option, zipping around the chamber, pulling the shooters out of their hiding places, and killing them.
  • Willa orchestrating a mass breakout from Burrell's camp, under Eric's direction.
  • Bill's assault on Burrell's house. After the guards' special bullets turn out to be useless, he telekinetically forces them all to shoot each other. And then rips Burrell's head off. And all this is happening in the middle of the day.
  • Sookie's combination "The Reason You Suck" Speech and "World of Cardboard" Speech about how she's going to become a vampire so she won't have to spend eternity buried with her parents. One of the most powerful pieces of writing in the whole show, and Anna Paquin knocks it out of the park.
  • Alcide curb-stomping Rikki and the other werewolves when they challenge him for control of the pack.
  • Eric in the entirety of 'Life Matters'. Highlights include:
    • Surprising the guards patrolling the vampire concentration camp in daylight and massacring all of them.
    • Getting revenge for Nora by ripping off Dr. Overlark's penis and leaving him to bleed out on the floor.
    • Throwing open the doors of every cell and telling the vampires to take their revenge.
    • Not killing the therapist for fucking Pam...but telling him that he'll let her do it, since she's earned the right.
    • Killing Steve Newlin by keeping him away from Bill's life-saving blood and holding him up to the sun to burn.
  • All of this, however, is topped by Bill letting the vampires in the white room drink almost every drop of his blood and nearly sacrificing himself to save them. Complete with white shirt and Crucified Hero Shot to boot!
  • Jason Stackhouse chasing down Sarah Newlin, giving her one hell of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech by pointing out her religious hypocrisy... and then not shooting her, saying that he's had too much blood on his hands, and not even hers is worth him getting more on them.
  • In its own sad but uplifting way, Terry's funeral, especially the song Big John Dixon sings at the end.
  • When Bill refuses to help Sookie, saying without his Lilith powers he is no match for Warlow, Jessica gives him a What the Hell, Hero? speech that shakes off his cowardice. "The Bill Compton I knew would have walked through fire to save her!"
  • Bill briefly getting the upper hand against Warlow despite losing his Lilith powers and thus being far weaker than him.
  • Regardless of the severe Deus ex Machina undertones, the Stackhouses ganging up and killing Warlow was very emotionally satisfying, especially considering Warlow had now shown his true Ax-Crazy Yandere colors.

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