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Fluttershy has a secret crush on Pinkie Pie.
Her Establishing Character Moment sees her singing "Hellfire" — something which suits her role. However, the lyrics specifically involve the singer's obsession with a gypsy... and what does everyone keep calling Pinkie?
  • Adding more fuel to the hellfire, Fluttershy apparently told Apple Bloom that Pinkie has "the voluminous hair of a temptress".
  • Lest we forget, Fluttershy is the one to suggest that Pinkie is a gypsy (well, she claims that the Parasprites are work of Pinkie Pie's evil gypsy magic... and says it in a very loving way... more or less.)

Francis is Twilight's adoptive brother
The reason he is marrying Cadence Not-Evil Good Pony is because he is sick of Twilight, and figures marriage is the best way to get her out of his life. Don't forget how he puts stress on how he loves his sister, and how he loves his wife-to-be.
  • Also, the reason he joined his boy-band('signed that record label').

Francis likes the attention twilight gives him, but does not fully realize how she loves him.
He seems completely oblivious to her affection, but aware of the attention she gives him. When he mentions things that she has done, in relation to her crush on him, he says it in a casual way, that suggests he doesn't really know what's going on.

Pinkie Pie's family were gypsies.
In the extended version of "Pinkie's Brew", her parents get a verse: "Pinkie, if you're hearing this, it means we're dead and gone / Please don't bake a portal, just accept it and move on." This is how she was able to find the recipe in the first place, as well as why others keep accusing her of being an evil enchantress: her parents were well-known gypsies. (Of course, they likely weren't evil or anything; like their daughter, they were likely beacons of reason in Ponyville. But thanks to the ponies' Fantastic Racism, they were distrusted and ignored, and after their deaths, Pinkie got shunted into the orphanage because nobody wanted a 'gypsy daughter' bewitching them.) Zecora helps her because she knew her parents.
  • Largely confirmed. Pinkie has stated she has gypsy roots which she abandoned when she had to move into the orphanage to fit in. Don't know about the Zecora part, and Pinkie's from another city, which burned down.

Robots really do have souls.
Sweetie Belle seems a bit too contemplative and thoughtful, especially about life and death, to be a soulless automaton.
  • Robots don't have souls, Cyborgs do. Sweetie Belle is an experimental Cyborg soldier, Rarity's war crime? Selling children for experimental war projects, even her sister.
  • Or she was in the chariot crash from six years ago. Her parents died, but she managed to survive and was rebuilt.
  • Robots don't have souls. They just have programs to help them emulate pony behaviour.
    • How do we know that robots not having souls isn't just propaganda?
      • You are a robot sympathizer! ROBOT POLICE! ROBOT POLICE!
  • It is possible that robots don't have a soul, but may gain one depending on their interactions with real ponies, and after getting a soul, they act far more emotional that a real pony would because their bodies aren't prepared to host a soul, also possible that due to owning a soul, robots like Sweetie Belle would just go emo over finding out they are robots, instead of going on a killing rampage.
  • Strictly speaking, the only hard evidence that robot ponies do not possess souls as much as organic ponies do, beyond joking implications, are the words of Cheerilee. However, when one takes Cheerilee's assertively careless personality, belief that knowledge is a dangerous thing, and personal disinterest in knowing things herself into account, one can very reasonably rule her out as a reliable source of information. It is more likely that she is simply regurgitating this dystopian Equestria's propaganda without having investigated the matter at all.

The parents of the Mane 6 will come back to life, and then be killed as the 9 are saved.
In episode five, Rarity's parents come back to life, but then the sound of a crashing carriage can be heard after they leave. Odds are, the cast will have to kill Fluttershy's dad (again), and the same with any other parents that return.

The spell will save nine, but will be the reason Pinkie Pie's parents are dead.
Because malevolence is hilarious!
  • "They say a kitch-in time saves nine / But I'm just saving two" will prove darkly prophetic: Nine will be brought Back from the Dead, but only two will survive.
  • Pinkie's parents died in a city-wide fire. So the spell will retroactively cause it? Maybe that's why they didn't want Pinkie to open a portal, they knew and were trying to stop her. They didn't tell her because the recording was damaged in the fire.

Sweetie Belle is not a robot. Rarity is.
Sweetie Belle just has an odd accent and a vision problem. Rarity is, as Sweetie Belle accused, a combat robot who has trouble expressing human emotions.

Trixie, Gilda, and the other Antagonists will be neutral to heroic, but get screwed by the cast anyways.
We've already touched upon Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist (Twilight is a raving narcissist who forces her friends to play along with her fixations and framed Princess Molestia to try and get her title, Rainbow Dash is a shallow moron, Applejack is a remorseless war criminal, Rarity uses overseas slave labor, Fluttershy is almost pure evil, and Pinkie, while more sympathetic due to her emotional baggage, still abuses Spike and is implied to have plucked out a young colt's eye to make her brew), we might as well go the other way with the antagonists.
  • Trixie will be giving a perfectly normal performance, but when the Mane Cast heckle her, she deals with them vaudeville style. Unfortunately, this inspires them to trick Snips and Snails (by threatening Spike) to go out alone, into a dangerous forest, to retrieve an Ursa Minor, in a deliberate attempt to murder her.
    • Alternatively, Trixie fought in the war alongside Applejack and Rarity, who did something heroic (fended off a massive bear attack) as opposed to war crimes or deserting. She starts off more or less well-adjusted and works as a traveling performer, but it turned out she was captured and tortured by the bears later and now suffers from bear-induced PTSD, meaning she can't fend off the Ursa. (Heck, she might have died in the bear attack and ends up being one of the individuals brought back).
  • Gilda on the other hand, recognizes Fluttershy as the Antichrist that she is, and how the town is completely insane (her other negative traits will be edited down or plays up Pinkie's near-stalkerish tendencies during the episode). She wigs out because she really was being deliberately targeted.
    • She might also be angry at Pinkie for messing up the space-time continuum.
      • Or, building on Rarity's parents, the dragon, and Granny Smith's relation to the Main Six, Gilda was brought back from the dead and is attempting to selflessly repair the timeline.
      • Something like this is coming closer to realization given Rainbow Dash's comment in "Cherry Bomb" about how her other friends whom she thought ditched her turned out to have died.
      • "Damn it Dash! Your pranks are not funny! How do you think I died the last time?!"
      • Dash, of course, will be mortified that she has gained a backstory and thus character depth.
  • The Diamond Dogs will be members of a Saintly Church who want to gather gems so that they can defeat the Smooze. However, they make the mistake of kidnapping Rarity, which brings the wrath of the cult on their heads. At the end, Fluttershy will bury them alive
    • Their attempt to kidnap Rarity will stem from a wish to deprogram her. It fails, hard.
  • Blueblood will screw with Rarity because he realizes she's just trying to use him for his looks, money, power, and prestige.
  • Rather than Mind Rape, Discord will try to make the girls have Heel Realizations, and his chaotic magic will be funneled towards Lampshading the already bizarre nature of the FiW world.
  • Flim and Flam actually do offer a reasonable deal but quickly realize the Apple Family are terrible businessponies and try to take it over for the good of the farm. Applejack sabotages their machine.
    • Alternatively, they're from the Equestrian equivalent of the ATF. Their contempt for Applejack comes from witnessing her crimes during The War.
  • The changelings are trying to prevent the royal wedding because it will somehow facilitate the resurrection of Lord Smooze.
    • Or they recognize Cadence for what she is.
    • Turned out that there weren't changelings. Cadence was definitely not an evil shapeshifting queen, but instead the nicest pony ever. Twilight locked her away in the crystal catacombs to die.
      • Cadence Notevil Goodpony could recruit the noble shapeshifting royal protectors from the country she was freely elected as ruler of, to try to save Equestria and her ex-fiancé from the crazy purple princess, though.
      • Candace was introduced in Horse Women, it's entirely possible that SHE could do some of this.
Sweetie Belle is a cyborg from a failed military project.
She shows signs of being thinking and caring, more than simple emulation of emotions can provide. She also has great power, powerful unicorn magic and cybernetic enhancements can cause a very disastrous combination, unfortunately, she was too caring and they had to leave her with her sister Rarity.

The "Secret of my Excess" dub will explain why the Mane Six hate Spike, along with Equestria's hatred for dragons.
Either that, or a complete Who's Laughing Now? episode.
Twilight: (lying) We were wrong to treat you that way. We're sorry.

Rarity's acting classes and enthusiastic support of Fluttershy's doomsday cult both stem from her trauma during The War.

The War was against the livestock races.
The sheep are political prisoners, and Applejack's stampede that flattened the school was meant to crash them into a building to splatter them.

Smooze is inside Sweetie Belle.

Pinkie first met at least one of the others during her time travel escapades.
And that's why everyone's so convinced she's a gypsy at the start of the series. At least one of them remembers meeting her as a filly and hearing her mention her gyspy magic.
  • If "Lunar Slander" is any indication, Pinkie Pie didn't physically go back in time. How all of those people including her baby parents came back has yet to be explained... but A Gypsy Did It, so maybe we shouldn't dwell on it.

Smooze is a benevolent, if chaotic, being.
However, he was sealed many centuries ago by his enemies, who turned Equestria in the terrible place it is, now he is using deception as a way to get himself unsealed and save Equestria, Fluttershy herself is aware of this, but keep on it because despite the fact she really is evil, she doesn't want her friends to suffer more than they already do.
  • Given what we see in the animatics, this may be an accurate guess of its in-show persona...
    • With this in mind, Colt Leader Fluttershy might become disillusioned when she finally meets it. "You're not the world smothering eldritch goop I thought you were!"
    • So, we meet Smooze under the alias of Jeff The Blob. He ends up eating Scootaloo but helps to cheer up Pinkie Pie.

Rainbow Dash actually has depths...
... But is incredibly ashamed of this for her own reasons. She keeps the facade of being extremely dumb and single-minded to help hide it, but she actually is an extremely intellectual pony.
  • Evidence for this: She needs glasses! Fictional idiots almost never need glasses, but fictional smart people almost always do.
    • Scootaloo, who really is her daughter, is a big part of this. Rainbow does honestly love Scootaloo, but tries to hide it because love for your child=depths.

Scootaloo being Rainbow Dash's filly is meant to parody the fan theories that Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are really the children of their respective 'sisters'.

The one involving the Apple sisters is by far the more popular, but the theory that Rarity might actually be Sweetie Belle's deeply shamed mother is definitely out there. However, it's pointed out several times that Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo are nowhere related, so they definitely aren't mother and child. Fi W parodies this by instead making Scootaloo Rainbow's kid while the others kept their status as sisters.

Spike is a robot.
  • He does go on a destructive rampage in Secret of my Excess...

Rarity knows that Sweetie Belle is a robot, but is either in denial or simply doesn't want to lose the only family she has left.

The Cutie Mark Chronicles dub will have the girls' Start of Darkness.

Robots don't have souls...
But neither do ponies. At least, not in a form that can be detected by pony technology. The scanners at the sisterly anti-robot and free-labor-for-the-Apple-family competition detect biological signs, not souls; this is why cyborgs supposedly have souls, and not that they have the soul from the living pony they still are or (somehow) the dead pony they once were. Smooze may help or hinder this theory, or may be completely irrelevant; he may accept robot sacrifices despite their supposed soullessness compared to living ponies, he may have a preference for meat-ponies and thus accept only living ponies and cyborgs, or really any other reaction. Unless he says something of the matter, though (or tells Fluttershy), any reaction he has could point towards the no-souls, pony-but-not-robot-souls, or (heretical) pony-and-robot-souls.

Equestria, despite being an eternally persistent diarchy, does have a President...
But unbeknownst to Apple Bloom, the position of "President" has something to do with apples.
  • Obviously, if Apple Bloom were to become President, it would be President of the Dole Corporation. Buy Some Apples!

Apple Bloom will plan to overthrow the royal family and institute a democracy in Equestria.
Given that Apple Bloom is one of the few mostly-decent characters in FiW, this might actually not be twisted into something dark and horrible before someone else gets a hold of the idea, but it probably won't get off the ground before the end of the events chronicled by the series.
  • So far royalty's been relatively sympathetic; Celestia is just doing her job and avoiding Twilight's fanfics like the plague, and Luna just wants to have friends. Except... Luna gave her title to Twilight. I think Apple Bloom may end up getting some unexpected aid in her plot to overthrow a princess.

Fluttershy's dad wasn't as abusive as she led the rest of the Mane Six to believe.
He was very neglectful and far from a stellar father, but when Fluttershy finally confronts him, she only mentions him destroying her stuffed animals, missing her softball games and not being proud enough of her drawings to put them on the fridge, and he only admits to throwing her velveteen rabbit into a fire... but there are no mentions of all the horrors that Fluttershy was talking about earlier involving the robotic wolves and the ants or anything even remotely similar.

Which would mean that Fluttershy lied to her friends' faces... something she has done before — remember her "innocent friendship fires" from earlier in the episode?

  • This Troper's interpretation is that everything Fluttershy said he did was true From a Certain Point of View, such that the robot wolves = plushies, and the ants = . . . I'm not sure about the ants, tbh.
  • How do African ants survive in frozen tundra?
  • Her father says he threw her Velveteen Rabbit in the fire and asked if she was still mad about it. In the original Velveteen Rabbit story, the parents are about to throw the rabbit into a fire because the child had Scarlet fever and his toys may have still had the disease on them, now how does this relate to Fluttershy's dad? What if Fluttershy simply had Scarlet Fever, the symptoms of which include fever, which, at a high enough temperature induce hallucinations and confusion, not to mention that she's probably be sleeping/dreaming for a long time during her recovery, making her blur reality and her dreams. Also the spots from Scarlet Fever, to a half delusional child, may resemble "rabid African ants" on her body. Then her father burns her velveteen rabbit and her "stuffed animal friends" due to the possibility that the microbes could've still been on them.

Trixie will be Molestia's de-alicorned form.
In anticipation of giving her princesshood to Twilight, Molestia will take the form of a unicorn. But not just any unicorn, mind — btut Twilight's replacement in Ponyville! After all, if she's going to be in Canterlot with Celestia, they're going to need a token 'Socially Awkward Fanfilly Unicorn', won't they...?
  • Trixie will make her first appearance using clips from Magic Duel, and is in fact Luna pissed off at Twilight for manipulating her.
    • And she will act a lot like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises for why she torments the town and exiles Twilight.

Sweetie Belle will be the last pony Pinkie's Brew saves.
There will be nine ponies saved by the brew. Sweetie Belle has no soul. Connection?

The "Dragon Quest" dub will be about Spike's attempt to leave Ponyville.
Since he is hated by everypony, he will try to rejoin his kind during the dragon migration. This time, things will go well until Twilight catch him up and force him back to Ponyville.

Cyborgs are pony robots.
During the war, ponies built robotic soldiers called "cyborgs", where as the enemy planted cybernetic spies into pony society called "robots", which are programmed to blend in until activated. The bit about souls is propaganda (they have the exact same number of souls), while the bit about telling a robot spy that she is a robot is horribly real (as their defensive mechanism is to kill everyone who might know, then forget it ever happened).
  • Sweetie Belle is a cyborg, made from a corpse (the real Sweetie Belle?) provided by Applejack. She isn't in school, because she's been this age for the past ten years.
    • While everyone knows Sweetie Belle is a cyborg (it's kinda obvious), Scootaloo is secretly a spy robot (it stands to reason spy robots would be better at blending in than combat models).

Luna/Molestia has high-functioning autism.
She's shown several symptoms: poor people skills, low self esteem, trouble understanding social situations (she thought the residents of Ponyville didn't like her because she was scary, when it was actually because they thought she was a clingy dork)...

Sweetie Belle will die tragically.
It has already been established that robots are hated and destroyed upon discovery. The series has already made a reference toDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Now all show can use the following line of dialogue:


If they actually do this, everyone will cry like babies.

Sweetie Belle knows she's a robot and has somehow managed to curb her urges to go on destructive rampages.
Sometimes she slips up. "When small things get kicked around, they just might destroy the town", for example.

Pinkie's portals or Fluttershy's copycat portal will cause a massive dimensional disruption...
causing a crossover with The My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series that will be too awesome for words.

"When small things get kicked around they just might destroy the town" is Foreshadowing.
Hey, let's kick that baby dragon! I'm sure he won't grow into Godzilla and destroy our town with all the townsfolk.

The Putting Your Hoof Down dub will have Fluttershy's Villainous Breakdown.
Particularly in light of canon Fluttershy's "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Pinkie Pie and Rarity; in this show Pinkie is a gypsy that Fluttershy may be involved in a one sided Foe Yay with and Rarity is Fluttershy's right hoof mare. Whatever causes this will not be good.

The ninth and final one to be brought back by Pinkie's portals will be Lord Smooze.
Being from a previous generation of the show, it's decidedly from the past. Pinkie is unknowingly bringing about its resurrection.

Celestia knew that Celestia 2 is Twilight.
She actually sent Luna to Space Camp in the hope that she'd make friends there.

The Cakes are going to be The Beard.
They are going to pose as Pinkie's parents' parents because Pinkie used illegal gypsy magic to bring them back and she needs to throw off the magic police. She can't pass them off as her own children because Pinkie was never pregnant, and the orphanage would never let a pegasus or a unicorn be adopted by an Earth Pony, let alone let a single, freakish, ugly, pink gypsy of not particularly high income adopt both.

The consequences of "Cherry Bomb"...
Fluttershy clearly wants to know more about Pinkie Pie's gypsy portal magic: in "Neigh, Soul Sister", she questioned Rarity about it at the spa, then in "Lunar Slander" she tried to create a portal of her own. At the end of "Cherry Bomb", Rarity and Pinkie Pie are stuck in the desert together (and the brief scene from the original episode with them riding a hoofcart back to civilization was omitted, interestingly). Rarity will take this opportunity to pry more information about gypsy magic from Pinkie, and will pass it along to her glorious cult leader.

Fluttershy "cute and shy" persona is actually all fake.
In reality she doesn't care about Rarity's sister college fund (she was hoping to END THE WORLD in a week, so why should she care), her care for animals is all brainwashing, and any kindness is just an act. She isn't nice because she has standards, she is doing it because it is the smartest disguise she has.
  • While that is VERY possible, her being worried about a filly wouldn't be OOC even if she is the Antichrist: She had a Hilariously Abusive Childhood and probably doesn't desire to inflict any wrongdoing (other than a quick death with the end of the world) to any filly.

Fluttershy is so skittish because she's afraid of the magic police.
This would mean she really is timid and not very social, but because she's paranoid.

Spike has similar properties to SCP-053.
First off, to know him is to hate him. Secondly, he was struck by lightning multiple times, fell from the roof, had a log dropped on him... and got off with casts on his legs.

Pinkie's portal will resurrect Raincloud (parentheses added for spoiler purposes)
Because why not?
  • and Cadence Notevil Goodpony, because they're the only two heroic characters that have died.
  • Jossed, at least the Raincloud part due to its appearance in Episode 10, where it appears normally without the use of the "x/9" counter that appears whenever someone's been resurrected.

Sweetie Belle is the only non-robot in the entire series.
Including Rarity, of course; they never said exactly how many robots lived in Equestria, did they? That Cheerilee rather arbitrarily decided to start a robot lecture in the middle of class is because a robot's first instinct when being questioned of their soul-ness is to rabidly deny it before rampaging through the town.

Sweetie Belle is a robot!
Guys, I know it sounds crazy, we all thought Cheerlie's lessons on robots were just the alcohol talking, but all the evidence points to Sweetie Belle being a robot! The way she talks, have you heard anypony talk like that, let alone SOUNDS like that? It is like talking to a cheap voice processor? Sometimes she has these "crashes," where she constantly repeats a seconds worth of motion, constantly repeating it for hours. Also, am I the only one who notices the sounds of gears when she walks around!


  • SHH! Quiet, you idiot! If you're right and she finds out, she'll go on a rampage like the propaganda campaigns tell us they do.
  • You're just making absolutely no sense whatsoever. Dear Sweetie Belle, a robot? Preposterous.

The robots were designed and implemented before the wars, for benevolent purposes.
That's why Sweetie Bot has much more emotion and love than anypony else, even the other CMC. The war possibly corrupted people's souls or something, so robots are the only ones spared and thus they're all... well, sweeties! Of course, one result of all the 'souled' ponies being total jerks is the desire to destroy everyone different from themselves.

Sweetie Belle is just trying too hard!
Robots don't have souls and can't feel real emotions, but are programmed to imitate having emotions. So they are, ironically, guaranteed to act like good, kind people, while the actual sentient beings of this universe happen to all be sociopaths. Which ironically means those emotions are failing to help her blend in.

Spike is the mortal form of the Smooze.
Everyone hates him because Reality is Actively trying to kill him before he can cause the end of the world. And when it happens, due to the Mane Six's constant Abuse, he will kill them all after cheerfully telling them he's going to reneged on every single promise he's made to the cult deciding that this universe and everything in has to die for the good of everything else. or at the very least just the Mane Six
Spike/The Smooze: You are all Heartless, Evil Monsters who need to Die for the Good of Everypony Else.

Francis is Twilight's half brother.
She didn't know where he came from. Basically her father had an affair with another pony, and she left Francis on Twilight's doorstep when she had him.

Francis is Raincloud's son.
Notice her speeding away in Twilight's flashback. Clearly, cloud-ness, like dragon-ness, is a recessive trait.

Francis is the lovechild of Raincloud and Night Light.
See the above two.

Francis is Twilight's biological brother.
We really only have her assurance that Francis showed up in a box on their doorstep, which doesn't really make much sense for someone older than Twilight. How could she remember that while Francis doesn't know where he came from? Instead, it's a story she made up to justify her attraction to her brother. It's already been established that Twilight's memory can be self-serving ("I'm too dumb and fat! And your blueprint is just a great sketch and a clever pun!").
  • Then why would Celestia vouch for Francis having been adopted?

Cadance will be brought back by Pinkie's portals.
I mean, changing the status quo? Ha!

Cadance survives and turns into Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings.
And will get her revenge at Twilight's coronation ceremony.
Twilight: Who disrupts my coronation?!
Chrysalis: Coronation, Twilight? This is bad comedy.
Twilight: ...Cadance? Is that you?!
Chrysalis: Here's a hint!
  • Somebody didn't stick around until the end credits...

Alternatively, Cadence will be resurrected as Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelingss
We've still got two more resurrections from Pinkie's brew. Or maybe she'll be brought back by the Smooze:
Smooze: I have summoned you here for a purpose...
Cadence: Nopony summons Cadence!
Smooze: Then it pleases me to be the first...

Cyborgs are canon, after all...

Twilight cast some sort of spell when she sought to control the world that turns everyone around her into one dimensional caricatures.
The reason Sweetie Belle is so deep is that she has no soul, and is thus unaffected by Twilight's spell.

Twilight's reaction to Cadence is a parody of fans referring to Cadence as a Mary Sue.
Nothing on her pedigree is especially unusual other than being an elected ruler. Really, even being a children's book author isn't that strange compared to what some world leaders were before they became world leaders. She's not overly cloying or overly humble, and her frustration with Twilight's terrifying one-dimensional friends is entirely expected (and since she even managed to paint blood runes with Fluttershy, it's not like she uniformly hates them all in a Fixer Sue kind of way). Plus, Twilight's a parody of melodramatic fanfic authors. Do the phrases "Ron the Death Eater" and "Die for Our Ship" ring any bells?

Pinkie's brew will resurrect Cadence and...
She'll flee back to her country where she was freely elected (the Crystal Empire). Twilight hears of this, and decides to go kill Cadence again, to make sure she won't come back after Francis. However, Twilight just ends up getting bored of having a husband, and traps them in the Crystal Empire where she can visit them when she feels like it.
  • Likely jossed. Apple Bloom said that only parents can be resurrected by the portal, and given her purity resume, it's unlikely that she would have a child.

Celestia's really a powerless figurehead.
Celestia's pretty nice but she's the apparent head of a racist police state. Instead of her being a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, she's genuinely nice, but she's incapable of stemming the ever growing corruption of Equestria. She doesn't even raise the sun, she just claims she does because the rest haven't realized this yet, and it's one of the few things that's keeping the government from going off the deep end.
  • Adding to this: none of the alicorns have real political power
    • Adding to this some more: Twilight becoming a full alicorn will be the finale and Celestia's method of karmic retribution. Twilight will become a full princess, but in the process she'll learn that alicorn princesses have no power whatsoever and end the series with a Big "NO!" upon realizing this.

Fluttershy really does want everyone's life to be better.
The thing is she's born in a world where the vast majority of the population is sociopathic due to the dominance of sociopathy. She wants Smooze to end the world so that somepony else can rebuild it into a happier place. Of course her plan is heavily flawed because she has no means to ensure the rebirth of the world, but a certain god of Chaos could provide her with the perfect opportunity.

The final episode would basically be a culmination of all the Mane Six's misdeeds coming back to bite them in the ass.

The robots were created as super soldiers to win The War for Equestria.
However, once they accomplished what they were created to do, they started doing pesky things like concluding that they had souls and demanding the same rights as biological ponies. As a result, they were eliminated and replaced by combat cyborgs. The survivors went underground, living as ponies and slowly rebuilding their numbers. Then the government found out that they didn't get all the robots, and Equestria is where it is now.

The reason for the massive jerkassery in Ponyville is...

Apples. They have something in them that makes every pony act how they act, sort of like the phrase 'what kind of water are they drinking?', but with apples. Cadence is allergic to apples and as such can't eat them, which is why she's the only good-hearted pony in the show and Rarity's stories about Applejack's ruthlessness in the war, as well as her apparent aggressiveness (Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!) can be easily explained with the large amount of apples she probably eats. On that note, apple juice was Twilight's favorite drink as a filly, to the point were she wouldn't take anything else. Becomes kind of unsettling whenever you see Apple Bloom gobbling them up.

  • Is... is that why that hypnotic apple made her forget all about her aspirations?

Spike wasn't born among the ponies.

He was likely captured in a dragon-slaying party of something. If Spike were born into the ponies' world, he would be used to the treatment they give him, which he doesn't seem to be. He often hopes they Twilight and her friends will help him, and he would have no reason to complain if it was all he knew. He might remember what it was like to once be treated kindly, and hopes that things will be better, but they never do. He's no where near as jaded as someone born into that situation would be.

Cheerilee wasn't being accurate in her lesson on robots.

Her exact word were: “If a robot ever found out that it was a robot, it might go on an existential rage through the town.” Key word; Might, as in it's never happened before. If you listen carefully, who can hear Cheerilee ranting about her possibly-robot husband and sounding very unhappy, so she might just be upset at him. On top of it all, their seem to be police for just about everything, so they might just be looking for another excuse to kill more ponies.

Sweetie Belle is not a robot.

She's a cyborg. Sweetie seems to have real emotions and more importantly, she apparently has free will as indicated by her easily storming off to go see Apple Bloom, suggesting the presence of a living soul.

  • Adding to this: a cyborg is biologically born but has robotic attachments. Judging from Sweetie Bot's noises, voice and mannerisms, it wouldn't be improbable to guess that her limbs, vocal chords and eyes were replaced with mechanical attachments and the rest of her body is biological.

One of the writers has psychic powers.

Given the number of predictions they've made that have come true, (Gypsy Pinkie, Twilight's brother, Twilight becoming a princess, Spike becoming a dog, and Twilight developing a crush on a blue-haired rocker guy whose initials are F.S.) it seems pretty clear that THEY CAN SEE THE FUUUTUUUURE!!!

  • Don't forget the tensions between Applejack and Big Mac over their relationship to Applebloom (Fi W ep 7 and "Brotherhoove social" respectively), the Humane 5 + Sunset starting a band, and... what else? I know there's more.
  • Or maybe they have insider knowledge and because their show is so out there, people don't initially think it could possibly be true.

Kimi Sparkle is Friendship Is Witchcraft Twilight Sparkle.

Kimi Sparkle is a weeaboo, has strong resentment of Rarity, a strange attraction to Trixie, and tries to force ideas from fan fiction into the show. All of these traits are consistent with Fi W's portrayal of the character. Lunar Slander shows that she's not above using sockpuppets. Further evidence? The last part of her name is "Sparkle" and for a split second in her "Transyl-Mania" review a horn appeared on her forehead. Co-incidence? I think not.

Spike simply takes the abuse because he knows eventually the ponies will die of old age and he'll be free.

And the easiest way to avoid screwing that up is keep his head down and do as he is told.

The Fi W writers come to this very WMG to know what not to do.

Because they know what we are expecting....

The best joke in the series is the one they never acknowledge; Twilight's name.

Twilight's characterization here mirrors that of one Bella Swan, albeit with a more cheerful less emo outlook. She is largely selfish and self-centered, creepily enamored with her friends, who seem to be there solely for her own needs rather than any genuine bond, and seems to have an unfounded sense of entitlement to whatever she wants. For example, on the train ride in "Cherry Bomb", she starts talking about Applejack, but ultimately brings the topic to herself and in "Faoly Matropony" she outright tells Francis (who she's supposed to be in love with) that she doesn't care about his problems. She seems to live in her own rather warped reality, uses others for her own needs on a whim and doesn't seem to care who or how many get hurt to get her own way, and she'll resort to tantrums if she must. These are all common criticisms of the characters from Twilight.

Bon Bon is a robot.
She's only programmed to water flowers. And can't feel anything anyway.

The series will end with dragons enslaving Equistria.
Finally sick of abuse and nothing to lose, the dragons stage a successful revolt. There success, will be because of a certain young "assistant" and new Governor of Ponyville. Who was just waiting for the time to be right, before stealing the Elements of Harmony, along with the schematics for Canterlot's defenses.

At the end, Spike will be seen whipping random ponies, while his unicorn "assistant" pulls his wheel-less carriage. Twilight will try to apologize, while trying to make it sound like they were the villains, who the ponies were trying to help.

Spike will just whip her, while either saying an Ironic Echo of some kind or simply "Karma's a b**ch."

The reason Fluttershy's father did what he did was because he was lashing out at Pony Society
After suffering from years of abuse by ponies, he was now expected to raise one of the little creatures, who have caused his entire race, among others, so much pain and suffering. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. And considering this is witchcraft, Fluttershy probably would not have been expected to go easy, on any dragon when she got older. In a blind state of fury, he took all his resentment of the world out on his daughter.

Notice how, when confronted about this, the dragon seems somewhat depressed, perhaps having regrets about how he treated his daughter. But unfortunately, she was way past forgiveness at that point.

Sweetie Bot is a Vocaloid
She's a cute robot who likes to sing.

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