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The Perfect Swarm

  • "Oh! Did you find a new friend?" *crushes apple* "I killed it!"
  • The running gag where Twilight keeps running past Bon Bon, who is watering flowers.
    Twilight: You know what? I'm not even mad at you. You stick to your principles.

Read It and Sleep

  • Twilight apparently being an avid fanfic writer who ships "Applesack" and "Charity" together. When Applejack and Rarity have to stay at Twilight's house, she forces them to re-enact all 70 chapters of her story.
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  • At the end of the episode, Twilight sends her fanfic to Princess Celestia, who has a great reaction to Twilight's letter telling her about it.
    Princess Celestia: Please let it be a one-shot!
    Twilight: Enclosed are all seventy chapters!
    Celestia: [getting swamped in chapters] GUAGH!!!

Dragone Baby Gone

  • The ABBA-lanche.
  • This exchange
    Applejack: With just a little teamwork, we can all-
    Twilight: I'm going in alone!
  • Every time Applejack or Rainbow Dash's elements are brought up, the words "loyalty" and "honesty" are clumsily overdubbed with one another, a gag on the common fan perception that each would have been better suited to the other's element. Making it even better is the fact that the dialogue is structured so that the other word would have clearly fit better.
    Applejack: I'm the element of [HONESTY], and I think the loyal thing to do is stick together!

    Rainbow Dash: As the element of [LOYALTY], I can honestly say that this ball is awesome!

Cute from the Hip

  • The lecture on robots.
    • If you put the vid on captioning, you can read about Cheerilee thinking her husband was a robot.
  • The Equestrian national anthem.
  • As if Bon Bon's "I didn't put those in my bag!" line wasn't funny enough by default in the original, it gains an even more Jerkass tone...
  • Apple Bloom getting Twilight to help her by threatening to tell everyone about her Discord fanfic.
    Twilight Sparkle: "No one must know!"
  • Many of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's lines combined with their male voices:
    Diamond Tiara: Hey, Cakey is MY best friend, I get to decide when she dies!
  • Scootaloo's introduction.
    Scootaloo: (unintelligible gibberish)
    Everyone: What?
    Scootaloo: I said, (unintelligible gibberish)
    Silver Spoon: That's none of your business!

Neigh, Soul Sister

  • "I think it's about time you took a bath. Now." "But the water makes me feel funny..."
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  • This little exchange:
    Sweetie Belle: I bet you don't even have a war face!
    Rarity: [half-heartedly] Rawrr...!
    Sweetie Belle: RAWWRR! See!? Mine's better!
  • "Incoming mortar!"
    • "And she just kept screaming all day! Like... what's up with that?"
  • From Sweetie Belle and Rarity's argument:
    Rarity: What would you know about strength? You can't even walk down the stairs without tumbling forward like a slinky!
    Sweetie Belle: I'm leaving! [walks offscreen, accompanied by thumps and slinky noises] Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
  • "A sister's contest? With you? If I wanted to be a loser I'd just join Twilight's softball team!"
  • Spike's butchering of "Reflection" as an audition for the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant. All of it.
  • Fluttershy's intercom announcement to her fellow cultists.

Lunar Slander

  • The history of Celestia and Molestia.
    "The two sisters would spin in circles for hours, because having fun is part of life."
    • "You are banished to space camp for 1,000 hours."
  • Zecora's voice. Oh, and:
    Zecora: Hey there kiddo, don't be sad. This night didn't turn out so s-sad... Just listen to what I've... sai-aid.. And then you won't feel so sad!
    • Zecora in general is good for a laugh.
      Mayor Mare: Here to drop the 4-1-1 on Molestia, I present Zecora, the whimsical rhyming zebra!
      Zecora: Gather kids and form a circle, and listen as I... [beat, then mutters to herself] um... circle... circle... uh.... Hey kids, who wants to follow me to the creepy statue?
  • This particular exchange:
    Pinkie Pie: I'm just a kid! I fit in!
    Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie, didn't you already have a childhood?
    Pinkie Pie: ... No.
  • Fluttershy's "ritual".
  • The following:
    [CHERRY]jack: Aww, corn! Luna's gone back to Space Camp! Without someone to gawk at, our own faults are exposed! Especially the children.
    Noi: I just wanted to feel validated!
    Twilight: Eww, look at her dress!
    [LEMON]jack: I know, right?
    Twilight: Let's have a dance party!
    [WATERMELON]jack: A dance party?
    Twilight Whenever I feel depressed, I just DANCE PARTY!
    [dance party ensues]
    [KIWI]jack: Well, cob. The dance party's over! Without somethin' to groove to, we have to think about life and stuff! Especially the children.
    Noi: I just wanted to boogie down!
    [BANANA]jack: In that dress? I don't think so.
  • Pip's love for Luna. "Awkward, but fun! Nerdy, but fun! Silly, but fun! Purple, but fun! Secret... but fun! Not fun, but fun! Funfun, funfun!"
    • Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara's vocal cameos. "We're not friends Pip!" "Stop following us!"
  • From the end:
    Luna: I do not see how these scary teeth will make me more sexy...
    Twilight: Because... vampire!
  • "You made Spike break!"
    • And then,
    Twilight: Hmmm...
    Twilight: Mmmm.
  • Pip's introduction makes you expect a running gag in the show....and then completely subverts it.
    Pip: Ever since I lost my eye, I've been craving nothing but candy!
    Twilight: Talk about holiday spirit!

Cherry Bomb

Foaly Matripony

  • Spike getting chased by a panther.
  • Twilight being in love with her (adopted) brother. And the song she sang
    • "I watched him sleep in bed at night. It's not creepy."
    • And Applejack's statement after Twilight finishes the song:
      Applejack: That was the creepiest thing I've ever heard.
  • "I will destroy you, and steal your fiance! BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN EVERYWHERE!"
  • At the end of the "pun scene":
    Rarity: Dash, watchu smokin', girl?
  • Twilight slandering Cadance, except for that one bit:
    Twilight: And, I saw her painting blood runes in the castle courtyard!
    Fluttershy: I thought it was awfully sweet of her to help me with that.
  • Francis's corndog suit
  • "It seems like the only times I ever see you are through ghostly images of your disembodied head!" Cue a ghostly image of Francis' disembodied head.
  • Cadance throwing an applesack for charity, and Twilight's reaction.
  • Rarity's horrified expression when Twilight reveals that Celestia put her in charge of the entire wedding.
  • The complete non-sequitur that is the Socker Boppers commercial.

Seed No Evil

  • Equestria Girls being dismissed as a terrible nightmare Apple Bloom had.
  • This:
    Apple Bloom: Where do trains come from?
    Applejack: God.
  • When Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon see Babs for the first time:
    Diamond Tiara: Who's this girl? She looks like Apple Bloom if she were left out in the sun.
    Silver Spoon: That's not really a face that's going to sell many toys.
  • The fact that Sweetie Belle makes car alarm sounds when she whistles.
  • The fact that "Seed No Evil" turns into:
    "Apple Bloom Goes Grave Robbing"
    Written by Meghan McCarthy
  • "We're gonna merge the Cinnabon with the Swedish clothing store. I call it H&Mmm."
  • Silver Spoon tries to mock the Evaders without following Diamond Tiara's lead. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Sweetie Belle gets the bath she was dreading in "Neigh, Soul Sister" and keeps shorting out.
    Sweetie Belle: Why do I have to be in the water?!
  • "That's because I'm blind, you jack-BLEEP-!"
  • The Snooty Snark Evaders think of how to deal with Babs Seed:
    Sweetie Belle: We could always tell the Thought Police.
    [a thought balloon of Babs appears]
    Babs Seed: I own the police!
  • My god, the end credits. It's the "Babs Seed" song, with slightly altered lyrics...
    Sees Bad, Sees Bad, she's a bully who can't see...!

Horse Women

  • Twilight's conversation with Spike about being a princess:
    Spike: What is it, m'lady?
    Twilight: Be honest, Spike, does my face look weird from this angle?
    Twilight: Also, now that I have everything I could ever want, how do I know if I'm happy?
    Spike: This calls for a hug!
    Twilight: Now that I've fulfilled all teenage pony fantasies, what more is there for me to take by force?
    Spike: You don't need anything else, Twi! You just need someone to pamper you until you die!
  • Celestia explaining to Twilight about why she must go on her mission:
    Celestia: Twilight Sparkle, I have just been informed that we are in the midst of a very delicate political crisis. I gave you the very simple task of greeting the centaur ambassadors, and you put on an entire five hour puppet show centered around racist caricatures of their culture and religion!
    Spike: And, she stole their crown!
    Celestia: You've got to be kidding me. I think the best course of action would be to find some kind of nonsense task and send you away for a while will we fix things.
    Twilight: My own special mission? Will I learn about magic? And friendship?
    Celestia: Oh yeah, yeah, sure, friendship and magic, more of that stuff...
  • Luna becoming more unintelligible than ever while giving Twilight her instructions, which Twilight claims to understand perfectly. And this includes saying hi to herself in the mirror.
    Luna: Oh hi, Luna. This portal has been safely hidden away for centuries... in our bathroom. Your mission on this adventure is to re-establish many bases of contact about different global fighting, spiral into numerous times and making stampy noises backwards of into and from within different complex alfalfa mainframe and eventually to save the world.
  • Their take on the infamous "moons" issue is that it has nothing to do with the actual moon and is just the pony way of saying "38 seconds".
    Celestia: Hurry, or we'll have to wait another eight minutes!
  • Twilight's actress explaining that there are other people in the house, so she can't scream properly.
  • The Take That! song to the movie's whole concept, making a film adaptation with a setting so much more dull and pedestrian than what's typically in the show.
    • Which then cuts to a random onlooker, revealing that Twilight's just singing and dancing to herself.
  • From part 2:
    "Twilight... become a princess... also, remember to chew your food."

You Smooze, You Lose

  • This one is more subtle, but if you know the nature of the previous episodes it's pretty good:
    Fluttershy: Well, what evil things have you done so far?
    Discord: Well, I removed the burning moon from the middle of the town, I got rid of that tentacle monster that was attacking people, and I fixed all the wood because it kind of looked like you guys had parasprites a while back or something. I also picked up a lot of trash and litter off the ground. I did so many crazy things that are contradictory to this world as I understand it!
  • This:
    Twilight: It was a pleasure helping you plan this year's Grand Galloping Gala, Princess Celestia!
    Celestia: AGH! Twilight! How long have you been standing there?!
  • Also, this:
    Discord: Say hi, Jeff!
    Narrator: Jeff the Blob does not say hi. Instead, he eats Scootaloo.
  • When Discord tries to cause chaos at the Gala, he waits for others to react. Forty minutes pass, and no one has expressed anything except annoyance that Discord is still standing in the middle of the room, having not moved in forty minutes.


  • Twilight's friendship reports.
  • *Buy some apples!*
  • Background ponies are given plenty of lines that are rather amusing. A highlight happens to be during "Read It and Sleep" when everypony is listing off words associated with their actions.
    Applejack: "Big ol' stick!"
    • Another example:
      "I just follow the crowd!"
    • In "Cute from the Hip" during the mark mitzvah.
      "Parties are for grownups too!"
  • In the short "Star Waving Mad", after Twilight crashes the moon into Ponyville, calls for Raincloud to save them are heard... apparently there are ponies that knew of Cloudie... just not the Mane 6.
  • The Equestria Girls parody. Most notable, Twilight telling Brad "You're my brother now!" (after blowing up Sunset Shimmer, no less) and "I'm sexy now".
  • From "Star Waving Mad":
    Rainbow Dash: [bites into an apple] Wow, Twilight, I wish I had a reptile pet as slow and dumb looking as yours!
    Scootaloo: Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! I'll wear whatever costume I need to, Mommy!
    Rainbow Dash: My apple just talked! But I don't regret eating it.
  • This outtake from the bonus video:
    Dear Princess Celestia: Today, on a separate adventure, I learned that the letters in my name spell "Skillet Wit Graph!" Can I change my name again? Your faithful student, WHO KNOWS~??

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