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Dempsey is lying about his Medal of Honor.
  • It's stated that in his dramatic escape from the Japanese, he killed them with his Medal. Where did he get it from? They don't exactly pass them out at fundraisers, but Dempsey's heroic act earning him the Medal is never mentioned? I would think something like that would be pretty notable.
    • Just because he has a Medal of Honor doesn't mean he never needs to mention how to get it. Also, Rule of Funny.
    • He got it for killing Nazi Zombies. His badassness is so great that it transmitted backwards so the Brass knew he was destined for greatness. Possibly because they're Time Lords.

Richtofen has been Obfuscating Stupidity the whole time.
  • In the messages people find by exploring the maps (usually by making crawlers to explore), we hear of a man named Edward that sounds like Richotfen talking about some of the mode's plot. Edward is a man who killed his fellow scientist and daughter during an experiment that created the Hellhounds. Richtofen knows about the use of the teleporters and Wonderwaffe which caused many players who heard his voice as Edward to assume that they are the same person. Prior to Black Ops' release Treyarch confirmed the 'Richtofen is Edward' connection.

All the characters are, in fact, in Purgatory.
  • How else would a US Marine, a Japanese Captain, a Russian Soldier and a Nazi German Mad Doctor end up in a Massive German Laboratory/Factory months after the end of the war?
    • Tank Dempsey - Died on Peleliu, the story about gnawing his way out of the bamboo cage and killing his captors with a pin and his Medal of Honor are obviously a false, over the top story made up by the Marine to explain how he is still alive, in a way suitable to his belief that he is ultracompetant. He is being punished for his ego and thinking of the Japanese as less than human.
    • Nikolai Belinski - Died on the Eastern Front after killing his fifth wife. Was likely killed with a flamethrower, as he states upon setting a zombie on fire "I was on fire once, it was no fun.". Obviously being punushed for killing his wives.
    • Captain Takeo Masaki - Died in the Pacific. Punished for his cavalier philosophy toward life.
    • Doctor Edward Richtofen - (I'll figure out how he died later, Any ideas?. Punished for all the deaths he has been responsible for.)
      • Perhaps he died in a bombing or was killed by one of his underlings or maybe by a Russian soldier.
      • I would guess by one of his many "experiments" who was [1].
      • maybe he was executed for war crimes, that and/or he escaped to Argentina where he was killed.
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  • If that's the case, if all the Zombies drop power-ups to aid in their survival, could that mean Samantha (the demonic announcer) is actually HELPING them?!

  • I know this one has been long jossed, but I want to add my own ideas.
    • Tank-Probably tortured by Takeo before Semper Fi. Punished for racist thinking.
    • Takeo-One of the countless enemies Miller kills during the campaign. Punished for animal cruelty and slaughtering his family (from Shangri-La)
    • Nikolai-Killed by Richtofen during the campaign. Punished for alcoholism and thoughtless killing.
    • Richtofen-Killed by Reznov and Dimitri in Vendetta while using a fake name. Punished for his barbarity.

    • Jossed on the MOON

    • Considering what Benn (yes, I know) has been saying, this may, in fact, be half-confirmed. The characters are not dead, but they never existed.

    • Confirmed for the Alcartaz mobsters.

Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Edward die in Kino der Toten.
  • The are overrun by Zombies, and the zombies go on ahead to move out onto the world. The teleporter somehow f**ked up again, didn't kill all the zombies and sent them straight to the Pentagon...which is "Five".
    • Jossed by Ascension.

The Pentagon and Ascension Zombies are the result of Russian's experiments with Nova 6 and 115.
Actually, it could be that the Nazi scientists the Russians co-opted during Vietnam, brought stories of the zombies with them, which lead to the Russians to try and emulate them with the Nova 6 gas (hence the gas zombies in Kino Der Toten).

At first they didn't believe it, until their space monkeys and eventually the Cosmic Sliverback, returned from the moon, highly affected by the high amounts of 115 on the moon. (No clipping in "Five" allows you to read the back of the "Exposed" book in the Panic Room, which has a picture of the Cosmic Silverback and says "They sent him to the moon, but he came back".) But unlike the other zombies, the Cosmic Sliverback showed the same signs as the four main characters, growing stronger instead of being completely mindless. Cosmic Silverback sent his Space Monkey brethern to Ascension for some ulterior motive, while he participated in the events of Dead Ops Arcade.

Once they saw it was true, they used humans, and began making the Zombies.

After Der Rise, the four from World at War, take a teleporter. Since one of them (possibly Tank or Richtofen) had a Wunderwaffe, it was the equivalent of putting tinfoil in a microwave. The result of the 115 reaction warps them to Vietnam. The zombies they didn't kill are still crawling the ruins of the Nazi theater (it can't be the same time as the other four maps, because looking outside you see it's the Havanna map.

After their success in recreating the Nazi Zombies, the Russians launched them on the Pentagon to eliminate Kennedy and Castro, thus being the only "power" left in the war. The bowels of the Pentagon show experiments of their own with Nova 6, and hints that the Pentagon Thief went insane from the gas or from 115 since it was implied to be that the Winters Howl was American-made, as well as dismantling a Nazi teleporter, which led to the teleporter tech in the Pentagon. (In fact, the Russians may not have sent them at all, they could've came from the teleporter when the Thief began taking it apart. The Russians just went with the flow and sent Gas Zombies).

The Pentagon Thief had gotten stronger instead of being a zombie (no glowing eyes and intelligence to use the teleporters) and started to cause trouble.

Before that, the scientist seen in the comic at the beginning of Ascension (Gersch), could've accidentally opened a teleporter and almost released the girl (Samantha, the one Rictofen left to die with her father, and presumed to be the demonic announcer), hence why he says "you must restore the power before SHE comes", which implies she's more powerful than the zombies. Meeting all the requirements of the mission will open a portal, with the man thanking the characters and then a demonic scream of what can be assumed to be him stopping Samantha's return.

Playing with the Red Phones in Ascension allows you to overhear the fight between Kennedy and the Zombies at the Pentagon, which implies they take place at the same time. Kennedy proved to be too smart to take down with force, so they sent Alex Mason to do the job.

Later on down the road, George Romero finds Nazi documents telling about the zombies and 115. So he manages to recruit the four stars and take them to Sebirea under the guise of filming another zombie movie, but in reality trying to learn the secret of 115. All hell breaks loose, and George gets kidnapped, then 115 makes him stronger and retain his awareness somewhat.

Meanwhile, our four time lost heroes wind up stuck in a room with a broken teleporter, and task the stars to help them get the teleporter in the room operational (and find Nicholai some vodka). Doing so sends them to Paradise, which is believed to be a bigger version of The Temple from the Nintendo DS version of Black Ops.

BTW: Is it poor writing when the storyline of a completely unrelated minigame makes the main storyline BETTER?

  • Yes.
  • I would say that the moon would joss this theory, but I remembered that the moon could actually be set after/during 2025, which would make sense since in Die Rise you see SDC troops.

Modern Warfare 3 will feature Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden, John McCain, and (for good measure) Sarah Palin at Guantanamo Bay.
  • C'mon, you want to see it happen. Shortly after Bin Laden is captured, instead of killing him, Obama takes him to Gitmo to try to find the location of the rest of Al Qaeda. Mc Cain is there to try to talk Obama out of letting Bin Laden live, and Palin is...well, she's Sarah Palin, she needs no excuse.
  • Too Soon
  • Only too soon because it wouldn't be made in time. Place your bets on this being DLC.
  • You're forgetting one thing. The Modern Warfare and the Black Ops series are made by TWO different compaines, Activision and Treyarch respectivly. So Modern Warfare 3 can't have Zombies, as they're most likely copyrighted by Treyarch.
    • Actually, Infinity Ward made Modern Warfare. Activision publishes the games.

There'll be a sequel to Call of the Dead.

The zombies are ghouls.
And the Demonic Announcer is actually the Vampiric Announcer. This explains a lot about the zombies, such as how they can survive with their heads blown off completely, their glowing eyes and possibly how they gain power with every round.
  • The games' story means this is only valid for Nacht Der Untoten, where there is no announcer.

The reason why the technology in Nazi Zombies is so incredibly futuristic is because they got the funding from the Philosopher's Legacy from the Metal Gear Solid series
  • Would explain a great deal.

  • Sakuya's name isn't her real name.

Black Ops 2 will introduce a new female player character.
Based entirely on the teaser poster for Zombie Mode, which prominently features a shotgun-toting woman holding a zombie's severed head. This will result in Dempsey loudly celebrating her arrival, given his previous complaints about the lack of a girl in the group. Also, fangirls will promptly declare her a Mary Sue.
  • Appears confirmed. Aside from what the poster shows, nothing is known.
    • The reveal trailer confirms her...however, it also confirms that she apparently does not fight alongside Dempsey and company— instead, it shows her alongside another new character, a male survivor with a beard and glasses. An article released the same day clarified that they are two of the main characters for the new zombie campaign, "Tranzit".

That isn't actually Sarah Michelle Gellar in Call of the Dead, that really is Buffy Summers.
  • One of the promo posters has her wielding a minigun. Slayer strength FTW.

Richtofen still controls the zombies as of Black Ops II.
Look at the zombies in the reveal trailer— their eyes are blue. It might be safe to say that Richtofen will be the eventual Big Bad for these new survivors to fight.
  • Basically confirmed by this article, which mentions that the events of "Moon" had lasting consequences.

All the original characters, bar Richtofen, are dead.
Theories for how they died are anyone's guess.
  • I've got one. Obviously, they're now on the moon, with nothing to return to. They're either going to run out of oxygen or finally be overrun.
    • Likely Jossed, seeing as Word of God confirmed they'll make another appearance perhaps another "Freaky Friday" Flip with the new main characters, like how Richtofen and Samantha swapped bodies during Richtofen's Grand Scheme?
    • Completely Jossed, as the new trailer, Origins, shows the four are alive.
      • Not Jossed. Origins takes place in WW1 France and shows the four Original Characters meeting for the first time. Which means Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Samantha-in-Rictofen's-body are still on the Moon.
Either Marlton or Stuhlinger is hiding something important from the other characters.
Each of them has an odd, out of place quirk; Marlton's voice can be heard in Nuketown Zombies, talking about "banishment" or something, while Stuhlinger is the only one who can hear Richtofen. There's a possibility that one of these things could be hinting at them having some greater knowledge about the whole zombie situation, which could have either good or bad connotations for the rest of the survivors.

The gauge on the side of the Ray Gun is a Geiger Counter.
  • For a number of reasons. 1. The needle bounces back and forth when the gun is fired in Black Ops, as if it had a spike of radiation (or whatever Element 115 radiates). 2. The needle then becomes erratic during Black Ops 2's Green Run and Nuketown Zombies, both taking place where NUCLEAR MISSILES struck the surface. The radiation has reverted to a small enough level for humans to venture forth with no real effects, hence why it's stuck in the yellow section, but bobbing quite a lot.

A future Zombies DLC for Black Ops II will feature Ronald Reagan, Oliver North, George H.W. Bush, and Manuel Noriega in a "Five"-style map.
  • Admittedly, it's mostly a desire to revisit the concept of "Five" and Rule of Cool that motivated this guess, but it would still be awesome if they did it. And like a much older guess on the COD WMG page suggested, Reagan would indeed yell "Tear down this wall!" when opening up new areas.

Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Sammantha will time travel back to the very beginning
After witnessing Earth devastation from both the zombies and the nuke rockets, they decide to try to stop the whole thing in the first place by going to earth to find a working time machine. They managed to get to the machine and travel back to WW2 a day before the initial zombie breakout. However Samantha Maxis in Richtofen's body was discovered and killed by the past Richtofen, but she managed to take control of her past self. When Samantha told her father Ludvig Maxis about Richtofen plan. Ludvig ordered the SS guards to kill Richtofen but before Edward died he injected himself with a large dose of 115 and resurrected as a Revenant with much more powerful lighting abilities than George Romeo and resembles a Despoiled from Wolfenstein. He then kills Ludvig unleashes the zombies and death hounds on the group 935 facility. To get rid of Samantha and the heroes Edward had unleashed Fluffy who recently turned into a death hound. But Samantha in her grievance of the murder of her father, temporarily transformed into a state similar to Revenant Richtofen and stopped the attacking Fluffy by imposing her memories of what Fluffy was before Fluffy's transformation calming the death hound. Samantha took control of a few zombies and used them to cover the escape of herself and the other heroes.
  • What. The. Fuck. Getoutta here, before you kill us all!
    • Well, a good amount of the details are Jossed (or are dangerously closed to being Jossed), but the main premise of the last level being the prologue to the whole Zombies story arc is more or less confirmed: it just takes in a 1918, WWI-era France. With Diesel Punk technology. And the main characters being younger than they are now (although all the assorted Timey-Wimey Ball shenanigans, and the fact Samantha is the narrator in the trailer definitely raises lots of questions on just what the hell is going on). Oh, and did I forget to mention the Humongous Mecha stomping about the place?

Brutus is an alien
My reasons for believing this is the fact that despite most of the futuristic technology are products of Group 935, the M.P.D was present on the moon before Richtofen ever teleported there. Richtofen even states it is alien in origin in a radio message. My theory is that an alien race created Element 115 as well as the M.P.D, and some of it fell to Earth in the form of Meteorites. Brutus is a member of the alien race, perhaps sent to Earth to retrieve the element. His species has technology capable of warping time, explaining all the crazy shit that happens in Mob of The Dead. Why he does it, who knows? Perhaps he is performing a morality test on the prisoners, and is really a good guy? Either way, that is my theory.
  • Not likely, as most of the events are the result of a "Groundhog Day" Loop. It's further implied that the reason for this loop, as well as the futuristic weaponry in 1933 is the result of the four being trapped in hell.
    • Some of this had some of the beats right. Brutus is a servant of the Apothicon race, who created the MPD, introduced 115 to our universe and by extension the zombies, and are trying to open a gateway to Agartha.

The whole storyline is a giant loop, and it is a story created to scare children.
Le Tombeau, more commonly known as Origins, is said to be a sequel to the beginning, a prequel to the beginning, a sequel to the middle, a prequel to the middle, a sequel to the end if the end of the sequel was a prequel, a prequel to the end if the beginning was a sequel to the middle and a prequel to the beginning. In other words, it has no beginning, middle, or end. It's a loop. Also, so far, Mob of the Dead has essentially been a giant bowl of symbolism for the storyline.

Tank Dempsey was sent to extract Peter Mc Cain by a man only known as Cornelius Pernell. This man started the loop. But why? Because that was a self-insert in a comic book. The whole storyline was created to scare children. Cornelius is the Author. Arlington is the Illustrator. Maxis is the Editor.

  • May I ask why this story was meant to scare children? Outside of the obvious undead aspect (and generic Science Is Bad themes from screwing with the laws of physics), I can't really see any overarching moral one can need to Scare 'em Straight. Unless, this was, say, an In-Universe series of comic books that can best be described as EC Horror meets Weird Wars meets The Walking Dead.//
As for the whole giant loop and the "giant bowl of symbolism", I'm gonna guess that, like the actual Excuse Plot of Nazi Zombies, it was made up on the fly by the guys writing it: a couple of one-shot stories of American soldiers fighting undead Nazis, then quickly snowballing into the whole mess between Samantha/Richthofen/Maxis, plus all the assorted heroes. The episodes with the celebrity characters (i.e. Five, Call of the Dead, Mob of the Dead, etc.) are kind of like "extra special" stories celebrating milestones, or to promote big-name horror movies (I.E. Call of the Dead being an In-Universe film with all the celebrity players and George A. Romero being the director/Big Bad.

The end cutscene of Origins was ITSELF a fantasy.
Seriously, when do the average pair of children dream of massacring Zombies? This Troper believes that the whole of Origins, cutscene and all, was made up by Samantha, perhaps while trapped inside the MPD to pass the time. It's obvious why she made up the scenario of the four men fighting the zombies in WW1, but she fantasised the ending because she just desperately wants to cling to that one last good memory, of her life before the Zombies, with a loving father and friends. Sorry about the spoiler, but I feel like it was needed.
  • Jossed. It's a very real event taking place in The House.

The Ghost Women in Buried are souls that have somehow escaped from the MPD
They're hostile because their imprisoment has driven them insane.

BO 2 Zombies (and Moon, by extension) takes place in 2012.
It was the year BO 2 came out, AND it fits nicely into the 2012 apocalypse theory.
  • Jossed. The official timeline later confirmed that Moon takes place in 2025, and the Victis maps take place in 2035.

Weasel is the Avogadro
At the end of Mob of the Dead's easter egg, he actually managed to escape hell after killing the three others and went in the present.
Unfortunatly for him, he was stuck into Afterlife. And then the Green Run crew met him.

Black Ops 3 zombies story.
Insert theories here:
  • There will be a map with Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Sylvio Berlusconi
  • The events that occur in The Giant will connect to The Shadows of Evil storyline.
    • Confirmed. Richtofen appear at the end of the Shadows of Evil Easter Egg, congratulates the four, take the McGuffin they powered up to defeat the Big Bad, and is teleported at the beginning of The Giant. The Summonning Key (said McGuffin) plays a big in the Der Eisendrache easter egg.
  • Two of the three remaining maps will revolve around sealing Takeo and Nikolai's original souls inside the Summoning Key, and the final one will be a remake of Moon, where Richtofen intends to place the key into the Pyramid to save Samantha, but the machine requires a soul to sacrifice. Richtofen sacrifices himself to save Sam, and he destroys the zombies and the pyramid for good, saving the universe.
    • Probably Jossed for the Moon part. The Moon is blown up in the Der Eisendrache easter egg.
    • To expand on the guess about Takeo and Nikolaï, if they are as we know them in Black ops 1, Nikolaï will be a Boss Battle with him refusing to die but Takeo will accept his fate.
    • Confirmed for the Takeo part. The two have a quiet conversation at the end of which his older self asks young Takeo to decapitate him.
    • Confirmed for Nikolai's side, he tries to shoot Origins!Nikolai, and gets a shotgun to the chest in response.

DLC ideas for black ops 3
here are some DLC ideas for Black ops 3 zombies, you may add yours as well.
  • jug-eun guggyeong: takes place on the Korean DMZ. Characters: Kim Jong Un, Xi Linping or Vladimir Putin, whoever wins the next US election, Park Geun-hye. Plot: the leaders of North and South Korea along with their allies leaders attempt to hold a peaceful Negotiation. But then Zombies Appear, and the leaders have to put aside their differences to survive against zombies in the most dangerous Border on the planet.

The Black Ops 3 storyline will end with the four killing themselves
  • And I don't mean just killing their WW2 selves. The last two songs, 'Dead Again' and 'Dead Flowers' seems to put an emphasis on death.

Revelations (DLC 4)
  • It will be a Spiritual Successor to Origins (Meaningful Name anyone?)
  • It will feature a crapton of callbacks to prior maps.
    • Confirmed. Bits and pieces of old maps are teleported by the Shadow Man.
  • It will be set in Agartha - with the final battle being against the Demonic Controller itself.
    • Confirmed for the Agartha part seemingly.
  • Monty will have a physical apperance.
    • Confirmed He appears in the intro.
  • The song's name will be "Alive".

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