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  • Acting for Two: The main cast tends to also play additional supporting and incidental characters, as well as multiple versions of the same character.
    • Fred Tatasciore voices Nikolai, Dr. Maxis, Yuri, Brock, and the High Priest.
    • Steve Blum voices Dempsey, Dr. Groph, and Gary.
    • Tom Kane voices Takeo, Dr. Schuster, and the Warden.
    • Nolan North plays Richtofen, Brutus, Stanley Ferguson, and Gersh.
    • Robert Picardo voices Robert McNamara in "Five" and later plays the Shadow Man in Black Ops III. McNamara makes a surprise appearance in the final map alongside Picardo's other character.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a character in "Call of the Dead". Now her looks, personality, and fighting style... where have I seen that before? Oh, right.
    • If she runs out of ammo, she might comment on being a black belt in taekwondo. Which is actually true.
    • Danny Trejo wields... uh... Machetes.
    "This must be a nightmare!"
  • All-Star Cast:
  • The Danza: Robert Picardo as Robert McNamara.
  • Fan Nickname: Before Black Ops III would give them proper group names, the various groups of player characters were given nicknames by the community (with the exception of the Shadows of Evil cast), used in Wikis and the like;
    • Original Characters or "O4" - Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen, Original Timeline. Officially called Ultimis.
    • Original Characters (Young) or 2.0 characters (which was also used in some official media) - The rebooted versions of the original four who debuted in Origins. Officially called Primis.
    • Green Run Group / TranZit Crew - Misty, Russman, Marlton and Stuhlinger from TranZit to Buried. Officially called Victis.
    • Marines - The four nondistinct Marines from Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt.
    • Politicians - Kennedy, McNamara, Castro and Nixon from Five.
    • Celebrities - Sarah Michelle Geller, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker and Danny Trejo from Call of the Dead.
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    • Mobsters or "Mob 4" - Sal, Billy, Finn and Weasel from Mob of the Dead.
    • Dempsey's original Mondegreen pronunciation of the Wunderwaffe as "Wunderwaffle" has stuck with many players who genuinely use it to refer to the weapon.
    • "Baby Gun" for the 31-79 JGB 215 from Shangri-La.
  • Milestone Celebration: To commemorate the series' tenth anniversary, Black Ops IV includes three on-disc maps (Voyage of Despair, IX, and Blood of the Dead) as well as pre-order bonus Classified.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Nolan North, known for playing generally affable good guys, voices an insane evil Nazi scientist.
    • And in Mob of the Dead, he plays as Brutus, a scary, powerful and not really nice prison guard, that constantly wants to hurt the mobsters.
    • Sarah Michelle Gellar historically Doesn't Like Guns, as her husband's father killed himself with one and most all of her works is anti gun. Here though she is rather enthused about them.
  • Post-Script Season: The maps set in the Aether Story Arc following Revelations, since that map featured by all appearances the true conclusion of the main story, serve as this. Subverted to hell and back in Blood Of The Dead.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to this article, the mode itself was originally supposed to have been canceled due to development delays for Call of Duty: World at War, but the Treyarch president chose to make it an unlockable level instead at the last minute.
    • In Der Riese, there was originally going to be a theme tune for the Hellhounds that was Dummied Out.
    • As far back as Der Riese, a map set in Paris was teased in the background of maps. The original concept would've incorporated the Eiffel Tower, the underground catacombs, and a No Man's Land with limited resources available. It was originally set to be the final map of Black Ops, but it was eventually reworked into Moon (No Man's Land, story relevance), Die Rise (the element of verticality), and Buried and Origins (the underground settings, with the latter also taking place in France).
    • "Five" was originally intended to be a novelty, one-off map with no real connection to the rest of the storyline. As Jason Blundell's more lore-intensive regime began, however, eventually "Five" was revealed to have more explicit ties to the mythos.
    • Later averted, actually. Kino der Toten was the final World At War Zombies map, but by that time, Modern Warfare 2 was very close to release. Kino was thus put off to become the on-disc content of Black Ops.
    • Quotes from both Monty and the Shadowman were unearthed in the files of Revelations indicating one or the other would've become the Demonic Announcer.
    • Mob of the Dead was originally designed to be a scale model of the entire Alcatraz Island. However, technological and time constraints nixed it. Blood of the Dead later incorporated much of the cut concepts from Mob.
    • A cut conversation from Buried depicted Misty, Marlton, and Russman all spitefully rebuking Samuel's attempt to get them to follow Richtofen's orders. As it pretty much spells out that the Maxis endgame was canon (which wasn't confirmed until several years later), it's possible that it was removed to keep it ambiguous whose Easter egg ending was canon.
    • Mob of the Dead was initially first in line to be included in Zombies Chronicles, however Jason Blundell felt that it clashed with the pack's theme of revolving around the adventures of the original four characters and it was left out. However, Blundell has stated that Mob still has a purpose, which, along with the final issue of the Zombies comic book, implied that it would be remastered in Treyarch's next game instead. Sure enough, the trailers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 show that Mob will be remade as Blood of the Dead, though with the Primis crew instead of the Mobsters.
  • Word of God:
    • Actually pretty averted. The creators usually don't have a lot to say if anything at all on the story.
    • Kevin Sherwood once implied that a fan analysis of We All Fall Down, the Easter egg song of Die Rise, was pretty spot-on; meaning the song was in fact from Maxis' perspective, retelling his conflict with Richtofen and his suspicions about a hidden evil behind the scenes of it all.
    • After the conclusion of the main story arc, in 2017, Treyarch gave us the complete timeline of the series, blowing pretty much everything away. Most of the synopsis fans had put together (seen on the Synopsis page here) was for the most part accurate, with some key details being clarified. Most notably, the Maxis endgame of the Easter eggs of TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried was confirmed by the timeline as canon.
    • Jason Blundell explained in a Q&A that the reason Dead of the Night, a prequel to the previous Chaos maps, was released after its predecessors was due to needing to accommodate the schedules of its celebrity cast and the desire to introduce Chaos gameplay mechanics in the more accessible first two maps beforehand.

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