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In the middle of the twenty-second century, humanity continues to flourish... to the point that the Earth and several of its colonies are already over-populated. To try and combat this problem, the AWE (Alien World Exploration) is founded. Its members go through intense training in hopes of earning the right to become a Robinson. Robinsons have no contact with the public or the outside world during their five-year tour of duty: those five years are spent exploring unknown planets, learning as much as they can about these alien environments and determining whether or not they're fit for human colonization. If they survive this grueling, unforgiving ordeal, then they return to massive celebration and a public demonstration held in their honor: a Robinson's Requiem.

But not all Robinsons get to enjoy this heroes' welcome. Not even if they survive their tour of duty.

During their missions, Robinsons can run into all manner of hazards... including unknown viruses and potentially dangerous diseases. To ensure there's no risk of others being contaminated, these Robinsons are banished... or worse. You and a few other agents have stumbled across this Awful Truth — and your superiors suspect that you've learned too much. For your final mission before your Robinson's Requiem, you are sent to Zarathustra, a wild planet with no official record of its existence... or anything else.

Developed by the French studio Silmarils, Robinson's Requiem puts the player in the shoes of Trepliev1, an experienced Robinson on his last mission before retirement. A lot of thought and care went into the survival system, resulting in all sorts of nasty ways to die, from massive blood loss to food poisoning to hacking off your own limbs, it was later followed up by a sequel called Deus.

This Survival Sim contains examples of:

  • Always Save the Girl: Nina1, the only female Robinson of your intake, is the only Robinson who neither dies nor must be killed - she dropped her Sesame down a volcanic vent, and you find it in the base near the end of the game. The two of you escape together at the close.
  • Amputation Stops Spread: Some infections and poisonings of your limbs, if left unattended for too long, can become gangrenous, requiring eventual amputation of the limb in question. If eight hours pass when a limb is considered gangrenous, you'll die of 'poisoning by gangrene'. To amputate a limb, you must use a tourniquet to cut off the blood flow to the offending limb, apply Anesthetic MW44 to the affected limb, use the survival knife to amputate the limb, and then use the needle-and-thread to stitch the open wound left behind shut.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: Multiple:
    • The English in the in-game text and the manual is sometimes really weird, and often just wrong.
    • There's also the issue that the actors don't seem to know English, resulting in some hilariously awful FMVs. The meeting with Socrates19 near the beginning is especially amusing.
  • Bottomless Magazines: The laser rifle has infinite ammo.
  • Bounty Hunter: Trepliev 1 in the sequel.
  • Catching Some Z's: The icon for sleep is ZZZ.
  • Cyanide Pill: You have one in your inventory, in case you find yourself in an inescapable situation and don't feel like lengthening your agony.
  • Death World
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: Multiple:
    • In the final area of the game, the corpse of the final Robinson (Abelard29) has a laser rifle on his body with infinite ammo. To compensate, at this point the game starts throwing hordes of enemies at you.
    • In "Arcade" mode, sometimes you will meet random nameless Robinsons that can occasionally drop a similar weapon called "Video Game: Robinson's Requiem II". It's basically the same as the laser rifle, but with missiles as a finite ammo source.
  • Energy Weapon: There are very few of these, and they're all aimed at you. Most laser-based attacks will either inflict possible fractures [broken limbs] on impact, or if you're hit at point blank, you'll likely take a hit straight to the head, resulting in a one-hit kill.
  • Everything Sensor: Your own Sesame computer. You can use it to monitor the following:
    • It has an overhead map for topographic use that fills in as you explore areas.
    • Environmental Temperatures [in both C and F]
    • Your Body Temperature [in C/F]
    • Your Blood Presurre
    • Your Heart Rate
    • A Malaria Detector [a green/yellow/red dot on the screen with blood pressure/etc]
    • The option to save and load your games [although the icons are confusing as hell].
    • A body scanner that works on two levels, the first level allowing you to see any surface injuries on your body or any amputated limbs you've had to remove. The second level shows your body as an x-ray, and certain areas will highlight to indicate infections, gangrenous limbs, fractured limbs, and red boxes to indicate conditions like sunstroke, food poisoning, deafness, cold/fever/flu, etc. Blinking indicators on this mode indicate conditions in 'Very Critical' status, the highest of five levels of intensity of infection/etc.
    • A body scan that shows all the items and clothing equipped on your person.
    • It also interfaces with the medikit you can find in the wreckage of your ship near the beginning of the game and is critical to helping you stay alive.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Many, roughly 20 or more possible ways:
    • "Syncope": Medical term for 'fainting'. Happens generally if you amputate more than one limb. The likely implication here is that you fainted from the pain and shock induced by the procedure and didn't have enough strength to get back up.
    • "Hypothermia": when the body temperature drops too low.
    • "Hyperthermia": When the body temperature becomes too high [41.5 C].
    • "Tachycardia - Cardiac Arrest": The heart rate is too fast, caused by Atropine misuse when your heart rate is already to high, or from overuse of the "Fruit of L'sk S'yk D'yk" found in the Swamps, or from eating to many 'Marijuana Leaves" in the Jungle.
    • "Hypotension": Blood pressure is too low. In the game, this is actually considered a near impossibility to actually die from. Usually the worst that will happen is you will faint occasionally from the lack of blood pressure, however, you will die this way if you faint in a source of water.
    • "Hypertensive Crisis": Blood pressure is raised above 11/21 on your main stats monitor. Can be inflicted by atropine misuse, over eating the "Fruit of L'sk S'yk D'yk" found in the Swamps, or from eating to many 'Marijuana Leaves" in the Jungle.
    • "Exhaustion": Physical Energy depleted [the orange bar on the main stats screen runs out].
    • "Uncontrollable Hemorrhage": Too much blood has been lost [the red bar on the main stats screen runs out].
    • "Dehydration": Too little water in the body [the blue bar on the main stats screen runs out].
    • "State of Shock": Performing too many stitching's of your body with the needle and thread without the use of morphine, or in some cases, amputation that is not properly prepared for with Anesthetics.
    • "Alcoholic Overdose": Can happen if you drink Epicurus92's bottle of whiskey too much, too quickly. It's best to drink in smaller amounts followed by periods of sleep if you're going for the Molotolv Cocktail.
    • "Poisoning": Can be obtained from being bit by Giant Spiders in the Canyon or the Green Plants in the Swamp and not treating it.
    • "Poisoning from Gangrene": Happens within 8 hours of a gangrenous infection in one or more limbs if they are not removed.
    • "Violent Traumatism": Tigers, the main Kagoo, the large robot in the desert, and the Dog Droids in the AWE base will inflict this with one-hit. Falling from a high enough place will also kill you this way.
    • "Suffocation": Sinking into quicksand in the desert will inflict this fast.
    • "Electrocution": Trying to construct the booby trapped battery without the Kevlar Gloves on, or walking over the battery once placed will inflict this on you.
    • "Asphyxia": Trying to enter the AWE base without the Gas Mask will kill you this way after about 6 seconds of exposure.
    • "Cold Water Shock": Going into certain ice-cold bodies of water in the Pteranodon Cave without a full suit of Reptile clothes will inflict this, especially if you go over a waterfall.
    • "Cyanide Poisoning": Obviously caused by taking the cyanide pill in your medical kit.
    • "Carbonisation": Lava scattered outside of and inside the AWE Droid base will do this. It works exactly like quicksand, except Trepliev1 will scream as he sinks instead of sobbing.
    • "Laser Impact": Certain Robinsons (Pavlov95 & Nietzsche26) and various droids will shoot at you with lasers. If they hit you at too close a range, you will take a hit to the head which causes this kind of death instantly.
    • "Drowning": If a bull charges towards you and knocks you into a nearby source of water, you'll drown. This death is very hard to get.
  • Eye Scream: You can lose an eye and live, though it naturally makes it much harder to survive. You can also lose both eyes and live, though likely not for very long...
  • Foreshadowing: The white booklet has signatures from several comrades. Except for Nina1, everyone who signs the booklet has be killed later to obtain their Sesame computers. Many of the messages include hints that some will turn on Trepliev1, like Nietsche26 and Epicurus92 being jealous of his successes, Pavlov95 boasting his shooting skills, and Diogenes48 just plain despising him.
  • Fainting: Through bloodloss (a.k.a Anemia), as a way that Everything Trying to Kill You, if you cut off more than one limb.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Alien World Exploration, AWE for short.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: As the screenshot shows, this is where you go when you die. The creepy-as-hell music does not help. One commenter on YouTube theorizes this happens to you because "Trepliev1 is damned one way or another, since he has to murder some of his fellow Robinsons in cold blood" (like Freud37), even despite the fact most of them have gone mad or are already dead when you find them.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Darwin5's presence is technically explained by him being one of the exiled Robinsons, but there's no justification whatsoever for him turning into a werewolf. There are hints that the game was Retooled from fantasy to science fiction midway through development (you fight centaurs and goblins, for example), but this is a very flagrant out-of-genre moment. He's also the only Robinson that you are forced to fight due to reasons behind either his or your own control (he transforms into a lychomorph against his will and attacks you in that form).
  • Gotta Kill Them All:
    • To escape the planet, Trepliev has to acquire all of the Sesame computers: one each from every other Robinson. They don't tend to hand them over willingly. Nina1 is the only other Robinson you don't kill or even meet in person during proper gameplay.
    • However, it is possible to avoid triggering Darwin5 [and thus battling him to the death], and still grab his Sesame. You have to get close enough without triggering his cutscene though.
  • Guide Dang It!: You might figure out how to survive for a few days without dying a horrible death. But there's no way you'll actually work out how to finish the game without either psychic prescience, looking at a guide, or multiple occurrences of playing through to nearly the end and having to restart from the beginning because you rendered the game Unwinnable. For example: Epicurus92 will tell you about the female alien tribe [the 'Fridays'], climb up a hill... and appear to vanish into thin air. Some people interpret this as a Game-Breaking Bug, but this is actually a big misconception. Epicurus92 will reappear after killing the Kagoo and getting your 'reward' from the Fridays' leader. He'll then attack you out of jealousy, forcing you to kill him.
  • Giant Spiders: As to be expected, getting bit by them will poison you. Taking antivenom will help to cure the poison, or if taken preemptively, it will prevent poisoning altogether from the spiders for a few minutes per dose. Alternatively one can use the suction pump on the bitten limb to remove the venom if they're fast enough [about 10 seconds after getting bit].
  • Have a Nice Death: Though with exceptions to the occasion animation from a face to a skull, the death image remains the same despite which kind of death you suffer.
  • He Knows Too Much: The reason why your hero was sent to Zarathustra.
  • Interface Screw:
    • Most of the interface features are provided via your Sesame computer, including such things as the health scanner, the map and your ability to save games. To allow your escape from the planet, you have to forfeit it, permanently.
    • You can also end up with one, or both, of your eyes damaged, reducing or eliminating your ability to see. This damage is permanent.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision:
    • As state above, amputation of limbs is a very real possibility. The only reason you'd ever need to amputate a limb is if it becomes gangrenous due to poisoning, a bad infection, or leaving a tourniquet on a limb for too many hours at once. At this point, amputation is mandatory for survival, or you will die in as few as 8 hours of the infection from poisoning. Amputation requires a tourniquet, anesthetics, your survival knife, and the needle-and-thread.
    • If you attempt to amputation a second limb, you'll generally die of syncope no matter what condition you're in at that point. There are players who have found ways to bypass this, to the point they've actually amputated all four limbs and still survive and can even continue gameplay, but it's generally not recommended. Losing one or both legs prevents you from running, but you can still walk around even with both gone. Losing one or both arms prevents you from using the bow, but you can still use one-handed weapons even if you're missing both arms. Even more perplexing is the question of how you can amputate your remaining arm when it's the only limb you have left.
    • However if your TORSO becomes gangrenous, you're effectively screwed, as there is no way to remove gangrene from yourself at this point. You might as well take the cyanide pill that comes with your medical kit or reload an older save and save yourself from the agonizing process.
  • MacGuffin Delivery Service: Nietsche26 asks Trepliev1 to gather every Sesame he can so they can put it into the Droid HQ and make their way to Nina1 together, but when he comes back with all the computers he reveals that the HQ is full of gas and he has the only gas mask. He attacks Trepliev1 and has to be killed first.
  • No Such Thing as Dehydration: Very likely one of the first, if not the very first, games to avert this and implement a hydration system [the blue bar in the middle of the trio on the same screen where you Save/Load your game]. If your hydration meter gets very low, Trepliev1 starts to sob or complain out loud as an audio warning to the player, since if it drops to 0, you die.
  • Puzzle Boss: Three of them, all annoying Guide Dang It! moments:
    • Kagoo, the giant tyrannosaur, is invincible unless a) confronted outside his cave, and b) blinded first by using the Flare Gun.
    • The Triceratops can only be killed with a Molotov Cocktail, which is doubly obnoxious because finding the components is a Guide Dang It! in itself. (Plus, based on how you make it, it's actually a bomb made of black powder.)
    • The Giant Robot is the fastest enemy to face, is immune to weapons and must be lured into a booby trap made attaching a wire to a battery. As an added bit of Fake Difficulty, putting them together will kill you unless you're wearing the Kevlar Gloves [dropped by Pavlov95]. It is possible however to sneak around the Giant Robot if you use the crouch/sneak mechanic, as shown here, making it the battery is actually NOT the only solution.
  • Quicksand Sucks:
    • The desert has plenty of it, and it's probably one of the most fatal examples of this trope in video gaming. The moment you walk onto it, you freeze in place and sink into it [while Trepliev1 sobs] like there's a black hole under it.
    • Lava technically works the same way further into the desert, but with Trepliev1 screaming in agony as he sinks].
  • Retirony: Invoked; Zarathustra is meant to be Trepliev1's final mission, one way or another...
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism: Multiple:
    • Implied. The final section of the game is inside a volcanic cave which has been retooled by 'druids' to house the AWE base. Despite the obvious health hazards [like hard to see magma on the ground and walls], there's a cluster of machinery around, including a sort of Sesame-reader, of which you need all 20 of the Sesame's of your intake [your class of Robinsons, from which you Nina1, Socrates19, etc hail from]. Once all twenty, including your own are inserted, a message shows up and a very-annoying klaxon sounds off every second, announcing the impending destruction of the base.
    • However, despite this implication, it seems either the window of time you have to escape is HUGE [six minutes plus], or the whole thing is just a form of bluff to panic the player into moving as fast as possible, which tends to result in a lot of deaths trying to run between tightly-knit streams of magma in the base to get out. One other thing that does make the situation more tense: your save/load ability and your map function were tied to your Sesame, which you had to give up to that machine earlier to activate the self-destruct and open the escape route to the end of the game.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Nina1 is the only female Robinson in the game. The white booklet says that she's the first woman just to join A.W.E.. note 
  • T. Rexpy: Multiple:
    • The Kagoo and the Baby Kagoos in the Tyrannosaur/Kagoo Cave that connects the Swamp, Desert and Massif. The baby kagoos are smaller and can be regarded as normal-level enemies which you can at least melee with a hope of survival. The larger Kagoo, who doesn't looks that much bigger than its children on the other hand? Yeah, do not let it bite you, for it's instant death. Worse? You can't fight it at all in its cave, and it happens to be hovering near one of the Sesame computers you need to win the game. You either need to be good at dodging the Kagoo in its cave, or kill it before going for the Sesame computer.
    • The big Kagoo can only be fought in the Swamp at night, provided you have the Distress Pistol/Flare Gun. You need to use the Flare Gun as an item to light the night sky bright, which blinds and stuns the Kagoo to allow you to hit it. The Kagoo is invulnerable unless you do this, and you will need at least two flares or more remaining to defeat it, as you won't be able to kill it on just one use. Additionally, killing the Kagoo is necessary to win the game, as Epicurus will not reappear until you have killed it, nor can you get the Halogen Lamp (which basically renders torches obsolete, allowing you to save matches for campfires).
  • Unwinnable by Design: Tossing away mission-critical items, such as the Sesames. Especially irritating because it's not entirely obvious what's important and what's just weighing you down. Are those heavy Lizard Skins really that important? Turns out, yeah. You need them to make waterproof clothes. The 1-5 wires you can find in the wreckage of your ship? You need at least one of them to construct the booby-trapped battery needed to destroy the main robot guarding the Droid Base.
  • Worst Aid: Multiple:
    • Just some things you can do to yourself: Take a huge amount of random medical drugs, and the wash it down with some good old whiskey. Ingest substances that increase heart rate right after exercising hard. Chopping off ALL of your limbs just for the hell of it. Of course, you almost always end up dead. This video goes more in depth in to the ways you can mess yourself up with the first aid kit.
    • Some people have been able to chop off all four of their limbs and survive, but it require special care and attention to things like sedatives and not trying to chop all of said limbs off at once. This video can serve as a guide to the curious.