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Princess' Edge - Dragonstone is a Beat 'em Up / Hack and Slash videogame created in 2013 as the debut of indie developer erobotan. Inspired by the classic games such as Golden Axe and Video Game/Guardian Heroes, it's considered an homage to games of the 90's.

In the land of Arelia, the Ancient Black Dragon once ruled and oppressed all of the inhabitants of the world, eliminating everyone who dared to oppose it, until a brave barbarian princess fought the evil dragon's army and sacrificed herself to seal the great evil and liberate the dying land. But the evil minions located the seal of the dragon and broke it- now it's a matter of time before the land of Arelia is consumed again by the might of the evil dragon and its minions.

However, not everything is lost, because the Princess was liberated from the seal at the same time as the Black Dragon. So once again, she settles on a quest to defeat the evil dragon once and for all and, armed with her sword and magic, she's the only hope that Arelia has.

The gameplay resembles a standard Beat'em up, with plenty of both physical and magical moves, but incorporating the multi-plane system first used on Treasure's Guardian Heroes, in addition to a backstab system that deals more damage to the enemies and the ability to ride a mount just like SEGA's Golden Axe.


The game was greenlit, and launched on Steam in March 25, 2016.

Princess' Edge - Dragonstone contains examples of:

  • A Winner Is You: After the defeat of the Black Dragon, you get a Picture of the Princess who then soars away on her dragon mount. Word of God confirmed that after the ending, the Dragon is Killed Off for Real, and the Princess is now free of her duty.
  • Amazonian Beauty: The Princess, although she's more of a barbarian princess.
  • Back Stab: You can do a sneak attack on any enemy to deal more damage, but it's difficult to do on large enemies due to their large hitboxes. There's even a technique for this, the Shadow Step.
  • Bleached Underpants: Inverted; erobotan, the creator of this game, went on to develop another two games (Blitz Angel Spica, another Beat 'em Up; and Cyber Lily, inspired by Mega Man, both games are still in active development), but Princess' Edge is the only one classified (so far) for All Ages. erobotan plans to launch these two new games on Steam, but in censored (R-15) form.
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  • Blood Knight: The 1st Stage Boss is the Dark Knight, formerly was a prince, but he joined the Ancient Black Dragon solely because of his greed and his desire for destruction.
  • Evil Doppelgänger: The Black Dragon at first sight like the Princess (except for the purple hair), even by having your same magic attacks. After you defeat it, goes One-Winged Angel for your final battle. Word of God explained that the Dragon gathered some of the Princess' power during the time those two were together in the seal, the Dragon used the same power of the Princess to fight her in the final battle.
  • Dual Boss: Both Skullheart Jester and Dark Suma return for the final stage.
  • Elite Mook: Both the white sorcerer and the kunoichi: the former can take a lot of punishment and hit all the planes on a y-axis with his spells; the latter are fast, can launch multiple kunai on to the air and always come in pairs.
  • Every 10,000 Points: Extra lives are earned at 60000 points and every 60000*n points after the first life (where n means the number of your next life, that is: 180000 for your 2nd extra life, 360000 for your 3rd extra life, and so on).
  • Giant Mook: Gladiators, big enemies that Drop the Hammer, can launch a fast headbutt from half the screen, and can perform a Bear Hug. This is their most damaging attack, as it can deplete more than half of your HP on the hardest difficulty. And they will not stop bearhugging the Princess after she has lost all her HP.
  • Hard Mode Perks: Enemies have more damaging attacks but have more HP, so you can juggle them for more points and get more extra lives early. Conversely, you only have two continues if you aren't playing on Easy. Where you start with three.
  • Healing Checkpoint: The only way to recover health until you beat the level.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: To complete the seal and defeat the Dragon the first time, the Princess sealed herself with it. So they stayed together for a long time until the seal was broken, thus explaining why the Dragon's first form is neraly identical to the Princess].
  • Launcher Move: The Princess' Eclipse Gracer can perform this to continue the combo, but she's vulnerable to most attacks of the higher mooks.
  • Lunacy: The Princess' magical attacks are named and based on the power of the moon.
  • Mana Meter: Self-explanatory, except that you can recharge your mana by a Healing Checkpoint or by hitting enemies with combos.
  • Mini-Boss: The Hydra on the first half of Stage 3. It can attack from afar with poisonous needles, deliver a powerful bite, and can grab the princess and painfully squeeze her for massive damage.
  • Neck Lift: Executioners (the two-handed sword mooks) can use this, either as a standard attack or as a finisher. Either way, it does more damage than a regular slash.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: By breaking the seal of the evil black dragon, the minions also freed the only person who can stop it.
  • No Name Given: The Princess is the only character (apart from the mooks) who doesn't have a name.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: Orc Berserker, the 3rd Stage Boss. He's big, ugly, and very strong.
  • The Prankster: Skullheart Jester loves to make complicated pranks.
  • Stripperiffic: The protagonist is inspired by Tyris Flare.
  • The Stoic: Dark Suma wasn't interested in the simple and miserable life of mortals until she met Skullheart Jester; now she's looking forward to whatever plans The Prankster has for her.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: You can keep attacking enemies even after their HP runs out, and it will give you extra points. However, some enemies can do this to your character too. Heck, even the Gladiators can bearhug the princess after she has lost all of her HP.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Skullheart Jester, the second boss. She's fast, can backstab you and attack from a longer distance with her lash, and she can attack you with a shadow spell no matter the position you are, you fight her again with Dark Suma on the final stage.