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Hi-ho! Dazzeloids away!
Dazzeloids is a 1994 children's CD-ROM game created by Rodney Greenblat (visual artist and art designer for PaRappa the Rapper); it features the Dazzeloids (Anne Dilly Whim, Titan Rose, Yendor Talbneerg and Stinkabod Lamé), a team of boredom banishers fighting the forces of mediocrity set by the Mediogre and his geeky assistant, Pin Bleeper.

Within the CD are three interactive stories:

  • A Child Is Bored: Jeremy Gerbilman ends up a Brainwashed zombie due to bland television, and it's up to the Dazzeloids to cure him.
  • Banker, Spare That Pet Shop: When Stinkabod's pet hamster, Shortnin'head, contracts Fuzzy Rodent Flu, Anne calls the Probe & Poke pet shop for help, but the place had vanished (or rather, "transglumified") into Another Dimension. Yendor, Titan and Stinkabod investigate the scene, but they end up teleported themselves.
  • Dazzeloid Dreams: A look into the dreams of the Dazzeloids, as well as the main villain.
It also includes a page on the characters, as well as a how-to page and a "splashy intro".

Sadly out of print, the CD can still be found through web stores such as Amazon and eBay. It's well worth a look, especially if you're a fan of Greenblat's work.


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