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Dazzeloids has an eclectic cast of funky characters; what else did you expect from Rodney Greenblat?

The Dazzeloids

Anne Dilly Whim

Leader of the Dazzeloids and the Token Girl, princess Anne Dilly Whim is the idealistic visionary who wants everyone to be creative. Motivated by the death-by-boredom of her sister, Anne seeks revenge and freedom for all those imprisoned by boredom and mediocrity. Anne's parents, Walter and Willamina Whim, were once the king and queen of the tiny country of Chucklestein, but they were discharged after it was bought by the BLANDO company, and they now live in their royal mansion, Chateau De Whim.

  • Amateur Sleuth
  • Determinator: Very much mentioned during her dream song.
    "They're calling you, Anne. You can't let them fall, but nothing you can do can save them all."
  • Gadgeteer Genius: She designs, engineers, and builds a "Vibrobeam" in "Banker Spare that Pet Shop".
  • Knight Templar: She is rather passionate for saving the world from boredom, and has temper tantrums whenever she does not get her way. Sometimes, her obsessions get in the way of understanding what is important to others.
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  • Omniglot
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • The Sheriff: Anne Dilly's grandfather, who she lived with as a child in the old west.
  • Team Mom

Yendor Talbneerg

Yendor is the insectoid electronics specialist of the Dazzeloids, having an aptitude for technology since larvahood. His parents encouraged their son's hobby and sent him to the Ant Institute for Nano-Technology (AINT). He met Anne Dilly Whim on an expedition to the ether world where they were both employed as engineers.

Titan Rose
"Woe to those who watch the tube, their minds unroll and come unglued. Dazzeloids come with mental food to help the poor, pathetic dude."

Titan Rose is the super-strong weightlifting hulk who loves to read and write beautiful poetry. He met Anne Dilly Whim while he was stationed on Moonbase 12 where they were both employed as cooks.

Stinkabod Lamé
"Where's the refrigerator, I'm starvin'!"

Stinkabod is the happy-go-lucky crazed daredevil who will try anything. He's the pragmatic acrobat, dancer, and prankster with a heart of gold. He met Anne Dilly Whim at the Big Banana Circus where they trained and wrestled alligators.


The Mediogre
"It would be so boring!"

The Mediogre is the grim and maniacal corporate leader of the BLANDO company who wants to control the world with boredom. He's been a manipulator and generally bad person since larvahood.

Pin Bleeper
"That wasn't supposed to happen! I guess there're still a few bugs."

Pin Bleeper is a sniveling computer programmer and hacker with a mean streak; he is a "techno-weasel" who assists the Mediogre with his fiendish schemes. He has absolutely terrible hygiene and poor manners, but is an absolute genius when it comes to electronics. He likes jiggling the wires and writing nasty computer virus programs, as well as making strange electronic music.


The Habitroids

The Habitroids are the hapless townsfolk of Boredomtown in the Compli-City metropolitan area. They used to live in the tiny kingdom of Chucklestein, but when Chuclestein was bought by the BLANDO company, most Habitroids got jobs in shopping malls and factories.

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