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"They see me posing, they hatin'"

Taco Ninja, a (FEMALE, DAMMIT!) troper from ol' Blighty. A shy creature whom you may see scuttling around TV Tropes being a grammar nazi. Do not expose Taco Ninja to large amounts of Rap, Christian music or work. She will melt. Do not feed her after midnight and if you value your life; proofread your edits so she doesn't have to correct all your silly little typos (although she totally will).


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I've had a story rolling around in my head for yonks that I've only just started writing down. I'm also working on it as a sort of graphic novel (it isn't very good) and it's incredibly gloomy, gay and violent.

Xander is a 17 year-old homeless boy living in a park in London. Late one night he sees a boy drowning in a flooded river and saves him. The boy is a strange, quiet blonde called James who develops an attraction to Xander which isn't helped by Xander making him his new pet and dragging him around everywhere. Eventually Xander learns about James' crush on him and doesn't react well but later offers to keep being friends with him as long as he acts like nothing happened. There are subplots with a dangerous gang that Xander is a part of, a sadist teacher and his hot daughter and a lecherous guy who seems to know a lot about Xander.


Any comments and general graffiti can go under here. :3

  • Sen says: Hi! I discovered yer profile through the Old Shame Troper Tales, and, well, it's a real cool profile! Yer certainly funnier than me! Obligatory "yay!" because you also dig Earth Bound. :D And... is that a Red Dwarf I see on the list? AWESOME!
  • Sen sez: Me again. Sorry for taking nearly a week to notice yer shout, but it's mostly 'cause my profile is the least-checked page on TVT - I usually just drop by when I have to add another page I created. Ayep, yer definitely awesome for liking them - I haven't even gotten halfway through Earthbound and I just got hooked on it so much I decided "hey! I want to do something similar!" and began writing a similar-ish story (it's now become my first writing project ever that I haven't lost interest in yet and is just two pages short of the big 200 already). And yer hat is indeed nice. Rawkon! :D
    • Amusing sidenote: apologising a lot is "the British way"? Gee, between this and one of our sociology teachers informing me of the Underground etiquette of not looking at other people, I think me and my introversion are gonna fit in just fiiiiine. :)
  • OriginalHobbit: Also found you via Old Shame and wanted to say hello as well. You are, in fact, very funny and this is a great profile. I am now going to stop talking so I don't seem like a creepy stalker, but I'll say it's nice to find a fan of That Guy With The Glasses from across the pond, very surprising. Another thing; you certainly do not look like a Bifauxnen to me.


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