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  • The Abridged Series: A Rope of Robots is a text based one. As expected, it somehow manages to turn a very serious narrative into a side-splitting mockery.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Ramsus' second Omnigear, Amphysvena, is mistakenly assumed to be Vendetta aligned to a second Anima Relic. According to the Perfect Works, however, its actually Krelian's Omnigear — Ramsus pilots it because Krelian has no more use for it.
    • Frequently it is claimed online in articles that Evangelion influenced this game, when in reality they were in production at around the same time.
  • Dummied Out: Each character has a weight statistic that can be raised or lowered depending on food items used throughout the game. Speculation rose that it might have influenced a character's power relative to their speed, but in the final product, it has no effect on anything.
  • Follow the Leader: It's the story of angst-ridden protagonist sucked into circumstances he barely even understands who hates mechs and fighting, and is prone to going on destructive rampages with his mech. The game also has tons of Contemplate Our Navels and vague foreshadowing, an Omniscient Council of Vagueness and an Assimilation Plot. Does any of this sound familiar?
    • The two even share some of the same animators (both being animated by Production I.G), which is why cutscenes resemble Evangelion's art style. It's also unclear exactly how much got its influence from Evangelion and how much was coincidentalnote 
    • Some of it may be a coincidence, as Takahashi was apparently interested in Humongous Mecha and religion since childhood.
    • The idea of combining mechs with martial arts came from the fact that Takahashi was a really big fan of G Gundam.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Citan was intended to have speed comparable to Bart, but due to a coding error he's the fastest character in the game.
  • Name's the Same:
  • Troubled Production: A legendary one, albeit much obfuscated for decades. The reason why the second disc was compressed into a narrative was not, in fact, a result of Executive Meddling. They had a two-year deadline, but that was normal. Instead, what happened was that most of the team were newbies and a lot of the technology (particularly the 3D they were using) was new, and they ran out of time and budget in between mentoring the rookies and getting a handle on new technology. Instead of ending the game at Disc 1, they went ahead and made the second disc the way it was to make the ship date. See here for further details.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • A few of them, the two most prominent are that you can somehow use Elly/Sophia's OmniGear El Regerus outside of the one scripted battle it appears in, and that you can recruit Ramsus as a playable character after Elly merges with Deus.
      • These two originate from translated production notes in the Perfect Works books, outlining plans for El Regerus, Ramsus, and even Margie to be fully playable characters, only to have them get cut down to NPC status thanks to time and funding shortfalls.
    • Hilariously, you really can get the El-Regrs (Elly's Omnigear) by entering the final floor of the last dungeon and then going back out, but since its pilot is no longer in your party, it is useless. It's also playable in the Kislev battling minigame, but who enjoys grinding that?
    • For extra fun, it's possible to hack El Regerus into the game before Elly takes off, but it doesn't have a model for the overworld, causing a game crash.
    • There seems to be a rumor of a planned Xenogears OVA that takes place during the Zeboim era. So far, there's no evidence that such a thing was even planned.
    • The rumors surrounding why so much content was cut out of the game and why Disc 2 was so compressed. As explained under Executive Meddling, the truth of the matter was that the team had a normal size and budget throughout, but for decades it was believed that the resources for Xenogears were poached in order to fund the development of Final Fantasy VIII.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Imagine Xenogears with a fully fleshed-out disc 2. For that matter, imagine Xenogears and Xenosaga as parts of a massive six-game epic.
      • Xenogears itself being only Episode V of a six-part story originally envisioned by Tetsuya Takahashi and Soraya Saga.
    • Margie was originally going to be playable, hence the sketch in Perfect Works where she has an entire arsenal hidden in her cloak.
    • Omnigear versions of Siebzehn and Crescens were designed but never implemented in the game. Rough sketchs of El Seibzehn and El Crescens, Maria and Emerelda's Mid-Season Upgrades appear in the Perfect Works book.
    • Kahran was also planned as a Sixth Ranger playable character, but this got canned when the budget ran out.
    • The intro for the game was meant to be longer, consisting of an animated opening credits (similar to anime openings) featuring the song "Stars of Tears" and the intro movie, but was cut. Word of God said it would make the opening very long. (the combined length of the two would be roughly ten minutes, so yeah.)
    • The game was originally pitched as Final Fantasy VII, but was eventually made its own thing because the story was considered too dark for a main Final Fantasy title.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Xenogears Wiki and The Xenosaga Wiki.
  • Working Title: Xenogears was originally called -Project Noah-, but this was changed during development for unknown reasons. Presumably it's because Square Enix didn't want the already controversial religious symbolism to extend to the title.


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