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Awesome moments in Xenogears.

  • Fei's Big Damn Hero moment early in the game when he decides to fight and uses Weltall to stop the Gebler forces attacking Bart's hideout from killing some kids for fun.
  • A back-to-back moment on both sides as Bart gets caught up in a Hopeless Boss Fight against Id, so Sigurd decides to drop the Yggdrasil onto Id's Gear. After it seems like Id has been defeated, he rises up out of the sand, carrying the Yggdrasil, and utters the immortal line, "Dropping a warship on me is cheating. Take it back."
  • Which two characters get a Big Damn Heroes moment, a Heroic BSoD, Two Crowning Moments of Awesome, a Tear Jerker moment, with Awesome Music playing in the background, in a span of 5 minutes? Maria and Chu-Chu, that's who. And it call comes together to reach the peak of its awesomeness with just one word:
    Maria: "Siebzhen!"
  • For fans of combining mecha, I give you the final battle against the Elements.
  • Fei going into space to rescue Elly.
    • In that same scene, that piss-easy Post-Final Boss Uroboros? That's Miang. Have fun smashing her smug face in with Xenogears.
  • The first battle you get into on the second disc? The truly awesome Super Dimensional Gear Yggdrasil IV, made up of the central block of the Kislev Capital versus a mobile weapon easily the size of a planet-killing asteroid.
    • Just to give you a better idea of how insanely awesome this mecha is: it wields the Yggdrasil III, your party's Global Airship and base of operations, as a Wave-Motion Gun. Check it out.
      • This gets topped by how you get into the final dungeon, Merkava. It has its own, even more powerful Wave-Motion Gun that can wipe out anything approaching it. While the Yggdrasil IV and Shevat's flagship Excalibur each have Deflector Shields, they could each only survive for a few seconds under Merkava's gun. So Bart comes up with a totally awesome plan to handle it: have Yggdrasil IV stand on top of Excalibur, with their shields combined to maximize how long they'll last, and to get extra speed Yggdrasil IV carries a pair of old Xeboim ICBMs under its arms. Once the the ICMBs burn out, Yggdrasil IV drops them, jumps forward, and pulls off Excalibur's bow spike to use as a giant sword, stabbing it into Merkava's main gun and demolishing it. Then Excalibur blows up Yggdrasil IV, after Yggdrasil III ejects, to destroy the cannon beyond repair. All of this while Bart's gear pilots Yggdrasil III via a gear-sized nautical steering wheel, just because. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The translator pulled off one by simply translating the game, seeing as he was alone in doing so. All the other translators quit, leaving him to do it himself, which he was set on doing, even if it meant he had to sleep at work.