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Awesome Music / Xenogears

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"Music is a mysterious thing. Sometimes it makes people remember things they do not expect. Many thoughts, feelings, memories... things almost forgotten... Regardless of whether the listener desires to remember or not."
Citan Uzuki

One of the reasons for Xenogears' enduring popularity and influence is a soundtrack full of classics.

  • For those who like darker themes, "Omen" in particular is something of a masterpiece.
    • VGM remixer Star Salzman has melded "Omen" and "Dazil: City of Burning Sands" into a dark, powerful masterwork known as "Pillar of Salt." Listen to it here.
    • And those who enjoy epic boss music should definitely check out "Awakening", the theme for the final showdown with Deus.
  • Flight since whenever that music plays, you know a Moment of Awesome is gonna happen. Even more awesome: It is the first (and currently only) Xenogears track to be featured on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Flight's softer and more emotional remix, Gathering Stars in the Night Sky, is more subtle and every bit as good.
  • "Light from the Netherworld," the Background Music to the opening movie. Incredibly eerie and chill-inducing. Even if you've never even seen the opening movie, you can tell just by listening to it that something inexplicable and unearthly is going on. And now the Orchestral version is out, edited into the Opening FMV.
  • Id's theme, "The One Who is Torn Apart." It can only be described as haunting.
  • "One Who Bares Fangs at God" can ONLY be heard during the Anti-Climax Boss fight with Urobolus/Miang even though it's one of the best songs in the game. Which serves to redouble on the final battle's subversive principle — both the battle and the accompanying music are anything but the standard Final Boss fare, for dramatic purpose.
  • "Grahf, Emperor of Darkness". When this comes on, it's obvious that either a boss is about to get a powerup or you are about to have your ass kicked.
  • My Village Is Number One, a sound-alike of Chrono Trigger''s Millenial Fair that plays in Fei's hometown of Lahan. Then there's the orchestrated version, which bumps up the tempo to make it sound like a party is happening soon. Whether that's Alice and Timothy's ill-fated wedding at the beginning of the game or Fei and Elly getting their happy ending post-game is up to the listener to decide.