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Proper Human History

Unmarked Spoilers Ahead

Proper Human History is the great tree of timelines which the Counter Force designated as the routes with the most potential for the Human Order's progress.

Due to the nature of the Nasuverse, several events can take place at the same time but in different timelines and works. There will be notes describing in which timeline and work the events are depicted when there are differences in the portrayal of events. Most divergences in the timeline take place in the Age of Man, where all works are set in.

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    Age of Genesis/Gods: 4. 6 Billion years ago - 12000 BC 
- 4.6 billion years ago
  • The Solar System is formed. In Fate/Extra timelines a mysterious civilization creates the Moon Cell which records everything happening on Earth, similar to the Root.

- 66 million years ago

  • The creation of the Mesomerican pantheon. A great meteor crashes into the Yucatán Peninsula, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Extraterrestrial bacteria riding the meteor survive and infect the local fauna and flora, changing them into gods. The deities periodically move from one vessel to another.

- Unknown

  • Tiamat and Abzu beget the Mesopotamian pantheon. Abzu is slain by his progeny, and when the gods turn against Tiamat, she spawns the Eleven Magical Beasts to aid her in battle. Tiamat is defeated by her descendent Marduk, and banished to Imaginary Number Space to prevent a goddess with the ability to spawn randomized offspring from overwriting the established world. Tiamat sleeps, waiting for the chance to return to Earth.
  • Arrival of the Olympians. In another universe entirely, a Dyson Sphere called Chaos is created by an alien civilization as an ark to carry them to another planet, though the civilization perished. Chaos continues its functions, and deploys a fleet of smaller robots into our universe to find a suitable planet to terraform so it may recreate its builders' civilization. This fleet would later be called the Titans, led by the flagship Cronus. The Titans split into another fleet, the future Olympians, which then rebels against them in the Titanomachia, with victors continuing their voyage under the new flagship Zeus. After a long period of time, the fleet encounters Earth and decides to land on it since their functions were breaking down and the planet closely matched the conditions Chaos specified for terraforming. Upon landing, humans begin worshipping them as the Twelve Machine Gods or Twelve Pillars, and give them and their Titan creators names as only Chaos received one originally. The worship changes them from machines of mere functions to gods with their own egos, and in thanks the Twelve Machine Gods establish a technologically advanced society for humanity in Atlantis, with their capital the Interstellar Mountainous City, Olympus, located in an incredibly large underground and underwater space directly beneath the Atlantis archipelago.

    Decline of the Age of Gods: 12000 BC - 0 BC 
- 12000 BC
  • The first phase in the ending of the Age of Gods, decline. Gods roam the Earth as the dominant species, establishing civilizations with humanity as their subjects. The alien being known as Velber, which was created by the same civilization that made the Moon Cell, approaches Earth and enacts its function of harvesting civilizations by deploying a piece of itself called the White Titan Sefar to slaughter the gods and breaking down everything into Spiritrons to be absorbed. Sefar begins her attack and rampages across Earth, slaughtering many pantheons, scattering civilizations, and absorbing all she destroys to grow larger and more powerful. She is eventually defeated by the human wielder of the planet's ultimate defense, the holy sword later called Excalibur, but the damage done is irreversible; many gods lie dead and humanity has lost faith in them for succeeding where their deities could not. The deterioration of the Age of Gods begins, with the gods' influence and power waning while humanity's grows.
  • In Fate/Extra timelines, Sefar attacks the Moon Cell first, before using its functions to send a copy to Earth to launch a simultaneous attack. The shock of her copy's death on Earth stuns her, giving the Moon Cell an opportunity to seal her away inside it.
  • Olympus and Atlantis are destroyed by Sefar, with the Twelve Machine Gods physically slain and reduced to Divine Spirits, called from hereon as the Twelve Olympians. Ares in particular is slain right before Sefar's own death and his prized Sword of Mars is taken by her as a war trophy. The remnants of Atlantean civilization eventually drift to Greece and establish a new civilization there.
  • A backup brain of Sefar retaining her memory survives destruction, and is encased within the artificial body of a young woman to sleep within Sefar's remains located in the Sahara Desert.

- 6000 BC

  • An ancient civilization called Çatalhöyük exists. The people worship a deity as the first Earth Mother Goddess. While the deity has long since been forgotten, the concept of Earth Mother Goddess is established, and her Authority is passed down to other goddesses including Tiamat.

- 5000 BC

  • ORT, the Ultimate One of Mercury, receives Gaia's dying call to exterminate humanity ahead of time, arrives in South America, and begins sleeping until the promised time of Notes when Gaia dies.

- 2600 BC

  • The second phase in the ending of the Age of Gods, parting, and the dawn of modern civilization. All of humanity unites for the first time in Mesopotamia, and they speak the Unified Language. The Mesopotamian gods sense their waning influence, and create Gilgamesh as a keystone, the "Wedge of the Heavens," to connect humanity and the gods. Gilgamesh unexpectedly rebels against his given purpose and encourages the separation of gods and humanity, further weakening the gods and degrading them into Divine Spirits. The gods decide to rein in him by creating Enkidu, but the two unexpectedly became friends. Following Gilgamesh's adventures and death, the first dynasty of Uruk ends and humanity drifts across the planet, taking Gilgamesh's treasures with them to one day become the Noble Phantasms of later heroes. Gilgamesh himself is recorded as the first Heroic Spirit in the Throne of Heroes.

- 2000 BC

  • The True Ancestors are created. Gaia fears the domination of mankind as they continue to develop, and asks the other heavenly bodies of the Solar System for help to protect itself from humans since it lacks its own Ultimate One. Crimson Moon Brunestud, the Ultimate One of the Moon, answers its call and makes a deal with Gaia. In exchange for letting Gaia use Crimson Moon's body as a template to create its defenders, Crimson Moon will be allowed to live on Earth. Unbeknownst to Gaia, Crimson Moon plans on using the True Ancestors as backups in case its current body is destroyed. Crimson Moon remains on Earth and plans on creating a kingdom of its own, and begins turning humans into Dead Apostles to serve him.

- 1500 BC

  • The Gigantomachia occurs during the Greek Heroic Age, when events of Classical Mythology such as the journey of the Argonauts and later the Trojan War take place. Bunrei, or Divided Spirits, left behind by Sefar called the Gigas rise up and attack the Twelve Olympians. As they are now weakened Divine Spirits, the Olympians are forced to rely on human heroes to defeat them. It is here the demigod son of Zeus named Heracles starts leaving his mark on history.

- 1000 BC

  • Fire Giants invade from Muspelheim, sparking the beginning of Ragnarök in Scandinavia though that event is perceived in the Age of Man as Mount Katla erupting. The Norse pantheon dies and the fire giant Surtr burns away the local Texture, ending the Age of Gods there.

- 960 BC

  • King Solomon of Israel detects the deterioration of True Magic and realizes that an alternative must come up if humanity is to continue performing magic without needing a connection to the gods. He creates the 72 Demon God Pillars and binds them as his familiars to watch over humanity, and uses the summoning spell Goetia as the foundation for modern Magecraft. Solomon's death in 931 BC further accelerates the decaying Age of Gods and the decline of Mystery. Following his death, the summoning spell Goetia gains a will of its own and incarnates in Solomon's corpse, taking his identity and abilities. Using Solomon's Clairvoyance, he sees that humanity is destined to perish in the year 2016 and begins a great plan to go back in time and remake humanity more to his liking. To this end, he conditions mage families to pass down their Magic Crests and bloodlines no matter what while hiding triggers within certain families so he can activate them and turn the mages into his Demon God Pillars at certain points in history.

- 700 BC

  • The third and last phase in the ending of the Age of Gods, opportunity. A certain but unknown trigger ends the Age of Gods and the beginning of the next Age.

- 0 BC

  • The Age of Gods completely ends. The laws of the World change from ones based on Mystery to physics based. All Phantasmal Beasts retreat to the Reverse Side of the World where Mystery still exists while the Divine Spirits retreat to a higher plane, but they can no longer directly influence mankind. In certain regions of the world such as Britain, the local Texture remains in the Age of Gods with Mystery and True Ether still extant.
  • The wielder of the First Magic is born on the eve before the calendar changes to AD.

    Age of Man: 0 AD onwards 
- 0 AD
  • Mankind flourishes as the dominant species of Earth.
  • The founding of the Mage's Association. The mages remaining from the Age of Gods, knowing that all Mystery will one day fade away, decide to band together and preserve their knowledge to be studied.

- 1 AD

  • The Einzbern factory is created by the students of the Third Magician. They were attempting to reproduce their master’s miracle, but couldn’t do it themselves, so as an alternate plan they tried was to recreate a specimen identical to their master and have it reproduce the magic.

- 20

  • The mana that permeated the air in the Age of Gods, True Ether, is replaced with the inferior Ether and discovered by mages. Some mages decide to study the new form of Mystery and Magecraft, but others decide to stick to the old ways and split off, forming the Wandering Sea and Atlas Institutes. The three branches stay connected as the Mage's Association.
  • For the next eighty years, the Mage's Association spreads their knowledge of Magecraft and the energy/morale of the Age of Gods seems to come back. However, Dead Apostles begin attacking mages as they see them as a threat.

- 300

  • Crimson Moon Brunestud and Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, wielder of the Second Magic, have a grand duel against each other. The duel ends in Zelretch's victory due to Crimson Moon's unfamiliarity with Magic, but Zelretch has his blood sucked and is turned into a Dead Apostle during the battle. Crimson Moon survives the duel as a bodiless existence and begins waiting for the chance to reincarnate in a suitable True Ancestor. In Tsukihime timelines, Zelretch joins the ranks of the Dead Apostle Ancestors.
  • An unknown event triggers the strengthening of the Human Order for Fate timelines, negating the possibility of the Dead Apostle Ancestors as an organization in almost every single one except for Fate/strange fake. Fate and Tsukihime timelines split from this point on.

- 300-500

  • The Holy Church spreads its power in Western Europe, causing a decline in the Mage's Assocation's own. The capitals of learning for mages are stamped out by the Church.
  • The Dead Apostle Ancestor Gransurg Blackmore gives into despair after the defeat of his master Crimson Moon in Fate timelines, accepting his death by the Church's Executors.

- 400-500

  • The remains of Sefar have long since forgotten all memories due to her long sleep. She is found by the Huns and given the name of Attila, though she prefers Altera. Altera is then used as a weapon by the Huns against the Roman Empire. In Fate/Extra timelines, the Sefar still trapped in the Moon Cell is able to view her memories and decides to take on the name Altera as well.

- 500

  • The last remaining Texture of the Age of Gods where True Ether still exists in the isle of Britain ends.
  • The events of King Arthur take place, though the name and gender of Arthur varies depending on the timeline. Arthur's uncle Vortigern fights to keep Britain in the Age of Gods, but fails. The fall of Camelot is permanently written into Proper Human History as a Quantum Time Lock. Arthur regrets the fall of their kingdom and desires the Holy Grail in an attempt to avert its fall. Merlin is sealed within the Garden of Avalon, but witnesses Arthur's final resolution and lets the Cath Palug out into the world.
  • In an alternate timeline, King Arthur's right hand knight, Bedivere, is unable to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake out of guilt. Due to this, a female King Arthur armed with the holy spear Rhongomyniad survived and becomes a Divine Spirit, wandering for many years. She eventually wanders in the Grand Order timeline, and cements herself as the Lion King in one of Goetia's Singularities.
  • A group of mages settle in Britain, forming the Clock Tower.

- 600-900

  • The Clock Tower discovers the Spirit Grave Albion underneath it. It is a massive underground labyrinth containing the corpse of a dragon that did not reach the Reverse Side of the World, and died trying to burrow its way there. The deeper one goes, the closer they get to the Reverse Side of the World. Albion is declared an invaluable asset for the declining mage society, and many flock to the Clock Tower.

- 900-1000

  • Justeaze Lirich Von Einzbern is created, completely by accident, proving the Einzberns' 1000 year old thesis of the Third Magic, Heaven's Feel. However, while her abilities were equal to or above those of their master, they were not cost effective, as it would take several years to save just one person with this Magic, making their goal, the salvation of the entire human race, virtually unattainable. The magi despair as she was a mutation that was born regardless of their own techniques or skills, and she is not only so frail that she can be killed by anything and thus never leave the castle, but her mentality is also unaging, making her relive the same day for eternity. The magi try to create a homunculus that surpasses Justeaze by their own techniques, and so the castle’s central management—the golem Jubstacheit—is born and becomes the father of all homunculi. The magi abandon the castle, while others took their own lives, leaving the homunculi to continue to operate the factory for the sake of the creators’ ideal of saving all of humankind.

- 1000

  • The prodigy child Barthomeloi arrives at the Clock Tower. The groundwork for the mage aristocracy class is formed.
  • All but a handful of Divine Spirits are relegated to the Reverse World.

- 1100-1200

  • Arcueid Brunestud is created by the True Ancestors to be the strongest of her kind, and used to hunt down Dead Apostle Ancestors and True Ancestors who had fallen to their hunger for blood. She is tricked by Michael Roa Valdamjong, founder of the Holy Church's Burial Agency, into drinking his blood and goes berserk, slaughtering many of the True Ancestors in the process. Roa becomes a Dead Apostle and steals much of her strength in the process. Thus begins the cycle of Arcueid hunting down Roa and killing him, only for him to reincarnate. Arcueid sleeps in between cycles to control her blood lust.

- 1200

  • The Clock Tower is now the center of magical society, and its system of Lords and 12 Departments are established.

- 1400

  • Zepia Eltnam Oberon accepts the position of director of Atlas Academy in Fate timelines, and remains in the position till the current day.

- 1400-1500

  • Determining that the plan of solely counting on the unique model of Justeaze was a failure, the Einzbern, with the exception of Jubstacheit, vote to switch to a method of mass production capable of reaching a wide area. Basically, instead of Justeaze using the Third Magic on one human over decades, using Justeaze as a frame, they would create a “greater” magic formula and save many humans at once. The plan is thus to disassemble her magic circuits and replace them with a magic formula, creating a humanoid great grail. However, as they are homunculi and have no contact with the outside world, the Einzbern need cooperative humans to enact the plan.

- 1790-1800

  • In the Fate timelines, Makiri Zolgen, later named Zouken Matou and host of the Demon God Pillar Barbatos, arrives at the Einzbern Castle, mostly disillusioned with his goal to eliminate all the evils of the world and with the Einzbern being his last hope. He meets Justeaze, and feels a complicated mix of emotions—hope towards fulfilling his ambition, jealousy at her ability to use the Third Magic, and pity for Justeaze’s eternal youth causing her to repeat the same day. The Einzbern family collaborates with Matou Zouken and Nagato Tohsaka, with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, master of the Second Magic, overseeing them, to make the plan a reality in the city of Fuyuki, Japan. By using Justeaze Lirich Von Einzbern as the core of the Greater Grail, they would use a derivative of the Heroic Spirit Summoning System used by the Counter Force to summon seven copies of Heroic Spirits called Servants, collect their souls into the Lesser Holy Grail, and use them to open the gate to Akasha. Since the three families could only summon one Servant each, they decided to lure four other mages in and have them summon their own Servants. The plan ends in failure thanks to infighting.

- 1800

  • The Industrial Revolution begins in Great Britain. The advancement of science deals a great blow to both the Mage's Association and the Holy Church. An internal split occurs in the Mage's Association on whether or not to support the Industrial Revolution.

- 1837

  • In Fate timelines, Roa in the guise of his latest incarnation Tarantella encounters Edmond Dantès. His soul is permanently destroyed by the future Avenger's black flames, preventing him from reincarnating ever again.

- 1860

  • The second attempt at regaining the Third Magic takes place, now dubbed the Holy Grail Wars. The Second Holy Grail War ends in a bloodbath with no clear victor, so the three families decide to bring in the Holy Church as a neutral party to enforce stricter rules and reduce casualties.

- 1930s

  • The Third Holy Grail War takes place. The Einzberns have grown tired of losing the Wars and resort to drastic measures to win this attempt. The timeline splits depending on who they summon.
    • In the timeline of Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night, the Einzberns summon Aŋra Mainiiu as Avenger, under the impression that he would an incredibly powerful god. Unfortunately for them, Avenger turns out to be weakling and is killed instantly, but his soul enters the Grail and corrupts it. The War ends with no clear victor yet again, but Avenger stays inside the Grail as it tries to fulfill the wish for there to be an embodiment of All the World's Evils and begins gathering power for his reincarnation.
    • In the Fate/Apocrypha timeline, the Einzberns summon Amakusa Shirō Tokisada as a Ruler. Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, master of the Servant Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill, teams up with the Nazis to steal the Greater Grail from Fuyuki, only to betray them and steal the Grail for himself, leaving it in Trifas, Transylvania to begin gathering mana from the local leylines. The three families give up on the Third Magic with the loss of the Greater Grail. Both Darnic and Amakusa survive, and begin planning for the next Holy Grail War. In the meantime, lesser copycat Grails with their own wars begin popping up around the world.
    • In the Fate/strange fake timeline, the Einzberns also summon Aŋra Mainiiu and War proceeds as in Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night. One of the participants, an American mage of the Dioland family, goes back to the United States with his puppets having recorded the entire war. Together with the US government and military, they develop a plan to hold a Holy Grail War on American soil. They acquire a sacred land with leylines on par with Fuyuki in Nevada, evicting the indigenous tribes that lived there, and found the city of Snowfield.

- 1970s

  • In the timeline of Fate/Extra, an unknown incident (heavily implied to be the Aylesbury Ritual to awaken the Dead Apostle Ancestor the Dark Six) causes the World's mana to start drying up and trigger the conditions for Overcount 1999, causing it to diverge from the Fate/stay night timeline.

- 1976

  • In the Tsukihime timeline, Roa chooses a recently born French girl named Elesia as his 17th incarnation, who possesses immense magical potential despite being born to an ordinary family of bakers.

- 1985

  • 9 years before the events of Fate/Zero, the Einzberns realize one of the reasons they never won a War was their lack of combat experience. The notoriously isolated family decides to bend their rules for the sake of victory and hires Kiritsugu Emiya, a freelance assassin renowned in the Mage's Association as the ruthless Mage Killer as their representative. Kiritsugu accepts, as he has been looking for a way to save the world and decides to use the Grail to grant his impossible wish and achieve a miracle he cannot reach with his own hands. He marries the homunculus Irisviel von Einzbern, the vessel of the Lesser Grail for the Fourth War, and fathers the child Illyasviel who will become the Fifth War's vessel.

- 1989

  • Mahou Tsukai no Yoru takes place in the Tsukihime timeline in Misaki City, in December around Christmas. Aoko Aozaki is declared the successor to the Aozaki family over her sister Touko, and begins studying Magecraft. Aoko eventually achieves the Fifth Magic, Blue.

- 1991

  • In another timeline, the nigh-omnipotent wunderkind child mage Manaka Sajyou summons male King Arthur in Tokyo to fight the First Holy Grail War in the Fate/Prototype prequel Fragments of Sky Silver.

- 1992

  • In the Tsukihime timeline, Roa awakens inside Elesia around her sixteenth birthday, massacring her entire village. Arcueid awakens and hunts Roa down, but due to her immense power, Elesia revives and is rendered immortal due to the World confusing her existence with Roa's. She survives the Church's attempts to execute her and then joins their Burial Agency for the purpose of killing Roa for good and ending her immortality.

- 1994

  • The Fourth Holy Grail War takes place in November of this year, depicted in Fate/stay night prequel Fate/Zero. Kiritsugu Emiya representing the Einzberns summons female King Arthur as Saber, while Tokiomi Tohsaka summons Gilgamesh as Archer. Due to the corruption of the Grail, the war ends with no clear victor yet again. Tokiomi is betrayed by his apprentice Kirei Kotomine who teams up with Gilgamesh. Kiritsugu kills Kotomine, discovers the corrupted Grail and tries to destroy it using Saber but fails to do so, dumping its corrupted contents onto Fuyuki City. The Grail grants Kotomine's desire for suffering and starts the Fuyuki City Fire, while bringing back Kotomine from the dead and incarnating Gilgamesh. The two begin waiting for the next War so they can unleash Aŋra Mainiiu onto the world for their own purposes. Shirou survives the fire but suppresses his memories of his life before the fire from the trauma, and is then adopted by Kiritsugu. For his failure and betrayal, Kiritsugu is banned from the Einzbern family grounds and forbidden from seeing his daughter Illyasviel despite his best efforts. The Einzberns begin preparing Illya to serve as the Grail vessel and their representative in the next War, while training her to hate her father and adopted brother.

- 1995-1999

  • The events of Kara no Kyoukai take place in a timeline mutually exclusive with Tsukihime in Mifune City. Shiki Ryougi who possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception investigates several grisly murders, revealing a plot by Souren Araya to reach the Root by using Shiki's body.

- 1996

  • In the Tsukihime timeline, Roa selects his 18th incarnation, a young boy named SHIKI Tohno living in Miyaki City from a family that possessed demon blood. When SHIKI was playing with his sister Akiha and adopted brother Shiki Nanaya, Roa's manifestation causes SHIKI's demon blood to awaken, driving him insane and forcing him to attack Akiha. Shiki takes the attack and survives only because Akiha shares half of her lifeforce with him. SHIKI's father Makihisa arrives and attacks SHIKI, who survives by also stealing lifeforce from Shiki. Following the incident, SHIKI is locked away to be forgotten and Shiki is passed off as Makihisa's true son including changing his last name from Nanaya to Tohno. The near death experience leaves Shiki's memory hazy and awakens the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. He meets Aoko Aozaki, who gives him a special pair of glasses that seals away the Mystic Eyes to prevent them from killing him early.

- 1999

  • Male King Arthur is summoned once more, this time by Manaka's sister Ayaka Sajyou to fight the Second Holy Grail War in Tokyo in Fate/Prototype.

- 2003

  • The events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files begin in September of this year, ending in February 2004 as the prologue of Fate/stay night begins. Waver Velvet, a Master from the Fourth Holy Grail War now known as Lord El-Melloi II, wishes to re-enter the Holy Grail War and meet his idol Iskander yet again, but is prevented from doing so.

- 2004

  • The Fifth Holy Grail War takes place in February of this year, depicted in Fate/stay night. Female King Arthur is summoned yet again, this time by Kiritsugu's adopted son Shirou Emiya. The timeline splits into three with different results depending on the choices Shirou makes, represented in-game by the route taken, but no matter what the corruption of the Grail is discovered, and Kotomine and Gilgamesh die for good. In the Heaven's Feel route, the Greater Grail is deactivated, ending the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars. For more elaborate details on the endings:
    • Fate route: Shirou forms a romantic bond with his Saber class Servant, the female King Arthur. Saber destroys the Holy Grail and vanishes as well, but not before promising to wait for him. Shirou goes on to become a Hero of Justice and walks a a never ending path to try and find Saber again.
    • Unlimited Blade Works route: Shirou forms a romantic bond with fellow Master Rin Tohsaka. The Grail is destroyed and Shirou learns where his beliefs in heroism will lead him but follows it regardless. Rin and Shirou leave to the Clock Tower so Shirou can become a proper Magus.
    • Heavens Feel route: Shirou forms a romantic bond with his classmate, and later revealed Master, Sakura Matou. The Grail is destroyed but Shirou dies in the process. His soul is saved though and put into a doll like body that allows him survive, allowing to live with Sakura. Shirou gives up his aspirations of becoming a hero in this route.
  • In the Fate/strange fake timeline, at the conclusion of the Fuyuki Fifth Holy Grail War, Francesca Prelati steals a portion of the Holy Grail, including the corrupted Grail mud, and brings it to Snowfield so the Americans can create their own genuine Grail.
  • In the Fate/Grand Order timeline, the Fuyuki Holy Grail War takes place for the first time. Lord Marisbury Animusphere wins with Solomon as his Caster Servant. He uses his wish from the Grail to acquire funds and resources to establish the organization Chaldea, while Solomon wishes to live as a normal human and reincarnates as Romani Archaman.
  • Fate/Apocrypha takes place in its timeline. Darnic and his organization Yggdmillennia secede from the Mage's Association and retreat to Trifas, Transylvania. They use the stolen Greater Grail to summon seven Servants and slaughter the mages sent by the Association to retake the Grail, but not before one of the mages activates the Grail's backup systems, allowing the Association to summon their own Servants. The Association gathers seven Masters including the disguised Amakusa and sends them to Trifas to engage Yggdmillennia in the Great Holy Grail War. Due to the battle involving 14 Servants, the Grail summons Jeanne d'Arc as Ruler to arbitrate the War. During the war a Homunculus escapes from the Yggdillennia faction, and is given the heart of the Saber of Black, Siegfried to survive. The Homunculus calls himself Sieg in honor of the sacrifice and joins the war later on Jeanne's side. In the end, Darnic, Jeanne, and Amakusa perish in the conflict and the Greater Grail is taken to the Reverse Side of the World by Sieg after becoming the Dragon Fafnir to prevent further misuse.
  • Tsukihime takes place in October right before the Fifth Holy Grail War, but in another timeline and in Miyaki City. The Tohno family maid Kohaku, bearing a grudge against the Tohno family, releases Roa's 18th incarnation, SHIKI Tohno, who murders his father Makihisa. Shiki Tohno is called back to the Tohno mansion as a result of his father's death. Arcueid awakens to hunt Roa down and possibly meets up with Shiki. Elesia also arrives and takes the cover identity of a student named Ciel at Shiki's school. Roa meets his final end at Shiki's hands thanks to the power of his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

- 2008

  • In an utterly bizarre timeline where Dead Apostles and Heroic Spirits can coexist, Fate/strange fake occurs in Snowfield, Nevada. A False Holy Grail War improperly copied from the disastrous Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War starts up with only six of the regular Servant Classes summoned. The false war is used to generate energy to start up the True Holy Grail War which summons an extra seven Servants, and the collective wars are called the Snowfield Holy Grail War.

- 2014

  • 10 years after the Fate and Unlimited Blade Works routes of Fate/stay night, Lord El-Melloi II and Rin Tohsaka return to dismantle the corrupted Greater Grail against the Mage's Association's wishes. A great conflict on the scale of a Holy Grail War unfolds, but the Greater Grail is dismantled, ending the Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars for good.

- 2015

  • Fate/Grand Order begins in its timeline. Goetia finally initiates his 3,000 year plan in the making, the Regression Canal/Light Year Genesis, and incinerates the entirety of human history and starts using burned humans as fuel to travel 4.6 billion years into the past and remake history as he sees fit. Chaldea detects the cause of the Human Order Incineration Incident as seven pockets of isolated space-time called Singularities existing in the past throughout human history causing massive time-space distortions which invalidate the Quantum Time Locks and reduce Proper Human History outside the Singularities to a chaotic mess of mere probabilities, requiring them to correct the situation by travelling into the Singularities and obtaining the Holy Grails that sustain their existence in a mission called the Grand Order. Chaldea learns of Goetia's true identity, foils his plan, and restores humanity, but it takes a whole year to do so, which shows up as a blank period in mankind's memory and threatens the secrecy of Magecraft. They also learn that humanity is destined to perish sometime after 2016, which is why Goetia waited 3,000 years to enact his plan. Following his defeat, Chaldea enacts the Remnant Order and defeats four remaining Demon God Pillars and the Subspecies Singularities they bring forth.
  • In both the non-Grand Order Fate and Tsukihime timelines, Lev Lainur, host of the Demon God Pillar Flauros, commits suicide in Clock Tower 2015 in an effort to stop Goetia's plan.

- 2017

  • The catastrophe Goetia foresaw arrives on New Year's Eve in Fate/Grand Order Part 2, Cosmos in the Lostbelt. A Foreign God descends onto Earth, kills all of mankind and then wipes the surface of the planet entirely blank. The Foreign God plans to replace Proper Human History with a timeline where the Age of Gods never ended by planting seven Fantasy Trees which sustain pruned timelines called Lostbelts. Each Lostbelt is run/overseen by a Crypter, a former Magus of Chaldea who was nearly killed by Lev Lainur's sabotage but was saved by being frozen over, who now ally with the Foreign God to bring about a new human history. Chaldea is driven from its home base and forced onto the run, and must now enter the Lostbelts and destroy the seven Fantasy Trees to restore the proper history and stop the Human Order Revision.

- 2025

  • Due to unknown events in a certain timeline, all of humanity has enjoyed the boon of the Grail and a personal Servant for several years in Fate/Requiem.

- 2030s

  • In the Fate/Extra timeline, all mana on Earth has dried up. Humanity discovers the Moon Cell where humanity can perform Magecraft inside its space. Due to the power of the Moon Cell being so coveted, the Moon Cell Holy Grail War is created so that someone can obtain its power. An amnesiac named Hakuno Kishinami is chosen as a Master and must make their way through this deadly game to find and create their own identity.
  • At the exact some time as the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, an AI calling herself BB goes rogue for an unknown reason and kidnaps several Masters from the very same Grail War Hakuno is in, trapping them in the Far Side of the Moon Cell. This Hakuno must fight through a large dungeon created by BB to escape.
  • Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star takes place following the Moon Holy Grail War. The alien Velber returns to the Solar System after 14,000 years, but is prevented from locating the Moon Cell. This outcome is written in Proper Human History as a Quantum Time Lock.

- 3000

  • In a timeline where the Princess of the True Ancestors never existed and almost all of humanity has given up on life, the events of Tsuki no Sango take place with a girl on a precious island of coral continually asking for impossible gifts.

- 3020

  • In a timeline where Hakuno Kishinami lost to Twice H. Pieceman for domination over the Moon Cell, the "Age of Ash" begins and the Earth's decline is sealed in Fate/Extra Last Encore. The Moon Cell's continual simulations of various scenarios eventually triggers an accumulation of resentment for mistreating its programs which manifests in the form of HAKUNO Kishinami, who makes a contract with Emperor Nero and tries to find his way in an almost abandoned world.

- Distant Future

  • At an unknown point in time in the Fate route of 'Fate/stay night, Shirou Emiya manages to find his way to Avalon, having endlessly pursued her while she forever waited for him. At this point, he has become a hero in his own way, allowing himself and Saber to enjoy peace together.
  • The events of Angel Notes take place in an unknown timeline. Gaia dies, but humans continue to live on in spite of this by modifying themselves to survive in a dead world filled with toxic mana. Unable to accept humans outliving its planet, Gaia calls out to the other planets to exterminate humanity. The Ultimate Ones of the other planets arrive and great battles unfold. Types Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are destroyed, but the conclusion is unknown.

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