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Timeline / Child of the Storm

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     Pre-history to 1000 CE 

  • c. 1,000,000 y/a: War for the Dawn between the Alliance of Realms and Surtur, the first Dark Phoenix. Yggdrasil is formed as a prison to hold Surtur, and Frey becomes the first divine King of Asgard before dying to imprison him.

  • c. 40,000 y/a: Sunniva, Princess of Asgard and Phoenix host, is born. During her lifetime, she will travel the universe, become a Phoenix host to take on a sentient parasite dimension and drive it away from the Nine Realms, and gives birth to the three heads of the Hindu Pantheon with the Elder God Ishvara/Prajapti.

  • c. 17,000 y/a: Selene is born in the Atlantean Empire.
    • The Grey Court are created to be super-soldiers, with Varnae being the first vampire, and becoming the first King.

  • c. 11,000 y/a: Buri is born.

  • c. 10,000 y/a: Kukulcan becomes first King of the Red Court.

  • c. 6,000 BCE: A necromancer attempts to replicate the mystical process that led to the creation of the Grey Court on an already-dead body. The result is the Black Court.

  • 5-6,000 BCE: The Disir enter Bor's service as Valkyries.

  • c. 4000 BCE: Asgard-Dark Elf War. Svartalfheim is devastated and the Dark Elf kingdom destroyed, with the survivors fleeing to other realms for sanctuary. The Disir, transformed by Malekith, cut through Asgard's armies like a hot knife through an overused cliche. Bor kicks them out of the Nine Realms and into the dark spaces between.

  • c. 3500 BCE: Odin Borson is born. Kal-El I of Krypton is fostered in Asgard.

  • c. 1500 BCE: Asgardian Civil War. Cul Borson a.k.a. the Serpent, God of Fear becomes King of Asgard and sets about perverting Midgard/Earth. Odin, Vili, Ve, and their foster brother Kal-El I defeat him, and with the help of the other pantheons, imprison him in a parallel timeline and restore the Earth.

  • 3rd century BCE: First Asgard-Avalon War.

  • 5th century CE: Second Asgard-Avalon War.

  • 6th century CE: Thor and Loki are born.

    • The Last Great Frost Giant War in Britain takes place between the Frost Giants and their king Byleistr, against human wizards led by Athelstan Gryffindor, Prospero Slytherin, Branwen Hufflepuff, and Arianna Ravenclaw, supported by the weakened Avalonian pantheon. Asgard's forces, led by Odin, come to their aid and together with the Lady Knight, they engage in a fearsome series of battles across the world which end with the Frost Giants defeated. Prospero Slytherin is presumed dead after an epic You Shall Not Pass! moment. Mjolnir, Gungnir, the Sword of Gryffindor, and Laevateinn are all created during this time. Odin adopts Loki. Laufey becomes King of the Frost Giants.

    • Gwion ap Gwreang, or "Gwion Bach," is born to a family of Druids. When they are attacked and massacred by King Uther Pendragon's knights, his mother puts him in a basket and sends him downriver, where he is found by a kindly fisherman, who raises him in Camelot and names him Taliesin. Gwion becomes the apprentice and errand boy of Gaius, the Court Physician, and learns magic and medicine from him and Merlin, becoming a bard on the side. Arthur Pendragon takes over leadership of Camelot and begins a Golden Age. While Taliesin is Walking the Earth, the Battle of Camlann takes place, Camelot falls, Merlin disappears, and Taliesin comes back to find his home in ruins. He flees to a high place near Camelot and rages against fate. The Time Stone appears to him and... alters him. He becomes Doctor Strange.

    • Gravemoss is banished from Alfheim for practising necromancy, after a duel with Loki.

  • c. 1000 CE: Hogwarts is founded by the descendants of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Loki builds the castle in about twenty minutes.
    • The Celestials lay down a ban on the different pantheons, ordering them to stop interfering directly on Earth to give humanity a chance to grow.

     Modern History 

  • 1400s: Vlad Drakul is turned into a vampire by Varnae, replacing him as King of the Grey Court.

  • 1645: Doctor Strange claims the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

  • c. 1700: Ebenezar McCoy and Arthur Langtry are born.

  • c. 1800: Anastasia Luccio is born.

  • 1879: Albus Dumbledore is born.

  • 1897: Dracula attempts to destroy the Clan Akkaba. The survivors summon the Phoenix to destroy the Grey Court. She also destroys nearly all of the clan, but Dumbledore's plea for mercy spares the girl who was Her host.
    • May 26th: Bram Stoker publishes Dracula. This proves to be a spectacularly bad year for the Grey Court.

  • 1913: Dream of the Endless is summoned and captured by a group of sorcerers attempting to imprison his sister Death. He spends much of the following century imprisoned.

  • 1918: Steve Rogers is born.

  • 1920: Peggy Carter is born.

  • 1926: Tom Marvolo Riddle and Minerva McGonagall are born. Riddle will grow up to become the Dark Lord Voldemort.

  • 1927: Natalia/Natasha Romanoff is born.

  • 1939: World War II starts, engineered by Kemmler, who becomes subordinate to Grindelwald.

  • 1942-1943: Battle of Stalingrad. A 15-year-old Natalia fights in it.

  • 1944: Bucky Barnes is captured by the Red Room and brainwashed into becoming the Winter Soldier. Not long after, Steve stops the Valkyrie from attacking New York, but is frozen in the ice for almost 60 years.
    • Around the same time as Steve's sacrifice, McGonagall discovers that she is pregnant with a daughter, thanks to a romance with Bucky. She gives birth by the end of the year and names the girl Edith, and leaves her with distant Muggle relatives, the Kent family. Edith will marry into the Barton family and produce two children, one of whom will be Clint.

  • 1945: The first Spitfire is (seemingly) killed by the Winter Soldier.
    • May 8th: Alison Carter is born on the same day that Nazi Germany surrenders to the Allies.
    • Strange engages and defeats Grindelwald, strips him of all of his enhanced power, then literally walks away whistling, leaving him for Dumbledore to defeat.

  • 1953: Alison Carter is kidnapped by the Red Room and Yon-Rogg's Kree. Peggy, Jor-El, Piotr, Charles Xavier, Bra'tac, Teal'c, and Mar-Vell team up to get her back.

  • 1956: Natasha starts regularly working with the Winter Soldier.

  • 1962: The Cuba incident, in which the First Class of X-Men clash with Magneto and the "Angel of Cuba" duels Namor.
    • Peggy Carter disappears. It's "wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey," apparently.
    • Wanda Maximoff is born after a fight between her father and Tom Riddle on Mt Wundagore. Her mother is killed as a side-effect. She is raised by the Maximoff Roma clan, her mother's extended family.

  • 1973: Thor is incarnated as mortal baby James Potter.
    • Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew are born.

  • 1974: Wanda's powers manifest, and Magneto beats all kinds of mortal and supernatural agencies to get to her side. He, with the help of Charles Xavier, Albus Dumbledore, and Howard Stark, has limited success helping her to contain and control her abilities. When Arthur Langtry orders her killed, Strange swoops in and throws down the gauntlet to the White Council. When they very sensibly back down, he takes Wanda as an apprentice and surrogate daughter.

  • 1976: Regulus Black a.k.a. Peter Wisdom is born.

  • October 31st, 1977: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is born. His mother Margaret Le Fay dies in childbirth.

  • 1986: Wolverine fights the Winter Soldier, who beats him up and drops a building on his head.

  • 1987: The Green Lantern is called in to defeat Project Pegasus' magic-based supersoldier project, which had Gone Horribly Right.

  • 1990: As the USSR begins to fall, Natasha ends her partnership with the Winter Soldier and breaks free of the Red Room.

  • 1991: Jean and Rachel Grey born. Sinister kidnaps Rachel, barely escaping from Strange as he does so, and renames her Madelyn Pryor.
    • Scott Summers is born.
    • April 1st: Fred and George Weasley are born.

  • 1992: Hermione is born to Wanda Maximoff and John Constantine. She's adopted shortly after by a pair of dentists, the Grangers.
    • Harry Dresden duels his foster father and mentor Justin DuMorne, who had attempted to enthrall, then kill, Harry and his foster-sister Elaine. DuMorne is killed, Elaine is presumed dead (but survives and finds refuge with the Summer Court), and Harry is taken in by his maternal grandfather Ebenezar McCoy.

  • 1993: The Krakoa Incident, in which the surviving First Class of X-Men and Magneto are rejuvenated. A living island was involved.
    • March 1st: Ron Weasley is born.
    • June: Sirius Black meets Blade. They "hunted vampires, compared motorbikes, that sort of thing." Draco Malfoy is born in late June or early July.
    • July 31st: Harry Potter is born.
    • Uhtred Ullrson is born in Asgard.
    • Kal-El a.k.a. Clark Kent is born on Krypton.

  • 1994:
    • February 13th: Luna Lovegood is born.
    • August 11th: Ginny Weasley is born.
    • October 31st: Tom Riddle "kills" Lily and James. The former becomes the White Phoenix of the Crown, and the latter becomes Thor again. The side-effects of being 'killed' drive him insane and has to be restrained and mind-wiped by Odin. Sirius goes after Peter, who blows up a street and frames Sirius, who is incarcerated in Azkaban. Loki holds baby Harry until dawn.
    • November 1st: Nick Fury avenges Lily and James, losing an eye, but burning down Malfoy Manor and giving Lucius a limp and breaking his first wand as he does so. He also saves Draco from the flames.
    • November or December: Alison Carter meets Jor-El, and arranges with him to keep Kal-El secret and safe when he arrives.

  • 1995: "Nathan Milbury" becomes the Dursley family doctor early in the year.
    • Diana Herculeis is born on Olympus. Not long after, Hera tries to kill her, and Hercules arranges for her to be fostered in Asgard.
    • Late in the year, Jor-El's signal message about Kal-El arrives in Earth space/on Earth.
    • Around this time, Sinister creates an artificial human, one grown from the DNA of Scott Summers, but a power cut allows the boy, appearing to be around seven years old, to break free and escape into New Orleans. He will become known as Remy LeBeau, or Gambit.

  • 1996: Bobby Drake is born.
    • Smallville Meteor Shower. Nick Fury and Phil Coulson find baby Kal-El and arrange for him to be fostered with the Kents, as Alison knew they would. Rumors start about something having landed in Smallville.

  • 1997: Jean's powers manifest after the death of her friend Annie. The rumors about the Lost Omega truly start, connecting the existing rumors about something landing in Smallville to the psychic upheaval caused by the manifestation of Jean's powers.

  • 1998: Alan Scott retires.


     21st century 

  • Late Autumn 2000: Harry Dresden saves the Wayne family from Joe Chill, and in return, the Waynes give him money and buy him some new furniture. Bruce also starts apprenticing with Dresden.

  • 2001: Iron Man

  • 2002:

  • 2003: The Chitauri invasion occurs, led by Loki, and the Avengers are formed in response. Amongst the casualties are Alan Scott and Phil Coulson (actually, the latter is Not Quite Dead). Loki is defeated and begins his Heel–Face Turn.

  • 2004: HYDRA discovers and reactivates the Winter Soldier.

  • 2005: Blood Rites
    • June: Harry, Ron, and Hermione stop the possessed Quirrel from getting the Stone. Harry meets Voldemort for the first time since he was an infant.
    • September 1st: Harry starts his second year at Hogwarts.

  • 2006:
    • June: Harry goes into the Chamber of Secrets after Ginny and slays the Basilisk (a.k.a. Sally) and the Diary Horcrux. He nearly gets killed himself, but Fawkes comes to save him.
    • September 1st: Harry starts his third year at Hogwarts.
    • "Well into" November: Harry falls off his broom at a Quidditch match, and prompted by the Phoenix, sends out an unconscious psychic cry for help, which reaches Loki, who in turn awakens Thor and breaks the blocks on his brother's memory. Thor rescues Harry, and it is revealed to all that Thor used to be James Potter.
      • Lucius Malfoy calls together the Death Eaters and forms an alliance with HYDRA and Gravemoss. The Winter Soldier leads their assault on Castel Montesi, killing James Bond and retrieving the Darkhold.
    • Late December: Gravemoss attacks MI-6 with veidrdraugr, and MI13 is decimated by the Winter Soldier. Harry meets Carol, Jean-Paul, T'Challa, Peter Parker, and Gwen Stacey. Harry and the Avengers head to Asgard, and he meets Laufey, Lady Lily, Sir Fix, and Captain Mar-Vell at a party. He also befriends Diana and Uhtred, before they get kidnapped by the Disir. Additionally, Harry meets his grandparents, Sif, Athena, and the Warriors Three, and reconciles with his grandfather.

  • 2007:
    • January: Harry returns to Hogwarts.
      • Fury, Rhodey, and Betsy Braddock speak with Narcissa Malfoy at Malfoy Manor, where they are attacked by the Shadow King, John Corben, and Von Strucker. The Shadow King is driven off, and Corben is taken in by SHIELD, who unleash the second Operation Overlord and crush almost all of HYDRA's bases. The latter's resultant counter-strike involving zombie dragons is foiled by a mixed task force of SHIELD, MI13, and the British army and RAF. Xavier is knocked unconscious by the psychic wave. Harry Dresden and Coulson's team hunt the veidrdraugr under Paris, and are joined by Sif. Gravemoss kills Sif and Dresden uses his Death Curse to boot Gravemoss into the North Sea, but Strange resurrects them both.
    • Easter: Harry Dresden meets Wanda Maximoff. The events of Chaos Reigns ensue.
      • Harry Thorson, Uhtred, Diana, Carol, and Jean-Paul go skiing in the Rocky Mountains with the Avengers. They get temporarily aged up by a Genius Loci and save Bobby Drake from HYDRA's forces. The Winter Soldier shakes off his brainwashing and saves Carol. Wanda meets her other Harry for the first time that he can remember.
    • April 29th: Harry gets a letter from his future self. Voldemort pulls a Grand Theft Me on Peter Pettigrew, gaining a new body for himself at the cost of his servant's life.
    • June: HYDRA launches an attack worldwide, crippling magical and Muggle intelligence and governmental agencies. Arthur Weasley is killed. Hogwarts is attacked, and Luna Lovegood is also killed, and becomes the new Delirium of the Endless. Warren, Sean, and Harry are able to destroy most of the task force, aided by the other teachers, but Harry is killed by Daken. The Phoenix brings him back and annihilates the rest of the force.
      • A few days later, Thor gets shot by the Winter Soldier and put into a coma. Loki is reduced to a talking head, having been on the receiving end of a sneak attack from Gravemoss. Meanwhile, Zola attacks the Avengers Tower. Tony performs a Heroic Sacrifice to destroy the Tower and keep his information and designs out of HYDRA's hands. He and Bruce are captured, as is Steve, thanks to the re-brainwashed Winter Soldier. At the urging of Doctor Strange, Jean Grey uses Cerebro to perform Astral Projection to Asgard and wakes Thor up. Nick Fury calls together the Shadow Initiative and, with the help of Jane Foster and a bevy of scientists, brings HYDRA's base out of it's pocket dimension. The Battle of London and Red Sky Day result.
    • Not long after that, Trelawney makes her second prophecy. End of Child of the Storm, beginning of Ghosts of the Past.
    • August: The Quidditch World Cup takes place. While the Death Eaters are on the rampage, Voldemort attacks Harry and his friends, seeking to get his measure, being defeated and driven off. Pepper gives birth to Ada Maria Potts-Stark.
      • Mid-August, Harry and Carol are kidnapped by the Red Room. Wanda, Bucky, Jack O'Neill, Alison, and the Avengers crush the Red Room's forces and rescue most of their prisoners, but Harry dives back in to rescue Maddie. Lukin executes Volodya and attempts to rapidly expand Russia's borders and power. Harry and Maddie work together to place his mind in Laevateinn, but this backfires spectacularly when Maddie is ordered off-base. Harry's empty body is made into the Red Son, and he is put through roughly six months' worth of black-ops missions thanks to the effect of time in the Nevernever. Twelve days later in mortal time, Harry is found by the Avengers and the Red Son is subdued by Magneto, who curb-stomps the Winter Guard along the way. Maddie and Jono, with the assistance of Doctor Strange, Sir Fix, and Harry Dresden, bring back Harry's mind and Mjolnir to the Avengers. Harry goes Dark Phoenix, but is swiftly talked down by his loved ones.
    • September: Hogwarts starts on the 1st. Loki, Natasha, Bucky, Tony, Clint, Skye, and "Oracle" launch a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Red Room, with the assistance of Dream. Harry slowly recovers, thanks to counselling from his friends and family, and meets Jesus. The Council Elite is called to discuss recent events, but Strange orders them to either stay out of his way or get locked up via the power of the Tesseract. He and Odin tell Harry and the rest of the Royal Family about Thanos, Surtur, and the War for the Dawn.
    • October: Harry returns to Hogwarts with Bucky, while Joe Danvers is Put on a Bus thanks to Alison. Harry will train with "Professor Bach," Bucky, and Magneto.
    • October 31st: Halloween. The Avengers, Strange, and the White Council fight the Red Court; Strange is presumed dead and the mantle of Sorceress Supreme passes to Wanda; Dracula kidnaps Carol and fights Harry, leading to the Grey Court getting decimated yet again; Wanda, Magneto, and the Wardens (now including Dresden) fight Voldemort, Selene, and the Heirs of Kemmler for the Darkhallow.
    • November:
      • November 3rd: Harry wakes up again after recovering, and it's revealed that Gambit is a clone of Scott Summers. He meets up with Jesus again, discovers that his sword has been reforged thanks to Strange's meddling, and names it Curtana.
      • November 4th: Clark and his parents meet Alison and he learns the truth about who he is.
      • The First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry and the other Champions are sent to retrieve magic rings from an underground maze, unaware that it has been taken over by hostile forces. Harry saves the others from an army of wights, only to be confronted by their master, an Elder Wyrm once in service to Surtur. Harry gets the others to safety on the surface before engaging the dragon with aid from the other present superheroes, Dumbledore, and MI13, ultimately killing it.
      • Harry asks Carol to be his date to the Yule Ball and she agrees with The Big Damn Kiss, cementing their Relationship Upgrade.
    • December 21: The Yule Ball is held at Hogwarts.


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