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Tear Jerker / Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

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  • Chapter 43 suddenly turns from funny to sad as the ramen connoisseur laments not being able to drink the broth because he has to worry about his blood pressure. He cares so much about something so simple, but can no longer enjoy it to its fullest due to health concerns.
  • Chapter 44 in its entirety, providing the image for this page up above. We get to see just what Kaguya's family life is like. In short, not only her father has never once given her any form of parental affection, but is implied that he treats her more like a piece of property than a daughter. The fact that he bans her from going to the summer festival makes it clear that her life is basically a prison...
  • Chapter 88 shows exactly how Ishigami became a pariah. His attempt to help Kyouko ended with her boyfriend Ogino, who was really cheating on her, painting Ishigami as a Stalker with a Crush while he came out of it as the victim. We see Ishigami begging for everyone around him to believe him as they look on him with disgust, the chapter ending Kyouko calling him a psycho.
    Ishigami: She was right. There was something wrong with me...
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  • Kaguya crying over her cellphone breaking in chapter 100, due to the loss of all the photos on it (and what those photos represent to her).
  • Ishigami after the second semester exams. Despite all his efforts, his grades raise only a little bit and he excuses himself to the bathroom to let out his frustrations.
  • Maki's depression over her Love Triangle with Kashiwagi and Tsubasa in chapter 109, even if it is Played for Laughs.
    Maki: I don't feel like I've done anything wrong... but it feels like I lost my crush and my friend all at once.
  • While chapter 141 is mostly silly there are two rather sad moments in it.
    • This chapter really shows just how broken the Shinomiyas are with Kaguya even having Hayasaka hack one of her brothers' laptops to use as a weapon against her father and the fact that despite Kaguya being hurt by her father's neglectful nature, she's partly relieved by the fact that they aren't that close.
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    • Ice Kaguya's explosion when Dumb Kaguya said she didn't love Shirogane. She yells that she fell in love with him first and her dream of Shirogane initiating their first kiss is ruined despite all the effort she puts into protecting their future. It really shows how desperate Kaguya is for Shirogane's love.
  • Chapters 146 and 147 really cut into why Kaguya and Shirogane are Insecure Love Interest to each other
    • Kaguya was raised to never rely on anyone or even show emotions thus she knew understood people. Due to her own crazy standards and her teachings, she would see people that weren't as skilled as the class as fooling around thus advised them to take things seriously. This lead to her hurting her classmates without meaning to and this continued till one classmate in frustration revealed her mother told her to get close to Kaguya. Kaguya then isolated herself from her classmates out of fear of their intentions and while lonely she was relieved that she wouldn't hurt anymore and no one would hurt her anymore. As such she feels she's too cold, mean, evil and unfeeling to truly deserve Shirogane's love.
    • Shirogane knew that his mom valued intelligence over everything but he couldn't succeed and he could feel her interest in him decrease with each failure. She eventually abandoned the family but only took Kei because she did well on her exams, Shirogane became obsessed with succeeding believing she would come back for him if he did. After getting into Shuchi'in Academy, he was still ignored due to his low grades and he only got Kaguya's and the school's attention when he hyper-focused on his grades. But now he feels that the only reason Kaguya likes him is because of the idealized version that he pretends to be and she could never love his flawed, true self.
  • The shot of Shirogane's room in chapter 148, and all the various "motivational" things written on the wall. Even after he's literally just been hospitalized for overworking, he's still trying to push himself harder.

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