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Ishigami will get together with Tsubame
The title for the chapter where Kaguya finds out about Ishigami's crush its titled "Kaguya Shinomiya's Impossible Challenge the Swallow's Cowry" which is a reference to the folktale the tale of princess Kaguya. In the tale princess Kaguya gives her 5th suitor named Isonokami which is written the same as Ishigami in Japanese the impossible task of obtaining a swallow's cowry pronounced (tsubame no koyasu-gai)

Out of all of Kaguya's suitors, three tried to give her fakes, one gave up, and the last one—the one Ishigami is named after—got severely injured/killed on his journey.

Given that Ishigami's name is a reference to the fifth suitor and Tsubame means swallow as the statement above is this foreshadowing that Ishigami×Tsubame will become canon since I don't believe Kaguya and Miyuki's relationship will end on an unhappy note like the Princess Kaguya's and Kaguya is out right helping Ishigami with his goal unlike Princess Kaguya. And Miko will have to deal with her heart break

  • Jossed. Tsubame rejects Ishigami's confession.

Kashiwagi is actually in love with Maki, not Tsubasa
Some fans have theorized this is the case, as it would explain a number of her actions of the course of the series
  • Her constant attempts to always hang out with Maki, do the same hobbies, and even copy her fashion sense.
  • While she agrees to go out with Tsubasa, she admits several times early on that she isn't sure she likes him back, and he's usually the one to try and move the relationship forward while she's more often the more passive of the two. She might only be dating him to keep him away from Maki.
  • One of the few things she encourages him to do is dye his hair and talk more casually. His new hair color is very similar to Maki's, as is his informal speech pattern.
  • Her jealousy when it appears that Tsubasa might be cheating on her with Maki might not be towards her boyfriend being unfaithful to her, but rather the fact that he was doing so with the object of her own affection.
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  • Similarly, Ishigami sensing menace from Kashiwagi after she found out that he and Maki were friends, as she might not be pleased at the appearance of another romantic rival.
  • Kashiwagi choosing to dance with Maki at the bonfire, including admitting right out that she considers Maki more important to her than her own boyfriend.
    • This would be interesting if it wasn't shown that Tsubasa and Kashiwagi have become very intimate with each other. She french-kissed him after he gave her a gift for their anniversary, they might have gone all the way already and Kashiwagi is also still getting advice about Tsubasa.
      • Based off the talk in chapter 138 Nagisa enjoys rather active sex life. If we were to take her words at face value when she spoke about the timeframe between her first kiss and first intercourse, then she and her boyfriend enjoy casual sex for a few months already.
      • This does not exclude the possibility that she is Bi. While she's definitely intimate with Tsubasa, she's also shown signs of being attracted to girls. She's fine with kissing Hayasaka, and all the signs about her liking Maki definitely means that she does swing that way sometimes.
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  • In Chapter 144, her thoughts describe Ice Kaguya as a "a scathing version of Maki" and is also mentioned that interacting with her gives her butterflies in the stomach.

Tsubasa is going to outdo his father and grandfather by getting two girls pregnant before his 18th birthday
Namely Nagisa and Maki. Maybe the latter's plan to steal the guy will backfire into Three-Way Sex if the previous entry has it right about Nagisa liking Maki, or something like that.

Whatever the case, Tsubasa is going to end up in the Mexican Standoff version of a Shotgun Wedding scenario, with both of the girls' families demanding him to take responsibility while half of his own family pays Side Bets to the other half because they saw it coming.

Momo Ryuju will become very important in the future of the series
Resident Mafia Princess has all the signs of a big Chekhov's Gunman in the making, particularly for Shirogane's character arc.
  1. They were fellow Student Council members prior to the start of the series.
  2. Momo was the one that gave Shirogane the idea of challenging Kaguya in other to stop being invisible to her, which he did by declaring that he would score higher than her in the next round of exams and following through with his boast.
  3. Shirogane enlisted her help to gather the heart-shaped balloons for his Grand Romantic Gesture at the Culture Festival by simply answering to her refusal with "so ungrateful", implying they have more history than what it has been shown so far, and that Momo owes him big enough for those two words to be enough for someone with a Hair-Trigger Temper like hers to just acquiesce like that after hearing them.
  4. Momo is the president of the Astronomy Club, and Shirogane simply absolutely loves the subject, which so far has only really come up once during the moonviewing chapter.

Hard to tell what role Momo will play, but this seem like an awful lot amount of prep work for the author to not plan on using it somehow, someday.

Shirogane is going to end up in a Fake Relationship
Spoilers for Chapter 187 and on. Now that Hayasaka is not longer Kaguya's maid, hiding her Secret Relationship with Shirogane from the Shinomiya Family will be a lot more difficult, which at some point will require him to pretend to be in a relationship with someone else to throw suspicion off them.

The most likely candidates for Shirogane's false girlfriend are Hayasaka herself because he ended up presenting himself as her ally to the rest of the Shinomiya Family during the school trip, or perhaps Fujiwara because the school already thinks there's some sort of Love Triangle between them and Kaguya from the almost Love Confession from right before the reelection.

Fujiwara will have a serious involvement in the manga later on.
Chapter 28 has her the only person to ever answer the number of flowers quiz in addition to Shirogane and Kaguya, which gives a hint that she would have some sort of romantic involvement. Furthermore, chapter 51 reveals that her fortune telling is that she symbolizes "kindness and dedication", while Ishigami was "misfortune and sacrifice". Take note that these two share the same birth dates, as Fujiwara could also be at the receiving end of Ishigami's result.

Iino Miko has a bizarrely high metabolism.
It's noted on several occasions That Iino eats much more than you would anticipate a girl of her petite size, and does not gain weight (she gains a little when she eats the three whole cooking contest preparations minus the little spoon Fujiwara tasted), e.g. she keeps on 'accidentally taking her father's bento'. Additionally, she got drunk enough at Tsubame's party that the rest of the partygoers put her to bed. However, she was awake and alert enough to head off Ishigami's half-hearted suicide attempt after Ishigami and Tsubame had their conversation in the guest house.

Alternatively, Fujiwara is the true rival of Shirogane for Kaguya's affection.
A lot of the chapters (even the bonus manga) hinted that Fujiwara is romantically attracted to Kaguya a la Schoolgirl Lesbians. Case in point, she is well aware of Kaguya's grudges but still love her unconditionally (as a friend?) and rejects the idea of Kaguya cooking meals for anyone else but her if her affection was also added into it. Finally, when Kaguya gave a Sarcastic Confession to the student council, the only person to show genuine reaction of horror was Fujiwara, only to regain composure after assuming that its a "fake".
  • Also to note, it is also possible that Mikado's entrance to the 3-A class in the third semester was to mislead the readers into seeing him as Kaguya's love rival of sorts.
  • Confirmed for Fujiwara's part! When Kaguya confided to her that she and Shirogane were dating, Fujiwara at first accepted it in Chapter 222, only to retract her statement a chapter later out of disbelief due to her trauma of training Shirogane to cover up his weaknesses. She even compared their relationship to Netorare at best and refuse to acknowledge the two as a couple.

Koromo Shiranui was related to Tsubame in one way or another.
Aside from obviously being one of the four impossible girls, Koromo was the only one who's relation remains unknown. She could be one of the many people Tsubame had reached to in the past like Osaragi and Momo did, or perhaps another unforeseen background we have yet to discover.

Fujiwara will gather her forces to ruin Kaguya's relationship with Shirogane.
As of Chapter 223, Fujiwara disapprove Kaguya and Shirogane's relationship as a couple. Chances are, she will use whatever method that is necessary, so long that she can keep Kaguya all to herself or otherwise ensuring that no one else will.

  • If Fujiwara is willing to go to the deep end, then will take the option of siding with the Shinomiyas, especially Oko for that matter.
  • For someone with similar mindset, then Erika is most likely due to her Idiosyncrazy for Kaguya alone, as she is like Fujiwara in one chapter, rejecting the notion of Kaguya having a boyfriend. If this happens, then her best friend Karen will side with Shirogane, wanting to protect his relationship with Kaguya and thus further straining the relationship of the mass media duo.

Osaragi is actually in love with Iino
The manga wants you to believe that Osaragi is in love with Ishigami and is jealous of Iino for it, but it might actually be a deliberate misdirection on Aka's part. In Chapter 231, Osaragi tells Kaguya that she's okay with Ishigami ending up with anyone but Iino. She follows this up by listing off all of Iino's negative traits, more or less implying that she'll hate it if Iino ended up with anyone at all. The fact that Osaragi outright says that Iino should choose between "me or Ishigami" lends credence that she's actually possessive over Iino rather than having a crush on Ishigami.

Ishigami and Iino will have their first time during summer
The dance invitation is setting their possible love on good rails, Iino is a covert pervert also eager for any tender physical contact such as hugs, and Ishigami is an overt pervert (complains when manga lack fanservice). And Kashiwagi and her boyfriend already showed how summer sets the mood.


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