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I think ishigami will get together with tsubame

the title for the chapter where kaguya finds out about ishigamis crush its titled kaguya-shinomiya-s-impossible-challenge-the-swallow-s-cowry which is a reference to the folktale the tale of princess kaguya , in the tale princess kaguya gives her 5th suitor named isonokami which is written the same as ishigami in japanese the impossible task of obtaining a swallow's cowry pronounced (tsubame no koyasu-gai)


Out of all of Kaguya's suitors, three tried to give her fakes, one gave up, and the last one-the one Ishigami is named after-got severely injured/killed on his journey.

given that ishigamis name is a reference to the fifth suitor and tsubame means swallow as the statement above is this foreshadowing that ishigamiXtsubame will become canon since I dont believe kaguya and miyukis relationship will end on an unhappy note like the princess kaguyas and kaguya is out right helping ishigami with his goal unlike princess kaguya. and miko will have to deal with her heart break

Kashiwagi is actually in love with Maki, not Tsubasa
Some fans have theorized this is the case, as it would explain a number of her actions of the course of the series
  • Her constant attempts to always hang out with Maki, do the same hobbies, and even copy her fashion sense.
  • While she agrees to go out with Tsubasa, she admits several times early on that she isn't sure she likes him back, and he's usually the one to try and move the relationship forward while she's more often the more passive of the two. She might only be dating him to keep him away from Maki.
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  • One of the few things she encourages him to do is dye his hair and talk more casually. His new hair color is very similar to Maki's, as is his informal speech pattern.
  • Her jealousy when it appears that Tsubasa might be cheating on her with Maki might not be towards her boyfriend being unfaithful to her, but rather the fact that he was doing so with the object of her own affection.
  • Similarly, Ishigami sensing menace from Kashiwagi after she found out that he and Maki were friends, as she might not be pleased at the appearance of another romantic rival.
  • Kashiwagi choosing to dance with Maki at the bonfire, including admitting right out that she considers Maki more important to her than her own boyfriend.
    • This would be interesting if it wasn't shown that Tsubasa and Kashiwagi have become very intimate with each other. She french-kissed him after he gave her a gift for their anniversary, they might have gone all the way already and Kashiwagi is also still getting advice about Tsubasa.
      • Based off the talk in chapter 138 Nagisa enjoys rather active sex life. If we were to take her words at face value when she spoke about the timeframe between her first kiss and first intercourse, then she and her boyfriend enjoy casual sex for a few months already.

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