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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance

  • In Chapter 51, Fujiwara does a fortune telling that describes a person's personality based on their gender and birthday. When Fujiwara tries the test on herself, she is told that she symbolizes dedication and kindness. Kaguya is very confused to hear this, as in her opinion that doesn't fit Fujiwara at all. However, Ishigami has the same birthday, and he is definitely one of the kindest people in the series, as his name indicates. While Ishigami is later told a different fortune telling that accurately describes him as a symbol of "misfortune and sacrifice", and that he should think before acting, Fujiwara's fortune telling also fits him well.
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  • In chapter 55, Kaguya coldly tells off two girls who try to convince her not to tutor Ishigami. Of course, Kaguya knows the truth about Ishigami's suspension due to the Student Council's investigation, but this is also likely personal: having been the subject of unflattering rumors herself, Kaguya detests gossip, and is thus sympathetic to Ishigami's plight.
  • Ishigami claimed that he can see 5-6 % of a person's true personality just with eye-contact. Some Ishigami-specific chapters are titled "And thus, Yu Ishigami closed his eyes", referring to Ishigami shutting the world out. As a result, everyone around him appears to be The Faceless, even Shirogane and Kaguya in Chapter 88, when he sees Otomo again. Shirogane's Get A Hold Of Yourself Man gets him out of his Heroic BSoD and he can see Shirogane's face again, and after barely losing the race (and expecting to be hated by his team), Tsubame and the rest cheer him up. Thus, when he finally opens his eyes to the rest and sees their faces, he can see that they are good people. This is a major part of Ishigami's Character Development, as no other chapter was titled "Yu Ishigami closed his eyes" again.
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  • Iino's Horrible Judge of Character towards Fujiwara by seeing her as a competent figure while the other student council members as otherwise is obviously like how most politicians were seen as competent on paper. Mind you, what was the occupation of Fujiwara's grandfather, father and uncle again? Also, Iino being biased towards Fujiwara is not unlike real life cases of Kangaroo Court and judges infamously swinging to a politician's favor.
  • Kashiwagi accepted the necklace gift Tsubasa bought for her despite being seen as tacky by the Student Council girls. This necklace was suggested to him by Maki, who thought that it would get them to break up but fails. The reason why it works on the opposite way is because Kashiwagi was known to copy Maki a lot in the past, so anything that the latter prefers is acceptable to the former.
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  • Of course Dr. Tanuma of all people would be the one to check on Shirogane when he's hospitalized in Chapter 147. Aside from being the Shinomiya's private doctor, he treated Kaguya in Chapter 79 where he was also shown the picture of her crush, Shirogane from her phone when the girl try to deny her feelings for Shirogane. As soon as Shirogane was admitted to the hospital, its not that hard for him to put two and two together, eventually using his authority in the hospital to personally treat said patient.
  • In Chapter 149, Moeha quickly sniffs out Kaguya's subtle plan to cheat during the gift exchange lot-drawing by marking Shirogane's chopstick with wax. After a lifetime of playing games with notoriously over-competitive cheater Chika (and being an implied cheater herself, given she coincidentally ends up with Shirogane's gift), it makes sense that Moeha would be hyper-aware of any sort of subterfuge.
  • Kaguya's lack of disappointment when Shirogane's Christmas gift for her turns out to be an expensive Kendama makes sense if one were to take account on the fact that she gave him a hand fan for a birthday gift and a stationary set for a Christmas gift. Its one of the signs that all she wanted was a normal life and that said Kendama is a sign of Shirogane trying to be his actual self as well.
    • Fast forward to chapter 194, we learn that since Shuchi'in's students are all wealthy by default, expensive gifts meant nothing to them. Its possible that Shirogane has no knowledge of this since he just enroll into their high school from the first year and lacks a social circle before he was scouted by the previous President of Student Council.
  • Kaguya and Kashiwagi dominate the first two places in tying cherry stem with their tongue, according to the bonus page. Doing this means that the person is a good kisser, so is it any wonder that these two are the only girls to be seen kissing their boyfriends up till Chapter 173?
  • Iino fails outright to tie a cherry stem in Chapter 173, because she tries to force it to move how she wants and bites it in half. Forcing people to bend is a sign of her immaturity and the reason she kept losing every election so far.
    Ishigami: That would've been unfortunate if you were actually kissing someone.
  • In Chapter 188, Fujiwara is called out by Ishigami that she never does anything for him. Fujiwara actually did something big for Ishigami, by helping investigate and figure out the truth about Ishigami and Ogino, but she doesn't say anything, as Iino is present and she was sworn into secrecy. Fujiwara is a well-known Secret Keeper, as this was the major reason why she was able to become friends with Kaguya.
  • In Chapter 190, Iino describes her type of man: He has to be smarter than her, serious and follows all the rules. However, she admits that a type is just a set of preferences and, despite Ishigami apparently not being her type at all, she tells Shirogane that she felt jealous after hearing about Ishigami's date with Tsubame. Keep in mind that in Chapter 114, her previous description of her type of man was different: she wants a prince who understands her, looks after her and helps her when she needs him. That's exactly what Ishigami had done (without her knowledge). At the end of the culture festival, Iino begins to see the good things about Ishigami. He shows her the fruits of her labor while she is alone and patrolling, giving her the recognition and affection she is craving for. After the arm-breaking incident during Christmas, they also spend more time together and she sees how understanding and caring Ishigami can be, which just reinforces her already growing feelings for him.
  • In the same chapter, Iino mentions to Shirogane that she already knows he and Kaguya are dating. This makes sense, since Iino suspected from the beginning that the two have a relationship, and it's heavily implied that Ishigami saw Kaguya and Shirogane on a date in the mall, so it's not unlikely that Iino saw them, too. Also, her and Ishigami's reaction isn't actually shown when Kaguya sarcastically confesses in Chapter 163 that they are dating. (Note that Kaguya never said that she was joking, it's simply what Fujiwara assumed after Kaguya showed the "You got pranked" sign.)
  • Chapter 192 reveals a part of Osaragi's past, where it's shown that like Ishigami she was also mocked and bullied by others in school, which made her more introverted and caused her to avert her eyes from others. Even Tsubame initially appeared to be The Faceless to her, when they talked in middle school. Thinking back to Chapter 85, the first chapter that she narrated, like in Ishigami's chapters, the faces of the students are also blank... except for Ishigami. She only has eyes for Ishigami.
  • In Chapter 192, there is another parallel between Osaragi and Ishigami, and that is how Tsubame initiated contact with them. Tsubame opens a conversation with Osaragi in middle school the same way she did with Ishigami, and like in Ishigami's case, Tsubame appears to be faceless at the beginning. However, readers by now know she really is Good All Along, and her approaching pariahs like Osaragi and Ishigami, unconcerned by rumors, is really just her trying to reach out and offer them help. As a result, both Ishigami and Osaragi open their eyes to her (though this took Ishigami a bit longer), and Tsubame doesn't appear to be faceless anymore.
    Tsubame: Hey, you're X from the rumors, right?
  • As Chapter 192 reveals how Osaragi has feelings for Ishigami and is always watching him closely, how she is exactly one place ahead of him in the exam results is either a weird coincidence or her own way of being close to him.
  • Kazeno coping with his break-up with Osaragi by getting addicted to idols seems a bit out of nowhere in Chapter 166, but then Chapter 192 reveals that Osaragi is a former child idol. Seems like Kazeno tried to substitute his ex-idol girlfriend with other idols. In other words, while On the Rebound, he is loving Osaragi's shadow.
  • In Chapter 196, Hayasaka joins Shirogane, Ishigami, and Maki for a few games of baseball batting. No longer working for the Shinomiyas, Hayasaka starts to act less formal and befriends Maki. Hayasaka is like a big sister to Kaguya, and Maki is very similar to Kaguya, so it makes a lot of sense that Hayasaka will get along well with Maki, too.
  • Ishigami fought to preserve Otomo's smile and ultimately ended up in disgrace. It's poetic justice and a sign of growth that even if he didn't get the girl, he preserved the tearful smile of Tsubame (whose personality is noted to be very similar to Otomo's) in a much more mature and less self-sacrificing manner.

Fridge Horror

  • From relatively early in the series, it's clear that Kaguya is the victim of a father and a family who don't give her much attention at all. However, it's slowly revealed that this isn't exactly a bad thing, because the Shinomiya family - and particularly Gan'an, her father - are hinted to be some bad, bad people. How terrifying is Gan'an? Kaguya is actually relieved that she rarely interacts with her father, and she's so stressed out about her father finding out that she agreed to go to America with Shirogane that it triggers a personality switch for several days.
    • Unyo Shinomiya, Kaguya's older brother, is a deeply unpleasant man who is willing to kidnap and... extract information from Hayasaka in order to get an edge on his older brothers. He's also the brother Kaguya dislikes the least.
  • Also relating to above, Kaguya's Mood-Swinger attitude may be one of the source of comedy in the series, but combined with her self deprecation and subtle suicidal thoughts in Chapter 146 hinted that she is suffering from mental depression, especially given her background of being pressured by the Shinomiya family as a metaphorical prison.
  • There are two layers of Fridge Horror to Shirogane's obsession with academic success. One is his not unjustified impression that Kaguya only knew he existed because he took the top score from her. The other is his mother abandoning him and his father basically because they weren't successful, only taking his more obviously brilliant sister with her (who soon escaped from her and came back home).
  • Fujiwara and Shirogane having an odd mother-and-son sort of relationship also takes a whole new meaning after the above reveal. As crappy and verbally abusive as Fujiwara can get at times, she always, always comes back to help Shirogane improve no matter how inept he is at the current subject. Moreover, Fujiwara started the manga with the utmost respect for Shirogane, but after seeing how flawed he truly is, now treats him only slightly better than Ishigami, which is more or less exactly what Shirogane expected to happen should Kaguya learn the truth as well. To see his relationship with Fujiwara devolve into this may have vindicated Shirogane's fears about what would happen if he showed his true self to Kaguya.
  • Osaragi lampshaded in Chapter 189 that Tsubame is more or less the spitting image of Kyoko Otomo, the same girl who caused Ishigami to become a pariah in middle school. In the end, was Ishigami's affection for his senior a genuine one, or a case of Loving a Shadow?
  • Shirogane's eternal struggle with physical activities takes on a different light now that Chapter 237 has revealed he's near-sighted.

Fridge Logic

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