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Heartwarming / Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

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"I would go all the way to the moon to take her back. No matter what. No matter how many decades, how many centuries it took."
  • Fujiwara realizing that Kaguya wanted to share lunches and offering her some.
  • Kaguya giving up her only chance to walk to school with Shirogane so she can help a lost kid.
    ''The next day, Kaguya returned to being driven to school...but at times, a smile would come to her face."
  • Chapter 20.5's result:
    Due to being able to share their respective weaknesses, mutual victory.
  • Fujiwara agreeing to train Shirogane again, even though the first time was "pure hell".
  • The end of chapter 45 (I Can't Hear the Fireworks, Part 2), when Shirogane goes above and beyond to make sure that Kaguya gets to see the fireworks (even if she ends up more occupied with something else).
    Kaguya: Everyone is looking at the fireworks. The fireworks they worked so hard to let me see. But I'm sorry. I can't turn my eyes away from his face. My heart is so loud that... I can't hear the fireworks.
    • There's also Kaguya's internal monologue as she rushes to meet everyone.
      Kaguya: I'm sure I'll see them there. The first junior I ever had to look after. The first girl who ever became my friend. And the first person.... I ever took interest in. I'm one of them. If I could see those beautiful fireworks together with the people who mean so much to me... I'm sure I would be so happy. I'm sure it would be so wonderful that I wouldn't remember a single other thing about this summer break. Please, God. This summer... doesn't need to have love. So please... just let me be with them...
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  • Kaguya giving Shirogane a birthday cake. She also gives him a fan that he continuously uses in later chapters.
  • Kaguya taking it upon herself to tutor Ishigami, and then scaring off some girls who try to dissuade her from doing so.
    Kaguya: I do not judge people based on what other say of them. I consider Ishigami to be someone worthy of my time based on what I have personally seen of him.
  • "Very well, President. I have an answer for your question. Whether about the speech, or whatever else it may have been... Yes. Gladly."
  • Chapter 67 has Ishigami determined to beat Iino as harshly as possible so the student body doesn't see her loss as a reason to mock her as despite their differences, Ishigami can't stand for a person that tries as hard as Iino to be mocked for her efforts.
    • In chapter 68 Shirogane agrees with Ishigami but instead goes a different route. Iino has heavy stage fright and can't properly articulate her reasoning so Shirogane comes on stage and basically turns himself into the bad guy that she can voice her reasoning against instead of a large crowd. It works so well that instead of losing by a landslide Iino barely loses and is almost guaranteed to win next year.
  • Chapter 69:
    • Hayasaka hugging Kaguya after the exhaustion of the election.
    • Shirogane going to see Kaguya in the infirmary after she faint. He tells her that he knows that it was because of her, Fujiwara and Ishigami that he could do what he wanted, thanking her and asking her to be his vice president again.
    • Shirogane asking Iino to join the Student Council.
  • Hayasaka cutting up a notebook that she cherished in her childhood so that Kaguya would be able to enter something in the bellmark collection in Chapter 75. Even more heartwarming is the fact that she had to talk Kaguya into letting her do it since Kaguya didn't want her to sacrifice a precious memento for her sake.
    Hayasaka: Miss Kaguya, in my eyes, you're more like my precious little sister than my master. Your big sister will do anything for you.
    • To make it even better, when Fujiwara and Ishigami show up with more bellmarks than her, her first thought isn't "President will think I'm useless", it's "I'm sorry Hayasaka".
  • Chapter 77 shows that Kaguya's platonic love for Fujiwara is just as strong as her romantic love for Shirogane (much to her own shock). And on her end, Fujiwara proclaims that if she could save Kaguya's life by giving up her own, she would do it in a heartbeat.
  • In the flashbacks to Iino's middle school experience, we see that she got encouragement from an anonymous classmate despite her being treated as a nuisance. Heartwarming by itself, but going by the chapter title ("Thus Yu Ishigami Closed His Eyes Pt. 2"), it's more than likely it was a certain someone.
  • In chapter 82, Kaguya teases Ishigami by writing on his forehead. While it's a cute scene on it's own, it also doubles as a Call-Back to chapter 10, which had established that the ability to do such things without fear of reprisal was a sign of closeness between two people (as well as a sign of Kaguya's character development, since the old Kaguya would never have considered pulling a prank on someone).
  • Chapter 83 has Kei wanting to give advice to Miyuki but is too embarrassed to say anything. In the end Kei is able to say it's possible that the girl he likes might just be too embarrassed to talk to him which cheers him up while she gives a little blush.
  • Chapter 85 has Osaragi note how hard Ishigami works and appreciates his hidden sweetness. Evidently, the Cheer Squad doesn't think badly of him either, much to Ishigami's (and the audience's) relief.
  • Chapter 89 takes a look into Ishigami's time after the middle school incident. After being suspended for the remainder of middle school and pressure from all sides to just give in and apologize to Ogino, he gets into high school with unknowing assistance from Iino. And when he first meets Shirogane, the latter boy reassures him that what he did was just and turned out well in the end, and comforted him, telling him that he's not crazy for acting the way he did. The tears of relief on Ishigami's face really help sell the scene.
    • Also from chapter 89, we have Iino standing up for Ishigami when the school administration was trying to keep him from attending high school because he hadn't written an apology to Ogino. This despite the fact that, from all evidence, Iino doesn't like Ishigami very much. She stood up and fought the administration on behalf of a boy she didn't like solely because it was the right thing to do. And she succeeded: her arguments caught the attention of the principal, who accepted Ishigami into the school.
  • Chapter 90 has Ishigami finally get to see his classmate's faces after the relay race. It's quite a moving moment when you remember that Ishigami intentionally blocks out the faces of others in his mind.
  • An understated one in Chapter 94. Despite believing that Shirogane and Hayasaka just had sex and appearing very upset by it all, when she finally entered the room, the first thing she did was to make sure Hayasaka was okay. Just like with Fujiwara, her romantic love for Shirogane does not take precedent over her platonic love for Hayasaka.
  • Kashiwagi's boyfriend giving her a gift for their six month anniversary. After a whole chapter of Kashiwagi worrying nonstop that he was cheating on her with Maki, he surprises her with a heart necklace, and reveals that he was only spending so much time with Maki because they were going out to get a present for the former girl. All of her worries melt in an instant, and they share a(n admittedly raunchy) kiss.
    • For that matter, Maki for most of the chapter. Despite the slight sabotage (she suggested the heart necklace because she thought it would be a lame gift) spending time with Kashiwagi's boyfriend made her arguably the happiest she'd ever been in a long time.
  • Chapter 98 keeps expanding Maki's character. We learn that despite her wanting to break Kashiwagi and her boyfriend up, she values her too much as a friend to break her heart like that.
  • Crossing over with a Tear Jerker in chapter 100, Kaguya starts crying after her phone breaks when she realizes how important the photos on it (which featured the rest of the Student Council) were to her. The extra panel shows Kaguya hunched against Hayasaka, who can't seem to console her dear friend.
    • Following up on that, Chapter 101 has Kaguya getting all the photos that the rest of the council has taken (far more than she had originally lost), ending with everyone taking a group photo that has her dead center with the biggest smile on her face.
    • Going back to chapter 100, the cover page for the chapter also revealed that she used a photo of the rest of student council as her wallpaper.
  • Chapter 104 shows that Kaguya has grown close enough to Ishigami that she shows interest in his crush on Tsubame (and takes it upon herself to help him study so he can both win her affection and improve his self-confidence). And when he doesn't place high when the results come in, she busts into the boy's bathroom ("irrelevant") just to give him some much needed words of encouragement.
    • Also, the thing that motivated Ishigami wasn't the possibility of earning Tsubame's affection, but the fact that Kaguya believed in him.
  • Hayasaka's look of pure joy when her mother shows up for her parent-teacher conference.
  • Chapter 118 does a good job demonstrating just how much Shirogane and Kaguya have changed since the series began. Shirgane, having trouble creating balloon animals, admits to Kaguya how much he struggles with pretty much everything that isn't studying and how hopeless all his efforts feel. Rather than trying to take advantage of this display of weakness, Kaguya expresses admiration towards his constant hard work and is overjoyed that she is able to understand him better.
  • Chapter 120: Kaguya tries to come up with a plan to give Shirogane a polka dot handkerchief with a single dot replaced with a heart due to the legend that giving someone a heart shaped gift during the school festival will result in eternal love. This results in the following exchange with Hayasaka.
    Hayasaka: You realize that giving him something that like this is basically a confession, right?! Well, I'm sure you'll just make up some crazy excuse, and go on about how you don't really like-
    Kaguya: I like him.
    Hayasaka: ...What?
    Kaguya: I... like Miyuki Shirogane.
    • Note Kaguya's choice of words here. She doesn't say "I like President", she says "I like Miyuki Shirogane". This is one of the few times that she's ever used his first name.
  • Kaguya giving an absolutely adorable smile in chapter 123 while thinking about confessing to Shirogane.
  • Much like Kaguya, Maki gives Ishigami words of encouragement to confess to Tsubame, and offers to hang out with him if it goes badly.
  • In chapter 129, Maki tries to offer Kaguya a massive balloon art sculpture of a whale as thanks for going into the haunted house with her a day earlier.
  • In chapter 132, Hayasaka tries to get Kaguya to come up with a proper confession to give to Shirogane. She isn't impressed with most of them and eventually tells her to just put her feelings into words.
    Kaguya: When we're walking in a group, and there's someone walking alone in the back, he'll check on them. I love the profile of his face when he turns to look back. Those sleepy eyes of his that almost make me worry. His tense smile when he's faced with a tough problem, his honesty, which borders on annoying, and how he makes you think you can accomplish anything with hard work. The fact that he's such a sore loser, I love all of that. And I love the way he's always striving to improve. And that's why there's no way I can tell him not to go abroad...
  • Pretty much everything in chapter 135 that doesn't have to do with Kaguya's self loathing (and even a bit of it that does) is heartwarming incarnate, especially when Shirogane reveals his Grand Romantic Gesture: showering the school with hundreds of heart shaped balloons.
    Shirogane: This is how I feel.
    • Made even better in the following chapter when she accepts his offer to go to Stanford with him and decides to take her prize for catching him.
  • Kashiwagi asking Maki to dance with her during the bonfire.
    Maki: You like me more than Tsubasa-kun?
    Kashiwagi: (confused) Of course.
  • Miko was out on patrol during the time of the bonfire, so she wasn't able to see it despite being the one who pushed for it in the first place. So when Ishigami comes by to give her a heart keychain for the lost and found, he also shows her some photos of everyone enjoying it so she can see the fruits of her labor.
  • In chapter 139 while Fujiwara might not like it, it's really sweet that Kaguya and Ishigami's relationship has improved so much that she places him above Fujiwara.
  • In chapter 150, Kaguya and Shirogane finally confess their feelings for one another, followed by a very sweet (if simple) kiss.
  • Chapter 151 is basically one long heartwarming moment as the two of them more or less officially start dating.

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