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Being an MMORPG, Wynncraft takes a lot of time to insert various references into its setting, quests and items.

  • There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • The name of the NPC that lets you begin The Maiden Tower is named Sherk, an ogre who lives in a hut in the swamp of Gavel. Guess what the first thing he says to you is?
    • If the player returns to Sherk's hut after finishing the quest, they'll see he has a wooden donkey.
  • Harry Potter:
    • The mage trio in Studying the Corrupt is named Pottur, Dumble, and Dure, referencing Potter and Dumbledore.
    • The Order of the Grook is a large send-up to the general franchise. The quest NPC's bedroom is underneath the staircase of his house, the player goes to a magic school that features ghost guides and has a room that is similar to the one with the shifting staircases, although Grookwarts' staircases don't move around.
  • The player meets Death in Beyond the Grave and he acts a lot like his Discworld counterpart. He even speaks in all caps.
  • One of the crates in WynnExcavation Site A is labeled "C418-13 - Hand-crafted instruments x11".
  • Homestuck:
    • The lore for Erratio, a legendary chestplate, references many concepts from the webcomic, as well as giving +413 base health:
      The blind prophet who crafted this macabre breastplate used the bones of only the most ruthless justiciars and executioners. Its wearers are supposedly destined to only die either a heroic or a just death.
    • There are two rare Desert mobs named the Wayward Vagabond and the Withered Quasinobility. The former references the Carapacian of the same name, while the latter alludes to the denizens of future Earth having their past and future names shortened to the same double initial. This primarily references the Windswept Questant and the Banished Quasiroyal, formerly known as the White and Black Queens.
  • Recipe for Disaster is one towards Gordon Ramsay and his show Hell's Kitchen as you enter Chef Hamsay's restaurant, Sky's Kitchen, to cook a dish for him.
  • The Lord of the Rings:
    • Lord of the Clock, a since-deleted quest, was an obvious Whole-Plot Reference, with NPCs named Bulbo, Gundalf, Frudo, and Gullum, and where the player had to transport a magical clock to Mt. Wynn to destroy it.
    • While Lord of the Clock is no more, Bulbo's hobbit-hole still exists southwest of Detlas, and there's another hobbit-hole in the Light Forest, in a place called the Shiar.
    • There's a legendary ring called Precious, with the following description:
      A strange magic attracts you to this ring. Maybe you shouldn't tell anyone about its existence?
    • Prior to the 2.0 update, the starting NPC for Aldorei's Secret Part II was named Legolus.
  • Among the mobs of Future Selchar in Craftmas Chaos, the player may spot a Ghost of Craftmas Future.
  • According to Selvut283, a moderator and Gamemaster, both the Orange Wybel and the Morph set are send-ups to Cognitive Dissonance.
    • While the Wybels are already based on the Fobbies and Foppies of EarthBound (1994), the Orange Wybel is based on Fobbyiyg, a Bonus Boss who's even harder than the game's Final Boss. Both of them are very powerful individuals of an otherwise-docile species, who reside in an oddly-futuristic-looking venue, and who put up a profoundly difficult fight despite looking like a harmless little munchkin. Additionally, Fobbyiyg drops the Borange Ray when defeated, and the Orange Wybel drops one powerful end-game weapon for each class, as well as a special crafting ingredient called Borange Fluff.
    • The items of the Morph set are named after various minerals, such as Morph-Gold, Morph-Emerald, and Morph-Stardust, referencing the Morph-metal armor that the Starmen wear.
  • The name and plot of One Thousand Meters Under is a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Both the quest and story involve a crew of people travelling into the unknown abyss of the world via a submarine.
  • There exists a pair of fabled leggings that increases the player's movement speed, sprint regeneration and agility and decreases the mana usage for the player's mobility spell. The name of the item is called "Mirror's Edge".
  • The Antikythera Supercomputer's unrelenting hatred and contempt of humanity is similar to AM's outlook on the world, albeit far less psychopathic.
    • Also, in case the way the Antikythera Supercomputer speaks sounds familiar to you...
  • Star Wars:
    • If you have The Eye as an active pet, it can say this line when you get killed:
      You do not know the power of the dark side.
    • At one point in the Fallen Factory, a robot on a Conveyor Belt of Doom will say the following:
  • On Nesaak's side of the Great Bridge, there is a small hut with two unique occupants: Jon the Hermit and Ghost the Direwolf.
  • The player can fight Archviles and Cacodemons in a hidden area of the Molten Heights.
  • The Mythic Mimic can randomly make several (mostly music) references as you travel with it. Examples include:
  • The names of the three children that let the player start Out of my Mind are named Todd, Viola and Prentiss.
  • Hollow Serenity has a book about a Fictional Board Game called "A Dying Light" from Pawel Chewak, referencing Dying Light and one of the game's directors, Pawel Marchewka.
  • In an area near a Secret Discovery in Kander Forest, there is a tree with several amputated hands hanging from its branches, similarly to some of the trees seen in The Weald from Darkest Dungeon.
  • The first question you are given during the quiz in Beyond the Grave asks "What is the prize for answering correctly?", the answer being "More questions". The question, answer and the fact that its the first question you are given references what Mettaton does during his gameshow quiz in Undertale.