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Notice: As a moments subpage, all spoilers are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • The conclusion to All Roads to Peace. The player manages to get a peace treaty from the orcs. How do they do it? Through a one-on-one fight against the Arrai-Veretel, i.e. the cheiftess of the orcs.
    • Arrai-Veretel has two phases in her fight. Her first phase has her use her fists against you, then she enters the second phase by grabbing her spear.
    • Let's also bring up the peace treaty again. The player receives a signed peace treaty from the orcs, a race who most of Gavel saw as barbaric.
      Captain Goruca: I was expecting you to come back with a bloody prize, not a signature!
  • The Temple of the Legends preps you to fight The Corrupter of Worlds, the first person to be corrupted, something you were never told at first. You get told by one NPC that there is no shame in abandoning the quest while the quest-giver says that a team of six couldn't stop it. Depending on what you do, you can prove how capable you (and your party) are in defeating it.
  • WynnExcavation Site D has the player get accused of treason by the King of Troms for interfering in the titular company's business, leaving every guard and Iron Golem in the city hostile towards the player. Nothing is stopping the player from fighting their way through the city as they escape.
  • The player defending the crystal from Weirds in Purple and Blue. The player can even summon their own turrets and turn the entire thing into an all-out firefight, which can be amplified further if the player is playing as an Archer with the Guardian Angels ability.
  • Reincarnation sees the player fighting a reincarnated Bob. Not only does he utilize the skills of the Archer, Assassin, Mage and Warrior, but he puts up one hell of a fight. Defeating him as part of the quest lets you use one of his weapons which, while not the best in the game, are very good weapons to use at that point in your journey.
    • Bonus points for winning the fight as a Shaman, whose skills are never utilized by Bob during the fight.
  • The Qira Hive is nothing short of a challenge of fighting against enemies representing each element in the game. The last opponent you fight is none other than Qira herself. There is nothing special about the fight, it is simply a test to see if you can best her in a fight.
  • The Dwarves and Doguns questline proves that the player will do whatever it takes to end a civil war. This includes sabotaging Dwarven weaponry and killing a demon by freezing its organs.
    • Axelus' sacrifice and his dying words towards his father, the king of Rodoroc.
      Axelus: Listen to one damn word from my mouth, Draani... For once in your miserable life! Tell. The. TRUTH!! know that's th...the only way to stop this. Swallow your pride, you...old fool...
    • The ending of the questline has a peace treaty be formed. And the Dwarves, despite treating the Doguns worse than dirt, would help build a city for the Doguns and free the entombed Doguns and allow the race to roam the caverns freely. All of this only happened because the player, a human who represents another province, was present during the conflict.
  • In a quest titled Point of No Return, the player has the willpower to return to the real world and not reside in the alternate Lutho like its original inhabitants.
  • A Hunter's Calling is nothing short of a difficult last quest that puts the player in fights against some of the strongest enemies in the game all while answering the question of what the biggest threat to the world is: You.
    • The final fight of this quest (and by extension, all of Wynncraft) is against Aledar and Tasim, the very people you entered the province of Wynn with. They put up one hell of a fight!
      • Despite the Dual Boss nature of the fight, killing one of them makes the other stronger. Killing Aledar first makes Tasim have more health while killing Tasim will pit you in a one-on-one fight against an Aledar that can do more damage. Even with the buff applied to each of them, the player can still win the fight.

  • Completing a full run of all of the Forgery dungeons can be this, since you are going through a corrupted memory lane and you did all this without dying once. Better hope the Forgery Chest will give you something good!
    • Special mention goes to Corrupted Undergrowth Ruins. After you defeat Slykaar, he goes into a quick second phase where he rises in the center of the room where the player has to do some parkour to land a final hit on him.
  • Eldritch Outlook tests the player's strength. They have to fight hordes of enemies all while climbing to the very top of the dungeon to fight the boss: The Eye.
    • Before you enter the boss fight, the music gets replaced by the sound of a heart-beating. You know full-well what you are getting into.
    • If the boss is able to pull off its ungodly powerful Deathknell attack, it will no doubt lead to everyone taking heavy damage or a Total Party Kill if nobody is prepared. There is a chance that only you can be left alive by the end of it, leading you to finish what the rest of you party could not and (possibly) being the very thing that stopped the Eye from winning the entire fight.
      • A villainous moment. Deathknell will never be triggered unless there is at least two people in the fight. The Eye is giving you a fighting chance.

Other Moments

  • Some of the spells like Meteor and Bash damage the scenery, just to highlight the impact of the spell being cast and just the sheer power being displayed by the player.
  • The player begins their journey as a Protagonist Without a Past entering a war-torn province with nothing but the clothes on their back and and a simple oak wood weapon. By the point they are preparing to enter the Silent Expanse, they have killed legions of enemies, have slayed some of the most dangerous monsters in the world and have achieved several feats that may as well be impossible. Their morality can be debatable at some points and can be mocked by several NPCs and their own pets on some occasions, but when it comes to taking down a threat, they are quick to show how damn good they are at their job.
  • Finding a Mythic item is satisfying as it now means you have obtained a powerful item to use (as long as you built your character to be able to use the weapon).
  • Any time a group of players win a raid.
    • Nest of the Grootslangs has you take out a large worm that would've caused the destruction of Gavel via earthquake and you managed to put a stop to that.
    • Orphion's Nexus of Light ends with you ridding the parasite from Orphion and succeeding where it failed in killing it.
    • The Canyon Colossus sees you stop the Canyon of the Lost from becoming the next Sky Islands.
    • The Nameless Anomaly has you take out the titular Eldritch Abomination. Given that this is currently the most difficult raid in the game, beating it will feel good.
  • Did you just complete an HICH run? That's something not a lot of people can claim they've completed, well done!
  • When you manage to achieve a high level in either professions or your general level, a message will pop up in the chat that notifies every player online of your accomplishment. Whether this means getting to level 106 or 100 in any of the professions, the server will let everyone know of your achievement.
  • The Wynn Plains Monument Secret Discovery. It starts off bleak, with Bak'al and his army slaughtering two soldiers as he makes his way towards Ragni. It cuts to Ragni and shows Bob standing at the front gate. Everything Bak'al throws at him gets countered to the point Bak'al begins running away all while Bob gives chase, demonstrating his mastery of the skills used by the playable classes. This all culminates in a battle where Bob and Bak'al throw projectiles at each other, where Bob gets the upperhand. Bob does not kill Bak'al, but its enough to get him to not attack Ragni or any other city under his protection anymore.
    Bob stands as the only being in history who could contend with the terrifying leader of the Corrupt on their own.
  • Llevigar's Last Hope, combined with the music, it details the Villagers' attempt to survive and expand from their province which increasingly had devastating events occur. They did this by crossing the ocean, not knowing if they would ever find anything and wondering if all hope was lost. But then, they ended up changing the course of history by discovering Wynn.