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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Due to how some players found the minecart segment of The Canary Calls to be difficult, you are given the option to skip it if you fail enough times.
    • Prior to 2.0, Recipe for Disaster gave the player a book that had the coordinates for each ingredient they are tracking down listed on it, leading to the player having to stop and check the book every now and then for the coordinates. The 2.0 Update revamped it so you can set a beacon to track the ingredient you are currently searching for along with marking whether you obtained it or not.
    • Originally, The Hero of Gavel had a room that involved you (and Gurix assuming he's still alive) traversing across trapped tiles to reach a beacon(s) that will activate a teleporter to the other side of a chasm. The issue with this one part is that if Gurix is still alive, he will get bugged and repeatedly teleport to the player, even when the player is asking him to stay put. This would eventually culminate in him dying to a trap, sometimes to one he was nowhere near, thus making the quest impossible to complete without Gurix dying. In the 2.0 update, this entire section was changed to have a few enemies and an easy to do parkour segment.
    • Completing The Breaking Point for the first time rewards the player with an Ancient Dogun Crystal that can be used to unlock the Canyon Colossus raid. Any character that the player didn't complete the quest with can also use the gemstone (so long as they aren't an Ironman character) to unlock the raid without having to do the quest again.
    • The Misc. Bucket housing NPC added in the 2.0.2 update was designed with the express purpose of storing specific items that were clogging the player's bank, like quest (which cannot be dropped by normal means) and event items that were no longer needed.
  • Demand Overload: The release of the 2.0 update lead to a massive influx of players. Said influx also led to long queue times with positions in the quadruple digits and the server having to be be shut down for maintenance at least twice.
  • He Also Did:
    • Wynncraft's creators got their start as Crafted Movie, a channel that produced short comedic Minecraft skits. However, there hasn't been anything new on the channel since July of 2015.
    • Wynncraft's Head Builder, Grian, was the primary set designer for CraftedMovie, and went on to play on the Hermitcraft Server starting with Season 6.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • The Wiki Rule: Here it is.