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  • Base-Breaking Character: Lari, a focal character in The Realm of Light questline, is by far the most prominent example of this among the playerbase. By the end of that questline, you will either like her for her character arc, backstory or design or wish you could strangle her to death for refusing to kill a completely evil Dern parasite, letting it infect Dullahan, resurrecting a corrupted Dullahan, doing nothing for nearly 1000 years, letting the Decay create the Dark Forest and attempting to kill the player for trying to do her job. While there is some kind of middle ground of people who don't really mind the character, it is outweighed by the people who do like the character, which itself is further outweighed by the number of people who absolutely hate her.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • Given that Shattered Minds can be best described as the player going on an acid trip riddled with Mind Screw, this was to be expected.
    • In stark contrast to the other quests found in the Canyon of the Lost, which deal with the issues people face in the region, Cowfusion revolves around the player getting turned into a cow and their attempts to get it fixed.
  • Breather Level: Point of No Return is this. It is mostly puzzle and parkour segments and the only combat section it has is against a weak horde of enemies. When the player does this quest, it will either be right after A Journey Beyond where the player gains access to the Silent Expanse or after A Journey Further before the player enters the Eldritch Outlook which precedes the final quest, A Hunter's Calling.
  • Broken Base: The Morph armor set. One side thinks its a good and balanced endgame set whose Set Bonus grants many positive effects, like increased health and a huge boost to all of the player's stats. The other side sees it as an endgame set that isn't viable as it doesn't grant the player a lot of melee damage and would rather use a specialized build that is tailored to a specific weapon.
  • Designated Hero: It's telling where the player lies when people in the community frequently make jokes about them being a war criminal. Yes they do their best in assisting anyone in need, but they can also randomly attack civilians, murder someone's pet chicken, kill some Orc leaders instead of beating them into submission, sneak into a mansion to gain evidence to use as blackmail for bandits, make deals in the black market, murder Santa Claus and enter a Christmas party uninvited to steal their food to assist the homeless. This does not include the several counts of murder, drug dealing and robberies they can commit over the course of their journey.
  • Fanart at First Sight: A lot of characters are subject to this. Notable examples include Lari, Qira, Maxie, Ava and sometimes the artist's player character.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • A lot of people refer to this one area you visit in Realm of Light V - Realm of Light as The Backrooms due to its layout and appearance. Funnily enough, there are monsters that appear in the area just like The Backrooms.
    • The ancient being encountered in a secret discovery near Cinfras has been named 'The Lad' by the community. By extension of looking very similar to it, the Canyon Colossus has been referred to as the 'Archlad'.
    • The Myocardial Vascular enemy the player can encounter in Fantastic Voyage has been nicknamed by one of the content team members as 'Nigel'. It didn't take long for this to spread to the rest of the community.
    • In a bid to at least have something to refer to it by, players have given The Nameless Anomaly names like Greg, Dennis and Black Papyrus.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The ending of Hollow Serenity. The player has defeated Garvan's spirit and can (optionally) allow Katarin's spirit to finally move on... but the player doesn't feel like leaving everything as is. So, they opt to give the couple a proper burial inside the catacombs of the manor. And as they finish burying them, a single red tulip sprouts from the dirt of their grave.
    • The Wynnter Festival event can be seen as this considering you're able to invite some of the NPCs you encountered throughout your journey and give them a much needed break from the Crapsack World of Wynncraft.
  • Low-Tier Letdown: Wynncraft is a game where most players would rather kill enemies in a very quick and efficient manner and will often use archetypes that grant high damage above all else. Because of this, the Paladin archetype for the Warrior is viewed as this since it prioritizes more on tanking damage than dealing it. What doesn't help is a majority of the archetype's skills focusing either on defense or buffs, with buff and attack skills having effects so miniscule they have almost no effect in gameplay.
  • Memetic Mutation: VORE VORE VOREnote 
  • Narm: Due to the fact that players never see or hear about him again after the tutorial quest (which can be skipped), players found it very hard to take the scene where they sacrificed Aledar in A Journey Further seriously. Not helped by the fact that the player was technically the only person doing the legwork during the Silent Expanse Expedition while Aledar was The Load and the two other members were killed off very quickly into the expedition, making the player feel even more detached from the moment.
  • Player Punch: Did you just tell Katarin that her daughter is still suffering at the very end of Hollow Serenity? Guess what? You indirectly led the village you visited earlier, housed by people who had nothing to do with the original inhabitants, to be completely slaughtered with the Sole Survivor being traumatized by the whole thing. Good job.
  • The Scrappy: Garoth is this among the community simply for existing to be the boss of Lost Sanctuary and contributing nothing to the narrative by being in a single quest and never being mentioned again. He also has no character to speak of other than being evil because he got corrupted. Despite being the first human the player sees get corrupted by the Nether, there are far more narrative-relevant NPCs that contribute and expand on this attribute. Not even members of the content team like him.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Professions get a lot of flak for how grindy and repetitive they can feel, especially during the mid-game, when getting certain materials requires a lot of traveling between Wynn and Gavel, and some areas like the Dernel Jungle are littered with enemies to distract you from harvesting. Gathering boils down to finding a safe location to harvest materials and killing mobs for ingredients to increase the XP earned from crafting items. While creating your own custom weapons sounds cool, the process for creating them comes down to enduring the slog that is levelling your profession skills and searching for a very specific ingredient to grind for.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • There can be moments in a scene where NPCs fail to load in, making other NPCs who did get loaded in look like they are Talking to Themself.
    • On the flipside, there can be instances of clone NPCs loading into a scene or the player's pet appearing in a scene as they teleport to the player.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: The YahyaBot v4.04 from Legendary Island is hated by most of the community. It is based off the Joke Boss from Shattered Minds and does not require any kind of skill to beat other than surviving the entire fight, which goes on for a long time. When it got replaced by the Titanium R.A.T. R-4X in the 2.0 update, the content team made sure YahyaBot was not forgotten... by having it get dismembered by the Titanium R.A.T. and putting its remains inside the arena.
  • That One Achievement: Want to get a character to a combined level of 1690? You need to get that character a combat level of 106 and max out every profession skill at 132. Given the amount of Combat XP needed to reach 106 and the process that is enduring the professions system, getting to this level will be hell.
  • That One Attack:
    • Any mob that can repeatedly use a Charge spell will do their best to only use that and nothing else. Not only does this make them extremely hard to hit, it could also lead to them forcing themselves into a wall if in a secluded space which, despite leaving them immobile, will prevent any loot from being in a place where the player can pick it up when the mob is killed.
    • If positioned properly, certain bosses can use a Push spell on the player and throw them out of the arena, likely rendering all the damage and progress done on the boss moot.
  • That One Boss:
    • Adamastor and Urdar may as well instill nightmares into people. For starters, this fight is a Dual Boss except one enemy has high health and the other will revive himself if you manage to kill him and is invulnerable while doing so. The fight can also drag on for a long time no thanks to Adamastor's high health regen. Then you have the spells: Adamastor can use a charge spell, a push spell, and summon meteors. Urdar can also charge, do multi-hit attacks, and pull the player. Oh, he can also pull the player and self-destruct while he is reviving himself. All this culminates in a battle that involves the player getting thrown around the room without so much as getting a chance to attack while Adamastor undoes the little work the player managed to do. This is also hoping that your computer is strong enough to avoid the occasional framerate drops that happen throughout the fight.
    • The Panic Zealot. You are forced to take Fall Damage that results in you losing 99% of your health before you enter the arena. Then you have the fight itself: 1.5 million health, a wide range of spells, clones that can blind the player after taking enough damage, and the player is forced to take heavy damage every five seconds. If the Mage that came with you dies or you run out of health potions during the fight, you have already lost.
  • That One Sidequest:
    • Getting the highest tier/White Horse. To be able to purchase a horse, you have to complete Stable Story, an easy low-level quest. Buying a horse costs 24 Emerald Blocksnote  and obtaining a higher tier horse requires combining two horses. Sometimes, combining the horses has a chance to fail and give you back one of the horses. Using a horse that has a higher tier with a low tier and failing could lead to you losing the higher tiered horse. The amount of money needed to do this will vary because of the chances of obtaining a better horse, which could range from spending very little at best or losing all your money at worst.
    • Reclaiming the House is infamous for how bugged the entire quest is. From dialogue not playing to combat sections sometimes being impossible to complete, the quest left a sour taste in the mouths of most players with the various issues that plagued it.
    • ???. For starters, the quest never specifies you need three people to complete the first step. It then goes on to have a part that can only be completed with four people. There is also the subject of what the players need to do to complete the quest. Use the wiki page, there's no shame in it.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: The boss of Decrepit Sewers, Witherhead, is a female. You might not know this since her skin doesn't distinguish itself as female and nobody in Wynn is aware of her existence. The only hints the player has to knowing this are an extremely difficult to miss sign in the dungeon, a Secret Discovery that can be found very close to the dungeon, and the item description of Witherhead's Talisman, one of the buyable items from the dungeon merchant.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Because it is made in Minecraft, the blocky aesthetics may look like it's a fun Fantasy RPG for kids. However, the story of Wynn gets incredibly dark, with themes of death, sacrifice, and Black-and-Gray Morality everywhere.