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The Player Character was created and sent by Fruma's government
They were a flesh-golem, or another type of construct, wrought by the rulers of Fruma, to be sent into the wider world of Wynn and Gavel to sow chaos and discord throughout their travels. This explains how they inadvertently overloaded the memory orb from Recover the Past, as they had no past memories prior to being created and shipped off to Ragni with Aledar and Tasim. This would also explain how, in The Fortuneteller and A Hunter's Calling, the player is told that they're a menacing danger to the world, and that's not counting their violent and greedy actions in other quests. I understand that there's a dearth of information on Fruma as of the time of posting this, but their contempt for their own citizens and thorny, isolationist insistence on beating back anybody who tries to breach the gate into Fruma must speak to a desire to see the outside world thrown into disarray.