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Awesome Music pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Wynncraft's soundtrack is proof that noteblocks can be used to create some real bangers.

  • Both of the themes used in Tower of Ascension. The first, "Endless Climb", feels like a theme to represent the player's struggle as they make their way up the floors of the tower. The second, "Infinite Ascension", which plays during the boss/last floor of a section, sounds more like a triumphant rendition of the previous theme, almost as if the music is encouraging the player win their battle against the boss.
  • "Aimless Paths" plays in the Canyon of the Lost and emphasizes the "you are lost and don't have a clue where to go" aspect of the region.
  • The theme used for the Ruined Olmic City in the Silent Expanse, "Where They Wandered", suits the haunting atmosphere the location has. The music has a quiet and isolated feeling but still gives off a sense of dread, reflecting the area's lack of mobs but acknowledging things like the Omnipotent Wander appearing out of nowhere to chase the player before disappearing from the player's sight. It also fits within the Silent Expanse questline given what the player witnessed a moment prior.
  • "Genesis of the End", the theme that plays when you fight The Eye in Eldritch Outlook. Its tension encapsulates the player's fight against The Eye, becoming more upbeat the closer you are to defeating it. Unlike most of the music used for bosses in the game, it loops until you move onto the next phase, when it will play the next part and loop until you proceed to the next phase, and so on.
  • In stark contrast to most of the Boss Altar fights, the Panic Zealot gets its own boss theme. "Catalyst for a Fractured Psyche" sounds like a chaotic mess while incorporating a majority of the themes heard in the Silent Expanse. This perfectly represents both the player character and the actual player during the fight where they need to have a steady hand and any screw ups could lead to further panicking.
  • "A Day to Remember" plays during the final fight of A Hunter's Calling against Aledar and Tasim. The theme works for both the player and Aledar and Tasim in that both sides can be seen as the final boss from the other's perspective. There are also hints of Detlas' theme being present within the song to amplify the desperation Aledar and Tasim have to protect the town at all costs.