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List of media that get a Shout-Out in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:

  • In Chapter 14, Zaku and Dosu are playing a Street Fighter game.
    Zaku: C'mon, c'mon, shoot the damn Hadoken already!
  • During Neji's high-speed chase with Tenten in Chapter 15, Lee frantically asks if they think this is Need for Speed.
  • While Naruto is explaining the Kyuushingai training program in Chapter 17, he cites a movie where a port is injected into a person's brain and information directly downloaded into the person's mind—though he admits that the process he and his fellow Kyuushingai went through was very different. In the post-chapter commentary for that chapter, the author acknowledges that the technology as described by Naruto is more akin to that used in The 6th Day.
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  • In one scene in Chapter 35, when Utakata is examining his bladed whips, he mentally recalls that he was inspired to use them as his primary fighting weapons after seeing a movie in which similar weapons were used to fight a werewolf.
  • During the final fight of the Uchiha Zaibatsu Invitational Tournament, the final two combatants pull simultaneous attacks that, as admitted by the author, were inspired by Jotaro and Dio's final battle in Jojos Bizarre Adventure. In this case, Naruto breaks his hand on Sasuke's shin-guard, but the shin-guard itself cracks, and Fugaku notes that had it not been for the leg-covering, Naruto's punch would've likely broken Sasuke's leg.
  • The author has admitted that the story's title itself is a shout-out to Fist of the North Star. There's also Lee's Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs scene:
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  • Tenten's Shower Scene, as admitted by the author, was inspired by Chun Li's famous fanservice-filled shower scene.
  • The Final Fantasy series gets two.
    • In Chapter 34, Naruto makes plans to play up to the third disk for Final Fantasy IX.
    • In Chapter 51, Kin is revealed to be a fan of the franchise, and is playing Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Kira Ay's ballistic suit of armor, unveiled by his company in Chapter 63, resembles the RoboCop suit, with the Akatsuki members arguing over whether the old or new version of the character is superior.
  • In Chapter 67, while waiting for Hidan to finish his mission, Kakuzu complains that he could've been watching reruns of NCIS instead.
  • In Chapter 68, after Ino's verbal teasing leaves Sai with a Raging Stiffie, Ino playfully asks, "Did I do that?" and then muses that her way of saying it is far less nerdy than when Steve Urkel says it.
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  • In Chapter 69, Fuu calls her Instrument of Murder "Mariachi."
  • During her chat with Itachi in Chapter 77, Yugito describes both of them as "the next prototypes for Bryan Mills." Itachi immediately lampshades how Yugito's clearly watched that movie.
    Yugito: What? Liam Neeson's a nice-looking guy.
  • While discussing Vice-Principal Yamato's possible secret habits in Chapter 79, Shikamaru and Choji surmise that the man must probably lock himself in his office to look at internet porn all day. Cue the trope-naming song...followed by a Dope Slap from the irritated Ino.
  • Chapter 83's titled "Gung-ho Guns." Plus there's Fuu's little song: "Total slaughter, total slaughter, I won't leave a single man alive..."
  • In chapter 84, Fuu bashes Kakuzu with her guitar while shouting "Eeeeeeel Ka-BONG!". Promptly lampshaded.
    • In the same chapter, Hinata watches TV and sees Ultimate Muscle coming on. A few minutes later, she does some exercising while mentally humming the Orinoco Flow lyrics.
  • During the music recital in Chapter 88, Sakura sings the English lyrics for the first ending theme for Outlaw Star.
    Naruto: You're no John Shaft, Dad.
    Minato: Oh, shut up. At least I tried.
  • Chapter 95: Ino recounts her training with Kushina, which involved having a car tire tied to her waist by a rope and towing Kushina along the road while jogging. In the flashback, Kushina explains that she got the inspiration for that training method after reading a manga series in which a kid named Kenichi had to do the exact same thing.
  • During the Council of the Dawn's meeting in Chapter 101, Gaara recalls how he and his siblings bought the majority of a small company's shares, then threatened the company president into buying back the shares or else they would fire all the workers. Chojuro immediately realizes that the tactic being spoken of was used by a certain character in a popular manga series—the character in question being a business tycoon with a dragon fetish who played children's card games.note 
  • Chapter 111: "Why so serious?"
    Yugito: Tell me you did not just do a Nolan-verse quote.
    Minato: Okay. I did not just do a Nolan-verse quote. (grins)
  • Chapter 122 is a long Take That! to Twilight, with Naruto using the movies as torture. Criminals willing to commit murder are appalled by that.
  • Temari's apparently a fan of The Punisher, as she once compares Yahiko to Frank Castle, and later recounts a torture scene from The Punisher (2004). Although she proves to be off the mark in the latter case, since her captor has a blowtorch but no Popsicles and no mood for mercy.
  • Naruto's list of outfits that he tries on in Chapter 124 include a pink karate gi, a blue vest over a black body-suit with blue arm-guards and leg-shins, and a white kimono top with a red hakama. The last one is lampshaded.
    Sasuke: Who the hell do you think you are—Geese Howard?
  • In Chapter 126, Yura's gambling operation has a password system for users that proves to include movie trivia. From what's seen in the chapter, two of the security questions posed to users include identifying the religion of the priest in Signs (Episcopal) and the first rule of Fight Club ("do not talk about Fight Club").
  • Chapter 176: "Arittake no yume o kaki atsume..."
  • Chapter 183 has Gaara verbally blame Matsuri's Lamborghini Veneno for his not being able to sleep comfortably inside the car's front seat...only to remember he's not talking to Herbie.
  • In Chapter 193, Iruka and Hotaru prepare to binge-watch episodes of Anger Management.
  • Chapter 211 reveals that there's an old townhouse in Kumo City called the Champloo Bebop.
  • The thirty-eighth Gaiden chapter holds a reference to This Bites!, where Purple Storm gangster Karyu gains entry to a whorehouse by supplying a pass-code phrase, "The monkey prunes on the roof at midnight." In that other fic, the phrase was used by Spandam in a failed attempt to use hand-signals in response to Kaku's hand-signals used to demand a raise following the Straw Hat Pirates' invasion of Enies Lobby.

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