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YMMV / Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox

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  • Ships That Pass in the Night: This fic includes a few fan-preferred couples (Naruto x Hinata being the most obvious one), but there are also pairings of characters who have never met or spent that much time together in the source material. Examples:
    • Kotetsu and Anko are revealed to be an ex-couple when we first meet the former. In canon, they've never been shown to even speak to each other, though both are Konoha shinobi.
    • Gengetsu and Ryuzetsu are a married couple. In canon, Gengetsu's been long dead at the time of the fifth Naruto: Shippuden film, where Ryuzetsu is featured.
    • Guren and Sagi, who feature in the fic's Gaiden chapters, become an item despite her being 15 years his senior. In canon, they've never met, plus Sagi's been dead for several years anyway.
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    • Shino and Karui have some romantic tension throughout the fic which culminates in a shared kiss at the end of the main story's final arc. Canonically, they've never even been shown in the same scene together, despite both their villages being allies in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Not only that, but Karui is canonically Choji's wife.
    • Rin and Hidan were a couple in the fic's back-story. In canon, Rin's been long dead at the time the other person is introduced in the series.
    • Yugito and Itachi have some flirtation throughout the fic that leads to them becoming a couple and later marrying. Canonically, the two never even meet in person despite Yugito being a jinchuriki and Itachi being a member of Akatsuki.
    • Hana and Idate are a married couple by the time of the story's Distant Finale. In the canon series' manga version, one of the two doesn't exist; in the anime, that person has been exiled from Konoha for years, which makes a meeting of the two very unlikely to happen.
  • What an Idiot!: Some members of Mizuki's gang meet Naruto for the first time and assume he's a pushover. Except Naruto isn't—he's one of the Kyuushingai, nine people of mass destruction who laid waste to numerous cities over a one-year period. Naturally, Naruto gives them all a beating. Naturally, Mizuki hears about it, gathers the rest of the gang to go to Ino's family's greengrocery (since they were the last ones to have any known contact with Naruto). Fortunately, Naruto shows up right there and then, pummels Mizuki's mooks without getting a scratch on himself, and then outs himself as a former Kyuushingai while debunking Mizuki's own claims of being part of that group.
    • You'd expect: That Mizuki would Know When to Fold 'Em, say "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" and beat a hasty retreat.
    • Instead: Mizuki decides to challenge Naruto, figuring that if he can defeat the kid, he can legitimize his own false claims of being a Kyuushingai.The expected happens.

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