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  • Her makeup is based on Bosco, an RTE children's programme. This is lampshaded frequently in her review of Bosco, in which there is a Suspiciously Specific Denial about Bosco being an influence on her.
    • She remarks that Bosco's own minions appear to have the life expectancy of a Spinal Tap drummer.
  • When Ilsa is playing with a dildo she cuts to an infamous clip from Doctor Who of Jamie and The Doctor discussing the size of a spaceship.
  • As a character is being burnt alive in Turkey Shoot the "toasty" sound clip from Mortal Kombat is dubbed in.
    • From the same review, after one of the prisoners gets run over she cuts to footage from Deathrace 2000.
  • She's fond of using footage from BrainDead, The Day Today, and Another Gay Movie in most of her reviews.
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  • During her review of Left Behind, she at one point says "Oh hai token black guy!"
  • During an appropriate scene in Raspberry Reich, the sodomy song from Meet the Feebles is dubbed in, intercut with scenes from The Producers.
  • During the Condor Man review she thinks the characters are now in Portmeirion- she's also on occasions worn a copy of Number 6's outfit.
  • "Minion! Do the Dance of Exposition!"
  • During the Rats: Night of Terror review, she points out a woman in pseudo-Ren Faire rogue garb and makes a long string of Forgotten Realms jokes. The film's strange final twist also earns the caption, "BEWARE THE TECHNO-SKAVEN!"
  • In Gwendoline during Willard's Big Damn Heroes moment, Hagan starts doing an impersonation of professional wrestler the Ultimate Warrrior, complete with mentions of destrucity and skronk.
  • Her review of the Masters of Horror episode "The Screwfly Solution" ends with a montage of the male on female violence set to "I'm Not a Killer" from Evil Dead: The Musical.
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  • Her second intro sequence is based on the intro to the anthology horror series Urban Gothic, which she also reviews.
  • During the Biggles review, Aleister does a parody of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
  • Between seasons she did a series of special reviews based on Quantum Leap.
  • Aleister's full name is Aleister Gordon Lethbridge Stewart D. Homelesssb'sterrd.
  • "Oh, black censorship boxes, how I've missed you. What fun we will have."
  • The villain in the Zombeak review is frequently compared to Malachite.
    • A male reviewer in a hotel room crossover punching a female co-reviewer in the face? Sounds familiar.
    • She greets Spoony in the Sting review while wearing Spider Jerusalem's glasses from Transmetropolitan.
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  • In the Lone Wolf and Cub review, she drops in the "What's a ninja?"/"Just a fairy tale" exchange from Ninja the Protector, which itself has become a meme thanks to Ninja the Mission Force.
  • In her Razor Blade Smile review (already bedecked with one or two shout outs to another World of Darkness game), she critiques how the script uses its master hacker to also deliver occult exposition, as the two fields aren't often linked. "The Technocracy isn't fucking real!"
  • Another Vampire reference comes up in her Rock & Rule review, when the villain uses a disfigured mutant wearing a mask to fool the hero: "Ah, I see that Nosferatu has 999 faces left."
  • Her review of Bitch Slap has her wondering if the answer to "You know what Kinky likes to play?" should be a white card.
  • Her review of Manborg compares the film to a mixture of several things:
    • Star Wars (it has "Force ghosts" in it)
    • Mortal Kombat (the characters are basically Kano, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Sonya Blade, although she also makes a "Toasty!" reference when the villain is set ablaze)
    • Transformers (the villain's right-hand man is tortured in a similar way to Starscream in the animated film)
    • The Spoony Experiment (the villain's right-hand man commits his evil plan For Science!, like Dr. Insano)
    • Robocop and TheSix Million Dollar Man (the main character is a cyborg, a dead soldier brought back with futuristic technology)
    • TRON (there's basically a lightcycle sequence)
    • Mad Max and Billy Idol (the character Justice is a post-apocalyptic-looking Aussie with blonde hair)
    • She describes Mina as a "an anime character", although she doesn't compare her to anyone specific.
  • In her crossover review of Vikingdom with The Happy Viking:
    • A character saying "Look around you!" cuts to a scene from...Look Around You.
    • The fight at the end between Thor and the protagonist is commentated on in the style of a WWE Smackdown fight.
    • The badass ending leads to Nathan Explosion responding, "Brutal."
  • In her review of Left Behind 3, she says that the actor playing the president has evolved into a Gravitas-type Pokémon. The villain, by contrast, is a Digimon.
  • During her SlaughteredVomitDolls review, she first compares it to an overly long industrial metal music video. Then she dubs in multiple songs to prove it. And then she also advises to just listen to a Marilyn Manson best of with it on mute. Also, her name is taken from Diamanda Galas and Nina Hagen (but with changed spelling), similar to how Manson and the early members of the band got their stage names, although hers are both musicians rather than a sex symbol and a serial killer.

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