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Headscratchers / Diamanda Hagan

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  • Ok, while I do enjoy Diamada Hagan's Twatty Who Review series, I do find one aspect of her "The Doctor's Daughter" review to puzzle me to no end. At one point in the review, she complains about how the 10th Doctor "Never did X, except when he did do X" (Cue scene of past-versions of The Doctor doing whatever X may be). She does know that part of the whole regeneration concept is that aspects of The Doctor's personality may vary greatly from one incarnation to another, right? Granted, that doesn't mean she has to like those aspects of that version of the character. But to overlook a major aspect of the series?
    • I haven't seen the review in question, but was the show claiming the Doctor never did X, or was she? Because if the show was claiming it, than that's a factual error she has the right to call out.
      • Long story short, she kept complaining on how the 10th Doctor doesn't like to use guns and doesn't like to kill people and whatnot, and then she'd show clips of past Doctors doing exactly that. She tries to make it sound like the Doctor is a hypocrite, but it feels more like she overlooked the whole "regeneration can change your personality" concept.
        • Yes, but here's the thing—the Doctor described himself as a "man who never would" use a gun (if I remember correctly.) The fact that he wouldn't now doesn't change the fact that he did. It is hypocritical, because sure, his personality was rejiggered, but he still used guns. He could've said, y'know, "I used a gun once, and it was awful, I disagree with my line of thought back then and I wouldn't do it again, and you shouldn't either." Instead, he said he never would.
          • Again, regeneration. Every regeneration is its own personality. It's just simpler to say that, when regenerating, the Doctor becomes a new man.
        • Plus they could save simply had him say, "I never again, would."
        • I think that the point that Diamanda misses is the fact that in both the clips she used, not only were they different Doctors, but they were ENTIRELY different situations. In both clips, the Doctor was shooting a Dalek and a Cyberman in self defence, while in The Doctor's Daughter, he was pointing a gun at a Human in anger. Ergo, I always interpreted 'I never would' to mean 'I never would kill in anger'.
        • Although this all rather ignores the fact that the 10th Doctor cold-bloodedly murders the Sycorax leader in his very first story, declaiming arrogantly "No second chances. That's the kind of man I am..." So, he already has done X. What a hypocrite!
      • It is a recurring character oddity of 10. He arrogantly and vocally Doesn't Like Guns, but he directly or indirectly kills people by other means all the time. Even he acknowledges this as hypocritical at the end of his run.

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