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  • Fans of a losing team needing alcohol to numb the pain.
  • Any time a team proves itself to be incapable of winning a significant game/series against a single opponent, that opponent is always referred to as THE FUCKING [MASCOT NAME]S!, starting with the Washington Capitals and THE FUCKING PENGUINS!note , the Steelers and THE FUCKING PATRIOTS, and the Mariners and THE FUCKING ATHLETICS.
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  • Being Instantly Proven Wrong when talking about a team's success.
  • Players that Tree likes have a habit of immediately getting injured, usually right after he sings their praises and highlighted with a Sickening "Crunch!". This gets turned Up to Eleven in the "This Week In Sportsball" videos, where it happens at least Once an Episode, oftentimes more.
  • When Tree talks about a team tanking, army tanks may drive across the screen. Subverted in "The Haters' Guide to the 2018 MLB Season", where, when talking about the Detroit Tigers, a single tank appears, makes it halfway across then screen, then falls off and explodes when the Tigers are revealed to have hired Ron Gardenhire as their new manager:
    Tree: Aren't those two ideas counterproductive?
  • Using YouTube user "eatdatpussy445" as Cringe Comedy for how bad the Philadelphia Eagles are doing, since EDP is a big Eagles fan.
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  • "Only a brick wall can stop you! Its name is the Eagles." Said when an NFL team is riding a momentum swing and winning game after game, only to be suddenly beaten by the Eagles. (Note that this doesn't preclude the Eagles themselves.)
  • In "The Haters Guide to the 2017/18 NBA Season," the fate of any team aside from the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers is summarized with the words "you're fucked!"note 
  • Tree really doesn't like Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos, and will take the opportunity to say "Fuck you, Spanos!" when talking about the Chargers, or Los Angeles, or San Diego... Or just about whenever Tree can fit it in, really.
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  • Referring to anyone who commits Domestic Abuse with "[Name] decides to be a fucking idiot."
  • Any mention of Stan Kroenke or his teams has led to Tree making fun of how Arsenal (the most successful team Kroenke owns, who have fallen on hard times relative to them as of late) have done that matches how Kroenke's teams have been finishing.
  • If a football team coached by Andy Reid chokes away a large lead or loses a game they were considered heavy favorites to win, the team is said to have gone "full Reid," given that such chokes happen consistently with Reid at the helm.
  • Any mention of troubled former Browns QB Johnny Manziel is accompanied by a loud air horn blast that shakes the screen.
  • At various points when the Washington Redskins lose, he brings up how nobody on the team knows how to make a tackle.
  • Bruce Boudreau is portrayed as being such a Big Eater that he goes into a food coma when teams he coaches make the playoffs, which is why they lose.
  • Whenever Yu Darvish is brought up, a sped-up version of the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays as Darvish's profile slides across the screen accompanied by Soulja Boy's shout of "YOUUUUU!"
  • In his "Haters Guide" videos to the Championships, it's the same routine: he runs through the teams that failed to make the finals, using a buzzer to introduce them, giving his thoughts on their final outing, and then gives the "ding!" (replaced by a "whoosh!" beginning with "The Haters Guide to the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals") the two teams that made it in the end. And then as those overviews are finished, the Windows 3.1 "Ta-da!" sound is used before he goes into his prediction.
  • A few NFL teams are referred to by specific names or titles, quite often based on some Never Live It Down moments from the team.
    • The Buffalo Bills are "the walking mediocrity," due to the Bills tendency to have rather dull or uninteresting seasons.
    • The Tennessee Titans are frequently referred to as being "one yard short," after the Titans infamously lost Super Bowl XXXIV when a runner was tackled one yard short of the end zone before making what would have been a game-tying touchdown.
    • The Cleveland Browns are "the Factory of Sadness" (originally coined by Cleveland comedian Mike Polk Jr. in 2011), due to the team having mostly awful seasons since rejoining the league in 1999.
    • The New York Jets are "the buttfumble," after the famously terrible play where Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez fumbled after running into his own player's backside in their 2012 Thanksgiving Day game against the New England Patriots.
    • The Atlanta Falcons are "The Definition of Insanity" due to "Georgia Sports: The Definition Of Insanity", which prominently featured the Super Bowl LI debacle among a montage of other Georgia-based teams screwing up their playoff runs.note 
    • The Los Angeles Chargers are "the diamond dogs," likening them to the mercenaries from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as soldiers without a true home since their stadium is usually filled with fans of the opposing team(s).
    • The Cincinnati Bengals are "The Bungles", due to their futility since the early 1990s, having last won a playoff game in the 1990-91 playoffs and suffering numerous losing seasons since then.
  • In his "Hater's Guide" series, Tree would at times drop a Freeze-Frame Bonus by replacing a team's name with something else before proceeding to their segment. Some examples include the Montreal Bergevins, the Choklahoma City Thunder, The Fucking Penguins and the Unified Church of Wentz.
  • In the inaugural season of the Vegas Golden Knights, Tree constantly mentions having to "eat shit" because of how wrong he was about the team. In addition, Tree mentions a reason as to why the team will lose, then adds "they keep winning."
  • The 2018-2019 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers is presented as "Days of our Steelers," turning the team's dramas and failures into a soap opera-style plotline, complete with overwrought narration.
  • As "Days Of Our Steelers" took off, Tree began taking aim at other teams who were developing into soap operas:
    • "Episode Five - Falcon Hunting" pulls a Halfway Plot Switch when Tree realizes the Steelers are running over the Falcons, transitioning to a Falcons-centric parody simply called "General Hospital", due to Atlanta's lengthy Injured Reserve list derailing their season before it really got started. Sure enough, a few more Falcons got injured in the game in question.
    • The Jaguars got their own parody series in "Sacksonville Abbey", with Tree foreshadowing it by commenting on the sudden burst of drama from the team when their season began to derail in October. The name (and Tree's British accent as narrator Richard Shittenborough) are references to both Downton Abbey and the NFL's insistence on featuring The Jags in their International Series games in London.
    • "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NBA Season" refers to the upcoming season of the Minnesota Timberwolves as "The Timid and the Timberwolves" in the intro card for their segment, although Tree simply refers to them as a soap opera in the segment itself.
    • "Days Of Our Steelers: Episode Twelve - Mile High Melancholy" featured a teaser for a Broncos-centric soap parody dubbed "The Bold and the Broncos". As part of a wave of guest spots during the same period of This Week In Sportsball, Tree brings in Denver-based shitposter ThatsGoodSports to do narration for the teaser.
  • "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Western Conference: All-Star Edition" dubs the Dallas Stars "The Fault in Our Stars" after team CEO Jim Lytes chooses to throw star forwards Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin under the bus for the team's struggles rather than accepting any responsibility for the recurring lack of depth that has haunted the team (as in 2017-18, the only source of a productive offense for the team was the top line of Benn, Seguin and Alex Radulov).
  • Any time a team fails to secure a nearly-guaranteed win, he'll play the Billy Madison clip of Adam Sandler as Billy yelling "YOU BLEW IT!!!". If it's really bad, he'll throw in Robert de Niro as Moe Tilden in Cop Land telling Sylvester Stallone's Freddy Heflin "You blew it!" and/or Mr. Kincaid from the South Park episode "Guitar Queer-O" shouting "You blew it! You had it all and you blew it!"
  • In "The Washington Nationals: A Legacy of Failure", Tree mentions after every year of failure "at least it can't get any worse." It does.note 
  • Starting with the 2018 NFL season videos for "This Week in Sportsball", meetings between two teams whose seasons are in the toilet, leading to a perception that they're deliberately tanking to secure a top pick at the next draft, are introduced as "TANK BOWL [Roman numeral]" to footage (and animation) of tanks rolling across the screen, accompanied by John Tesh's "Roundball Rock" (famous as the theme for NBC's NBA coverage in the 1990s).note 
  • The Seattle Mariners are said to be masters at repeatedly punching their fans in the dick. The "Legacy of Failure" video on the Mariners milks this gag for all it's worth.
  • Any mention of a player or coach being released by a team is often accompanied by a sound clip of George Carlin shouting "Get the fuck outta here!"
  • Throughout "The Washington Redskins: Professional Football's Shithole", Tree frequently plays a clip of team president Bruce Allen saying "You know, the culture is actually damn good". Tree disproves that by bringing up all of the team's failings, playing the Bruce Allen clip after each one, along with the caption "Winning Off the Field!"
  • Any turnover committed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will be accompanied by the ringing of an oven bell, a reference to Tree's nickname of Winston's stat line as "Famous Jameis' Turnover Bakery".
  • Top seeds that fail to win a playoff round while getting shut down by Wild Card entrants causes Tree to rebrand them as a reference to Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper's infamous "Six Days In April" comment following the conclusion of their series with the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2019. Besides the Lightning themselves, that year's Los Angeles Dodgers squad was rechristened "Seven Days In October" after falling apart against the Nationals in the NLDS, and the Baltimore Ravens became "60 Minutes In January" after getting crushed by the sixth-seed Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round in January of 2020.
  • "Delete your franchise!", which Tree uses in reaction to particularly embarrassing sports performances (such as the San Jose Sharks' being reverse swept in the 2014 Western Conference Quarterfinals, and the Atlanta Falcons blowing a 19 point lead to the Dallas Cowboys in 2020).

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