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  • Fan Nickname: Tree has inspired several since his videos or coining of the term. You may notice a theme...
    • Ben Roethlisberger is often referred to as Captain Fatfuck, even by non-detractors.
    • After the success of THE FUCKING PENGUINS, and its snowclones, there are several teams that get referred to as THOSE FUCKING [X].
      • Those fucking [Pittsburgh] Penguins, especially to Washington Capitals fans (despite winning a Cup and defeating the Penguins in the process of doing so).
      • Those fucking [New England] Patriots, by Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
      • Those fucking [Oakland] Athletics, by Seattle Mariners fans.
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    • Fucking [Dean] Spanos (though more often he gets "Fuck you, Spanos!" yelled about him instead).
    • The San Diego Chargers are referred to as the diamond dogs of the NFL.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The original channel closed down, taking almost all the videos with it. When he reopened his channel, his fans made the smart move to archive his videos. This youtube channel is currently keeping said videos for public viewing.
  • The Merch: Mentioned the possibility in "State of the Tree: 2017 Edition". Finally launched in March 2019.
  • Missing Episode: A lot of his videos he made using The Movies. Unsurprisingly, only a couple of his video game reviews are missing.
  • Old Shame: UT regrets making any video under the name of Fat Mann Judgeth.
  • Screwed by the Network: The original upload of "This Week In Sportsball: NFL Week One Edition (2020)" was quietly (if temporarily) taken down by YouTube for "inappropriate content". It's unknown what the offending material was, as the site not only refused to specify what they took issue with, they failed to notify UT about the matter (while he was on a break, no less). He didn't even have the option of submitting an appeal. The upload has since been restored, and speculation was that the takedown was a mistake by one of YouTube’s automated systems.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Any "Congrats!" video featuring "Bill and John".
    • The Carolina Hurricanes segment from "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Season: Eastern Conference Edition" has NormalVoice!Tree trying to comfort Hurricanes Man as the latter weeps in the background after being fired from the team. When Hurricanes Man gets rehired in "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Eastern Conference: All-Star Edition", NormalVoice!UT interrupts his hype speel with a reality check about Carolina's ongoing goaltending issues, their regrets over trading Jeff Skinner to the Sabres and Jordan Staal being sidelined repeatedly by injuries.
    • "The Vancouver Canucks: Professional Hockey's Lolcow" sees him doing five different voices, among them general manager Jim Benning and an executive identified as "John" (likely assistant GM John Wiesbrod), when using a strip from the webcomic Benning on Empty to demonstrate how out of touch with reality Benning's regime has become.
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  • Undermined by Reality: After George Floyd's murder by Minneapolis police officers in May 2020 led to massive protests, Tree posted a video bemoaning the destruction of property in the protests, wishing that protestors turned to more peaceful means. But, as one YouTube commenter noted, his 2017 video "Why Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be In The NFL In 2017" justified the NFL's decision to blackball Kaepernick over his peaceful protests against police brutality, as the league's silencing of Kaepernick effectively opened the door to less peaceable protests.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • His video on the Sacramento Kings was uploaded just hours before DeMarcus Cousins was traded away.
    • The Philadelphia Eagles: Professional Football's Exercise in Agony was rendered completely irrelevant once the Eagles won Super Bowl LII.
      UT: So it appears this video is somewhat irrelevant with the Eagles winning a Super Bowl. Regardless, this video will not be taken down. It shall remain up for both historical reference and an example of how narratives on teams can change quickly in the sports world. I do not look forward to your inevitable domination of the NFC East for the next five years. Fuck.
    • And now the same thing with The Washington Capitals: A Legacy of Failure after they won the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals. It's worth noting that this happened just four months after the Eagles' Super Bowl win.
      UT: The cycle is complete. The memes are dead. The Legacy of Failure is broken. Although this video is no longer relevant, it shall remain up for historical reference. The failure of the past remains, but it's no longer active. Fuck.
    • He offered up two more examples of videos that had become irrelevant in "State of the Tree: 2018 Edition" in "The Los Angeles Rams: Professional Football's Returning Lolcow" and "The Chicago Bears: Professional Football's Legacy Lolcow", but then pointed out the cyclic nature of this trope by holding up both the Eagles vid and "The Jacksonville Jaguars: Professional Football's Forgotten Lolcow" as examples that had looped back to relevance due to regression during their 2018 seasons (though the Eagles would recover and gain a wildcard spot, and ended up winning a wildcard game against, ironically enough, the Bears, while the Rams would suffer a disappointing 13-3 loss to the Patriots at Super Bowl LIII).
    • His "Congrats, Bears!" video, made in response to the Chicago Bears' narrow defeat by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2018-19 NFL Playoffs thanks to a failed field goal attempt by Bears kicker Cody Parkey, became this as a couple days later, NFL officials amended the ruling as a blocked field goal, and thus, not entirely the fault of Parkey.
    • And with their victory in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, The St. Louis Blues' Legacy of Failure is no more:
      UT: It's over. All of the pain, all of the agony, all of the times the Blues came up short... vindicated.
      This legacy of failure is now a historical piece. As it shall remain to remind us all of the struggles it takes for a team to win the Stanley Cup.
      Well done, boys. Nothing can take away that cup win now.
    • He declared his Brooklyn Nets video from 2017 to be this after Mikhail Prokhorov sold his controlling stake in the team to minority partner Joe Tsai in August 2019.
    • Shortly after the start of the 2019 NFL season, Tree released a video chronicling the saga of now-former Steelers WR Antonio Brown with his new team, the Oakland Raiders, which was coming to a breaking point after days of altercation between him and the team's front office. At the point when the video was released, the Raiders were deciding to waive Brown's suspension and have him start in Week 1. Tree ended the video with a response to the Raiders' spinelessness, warning that "...this is going to flare up again, it's only a matter of when." Less than half a day later, the Raiders released Antonio Brown.
      UT: Can you stop? For like five minutes?
    • In October 2019, the Washington Nationals' Legacy of Failure became the first MLB legacy of failure to fall.
      UT: And now its dead. A new record shattered at eleven months after release.
      Be real, nobody saw this coming back in the summer. Don't lie.
    • "The Washington Redskins: Professional Football's Shithole" was an in-depth look at the team and general manager Bruce Allen in particular, but it became this only 3 weeks after being posted as Allen was fired following the end of the 2019 NFL season.
    • And with the Chiefs' victory in Super Bowl LIV, Andy Reid's Legacy of Failure is the first one from the NFL to fall. Maybe we should start calling him Tree-stradamus.
      UT:Another one bites the dust. Relegated to historical reference, this video will become.
      The Reid memes were getting stale, regardless.
      Go and eat that cheeseburger, Andy. You've earned it.
    • In his Jacksonville Jaguars lolcow video from 2017, Tree joked that the San Francisco 49ers were also becoming a lolcow, showing then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneeling in protest of police brutality during the national anthem, which, at the time, was seen as highly controversial. But by 2020, several high-profile deaths of Black Americans, most notably George Floyd, at the hands of police officers led to nationwide protests to the point where Kaepernick was reevaluated, with many people, including in the NFL, realizing that Kaepernick's original protests weren't so outrageous, after all.
    • To that end, any video featuring the now former (and as of July 2020, nameless) Washington Redskins.

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