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Drinking Game / Urinating Tree

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  • Take a shot every time UT says "Fuck you, Spanos".
  • Take a shot every time he says that anything related to the NBA is "fucked". Take extra caution if done during his "The Haters Guide to the 2017/18 NBA Season" video.
  • Take a shot every time the buzzer sound effect is used in any Haters Guide video of his.
    • Or the Windows 3.1 "Ta-da!" sound.
  • Take a shot every time he says "All rise for testimony from the book of (insert extremely strong quarterback here)".
  • Take a shot every time he refers to the Pittsburgh Penguins as "THE FUCKING PENGUINS".
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  • Take a shot every time he opens a video advertising SeatGeek.
  • Take a shot every time he uses the clip of Billy Madison yelling "YOU BLEW IT!".
    • Take two if he uses clips of Moe Tilden in Cop Land saying "You blew it!" and Mr. Kincade from the South Park episode "Guitar Queer-o" saying "You blew it! You had it all and you blew it!" in the same video.
  • Take a shot every time he says something is "too good right now".
  • Take a shot when Tree refers to an NFL game as a "Tank Bowl".
  • Take a shot whenever Tree says that the Steelers are "playing down to our competition". He uses a caption suggesting that in Days of Our Steelers for Week 14 against their loss to the Oakland Raiders.
  • In his Days of Our Steelers videos, chug as much as possible when he goes out of character and starts raging.
  • In his "This Week in Sportsball" videos, when he gets to your team, if it's a loss, start chugging and don't stop until it passes or you finish your drink. Likewise in his "Haters Guide" videos to the finals when he's covering the teams that were eliminated, or his "Debriefing" videos.
    • If your team gets eliminated from playoff contention in said segment, down another entire bottle. (You were probably going to do that anyways.)
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    • If your team goes playoff bound, or is one of the two teams in the finals and he gets to them, toast with a celebratory drink.
  • If he does a "Congrats!" video on your team, chug for as much of it as you can.
    • On the contrary, if it's on a rival team of yours, have a celebratory drink.
  • In his Legacy of Failure videos, chug the entirety of these points:
    • Vikings: The 1998/99 NFC Championship Game with Gary Anderson's missed field goal. Or the 2009/10 one with Brett Farve's regulation ending interception.
    • Falcons: The last third of the video about their 28-3 implosion in Super Bowl LI.
    • Rangers: The 2011 World Series where in Game 6 they come a strike away twice from their first ever title, but both times the Cardinals tie the game, then win in the 11th inning and proceed to easily win Game 7.
    • Sharks: The 2014 Western Conference Quarterfinals where, after taking a 3-0 lead against their cross-state rival Los Angeles Kings, the Sharks collapse and join infamous history as the Kings proceed to reverse sweep them and win the series 4-3, a task only done by three other teams prior to that point.note 
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    • Nationals: Really any point in the later part of the video, but the 2012 NLDS to name onenote .
    • Mariners: The 2001 season, where they have the best regular season record in MLB history at 116-46... Only to get blown out by the New York Yankees in the ALCS.note 
  • Drink every time "Brass Bonanza" is played in a video. Two drinks if the video or segment in question isn't directly about the Carolina Hurricanes or Hartford Whalers.

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