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  • Acceptable Targets: Just like nearly every Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Tree hates Vontaze Burfict for his long history of dirty hits against his favorite team. In The NFL's Wheel of Discipline, a video criticizing the NFL's arbitrary punishments for off-field incidents (specifically, their habit of throwing the book at benchwarmers and role players but letting stars off with slaps on the wrist), the crowd boos Burfict when he gets announced, every segment of his Wheel is labeled "You're Fucked" and his season-long suspension is greeted with cheers.
  • Author's Saving Throw: His Sportsball video for Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season was criticized for being overedited. His next Sportsball video on the MLB playoff push went back to the previous format and was much better received, as was a Week 2 video that was more lightly edited than the previous week's.
    • In a similar fashion, his video for Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season was criticized for overusing the "Hot Pockets" jingle for interceptions. His video for Week 2 kept the oven dings for interceptions, but used the "Hot Pockets" jingle for pick-6's, which was better received.
  • Broken Base: He did a very negative video on Venezuela and its socialist government in early 2017. As expected, whether or not you found the video good/funny depends almost entirely on what political ideology you support. After the reaction, UT did not do another political-related video until the January 2021 Capitol Riot; even then, that video was laden with his usual "Conglaturation!" snark as opposed to straight political commentary.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: While the preview card hints at it, the actual "Congrats, Lightning!" video gives no indication in its first 1:34 that it's anything other than Tree laying into the Lightning for choking spectacularly against the Capitals - then it cuts out of nowhere to a rehash of 2017's "Congrats, Preds!" vid, this time with "Too good right now" layered even thicker and "Unless he falls apart" thrown in, along with mocking chants of "PEKKA! PEKKA!" and "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!", over footage of Pekka Rinne getting shot to pieces against the Jets. After 36 seconds, it then cuts back to Tree laying into the Lightning, with no mention of the Preds segment.
  • Discredited Meme:
    • Called time of death on "THE FUCKING PENGUINS!" after the Capitals flipped the script on Pittsburgh in the second round of the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs.
    • He declared "the memes are dead" after the Washington Capitals won the The Stanley Cup in 2018. Up until then, he had been calling teams "the Washington Capitals of [Sport X]" because, up until that point, the Capitals has a tendency for choking in the NHL playoffs.
    • As of the 2018 NFL season, he's also called time of death on "Fuck you, Spanos!". The first indication was in the first Sportsball video after the end of the 2017 NFL season, "NHL Trade Deadline Edition", which had "Who Is Spanos?" in the thumbnail instead of "Fuck You, Spanos!", with the line itself not appearing. The next several Sportsball episodes featured "Spanos?" and "Something Something Spanos!" on the thumbnail before all references to it disappeared completely beginning with "MLB In May Edition". The big sign, though, came with "The Los Angeles Chargers: Professional Football's Diamond Dogs", when the vid ended with Archival!Tree calling over Codec to drop the line. Tree's response? "Good news, 2017 just called me, they want their forced meme back.". Its death was confirmed on an episode of The Dumpster Firenote , where he revealed he would only reference the meme indirectly in the coming season of "This Week In Sportsball", even calling it "old and hackneyed".
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    • The Eagles' elimination in the 2019 NFC Divisional Round led Tree to declare the death of the "BIG. DICK. NICK." meme for Philadelphia's backup quarterback (and Super Bowl LII MVP), Nick Foles, whose pass to Alshon Jeffrey slipped through the latter's hands and was grabbed by the Saints' Marshon Lattimore, killing a potential game-winning drive with two minutes left. The gag made a one-off appearance in week 3 of 2020 season, when Foles - now playing for Chicago Bears - lead them to a 16-point comeback against Falcons, but remained absent since then.
    • Though the Steelers suffered embarrassing losses to the Washington Football Team and the Bills during the second half of the 2020 season after starting 11-0, Tree refused to revive the previously recurring "Days Of Our Steelers" segment to ridicule them. He did, however, bring it back once they lost their third straight game - to 2-10-1 Bengals of all teams.
  • Don't Shoot the Message: In "Buffalo: The Duality Of Franchise", he proclaims that calling him sexist doesn't change the fact that Kim Pegula has no qualifications that would justify her appointment (by her husband Terry) to the post of team president for the Buffalo Sabres.note 
  • Fan Nickname: Tree has inspired several since his videos or coining of the term. You may notice a theme...
    • Ben Roethlisberger is often referred to as Captain Fatfuck, even by non-detractors.
    • After the success of THE FUCKING PENGUINS, and its snowclones, there are several teams that get referred to as THOSE FUCKING [X].
      • Those fucking [Pittsburgh] Penguins, especially to Washington Capitals fans (despite winning a Cup and defeating the Penguins in the process of doing so).
      • Those fucking [New England] Patriots, by Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
      • Those fucking [Oakland] Athletics, by Seattle Mariners fans.
      • A variant that doubles as a Shout-Out to the play, Those (God)Damn Yankees. This one has been applied to a few teams, but stuck for Minnesota Twins fans after the 2019 postseason.note 
    • Fucking [Dean] Spanos (though more often he gets "Fuck you, Spanos!" yelled about him instead).
    • The San Diego Chargers are referred to as the diamond dogs of the NFL.
  • Genius Bonus: Pulls out some rather spectacular references in describing how bad a team can be.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Tree's anger towards Ben Roethlisberger took on a whole different meaning when the "A Yinzer in Jerryworld" blog revealed that Tree bore more than a passing resemblance to Captain FatFuck.
    • During his LOLCow video on the Pittsburgh Steelers (released near the start of the 2017 season), he predicts that Antonio Brown "is going to become a cancer and might get run out of town". Fast-forward two years later, and it turns out that not only was he right, he actually managed to underestimate the trouble that Brown would run into.note 
    • His video on the San Jose Sharks' Legacy of Failure notes that the Sharks' two wins in the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals gave them "more playoff success than the [St. Louis] Blues and [Washington] Capitals combined." The next two Stanley Cup Champions after the video was uploaded were... the Capitals and the Blues.
    • His excitement over the Tampa Bay Lightning in both "The Haters Guide to the 2017/18 NHL Eastern Conference: All-Star Edition" and "This Week In Sportsball: NHL Trade Deadline Edition", considering not only their playoff collapses in both 2018 and 2019, but that he switched to relentlessly dismissing them even before the start of the 2018 playoffs, as evidenced in the relevant Haters Guide:
      UT: You remember that Tampa Bay boner I had back at the deadline? It's gone flaccid.
    • His pessimistic views on the St. Louis Blues in "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Season: Western Conference Edition" and "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Western Conference: All-Star Edition" (both times labeling them "Eternal Pain"), considering that the Blues would go on to win their first Stanley Cup that season.
    • Overlapping with Heartwarming in Hindsight, in his LOLCow video on the Los Angeles (St Louis) Rams, after their franchise owner Stan Kroenke suddenly takes the team to Los Angeles in 2016, putting down the city of St. Louis, Tree reassures the heartbroken city that they're better off without him. In 2019, the Rams returned to the Super Bowl, only to suffer a humiliating 13-3 loss to the New England Patriots, the same team that had defeated them the last time they were there. Meanwhile, the St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins to win their first-ever Stanley Cup.
    • In the week 1 "Sportsball" episode about the 2017 NFL season, after the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns 21-18, Tree says "Brownies, you may be getting out of the basement this year. A six-win season awaits!". Instead, the Browns finished 0-16, the second team after the 2008 Detroit Lions to lose every game in a 16-game schedule.
    • While lamenting how "fucked" the NBA was during his Haters Guide to the 2018 NBA Finals, Tree rattles off teams that his commentators had tried to tell him would take the reins to prevent yet another Cavaliers/Warriors Finals, corpsing derisively when he lists the Toronto Raptors. The joke ended up being on him; the very next year saw the Raptors not only make the Finalsnote , but emerge victorious in a 6-game series against those same Warriors to win the Championship and, in his own words, "unfuck" the NBA.
    • Throughout the 2019 NFL season, Tree is pessimistic at the idea of a Patriots Super Bowl victory and pretty much guarantees that Tom Brady will perform his black magic once again, and as such picks them to win it all in that season's Hater's Guide to the Playoffs. Merely two days after uploading that video, the Patriots get bounced out of the Wildcard by the Titans, with Brady's last play of the game (and, as it would later turn out, last play as a Patriot) being a pick six in the final minute.
    • In "Congrats, Falcons!", after the Atlanta Falcons squandered a 28-3 lead against the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LI and lost 34-28 in overtime, Tree remarks about then-Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, "San Francisco wants to give this guy complete control of their franchise for one good year. Have fun, Niners fans!". Initially, it was hilarious due to the 49ers struggling through 2 losing seasons in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons before finishing 13-3 in the 2019-20 season and making it to Super Bowl LIV. And then, it got so more much amusing when Shanahan squandered another double-digit lead, going from leading 20-10 in the 4th quarter to losing 31-20 against the Kansas City Chiefs.
    • During his ripping of the Oilers, UT keys in on Chiarelli's extremely messy tenure in Edmonton and singles out Leon Draisatl's contract as "breaking the league" and "this this is the kind of shit that leads to a lockout" for one year of first line production. At the time the contract was questionable and pundits wondered if his production was largely due to teammate Connor McDavid, widely seen as the best player in the NHL. Fast forward a few years and Draisatl would notch a 50 goal season in 2018-19, and a scoring championship and MVP award in 2019-20, even ahead of the aforementioned McDavid. Peter Chiarelli made many questionable moves while in Edmonton but the Draisatl contract is arguably his best move. Not only that, but the league would ratify a brand new Collective Bargaining Agreement in July 2020, ending any potential for yet another lockout. Tree would later admit he was wrong about Draisatl's contract.
    • "Congrats, Lightning! (2019)" features an evisceration of the Tampa Bay Lightning, who had just been swept by the 8th-seeded Columbus Blue Jackets as the President's Trophy winners, with Tree stating that the Lightning are all but destined to failure with their current team and coach. Come the next season, said coach and core returned (including all the players specifically called out by Tree himself) and became Stanley Cup champions. And when they did it again, Tree dedicated a video to calling himself out.
    • While covering the Sebastian Aho drama in "This Week In Sportsball: 2019 NHL Free Agency Edition", he opined that the Montreal Canadiens and their GM, Marc Bergevin, should be wary of future retaliation from the Carolina Hurricanes after convincing Aho to sign an offer sheetnote  that was at least a million dollars more per year and three years shorter than Canes GM Don Waddell wanted to sign him to. (He matched the offer regardless, thus retaining Aho) Tree even spotlighted Ryan Poehling, Max Domi and Jesperi Kotkaniemi as specific young players the Canes could opt to target when their contracts ran out. Two years later, Domi had been traded and Poehling had just come off a season stuck entirely in the AHL, but Kotkaniemi was a fairly steady presence on the NHL roster. Sure enough, once it became clear that he and Bergevin were at an impasse on a new contract following the expiration of his entry-level deal, Waddell and the Hurricanes swooped in and got Kotkaniemi to sign an offer sheet was reported to be at least three million more than what the Habs were willing to offer.note  Bergevin and the team ultimately decided this was too much money to deal with (likely because of effects it would have on his next contract) and accepted the offer instead of matching, thus sending Kotkaniemi to Carolina. (In exchange, Montreal got first and third round picks.) Tree had a couple chuckles about this on Twitter, both lauding it for injecting some action into the normally dry RFA market, but also questioning the move in the context of the Hurricanes' other offseason moves.
    • After calling time of death on the "TOO GOOD RIGHT NOW" meme regarding Pekka Rinne as Rinne retired, SportsNet referred to Andre Vasilevskiy as "too good right now" during a pregame broadcast in the run-up to the 2022 Stanley Cup Finals Game 6, with the Lightning down 2 games to 3 despite Vasy's tremendous play. Like Rinne before him, Vasilevskiy would then lose Game 6 and the series, despite keeping his team in it with a heroic performance.
  • Memetic Badass: In his reviews, he has treated a few people as these.
    • Phil Jackson ("the motherfucking zen-master, the soothsayer of superstars and egos alike")
    • Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage ("the demonic necromancer ... who with a few occult rituals and sacrifices of a few fattened calves, pitchers are throwing the best in their careers")
    • Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne, who is, and always will be, too good right now.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • On Tree's old gaming-centric channel, he was fairly well-known for his hammy and loud delivery of the word "PWNED!" There is a techno song dedicated to his pronunciation, and would be repeated/imitated in other videos.
    Spoony One on Yor: Hunter from the Future: "If I may borrow the expression- PWNED!"
    • Several prominent memes have come out of his sports videos:
      • "I just think Pekka Rinne is too good right now."Explanation 
      • "THE FUCKING PENGUINS!"Explanation . The phrase has gotten snowcloned whenever teams in another sport are in a similar situation, like THE FUCKING PATRIOTS! And now courtesy of this, it has become customary among UT fans to call them "Those fucking Penguins."
      • "Fuck you, Spanos!"Explanation 
      • "This week, on Days of Our Steelers." Explanation 
      • The Tree jinx. Explanation 
  • Misaimed Fandom: Probably one of the funnier cases of this trope. Because of the popularity of Days of Our Steelers, numerous fans and viewers wish for the Steelers to continue having bad seasons or bad games just for Urinating Tree to make more videos. The reason Tree made the series in the first place was to express frustration at the incompetence of the team and really wishes for them to improve. It initially appeared this was going to happen in the 2020 season with their 11-0 record, only for them to lose several games down the stretch leading to a humiliating lose to the Browns in the Wild Card round. Tree live streamed his reaction to game which, to the delight of his viewers, blew up when the Steelers were getting blown out.
  • Misblamed: In "Thrashed", Tree admits to this regarding Atlanta's hockey failures; he previously thought that Atlanta just wasn't a Hockey town:
    • The Flames were merely mediocre in their tenure in Atlanta in the '70s.
    • The failures of the Thrashersnote  came down to an ownership group that was A: utterly apathetic towards the Thrashersnote  and B: more interested in suing each other.
  • Newbie Boom: In his own words, he started 2017 with a little over 500 subscribers, only for that number to multiply by (literally) two hundred beginning with his first "Hater's Guide" video in January of that year.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The injury list for "This Week In Sportsball: NFL Week Two Edition (2020)" eschews the usual Taps in favor of an ominous piece of ambient music and features a staggering forty-five injuries (eleven of which were season-ending), an MRI truck scheduled for the Greenbrier breaking down, a partial loss of footage from CBS's broadcast due to a power outage, and two deaths (Chicago Bears' Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers passing away at age 77; and the father of New England Patriots running back James White dying in a car crash that also hospitalized White's mother).
    UT: This week was so bad, it outlasted Taps. The gods are insatiable.
  • Special Effect Failure: In his NFL Week 16 and 17 (2018) videos, Tree uses a bass-boosting effect when introducing Nick Foles with his nickname, "Big Dick Nick". The effect lasts a while after the introduction, leading to some of his following commentary sounding crunchy.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Congrats, Vikings", a compilation of Vikings season-ending losses with Samuel Barber's "Adagio For Strings" in the background, ending with the 2017-18 NFC Championship loss to the Eagles, which prompted the video's creation.
    • Oh god, "Revisiting... The Indianapolis Colts". Just when the Indianapolis Colts were on the rebound, Andrew Luck suddenly announced his retirement from the NFL. Schlasser calls Luck's retirement one of the saddest moments he'd ever seen as a sports fan. The fact that Luck had to deal with a concussion, a torn abdomen and even a lacerated kidney amongst other injuries drives home how much punishment Luck undeservedly took due to the Colts' owner's and GM's incompetence.
    • "Congrats, Rams!". Unlike the thrilling Super Bowl LII from the previous year, Super Bowl LIII was an anti-climactic Downer Ending for the 2018-19 NFL season as the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3, securing their 6th Super Bowl title and tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowl titles. A montage of the Patriots effortlessly beating the Rams and other NFL teams over the years is scored with "Anakin's Betrayal" from the Order 66 sequence in Revenge of the Sith, further reinforcing the Patriots' reputation as "The Evil Empire". In some ways, it's really "Congrats, NFL!: Part II", lambasting the league for letting this happen.
    • "Re: Coronavirus" and "This Week in Sportsball: Cancelled Edition" both deal with the effects of the 2019-20 coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on the sports world, with players from Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz to eleven players in the Italian Serie A contracting the virus, resulting in basically every sporting competition being put on hold.
    • This Week in Sportsball: Week Eight Edition (2021): At the end of the video, Schlasser discusses the horrific incident where Henry Ruggs III, a wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders known for his speed and who had a bright future ahead, killed a woman named Tina Tintor and her dog by crashing his car into hers at more than 150 miles per hour. Even worse was how Schlasser describes in subtitles how Tina and her dog were burnt alive in her car while also noting that Ruggs, who was found to have a gun in the car and also have a blood alcohol content twice over the legal limit, thought he was invincible and now faces a long jail sentence as a woman is now dead because of his actions. Bonus points for pointing out the irony of Ruggs having had a friend die in a car wreck.
    • Hockey Has a Culture Problem. Tree rips into the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League for covering up a scandal where assistant coach Brad Aldrich sexually assualted at least two players for the team during their Stanley Cup Finals run back in 2010. He also delves into the more depressing parts of the NHL's toxic culture, from their insistence on not letting the players have any sort of control to doing next-to-nothing to help NHL players prepare for life after hockey or even help them after their injuries.
    • Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Minnesota Vikings (December 9, 2021) - The 500k Shittacular!: Tree spends most of the chat lamenting at how bad the Steelers are while joking that no matter what happens, the Steelers will still win the Super Bowl. The stream then takes a very dark turn upon hearing the news that former Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, a Pro Bowler who helped the Broncos win a Super Bowl in 2015, died suddenly. Tree's enthusiasm then becomes melancholy as he remarks at how Thomas was only 33 when he died (same age as him), and he discusses how anyone's clock can run out at any moment. He even ends the stream by playing a clip of Demaryius Thomas catching an 80-yard receiving TD against the Steelers in the 2011-12 Wild Card game, which is significant considering Tree himself admits that moment is painful for him as a Steelers fan.
    Tree: Rest in peace, brother. Have a good night everyone. And rest in peace, Demaryius Thomas. Always cherish life because it's short and you never know when you're gonna go. I love you all. Have a good night, everyone.