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  • Broken Base: He did a very negative video on Venezuela and its socialist government in early 2017. As expected, whether or not you found the video good/funny depends almost entirely on what political ideology you support. After the reaction, UT hasn't done a video like it since.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: While the preview card hints at it, the actual "Congrats, Lightning!" video gives no indication in its first 1:34 that it's anything other than Tree laying into the Lightning for choking spectacularly against the Capitals - then it cuts out of nowhere to a rehash of 2017's "Congrats, Preds!" vid, this time with "Too good right now" layered even thicker and "Unless he falls apart" thrown in, along with mocking chants of "PEKKA! PEKKA!" and "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!", over footage of Pekka Rinne getting shot to pieces against the Jets. After 36 seconds, it then cuts back to Tree laying into the Lightning, with no mention of the Preds segment.
  • Discredited Meme:
    • Called time of death on "THE FUCKING PENGUINS!" after the Capitals flipped the script on Pittsburgh in the second round of the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs.
    • He declared "the memes are dead" after the Washington Capitals won the The Stanley Cup in 2018. Up until then, he had been calling teams "the Washington Capitals of [Sport X]" because, up until that point, the Capitals has a tendency for choking in the NHL playoffs.
    • As of the 2018 NFL season, he's also called time of death on "Fuck you, Spanos!". The first indication was in the first Sportsball video after the end of the 2017 NFL season, "NHL Trade Deadline Edition", which had "Who Is Spanos?" in the thumbnail instead of "Fuck You, Spanos!", with the line itself not appearing. The next several Sportsball episodes featured "Spanos?" and "Something Something Spanos!" on the thumbnail before all references to it disappeared completely beginning with "MLB In May Edition". The big sign, though, came with "The Los Angeles Chargers: Professional Football's Diamond Dogs", when the vid ended with Archival!Tree calling over Codec to drop the line. Tree's response? "Good news, 2017 just called me, they want their forced meme back.". Its death was confirmed on an episode of The Dumpster Firenote , where he revealed he would only reference the meme indirectly in the coming season of "This Week In Sportsball", even calling it "old and hackneyed".
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    • The Eagles' elimination in the 2019 NFC Divisional Round led Tree to declare the death of the "BIG. DICK. NICK." meme for Philadelphia's backup quarterback (and Super Bowl LII MVP), Nick Foles, whose pass to Alshon Jeffrey slipped through the latter's hands and was grabbed by the Saints' Marshon Lattimore, killing a potential game-winning drive with two minutes left.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Fan Hater:
    • If Tree specifically mentions a fanbase, it's usually because he hates them. Though his primary whipping boys are actual franchises, in some cases he tends to lump their fans in as well, even though fanbases aren't actually part of sports franchises.
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    • Tree holds a special contempt for Pittsburgh Steelers fans, since he lives in Pittsburgh and is frequently annoyed by "yinzers", whom Tree says are making the city look bad through obnoxious attitude.
  • Genius Bonus: Pulls out some rather spectacular references in describing how bad a team can be.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Tree's anger towards Ben Roethlisberger took on a whole different meaning when the "A Yinzer in Jerryworld" blog revealed that Tree bore more than a passing resemblance to Captain FatFuck.
    • His video on the San Jose Sharks' Legacy of Failure notes that the Sharks' two wins in the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals gave them "more playoff success than the [St. Louis] Blues and [Washington] Capitals combined." The next two Stanley Cup Champions after the video was uploaded were... the Capitals and the Blues.
    • His excitement over the Tampa Bay Lightning in both "The Haters Guide to the 2017/18 NHL Eastern Conference: All-Star Edition" and "This Week In Sportsball: NHL Trade Deadline Edition", considering not only their playoff collapses in both 2018 and 2019, but that he switched to relentlessly dismissing them even before the start of the 2018 playoffs, as evidenced in the relevant Haters Guide:
      UT: You remember that Tampa Bay boner I had back at the deadline? It's gone flaccid.
    • His pessimistic views on the St. Louis Blues in "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Season: Western Conference Edition" and "The Haters Guide to the 2018/19 NHL Western Conference: All-Star Edition" (both times labeling them "Eternal Pain"), considering that the Blues would go on to win their first Stanley Cup that season.
    • Overlapping with Heartwarming in Hindsight, in his LOLCow video on the then-St. Louis Rams, after their franchise owner Stan Kroenke suddenly takes the team to Los Angeles in 2016, aggressively burning bridges with the city of St. Louis doing so, Tree reassures the heartbroken city that they're better off without him. In 2019, the Rams returned to the Super Bowl, only to suffer a humiliating 13-3 loss to the New England Patriots, the same team that had defeated them the last time they were there. Meanwhile, the St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins to win their first-ever Stanley Cup.
  • Memetic Badass: In his reviews, he has treated a few people as these.
    • Phil Jackson ("the motherfucking zen-master, the soothsayer of superstars and egos alike")
    • Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage ("the demonic necromancer ... who with a few occult rituals and sacrifices of a few fattened calves, pitchers are throwing the best in their careers")
    • Nashville Predators goaltender Pekka Rinne, who is, and always will be, too good right now.
  • Memetic Mutation: Back then, he was fairly known for his hammy and loud delivery of the word "PWNED!" There is a techno song dedicated to his pronunciation, and would be repeated/imitated in other videos.
    Spoony One on Yor: Hunter from the Future: "If I may borrow the expression- PWNED!"
    • Several prominent memes have come out of his sports videos:
      • "I just think Pekka Rinne is too good right now."Explanation 
      • "THE FUCKING PENGUINS!"Explanation . The phrase has gotten snowcloned whenever teams in another sport are in a similar situation, like THE FUCKING PATRIOTS! And now courtesy of this, it has become customary among UT fans to call them "Those fucking Penguins."
      • "Fuck you, Spanos!"Explanation 
      • "This week, on Days of Our Steelers." Explanation 
  • Newbie Boom: In his own words, he started 2017 with a little over 500 subscribers, only for that number to multiply by (literally) two hundred beginning with his first "Hater's Guide" video in January of that year.
  • Old Shame: He interrupted his usual sports programming to talk about the sorry state he feels gaming is in today. To kick it off, he reflected on his own past as a game reviewer and the content he posted on YouTube at the time. One caption says it all:
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • His take on the Washington Redskins name controversy. UT says there's really no good side to this debate, because it means supporting either people who are picking battles that aren't theirs to fight, or an openly hostile team owner who doesn't care about anyone but himself.
    • In his lolcow video on the San Diego Padres, UT says that sports owners need to learn that "big splashes usually drain the pool of all the water." In other words, signing a popular-but-untested player or signing a veteran well past their prime is always going to be a worse decision than the Boring, but Practical approach of taking a few years to build a winning squad.
    • Why has former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick not been able to find a job since entering free agency? According to UT, several factors combine to make him unattractive for teams: he has brought about a media circus around him that would distract teams from trying to win games note , his level of play is not good enough to justify putting up with the media circus, there were other quarterbacks around his caliber that are also looking for jobs, and most teams would look for a new quarterback in the draft anyway.
    • UT's take on why the NFL's television ratings are declining. While UT admits it's not entirely their fault — television ratings across the board are down thanks to the availability of high-speed internet — the NFL is doing themselves no favors with constant overexposure, Corrupt Corporate Executives ruining the league with their greed, and the slow revelations of what a long NFL career does to a player's body and mind.
    • Tree may take a certain pleasure in dressing teams down, but arguably he's doing it with the best of intentions. More leagues would be more entertaining if they weren't so lopsided, and they're usually only so lopsided because of inept and/or selfish management or ownership. He consistently points to the NHL as being the league with the most parity, and even that is riddled with problems that consistently keep certain teams down. Despite his lack of interest in the NBA, he's gradually done more material on that league since he gave the 76ers what for, pointing out that aside from the NBA's biggest problem of there being only one or two teams with a chance at winning or being entertaining for the right reasons every year, many NBA teams have exactly the same issues holding them back as teams in other leagues he prefers watching instead, with just as much potential to win if they simply tried harder to do so.
    • He feels the video game industry has gotten up its own ass with microtransactions and DLC, withholding content to force gamers to pay more for the whole game rather than genuinely expanding it, as well as running absolutely every genre into the ground at some point because it was popular for a brief span of time (even warning that the style currently popular as a result of Fortnite is next). He has even argued that what made gaming great a few decades ago was in fact enabled by The Great Video Game Crash of 1983, saying that such a catalyst may be necessary to truly revitalize gaming today. He also pessimistically denies that it'll happen, since the industry will simply apply a Band-Aid solution to itself to keep its stagnant formula going rather than truly trying to reinvent the wheel and breathe new life into the medium.
    • His 'Congrats, NFL' video, produced in response to the 2018-19 NFL conference championships, discusses the issues with the inconsistent officiating of NFL referees, citing the vague rules and poor judgement as main topics. Not helping matters is the video shows referees often penalizing defensive players for roughing the passer if they so much as tap their shoulder. Meanwhile, blatant helmet-to-helmet hits, false starts, facemasks, and pass interference calls are completely missed, often costing teams wins.
    • Tree's video on the Kansas City Royals departs from the expected mockery of the team's struggles, and instead presents a look at Major League Baseball's competitive imbalances between teams that enjoy large budgets (e.g. Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs) and those who do not (e.g. A's, Twins, Rays). Tree notes that a lack of a hard salary cap, the rising costs of running a team, and the increasing salaries of players are factors that make it hard for small-market teams to remain consistently competitive. Small-market teams had to develop using the farm system, wise drafting, and making the most of the young players that excelled before they left for larger markets. To make things worse, while small-market teams had used innovative tactics to compete earlier in the 2010s, large-market teams have adopted these tactics and have excelled at them. In addition, a large market team can survive a disastrous contract or a misguided trade that would doom a smaller market team. Thus, Tree sees the most effective strategy for a small-market team to compete is to tank. Tree also sees the Royals as lucky: they have won the World Series recently, something that the Rays, A's, Indians, Pirates, Orioles, Brewers, Reds, Padres, and Twins could not boast.
  • Special Effect Failure: In his NFL Week 16 and 17 (2018) videos, Tree uses a bass-boosting effect when introducing Nick Foles with his nickname, "Big Dick Nick". The effect lasts a while after the introduction, leading to some of his following commentary sounding crunchy.
  • Tear Jerker:


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