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Go here for running gags from Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams.

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    Gags Used By Multiple Streamers 
  • When faced with hard jumps, streamers are encouraged to JUMP THE CHASM.
  • The scariest and spookiest games all involve skeletons and/or run on old systems such as Atari 2600.
  • The streamers have an odd obsession with the word "trash" as an Inherently Funny Word, mainly due to how Danny DeVito says it during his character Frank Reynolds' stint on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as the Trash Man, a wrestling character he created. Several quotes of his have proven to be very popular with the streamers, Joel and Vinny especially, and the streamers tend to list themselves as playing "Trash" whenever they play a game that Twitch doesn't recognize.
    Frank: When I'm dead, just throw me in the trash.
  • Imakuni and Jen have become associated with "nuggies" (chicken nuggets) and have emoticons for them in their Twitch chats. This came up in a Super Mario Bros. X level featuring them when Vinny held a contest for that game in 2015.
  • Funky Kong ASMR. Vinny and Joel both make frequent references to docfuture1's infamous "Caring and Supportive Funky Kong Gives You A Ride Home From The Airport" video whenever either Funky Kong or ASMR are brought up, typically by getting really close to the microphone and saying "hey dudes" in a low voice.
  • Vinny and Joel occasionally describe particularly bad or just plain weird "music" as "Human Music", with the implication being that only aliens could've produced that kind of music. Joel in particular likes pronouncing the phrase as "HEWMAN MYUSIK", which he says is him copying how the Ferengi say the word "human".
  • "TOOHOO". An intentional misspelling and mispronunciation of Touhou done by Joel in several streams. Fans also give secondary misspellings, such as 2hu and TUUHUU. Vinny started using the mispronunciation as well after it started to bleed over, particularly when a large number of requests to play certain Touhou games started coming in. Having a number of badly made fan games showing up in Sunday Stream packs also helped.

    Vinny Gags 
  • Clowns are a big fascination of Vinny's and tend to come up in his streams a lot. He explains that his interest in clowns stemmed from his childhood, when his cousin tried to scare him with a comic depicting Monster Clowns invading his hometown when they were younger (with Vinny adding that he never really found clowns scary or funny). For example, in Grand Theft Auto V he played as a character named Whacko the Clown), and shared a story about two strange clowns he saw in March. He also joked about obscuring the gameplay footage with a picture of a clown while streaming Kirby: Planet Robobot. Two especially common clown-related gags of his:
    • Vinny likes to refer to brightly colored and garbled looking graphics as "clown vomit", such as what you'd get from a corruption. For example Vinny once described corrupted Super Mario 64 textures as looking like the inside of a septic tank of a clown who's spent years partying too hard.
    • Vinny is also fond of quoting "You want penis enlargement pills?" (from this Vine where a guy dressed as Pennywise asks the same question) whenever talking about clowns or even the mere possibility of a clown appearing.
  • Vinny likes to attribute particularly creepy corruptions to Satan. He also once considered attributing corrupted music to Nine Inch Nails, but it never caught on.
  • "Spaalonebabuguuscooties", which came from a Zelda corruption; the "spaalone" part comes from a cross between the previous text's "Spay me for the dooret" (which in turn was mostly a corrupted version of "Pay me for the door repair charge") and the original game's "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." It's become an occasional source of other gibberish words for Vinny. "Babuguuscooties" first appeared as a Skype status that Vinny declared "the worst thing he'd ever seen", and "Spaalonebabuguu" appears as Lamb Chop's catchphrase in the Tomodachi playthroughs.
  • Vinny's Dolan Duk impression. Vinny tends to drop into an extremely odd-sounding Donald Duck-like growl if he gets particularly agitated, and also unintentionally when he sneezes. (This is probably why Dolan became an islander in his Tomodachi Life streams, at least until Vinny became tired of him.)
  • "YOU CAN MOVE YOUR BODY FREELY!" is a quote by Dance Dance Revolution composer Naoki Maeda during Konami's (awkward) E3 2010 press conference to promote Dance Masters. Vinny usually quotes it whenever weird body movements come into play, and it's always said in Maeda's thick Japanese accent (i.e. "you can move yo body freery").
  • Vinny is fond of referencing the former White Sox baseball player Rusty Kuntznote  due to his terribly Unfortunate Name. He was even the focus point of a level in the 2015 Super Mario Bros. X level contest.
  • CUBE. Explanation 
  • Vinny's "club cousin", who he first spoke of during a stream of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. He mentioned said cousin randomly showed up at his house wanting him to go to his club, with Vinny comparing his clubbing to Stefan from Saturday Night Live. Vinny added that the club's name seems to change every time it's mentioned and both Vinny and fan artists frequently reference the incident with quotes along the lines of "You gotta come to my club. It's called [word]." He also mentioned that this cousin also once called Vinny up while he was driving, and asked Vinny to go into business with him making custom Star Wars figures, resulting in "Custom made [Star Wars character] figure" being another popular catchphrase.
  • Impressions of the "Polish Water Ice" vendor. Vinny told a story about the boardwalk he went to in New Jersey for which the man he saw at the water ice shop was pretty annoying about the flavors he had. He gets really close to the mic and starts saying slowly "Come down to the boardwalk, we have water ice, we've got blueberry, raspberry, etc., best on the boardwalk." These phrases are said with a really thick New Jersey accent.
  • Vinny has a tendency to say "My passive proc'd" (or a variation of it) whenever he discovers any sort of bug in the games he plays, implying that the ability to inflict bugs on games is a real-life Status Ailment of his. Most of the time he says this, he's clipping through a wall.
  • "Mario has logged in", a phrase that shows up exactly once in indie RPG Maker game Toilet In Wonderland. Vinny's sheer bewilderment at the phrase (and what happens shortly after seeing said phrase on-screen) led him to eventually appropriate it for other weird Mario-related things, such as corruptions or bad fan games.
  • Vinny played a indie game called Johan's Farm in one of his streams. When he died by being crunched in a ghost-piloted tractor, a lyric-reduced Slovenian version of Old Mac Donald Had a Farm played as Game Over music. The lyrics of the music consists in a pitched-down man voice singing Na kmetiji je lepo, EIEIO!. Since them, every game Vinny plays with a unexpected farm theme, he plays that song. According to himself, this game is the worse thing that he ever streamed.
  • As an extension of the original "CHARLOTTE!" "JONATHAN!" "CHARLOTTE!" "JONATHAN!" meme Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Vinny has a tendency to repeat the names of any guy-and-girl protagonist duo, just like Charlotte and Jonathan do in their game. Sometimes, he even does it with namedrops in general.
  • During one stream, Vinny showed off a clip of Michael Jackson performing a duet of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" with Siedah Garrett on-stage. At the end of the song, the instrumental recording failed to cut out, forcing Michael and Siedah to have to improvise until the music could be switched off. At one point, Michael apparently fired the stage director on the spot, shouting "JOB'S GONE" and singing other threats against the stage director. Vinny found the sudden exclamation so amusing that variants of the phrase "job's gone" quickly became a catchphrase for any form of depriving someone access to something else, from joking about being banned from Twitch to accidentally killing someone's father in Red Dead Redemption II. Another variant is "VOD's gone", usually said when copyrighted music ends up being played during the streams (which Twitch's automatic moderators tend to censor).
  • "Doodle Dip", a character from his stream of Space Kids. One of the charactersnote  would keep saying what sounds like "doodle dip", over and over and over again, to the point that even though Vinny declared it a most annoying sound, the phrase would not leave his head.
  • During an early 2019 stream, Vinny showed the chat a bizarre (and highly memetic) promo clip for 2015's Ant-Man, featuring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas slapping their chests and knees while Douglas yells "ANTS," interspersed with brief clips of ants. It wasn't until the stream of the YouTube Poop generator program YTP+ (which took the clip from Vinny's collection of videos to make several mini-Poops) that the chat got attached to it and Vinny would frequently reference while doing a Michael Douglas impression whenever ants appear in his games.
  • During one of Vinny's "Shit Show" streams, he comes across a game called Be My Master, featuring a stray Cat Girl. The absurdity of it caused Vinny to go into a giggle fit. Whenever a cat (or cat girl) comes up on stream, Vinny usually refers to it as a "Stray Cat Girl".
  • After learning about the So Bad, It's Good 1989 direct-to-video film Creating Rem Lezar via Best of the Worst, Vinny became fond of the eponymous main character Rem Lezar and made him into a frequent joke on his streams. A particular source of mockery is the song "Higher" from the film, thanks to it being incredibly banal yet surprisingly catchy.
  • Vinny likes to say "I will furnish you with every informations you need" or some variation of it occasionally when teaching chat something about the game he's playing. Apparently picked up the phrase from someone trying to pull a classic 419 Scam on him.
  • "GO TO THE BATHROOM! YOU'RE SHITTING YOURSELF!!", from "CRAZY PARENT FLIPS OUT AT SON", a rather notorious moment from one of creeperman90's streams, which DesertP had the good graces to link Vinny to during a Super Mario Maker 2 stream (albeit with footage of RuneScape replacing the original Mafia III footage). It was made even funnier by the stream going down a few minutes after playing the clip. Vinny even prefaced it saying that it definitely wouldn't become a meme. Naturally, he's started playing the clip when witnessing any situation that remotely resembles Potty Emergency or Potty Failure.
  • "I'm alive! I'm born! I'm free!"/"I'm your brother!"/"Put me back! I'M NOT DONE!", all quotes are from "Super Mario Larva Bros.", a video that was linked to Vinny early in 2019 because a lot of people in his viewer base thought Lumpy Touch's voice over for Mario and Luigi was provided by Vinny. Prone to quoting the video when playing Mario-related games, for obvious reasons.
  • Vinny often pretends to not know what a condom is when one appears in a stream. He wrapped one around a teabag (Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder asked him to take a picture of a teabag) and said it was a tea cosy, adding that it keeps the tea from getting too moist. Later someone sent him Vinesauce-themed condoms and he said they were Fruit Roll-Ups. These events led him to joke that he wondered why the tea and the "Fruit Roll-Ups" tasted like spermicide. However, he did break character once to say that he refused to take the condom off the teabag before taking a picture of it, despite the game having trouble recognizing it as a teabag while it was in the condom.
  • Barret Wallace was a big source of catchphrases for Vinny during his Final Fantasy VII streams. Usually when Barret was onscreen with Cloud exchanging dialogue with him, Vinny would frequently imitate Barret shouting "You jes' FULL OF SURPRISES, Cloud!" Otherwise he would imitate Barret wistfully saying "Biggs...Wedge...Jessie..." It got hilarious when Vinny unlocked Barret's "Ungarmax" Limit Break, where he would pronounce "anger" as "ungar", since the move's name was supposed to be "Angermax."
  • For generic protagonists, mostly from First-Person Shooters and the like, Vinny would refer to them as "John (insert occupation here)". examples include "John Doom" or "John Space Marine", or "Todd Warrior of Light."
  • From Vinny's streams of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD:
    • Vinny frequently expresses hatred of Malo and also refers to the game's kids in general (primarily Ilia) as aliens, at one point saying that the reason monsters want to kidnap them is because they need a sample of alien DNA.
    • He brings back his goofy, speech-impaired Goron voice from his streams of Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D.
    • He continually jokingly refers to Midna as a cat, the latter of which annoyed several viewers who didn't know he was joking.
    • Vinny acts annoyed whenever the postman shows up suddenly, often following this up by being amused by his goofy face and voice.
    • When Vinny comes across a Hylian stamp, he discusses whether the stamps he's collected up to that point can be used to post various profanity on Miiverse.
  • If Vinny ends up discussing food during a stream, he ends up commenting that it might not be a good idea to do so because it could make both him and the viewers hungry. During his seventh stream of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, after the subject of Italian food came up and he gave a particularly detailed description of cannoli, he said that his tendency to stream late at night means that talking about food would be especially bad because not everyone wants to buy cannoli at 1:30 AM.
  • Vinny sometimes uses the term "shitty [name of character/celebrity]" to refer to intentionally bad impressions, such as "shitty Morgan Freeman" during a stream of Super Mario Bros. X and "shitty Bender" (usually in reference to DiMaggio's Tinkie Winkie performance) as a recurring example.
  • From Vinny's streams of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
    • After a failed attempt to retrieve a cookbook from Hyrule Castle for a sidequest, Vinny started joking about said cookbook, such as jokingly saying he wondered if it could be found in an unrelated location.
    • Vinny ended up with a habit of accidentally killing foxes, which became comical due to a combination of how frequently it happened, Vinny's reactions, and the fact that the foxes seemed to run toward Link while he was swinging his sword at other things. Some of Vinny's reactions include various Star Fox references, such referring to himself as Andross or referring to Revali as Falco and "apologizing" to him for killing Fox.
    • Multiple instances of jokes Vinny thought were particularly goofy, such as puns that earned a Lame Pun Reaction from him, led Vinny to claim that the jokes in question were probably written by Bill Trinen.
    • Vinny getting high from finding Koroks and being addicted to them.
  • Vinny has a tendency to reference the Seinfeld theme whenever slap bass is used in a game's music, such as saying "I'm ready for the Seinfeld theme" after hearing Gladion's battle theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon.
  • During Vinny's Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion streams, a troll spammed him with the sentence "Do you like tartar sauce", a reference to the expansion's final boss. This caused viewers in the chat to spam the same sentence during many plot-important moments.
  • Vinny tends to bring up the fact that he has an English degree whenever he mispronounces a word, accidentally uses incorrect grammar, or a combination of the two.
  • Vinny, whenever he sees any control menu for any Mario game, or characters typing or making use of their hands, will often quote Mario Teaches Typing to say "Get ready to move your pingorrrss!" with emphasis on the "pingors" pronunciation.
  • Vinny's refusal to play Undertale, due to being hounded by its fans to play it despite his lack of interest. Whenever the game comes up, such as during a Nintendo Direct stream, Vinny will often go dead silent for the duration, then pretend that he didn't see it.
    Vinny: I'm sorry, did something happen? I stepped away from my computer for a moment.
  • Vinny usually referred to Dampé as "Dampy" during his streams of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, with that pronunciation being an old in-joke between him and Mike. The same streams ended up containing frequent references to hoisting after Yuga used the word "hoist" during a cutscene and Vinny found it oddly amusing, which was followed up by multiple uses of the word "behoove" after Hilda used it when introducing Link to the Sanctuary section of Lorule and Vinny found that oddly amusing as well.
  • From Vinny's streams of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D:
    • He often gives characters goofy voices and jokingly butchers the names of characters and locations within the games. For example, he gave the Gorons Simpleton Voices and most of the Zoras (excluding King Zora and Princess Ruto) French accents during his Ocarina of Time 3D streams and referred to Dodongo's Cavern as "Bobongo's Cavern" and "Bunghole's Cavern" during the same streams. He also referred to the Gorons as "Gobons" or "Bogons" (including referring to the Goron's Ruby as "Bogon's Booby", combining Alliterative Name with Unfortunate Names) during his streams of Majora's Mask 3D and sometimes during his streams of Ocarina of Time 3D (generally when using his Goron voice in both games' cases), while Dampé was generally called "Dampy" during streams of both games (with this nickname returning from Vinny's A Link Between Worlds streams). He also often intentionally botched the names of Gold Skulltulas, referring to them as "Gold Spatulas" among other names, with something similar to this happening in the '90s when he made a guide for the original Ocarina of Time that also intentionally botched names to mess with readers, with the guide saying where to find Gold Skulltulas and frequently referring to them by names like the ones he used in his streams of the 3DS version.
    • Vinny frequently compares the sounds the Lizalfos enemies make in both games to the sound made by turtles in a video of turtles mating (which he played the audio of during a stream of Majora's Mask 3D).
    • A comment during the fourth Ocarina of Time 3D stream that Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly contained what looked like either tofu or throat meat led to one viewer being unable to stop laughing at the phrase "throat meat" followed by more references to throat meat.
    • After the Deku Tree Sprout showed up after Vinny completed the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time 3D, people started to frequently joke that he wanted to commit genocide against humanity, with the phrase "purge the flesh" frequently showing up in fan art portraying him this way.
    • His Majora's Mask 3D streams saw him alternating between botching ocarina songs (not unlike Joel in his playthrough of the N64 version) and playing them using exactly the same meter as the game itself, as well as playing the regular Song of Time when he meant to play the Inverted Song of Time. He also frequently compared Like Likes to male sex toys and said that the Four Giants used them that way due to their size. He also often gave characters goofy voices when reading their dialogue, such as giving the Gorons Simpleton Voices similar to the ones he used for his Ocarina of Time 3D streams, though he ended up giving giving most of the Zoras Surfer Dude accents instead of the French accents he used for his Ocarina of Time 3D streams (a couple of exceptions being Tijo and Toto, with the latter getting a Spanish accent instead).
  • During Vinny's Super Mario Bros. 3Mix streams, any references to the Mike Matei video that he found out about 3Mix from feature him acting like he has no idea who Mike is, referring to him as "some guy named Mike Matinée".

    Joel Gags 
  • Joel is pretty much guaranteed to call out the Giving Someone the Pointer Finger trope whenever and wherever it happens by yelling "My finger points".
  • Joel is very fond of "Barbecue Shoes", a song performed by Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns as the theme song for BBQ Pit Boys, a YouTube channel about American food barbecue cooking starring a comically hypermasculine middle-aged man from Texas. The theme was first discovered when Joel was streaming Raft and became a recurrent joke whenever he talks about USA in general. Unfortunately, the music is actually claimable on YouTube, leaving Joel to cut parts of the music (if used) when the streams are going uploaded to his Full Streams channel.
  • "Ooh-Wah-Ah-Ah-Ah" is a laughing excerpt from "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed. First heard on his E3 2018 streams, but not featured until the Microsoft one, the quotation is generally used on endings of games when the final boss dies for good.
  • Joel sometimes segways into saying "Aw, hell naw!" ("Oh, hell no" with a Texas/southern America accent), from the "WORLD'S BEST Habanero Pepper Challenge" video, which Joel credits in one of his Kirby Star Allies streams.
  • Any line from his 3D Movie Maker streams is eminently quotable. Amplified due to the fact that many scenes are repeated multiple times so that Joel can perfect it and fix issues, leading to the audience hearing some lines many, many times.
    • "Just spaghetti on the rocks." (Noise that sounds in-between crying and laughing)
    • "Pasta la vista."
  • Mr. Kill was an Internet naming, particularly used by a Nerd. On Joel streams, Mr. Kill is used for nicknaming character(s) with badass aura on the streams. For some unknown reason, Mr. Kill got his own official game. Not to be confused with a Ms. Kill.
  • Joel is fond of frequently using "It's him!/That's the guy!/There he is!" and other such declarations to point out obscure characters as if they're popular; usually, not even Joel himself knows who said characters are, often playing them up just for laughs. According to Joel, the joke is based on a Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! sketch where the titular duo interview a Steven Spielberg impersonator as if he was the genuine article, albeit playing up one particular line in said sketch to a hammy degree; in the original sketch, the line in question was stated in a more neutral, offhanded tone of voice. Joel explained that he doesn't really know why he does this and dismisses it as just plain old immaturity.
  • Joel is fond of dropping the "Truly, we were a Title Drop." meme in reaction to a Captain Obvious Reveal or a plot revalation that he just finds cheesy and unable to take seriously.
  • Joel tends to reference "yaoi hands" (a meme within the larger anime/manga community that mocks the tendency for characters in male/male romance series to be depicted with exaggerated proportions, the most infamous of them being unnaturally large hands) when he sees hands on men whose fingers are a bit on the long side e.g. some character models in Jojos Bizarre Adventure Eyes Of Heaven and Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise.
  • Joel parodies the "Mario, go fish!" "You go to Hell!" exchnage (referencing this old YouTube Poop) in moments involving Mario, card games, or even fishing.
  • "Iz gohld, I tell ya! Gohld!!" is Joel's go-to line whenever he's parodying a "cowboy" accent.
  • Joel has a love-hate relationship with the German discount store chain Lidl. He admits he shops there a lot because the prices are good but he often mocks the store's weird knockoff or cheap products to the point where it's a Running Gag in his streams to call something bootlegged as the "Lidl version". Streams like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Planet Coaster, and Sonic Forces has Joel making several jokes and references to Lidl.
  • Joel Tempting Fate as he awaits the results of his antics.
    Joel: Will this look good? Or will this look—bad.
  • In Joel's Majora's Mask streams, his frequent botching of ocarina songs. Early on his obsession with the dog races was one as well.
  • Whenever Joel streams a sprite-edit ROM hack of Super Mario Bros., expect him to pause at the end of the first castle level in preparation for whatever Bowser was changed to, usually saying "Will it be good? Or will it be..." Expect him to pause again when Bowser turns out to be nowhere near what he expected, most of the time finishing his sentence with "...bad." An unchanged Bowser sprite may lead to him anticipating whether the hacker at least changed Toad's text.
  • Joel repeatedly likes to call God Hand by its Romanized name.
    Joel: GODDO HANDO!
  • From Joel's Doom WAD contest:
    • His intense dislike of Arch-Vilesinvoked.
    • The "Blood Room", a particularly infamous location named for it's blood-like textures in one of the many Marathon Levels made for the 2016 event where the player has to Backtrack to when the player hits a switch in order to access new locations. This has to be done many, many times, with switches at opposing ends of the map. The result of this experience became Joel using the term "Blood Room" to describe any Doom map that is unnecessarily tedious. He even mentions this very entry during the first stream for the 2017/2018 contest.
  • Joel is fond of a video of a raccoon eating grapes.
  • From Joel's Pokémon streams:
    • He will usually make fun of Muk's name without saying it outright when either Ekans, Arbok, Grimer, or Muk appears on the screen.
      Joel: D-did you know that, M-Muk backwards is...kobra.
    • invoked Referring to the Urban Legend of Zelda that pressing Up+B when trying to catch a Pokémon is scientifically proven to guarantee a successful capture.
  • The subtitles on Joel's videos tend to display "Joel.exe has stopped working" or "Joel.exe has lost shit.exe," basically a fancy way of saying that Joel has lost his shit for the latter, whenever Joel breaks into laughter that keeps him from playing the game, occasionally tacking on more of the Windows-associated baggage.
  • Ever the musician, Joel has taken to adding his own custom songs in the games he plays.

    Other Streamer Gags 
  • Rev's catchphrase of "Power move, bitch!" During one of Rev's (off-stream) Yandere Simulator videos, he brings up his idea of "power moves", that is, ways to show you're in control of a situation, such as throwing water in someone's face when they want an art discount, or murdering them when they're telling you about debt problems.
  • Rev has a tendency to take breaks to drink coffee while playing annoying sounds/songs, such as honking in Death Road to Canada or just the music of terrible Flash games.
  • Jen exclaiming "Zen doesn't heal!" During an Overwatch session with her friends, Jen encountered a Zenyatta player who spent his time attacking enemy players and not healing his teammates with his Orb of Harmony. When she asked him why he isn't healing his teammates, the Zenyatta player responded with "Oh, Zen doesn't heal!", despite the fact that he can heal his teammates with the Orb of Harmony. This has since turned into a tongue-in-cheek joke whenever one of her teammates plays as Zenyatta.
  • Fred's Miitomo streams contained multiple instances of him complaining about the job he had at the time.
    Game: "What would you like to get for your next birthday?"
    Fred: "A job I actually care about."
  • Hootey's playthrough of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast with a particular sound mod on resulted in a memorable catchphrase. Here's a small sample. It has since become his notification sound for new followers.
  • Limes's near-perfect Kid Trunks impression.
  • Imakuni is a little boy. As she's a Woman of a Thousand Voices can she make a very convincing, almost Creepy, boy child voice.


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