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A few billion years ago, the Universe was created. Don't ask how, nobody knows, though people tend to agree this was a bad move.

On an insignificant little blue planet in the Milky Way, creatures evolved. First came the bacteria, then came the amphibians, then the reptiles, then the birds, then the mammals and then the Indian narrator who probably got quite a few things wrong in this sentence. But what also evolved were vampires, demons, werewolves, fairies, Gods, etc.

First were the Egyptian Gods, and shortly after them were the Hindu Gods. They got along affably enough, and ruled the Earth together. Then came the Greeks, Aesir, Aztecs, Shinto and Abrahamics, along others. They lived under the rule of the Hindus and Egyptians, who kept the Earth from being destroyed by their constant warring.


Then the True Fae revealed themselves. Nobody was quite sure where they came from- another planet? Another dimension? Another galaxy? But they showed their intents to take over Earth, and Earth allied to defeat them. The Egyptian Gods were completely destroyed in this struggle. After centuries of warfare, the True Fae were chased away.

In the aftermath of the battle, all the Pantheons and supernatural beings were severely weakened. The supernatural council got together, got wasted, debated on whether the rumors of Loki screwing Aphrodite were true, and then they ultimately made the decision to leave Earth, due to the fact they were too weak at the moment, and those dirty hairless apes living there were getting stronger and more advanced every day.

So with some exceptions, supernatural creatures left Earth for the Celestial planes or their own universes. But nowadays the supernatural is wondering why the hell they left, and are considering returning to Earth. And some humans, aware of the supernatural, are also aware that they might want to return. They're also aware some places on Earth are more magical than others.


This is where the friggin title of the rp, Elfen High, comes into play. Somewhere in Britain, there is a highly magical hotspot. A few decades ago, a boarding school was built over it. As a defense, many teachers here aren't what they appear, and are usually trained mages. The school has even become a place where highly intelligent, or students with high magical potential, can be protected.

But magical creatures, though they officially aren't supposed to go to Earth, they often make visits here because they love the sheer magic of it. They often came here.

And then on December 21st, 2012, a horde of rogue demons entered London and started slaughtering. They were stopped by one Mr. Crowley, the Headmaster of Elfen High, intent on protecting his home.

But the Masquerade, so carefully maintained before, was shattered for good. Humans now knew about supernatural beings, even if the knowledge so far is slim. Elfen High upgraded from a mere school to a training facility where countries send children with magical powers.

It is now 2018. The school year is beginning.

Which is to say, Elfen High 2 is the long-awaited reboot (though not sequel, as the title would suggest) to the original Elfen High, bringing back tweaked versions of the original cast, as well as many new characters. Warning, the RP is Trope Overdosed as hell, perhaps even more than the original. Continue at your own risk.

As of Arc 2, the RP has a new spin-off - Roads Untraveled, which chronicles the adventures of a documentary crew as they attempt to document the daily life at the ISSR, the U.N. military base in Hell. Ties to the original are tenuous, plot-wise, but some characters from the proper RP make their way there.

This rp provides examples of:

  • Archangel Gabriel: Not an archangel. Was captured by an unknown enemy early in the story.
    • After being tortured into revealing the location of the legendary sword, Gram, to Loki and his mistress, the Big Bad transformed into a horrible monster.
  • Archangel Michael: Is dating Gabriel, again. We don't see much of him, Calliel simply mentions him in passing.
  • Ass Shove: To cap off his utter pounding of Loki, Laz takes one of his very sharp teeth, and rams it straight up Loki's backdoor.
  • Berserk Button: Lewis' banjo is very precious to him. Touching it, insulting it, or, most of all, threatening to destroy it will get you one kicked ass.
    • Sarina, with Rayne.
  • Break the Cutie: Nightkill has vowed to destroy the blithe and optimistic Sarina. We're beginning to think its impossible.
    • It was. However, He's doing it pretty well with Ciel.
  • Blood Knight: Laz, along with every other demon ever.
    • Lewis, though he is ashamed of it.
    • It seems like Leviathan is turning Ciel into this.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The angels, who are similar to Evangelical fundamentalists, but don't seem to care for someone after they've died (after death, one still has a second life), nor humans in general.
    • The angels in Heavensgate are slightly better, but have severe difficulty with empathy. They try, at least.
    • This is contrasted heavily with the demons, who, while anarchic and blood-thirsty, are emotionally stable and incredibly sympathetic. They seem to be more victims of their broken culture, rather than alien, like the angels.
  • Brick Joke: Rampant.
    • Lewis crashed a plane into the Latin teacher's petunia gardens. This leads to his resignation and eventual stress-induced heart attack. His replacement is the Pillsbury Dough Boy, apparently.
    • The bears.
    • Sanchez, a member of the Air Force who combated Calliel in the original, now works for the ISSR.
      • Almost immediately after his introduction, he is promoted to Brigadier (making him the commander of the ISSR) and welcomes the Roads Untraveled crew into the base.
  • Broken Pedestal: James for Ivy in Arc Two. Crowley for Damien.
    • Increasingly, the angels for Ivy, as well. Poor girl.
  • Cannon Fodder: Most of the demons encountered so far are absolutely terrible at fighting.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Most everyone, except Minh, and even he can be a little odd when drunk.
    • Sarina, most obviously.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Minh points out that 14 students have nearly died at the paws of the mutant rabbits. Crowley's response? It will motivate them to improve their grades.
    • Hell, Crowley leaks the stuff.
    • Yuzuki and Lewis.
  • Combat Pragmatist: James, despite including parkour and professional wrestling moves in his fighting style, is still not afraid to hit people in the balls when necessary, as well as bring weapons into fistfights or find ways to make his opponent back off.
    • In the fight against Karna, Lewis froze the blood vessels in Karna's neck, so as to cut off the blood going to his brain, and blocked off his airways with ice. Crowley, meanwhile, shoved Gram up his ass. In contrast, Minh just got hit. A lot.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: It happens a lot with the demons.
  • Continuity Reboot: Well, yeah. It has roughly the same story as Arc 1, with some tweaks.
    • Returning characters from the original include Damien, James, and Laz (all reverted to their original ages), as well as Crowley (obviously), Yuzuki, Lewis, and EVE. Calliel also makes a cameo, though OOC comments say he won't be as promiment, meaning that the plot to Arc 1 can't possibly be the same. Later on, Crowley reveals that he has an army of War-Bots and Timothy's father appears as a doctor, working for the SHIELD-esque ISSR.
      • Sachin, an easily forgotten student played by Nightkil, is mentioned in passing as having released the army of mutant rabbits the prior year. He also created a Marauder's Map rip-off, the only thing capable of keeping track of the school's ever-shifting structure.
      • Ivy is pregnant with Calliel's child, a la Jesus. This echoes Nora's child (who was Calliel's son via rape) and Malakh (the child of two male angels through magical means in the original.
  • Darker and Edgier than the original, but still somehow more optimistic, in a way. It's safe to say that it's more realistic, but carries more of a "life sucks, but we can do something about it" attitude, rather than the original's "we're all fucked - let's get drunk!" take on things.
    • Arc Two is certainly much more dark than arc one was.
  • Dirty Coward: Pierre's defining character trait.
    • Originally, he was somewhat braver, but was Flanderized.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Fae.
    • The dragons of A World Beyond and their king, Leviathan.
    • The bears. They are smarter than humans, built Spanish galleons before Jesus was born, can create portals merely using words, are Masters Of Disguise and can hide anywhere they please, amongst other things.
    • To an extent, Clint Eastwood, though this is largely due to his being a badass.
  • Eldritch Location: The school itself, which is constantly changing shapes, is Bigger on the Inside, and time seems to fluctuate insanely between locales. Fitting, given that it is made out of a dead dragon.
    • Exploited by the bears for their trials.
    • The castle the Fae use appears very firmly to be this, what with absorbing other buildings and creatures to help build itself.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex
    • Everybody except Pierre, Laz, Ivy, Izera and Izanagi gets banged at least once.
    • Ivy and Calliel didn't have sex, but Ivy has still got pregnant.
  • Expy: The angels are, for the most part, carbon copies of the angels from TV/Supernatural.
    • They do not, however, need to possess humans to come to Earth like they did in the original. In fact, they have evolved quite a bit from their original Expy status over the last two RP's.
  • Goddamned Bats: The mutant rabbits infesting the halls. Somewhat Subverted in that, according to Minh, they've managed to kill 14 students.
    • In contrast, Lewis (on cocaine, no less), managed to kill three of them easily, Hildegard keeps one as a pet, Shissk has killed and eaten one, and Laz and Pierre managed to slaughter an entire dorm full of them.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Lewis.
    • To a lesser extent, Ivy in Arc 1. She gets better.
  • Honor Before Reason: Karna.
  • Idiot Savant: Laz, surprisingly, can define "irony", explain what Greek word it comes from, and how Luca is misinterpreting the concept. That's not even getting into his cooking and military skills.
    • Lewis can be surprisingly clever and has an extensive knowledge of the world's peoples, albeit slightly (extremely) out-dated.
  • Jerkass: Everyone, really, except Ciel.
    • Especially Crowley.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: James Callahan. Show-off, has an ego, pervert, quick to anger, Canadian, but still more than willing to put his life on the line instead of his fellow students, and even some teachers. Lost this between Arcs 1 and 2.
    • He gets better. Sort of.
    • Lewis is very protective of the school and students (though, that may just be his paycheck) and is rather sweet to Pierre after he helped defeat War-Bot in Crowley's gladiator match. He also allows Sarina to pass his class without showing up and apologizes to James for burning his room down because of this. Once he begins building a family, he becomes much more of a crazy uncle than he used to be. His final act is to take a bullet for his daughter.
    • Lazrian is a bastard, but very attached to Pierre. Likewise for Pierre.
  • Jesus Taboo: Jesus was not mentioned and has not appeared in either the original or this.
  • Killed Off for Real: Damien gets his head blown off by anti-James after being brainwashed by the Fae.
    • Fixban, at Loki's hands.
    • Minh is killed by Lilith after trying to take her on one-on-one.
      • Moments later, Lewis takes one of James' soul-destroying bullets (stolen by Azazel) to save his daughter's life.
      • Azazel killed Polarbeard not long before that.
    • He doesn't quiet down until seconds before he's killed.
  • Lovable Sociopath: Aleister Crowley, in case you didn't notice.
    • Lewis.
    • Both of their character arcs focus on them growing out of this, though Lewis does it much more quickly.
  • Memetic Badass: Clint fucking Eastwood.
  • Mirror Universe: Dwarven High. Here, Crowley is a sober, fatherly figure; Damien is a poor monster rights activist; James is a priest who fought in a war of some kind; Jade is Crowley's girlfriend; Laz is an Angel; Pierre is Minh; Minh is Pierre; you get the point.
    • After the cross-over between universes, much of the DH staff is left dead, as opposed to their regular counterparts. It's left on a high note, however, with the upstanding father figure of anti-Sachin becoming the headmaster in the wake of anti-Crowley's death.
  • More Than Mind Control: It seems this is what Leviathan is doing to Ciel.
  • Our Mermaids Are Different: They're unsettling human-fish hybrids whose biology changes with their environment.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: They're Clint Eastwood.
  • Only Sane Man: Minh is possibly the sanest character in the roleplay, and he cut his arm off in his first lesson.
    • Lewis, on occasion.
  • Pregnant Bad Ass: Megan, Lewis' wife, who is already the mother of his daughter (Rosalind) and pregnant with his son when she is introduced. She fearlessly attacks Sobek, stares Azazel down, insults him, and then beats the shit out of Laz for considering joining Azazel again. This is taken to its logical conclusion when Azazel murders her violently. When she wakes up in Hell, the baby isn't with her.
  • Random Smoking Scene: Allan seems to be a fan of this
  • Really Gets Around: Crowley and Yuzuki are the notable ones, while others such as James, Damien, and Rayne have it as backstory or just off-screen.
  • Sadist Teacher: Everyone except Minh and possibly Allen. Yuzuki has made this trope her bitch.
  • Screw Yourself: James tries to do this with his Dwarven High counterpart, but is rejected.
  • Sociopathic Hero: Crowley, again. Emphasis on the sociopath.
    • Lewis.
  • Spin-Off: Type 1 with Roads Untraveled. Yuzuki and Jade are moved to the slower-moving sub-arc due to their player's busy schedule.
  • The Brigadier: Vidur, an Indian naval captain whose crew was trapped in Atlantis has shades of this. This is, presumably, an act to get close to his half-brother and sworn foe.
    • Sanchez, in RU.
  • The Dragon: In Arc 1, Loki to Morgan le Fae. He leads an attack on Elfen High, but is defeated easily and taken to Asgard by Thor.
    • Morgan le Fae to Azazel. Based on the Arc 1 epilogue, Uriel may end up becoming one as well.
      • And Azazel to the Fae.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Damien is a monster hunter, who comes from a long line of them, in fact.
    • Damien's great grandfather was actually John Seward, from Dracula.
    • After Damien dies killing his half-brother, son of the man who killed his father, he becomes consumed with the impulse to fight, citing that it is all he knows.
  • The Reveal: Actually done in A World Beyond - Leviathan, a creepy monster from before time, is the Big Bad of AWB and perhaps Elfen High, as well. This also ties them both to American Paranormal Society, where the concept of the "first universe", the Pradesa, from which Leviathan originates, was first introduced.
    • Not long after, in the RP proper, it is revealed that the Strix (monsters from AWB) exist in every Nightkills Shit universe, and are more than a little pissed at Damien Seward for what he did to them in AWB.
    • Vidur is Damien's half-brother.
  • The Straight Man: Minh, the biology teacher. Vodka helps.
  • The Unmasqued World: From the very beginning, unlike the original.
  • To Hell and Back: To save Gabriel, of course!
    • Later to visit an U.N. research center in Hell - the very same Lewis was imprisoned in before coming to Elfen High.
  • Too Dumb to Live: James touched Lewis' banjo. Lewis is a centuries-old survivalist who enjoys punching bears. James is a Canadian.
    • James was surprisingly good at fighting, but would have died had Minh not intervened.
      • Pierre is related to James, and has about just as much survival instinct. This is a fact.
      • It seems James is an infectious disease. In Yuzuki's class, nearly everyone caught it.
  • Troubled Sympathetic Bigot: Ivy, towards demons and, to a lesser extent, humans after she is killed in Loki's attack on the school and adopted by the Heavensgate angels, whom she considers perfect. She is rather saddened by the fact that she is too human to be like them.
  • Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object: Crowley meets Karna. Crowley wins by being an asshole.
  • Weak, but Skilled: James again, starting off unable to use his abilities, he instead uses his agility, parkour training, and various martial-art skills to best his opponents.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs??: EH 2 was proudly made when Nightkill was sober. EH 1...
    • Developed into a skilled assassin between Arcs 1 and 2.