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The NationStates Verse. The end result of the several crossovers between roleplays... Nightkill's Shit.

The name itself stems from this popular quote by Nationstatelandsville: "Nightkill is co-OP in every rp, no exceptions." Technically, it comes from Nightkill's demand that The 'Verse be called so in The New Kingdom, but it's a less funny origin. Some RP's, such as The New Kingdom and A World Beyond have only been confirmed as part of Nightkills Shit in the OOC.


It is unknown how many RP's the Multiverse (it's In-Universe name) encompasses, but it has been shown to have mutliple versions of different dimensions (i.e. the two different versions of Heaven in American Paranormal Society and Elfen High respectively). Generally, it is to be assumed that if Nationstatelandsville or Nightkill (obviously) are in it, it is include in Nightkill's Shit. Technically, American Paranormal Society is the only RP to actually feature any Crossover between the several roleplays, but it has been acknowledged in others.

Also, per Nat's Author Appeal, Doctor Who is apparently included in it. Astrolinium's Doctor Who roleplay is also part of it, which might or might not get confusing.


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