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Tyrion: "Teclis! Brother!"
Teclis: "The outpost at Dawn's Light has fallen. I need reinforcements to prevent the incursion."
Tyrion: "We can spare no one! While you wander the oceans, I defend Ulthuan. In your absence, we have barely held back the Druchii, and The Witch King prepares a greater invasion still."
Teclis: "Tyrion. There is a threat more immediate than our fallen kin. One that gnaws on the very roots of The World! I have seen the spread. The plague. They multiply unchecked. It is time to swallow our pride and ally with the Children of The Old Ones. Their knowledge and power rivals our own. We do not need them as an enemy!"
Tyrion: "They are far from Ulthuan. The Vortex is vulnerable and our concern should be here, defending it."
Teclis: "Then the Loremasters and I alone will go. Guard the gates, brother! For soon, The World will arrive."
"Where is he?! It has been many years, but this city will never be safe. Not whilst HE is still out there. [...] A storm comes to Ulthuan. It is my duty... OUR duty, to endure. [...] Stand with me! For as long I still live- Tor Yvresse, will never fall!"

"We'z just warmin' up! [...] It's time we give the pointy 'eadz a proppa fight!"
Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain, the same trailer

Campaign Intros

Introduction Battles

"Fellow Asur, hear my words! Yet again the Druchii come at us — a never-ending tide of war. But Ulthuan's cliffs are strong! Its shores refuse to be washed away by the waves of our hated kin. Today we must guard Lothern's sea walls — let the Druchii torrent come! Their waves will break upon us! Turn back the flood! For Ulthuan, for the Phoenix King, for Asuryan!"
Prince Tyrion

"These warmbloods are aligned with the ancient enemy. They must be destroyed. When the threat is eradicated, I may contemplate the greater peril. Begin the purge!"
Lord Mazdamundi

"Vermin dare infest my capital? Skavenblight over-exerts itself. I will not tolerate pests in Naggarond. The vermin will learn that my city, my realm, is a cold, cruel place. Purge the city, my warriors, but ensure you leave some aliveI wish to know how loud a rat can scream."
Witch King Malekith

"Why-why Gnawdwell send Queek down to this backwater? To make fool of Queek, yes-yes?! I not fail here — I make Clan Mors great in south, make Clanrats chirp my name! Make lands mine-mine! Start by killing Elf-things! I want them dead-dead! Go-go! Kill! Do not fail me!"
Warlord Queek Headtaker

Quest Battles


Queek Headtaker

"Dwarf-things. Look how they scurry to us on such little legs, racing to fight-fight. We will give them battle, yes-yes! I'll take back Gouger and collect many beards this day, yes-yes! No other rat may slay more than me-me; any who attempt to outkill me-me will pay! Get them, get them now-now!"

"Says his armor is more special than mine, does he-he? Then I shall take-steal it! I am Queek! The best stuff shall be mine! But cunning is this vermin, yes-yes. I shall have to be wary, make sure clan rats set off the traps; better they die than me-me. Scurry forward now-now! Begin fight! Kill-kill!"
Warp-Shard Armor

Lord Skrolk

"Such a paradise! Unblemished. Pure. It must be gifted the touch-touch of Pestilens! That the Reptile-things attack me-me for this is blasphemy! Lead me to the Crimson Skull so I make it powder and restore my Rod of Corruption, yes-yes! Let us begin, yes-yes!"
Rod of Corruption

"Quick-quick, get my book! Ignore the Dead-things. Fight them. Kill or be killed; it does not matter! Only Liber Bubonicus matters. First get-get these corpses out of my way! Kill-slay zombie summoners! Do as I bid - Clan Pestilens supreme!"
Liber Bubonicus



"The warmbloods trespass... Fallen Gates not for them. Their magic users dare to activate the stellar engine at center... Ignorance! Attack now! Destroy and rend, so declares Lord of Solar-City!"
Hand of the Gods

"The rat-spawns have crossed the Great Ocean, and seek to make their father cross into this world. I failed Xhotl, I will not do so again. Saurus, let's exterminate the Skaven forever!"
The Battle for the Vortex

    Tomb Kings 

Settra the Imperishable

"Today we dispatch these faithless barbarians, these...petty thieves, in tribute to Djaf, the God of War and Death. He will feast as the jackal does, and grow fat on their souls, for who dares stand before Settra, in defiance of his will? I am the King of Kings, the Imperishable. And I will see my crown returned!"
Crown of Nehekhara

"I alone may wield the Blessed Blade of Ptra. For am I not his right hand? The Bringer of the Fires of the Sun? Today, I offer him a fine tribute indeed. A thousand souls or more, each an idolater, a heathen, and an enemy of Nehekhara. May this please you, mighty Ptra, Bringer of the Day, for it is the last these unbelievers will ever see!"
Blessed Blade of Ptra

"The Black Pyramid rises. It is time for the Great King to ascend to a new throne. But Arkhan attempts to frustrate me, proving, finally, that blind loyalty to a perished conqueror will be his doom. Forward, my legions! I will have Nagash's pyramid. SETTRA. DOMINATES. ALL!"
The Black Pyramid

High Queen Khalida

"Since time out of mind, the Vampire thralls of my warped cousin have blighted Nehekhara. Today, we burn out that blight. Hear me, O Asaph, this slaughter I offer in your name! May your venom flow in the sacred staff, that I may shatter your adversaries for all eternity!"
The Venom Staff

"I care not for this Pyramid. Unlike others, it is not power I seek, but vengeance! This is a tomb, nothing more. It is a gift to Asaph, and in her name, I shall hunt the whores of Lahmia! So, my legions, banish this Lich-King. He is in our way!"
— The Black Pyramid'''

In-Game Quotes

"Their armor is more dangerous than their weapons!"
—High Elf soldier chatter, regarding the Druchii

"I hate snow..."

"Blood of Aenarion!"

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