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"A-a-almighty Grimgor Ironhide, I-it troubles me ta... trouble ya... while you're thinkin', but da lads were wonderin'... who'z next!? Hehehe, wot about Ungrim's lot? Doze ginger stunties down at da Slayer Keep, hmm? It's a bit of a slog... [dark chuckle] But it'll be worth it! 'Umies, then? I bet those pretty little cities burn lovely. Or da North? Weird powers buildin' dere, bigger an' spikier dan normal. Time ta move, boss! Time ta fight! Give da order, yeah-yeah, da order! Say it! Say it! Dah-Ahhh! Uhhhh! Ugh..."
Goblin underling, the Greenskins trailer

Warboss Grimgor Ironhide, the same trailer

"To the ordinary, we are unknowable. Fallen. Corrupted. Rightly feared. You cannot understand our origins, our motives... the dawning realization that we are not "fallen". We. Are. Ascended."

"The Deepwood stirs. The chill winds of winter are past, and the season of war is here. The Asrai are hunters, and the forest is our home! Woe betide those foolish enough to threaten it! There have been sacrifices, but we are ready. He is ready. The Wild Hunt begins!"

Campaign Intros

"The drums of war never cease... for the Old World lies in great peril. A strong leader is needed to unite the Empire—the greatest of mankind's nations. As gods battle for the world's fate, I make my own humble... contribution, in the employ of the newly-anointed Emperor. Even now we make haste to the Emperor's ancestral capital, for the demented Raknik Spiderclaw leads an attack on Altdorf's walls! My charge is Karl Franz—the true wielder of Ghal Maraz... but as he fights to secure his status as Emperor, will his reign strengthen the nation or lead it to ruin?"
The Empire intro

"The Old World is a crucible of endless war. It has ever been so... an era as long as the mountains are unyielding. But as the storms gather again it presents a chance for the brave to bring about an Age of Reckoning! I come to the Dwarf High King as a herald of such times. And so I find myself at the King's right hand. My presence is timely, for dire news comes from the south. Greenskins flock to the banner of a cruel Warboss. Now my liege, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, leads a mighty throng from Karaz-a-Karak, smashing aside any foes that block our path. If grudgebearer desires to return the Karaz Ankor to its former glory, then he must rid his lands of vile Greenskins; Those gathering within the shadows of Everpeak are a good start!"
The Dwarfs intro

"War is coming... I can... smell it! The Old World teeters on a blade's edge... but, a steadying hand may yet save it. Is that my role? Alas, nothing as grand — I am merely a humble advisor to Grimgor Ironhide... The most brutal of Black Orcs! Even that bestial intellect recognised a use in me. Now I accompany his horde as we travel south laying waste to the Stunted and rival Orc tribes alike! Deep in the Badlands, Gorfang Rothut — master of Black Crag, challenges his superiority! Grimgor stands to take the whole of the Old World as his prize; but first he must vanquish Rotgut and take Black Crag as his new capital."
The Greenskins intro

"War is eternal. As inevitable as the grave... The Old World: the rotting corpse within... Some fools think it worth saving. But there are beings who wish to bring about an eternal night. I am a bearer of lore to those with such power. The mighty Vampire Counts of the Von Carstein bloodline! My master, Mannfred, has returned from the dead once more. He marches on the Von Carstein ancestral pile of Castle Drakenhof, for I have brought him ill news that a Master Necromancer has claimed the fortress as his own. Mannfred must retake his ancient stronghold and either destroy the usurper within, or bind him to his will!"
The Vampire Counts intro

"The Old World is weak... The mortal nations flounder in their own incessant and petty wars. Ignorant of what truly awaits in the north... I come before the mighty Archaon as a mere minion. For onow at least, the God's favoured champion chooses to hear my advice. I pray to the Dark Powers that I do not fail him. Despite such a risk, I urge my master that now is the time to march south. The Northmen grow restless, we must harness that and send the tribes in a great tide southwards to flood the Old World. Archaon himself — Chosen of the Gods — will lead the hordes of Chaos as we despoil the lands of men and Dwarfs. No soul, no matter how blackened or pure, shall see salvation!"
The Warriors of Chaos intro

"The Dark Powers demand war on all civilisation, the Cloven Ones answer the call. I am an emissary of such a cause, one that has spoken with Bray-Shamans and knows their ways. I have sought out the One-eye, for his hatred of man rages above all Gors. He knows my scent and abides my presence... for now. Let us guide them to greatness, show them where men are weak... lazy... unprepared.Khazrak thirsts for vengeance, but a single soul is not enough to appease the Ruinous Powers. They want it all! send forth the Gors. Let civilisation be torn asunder! Let the Endless Hunt begin!"
The Beastmen intro

"The Asrai have always hidden themselves away from the world. But that is no longer a luxury they can afford. This is why the Spellsingers have sent for me. The Worldroots begin to rot and enemies prowl the sacred groves. Athel Loren is in peril if the Wood Elves do not act. Summer is long gone... now is the season of war! All trespassers will quickly learn the wrath of the Fey! Even the spirits of the wood have been roused to war! A young prince... chosen to take the mantle of ages. The King in the Wood... reborn! Now is the time to show who the true hunters of the wild are!"
The Wood Elves intro

"Does war visit fair Bretonnia this day? It is no longer enough for the Dukes to sit idle. It is time for the flower of Bretonnia to unfurl and reveal its thorns! I come to this court with a wealth of knowledge that will aid this errantry war. Like the Grail Companions of old, the Dukedoms of Bretonnia will unite under the banner of their King. Let their enemies feel lance-tip and blessed sword. Now is the age of chivalry and greatness; now is the age of blood and battle!"
The Bretonnia intro

"Those in the north are closest to the Gods. Their lands lie within the ebbing shadow of Chaos. For in the land of monsters and ice, where no crops grow, they have to be. Thus I have come to guide their raw talent, why waste such savagery on each other while the southern lands are ripe for ravaging?"
The Norsca intro

Introduction Battles

"Men of Reikland! Greenskins assault our capital. Theirs is a vile race Sigmar swore to expel from our lands, yet they dare return! Join me, men - for I will not rest until every accursed Goblin lies burning on a pyre!"
Emperor Karl Franz

"Fellow Dawi, I see Orc scum! They foul our mountains with their vile taint. The Dammaz Kron, our Great Book of Grudges, is filled with such Greenskin atrocities! Bring hammer and axe - show these urks and grobi no mercy!"
High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer

"Right, yoo gitz! Fink you can hide from me in dere! Dis fortress iz now mine! I'm 'da Greatest', not some stinking goblin-lovin' git called Rotgut! Immortulz ta me - let'z get 'em!!!"
Warboss Grimgor Ironhide

"Feeble Liche - come hence from mine fortress and kneel before thy Lord! Drakenhof's stones are bound by mortar of mine own blood. While yours shall be sprayed across the battlefield as I wrench the head from thine shoulders!"
Count Mannfred von Carstein

Quest Battles

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    The Empire 

Karl Franz

"Come, men - it seems Todbringer sends his Midden wolves across the Reik to test our mettle! He seems to think that since my father's death, Reikland is weak, and we cower under our beds waiting for these Ulric-worshippers to save us from our woes! I say we Reiklanders are more than capable of defending ourselves - I say, we show Todbringer's mongrels that Reiklander blood flows through our veins! We face the trespassers deep in the Bloodpines - keep your wits, lads, for there is more than Ulric's dogs in there... My father had to send the Reiksguard in to purge these woods of Forest Goblin filth more than once during his reign. Yet that is not what we face today. No, today we send the Elector Count of Middenland a message that it is the House of Franz that protects the borders of Reikland!"
Battle of Bloodpine Woods

"Hear me now, brave men - brave Reiklanders - hear me! The Celestial Wizards read the portents true. Norse Raiders land on Nordland's shores. We have marched many miles, but there is no distance so great that I would not gladly march it to face this - our ultimate foe! I have refused the honour of wielding the blade of our forebears thus far. I was not worthy. But should we survive this day, should we drive the ruinous tribes back across the sea - then, with your blessing - I will pick up the Reikland Runefang and use it to bleed our foes - to carve my way through Sigmar's enemies! Are you with me, Men of the Empire? For when the Northmen come, they will attack hard, as their despicable gods demand. We must be ready to push them back, thrust them into the sea in defence of the Empire!"
The Reikland Runefang

"Now is the time, Men of the Empire, to unite - for the Orcs gather. Beyond the pass, a Warboss draws to him all that is foul - an Orc horde beyond imagining! As Sigmar fought, so shall we; we will become part of the legend; We will wipe the Orcs from our door; And only when this is done - when our nation has healed - shall I take up Ghal Maraz! For Sigmar, for the Empire, for the WARHAMMER!"
Ghal Maraz

"We hunt this day! Yet, our quarry is neither boar nor deer, no, we pursue the Undead! The Witch Hunters bring word that a Vampire crone makes haste for Stirland with the Silver Seal in her clutches! I charge you brave men with not letting that Vampiress get to Sylvania! For we know she is a puppet, her strings pulled by that cursed wretch, von Carstein! Now, men, chase her down. Return to me what is mine and send these von Carstein beasts a message... by taking her head! We have brought her to bay at the centre of a forsaken temple, syphoning off ill magicks to power her dread spells, have no doubt! Surround the crone - slay the creature before she can summon her minions. By order of the Grand Theogonist - show no mercy!"
The Silver Seal

Balthasar Gelt

"We search for Gromril ore. These Greenskins have it, slaughter them and find it for me! And if the Dwarfs should think we carry out vengeance for their kin - then let them. I'd rather make allies of the bearded ones than enemies, they gold grudges, and I have not the time or inclination for another enemy. There are greater, more pressing fates at work! Now, bring me the heads of the Orcs, for I will have their skulls turned to gold, their eyes pierced with hot lead - they will truly know Searing Doom!"
Cloak of Molten Metal, Broken Leg Gully

"With me, followers - we will descend into Drake-Tooth Hollow, this cave of ill-aspect, for within lies an artefact of great power. My arcane talents tell me this place is not unprotected, an ancient, once-dead guardian lies in wait. We must destroy it before we can collect the cave's secrets. You will do this for me. This is a dread task, but my rewards will be great, for I can spin gold from lead, and as the Supreme Patriarch, is there a more powerful ally you can have?! Begin your advance, banish the guardians of this place, and think of the rewards you will have once the Cloak of Molten Metal is mine!"
Cloak of Molten Metal, Ancient Dragon Cave

"Curse the gods! This is the wrong location, I can already feel the absence of the Amulet. And yet we cannot retreat. The retainers of Marbad - once-ally of Sigmar and wielder of Ulfshard - stir in their tombs. We could leave this mess for Todbringer to clear up, after all, this is his province, but, alas, Franz would not thank me. Ready your weapons, followers, we need to put down these Unliving servants of Marbad once and for all!"
Amulet of Sea Gold, Marbad's Tomb

"Welcome to Estalia, gentlemen. I will not lie, the chances of your survival are small - some may even turn against your friends as living corpses... But you have my word that I will use my arcane gifts to ensure your bodies are given unto Morr's garden. This is the greatest reward, more than even gold, for the fate of your soul is an eternal concern! Now, come. Follow me, strike down the Undead that rise against us, allow me to find this eldritch amulet. I ask not for my own selfish studies, but for the good of the Empire!"
Amulet of Sea Gold, Estalian Tomb

"Men of the Empire! I am no Warrior Priest blessed with the gift of making grand speeches, I am no orator - that is true. But I am not a cold man despite the mask, frozen in its stern aspect. What we do this day is not just some plot to gain favour for the mantle of Supreme Patriarch... No... There is much more at risk; if the Mountain God awakes, if Sun-Eater is roused from his ancient slumber, all that we hold precious is doomed. We must stop the summoning and stop it now!"
Staff of Volans, High Pass

"If Orr thinks he can take what is rightfully mine then he is very much mistaken! I will be Supreme Patriarch - I will wield the Staff of Volans! The Wind of Chamon will rise and blast any who get in my way! Now is the time for the Gold Order, and I will brook no interference. Any who get in my way will see their armour run into lead goblets, their blades melt and their bones turned to gold! Now, men, fight - bring me victory. The Emperor needs me, not some pathetic Pyromancer or insipid white wizard! For the good of the Empire, I will rise to the highest magical office in the land, and this fool will not stop me!"
Staff of Volans, Bloodpine Woods

Volkmar the Grim

"Sons of Sigmar, to me! Out there in that fen is a heretic, holding the Jade Griffon to his chest like the grubby thief he is! To think that the talisman - a symbol of our Cult blessed by Magnus himself - is now in the clutches of this Necromancer and his Vampire consorts! No! I say again, NO! Hunt down this filth, purge this place, and strike down any who dare to rise again - by the comet, that is my decree!"
The Jade Griffon

"The Cult of Ulric has defamed us! The Midden-Wolves should be our allies, for was Sigmar not a worshipper of Ulric during his mortal span? Instead they work against us, weakening the Empire that our sovereign lord, Emperor Karl Franz, has laboured so hard to unite under the Twin-Tailed Comet's glowing aspect. I will have no more of this foolishness! Slay this repressentative of the Ar-Ulric, let that be chastisement enough, and then - if Sigmar permits - we may become brothers-in-arms once more. Now we must fight this sorry battle, not for my honour but for that of Sigmar himself! To war!"
Staff of Command


Thorgrim Grudgebearer

"March on, brave Dawi, march on! To the cursed realms of the grobi we go. I know not what mischief they cause, but they are up to something, for my beard itches with trouble! We take the underway, these ancient highways built by Dwarf hands give us the best chance of approaching swiftly - catching the Greenskins unawares... Let us not dawdle, for there are grudges to settle and new entries in the Dammaz Kron to write!"
Ambush at the Thundering Falls

"Behold! The stone-fruits of the Engineers' Guild's labour - new flying Gyro-machines will take to the air! Let me assure my traditionalist brethren within the Guild, that Morgrim himself would be pleased with this innovation. Now, let us test them against the eternal enemy - the ones who have more entries in the Great Book of Grudges than any other - the Orcs! See how the Greenskin filth flock around that vile pillar! Let us wipe them out, so confident am I in these new machines that I forsake my axe, and will not take it up again until victory is secured here. I do this in the knowledge that those Orcs will soon be corpses scattering the battlefield."
The Axe of Grimnir

"It is time for a cull, my kin, the creatures of Troll Country are nowt but a nuisance - a menace to be laid low! To the slayers, I say, chant your battle hymns of doom, fulfil your oaths and seek glory in death! To the rest of the throng: I have studied the pages of the Dammaz Kron and found many, many entries of Trolls, Giants and other fell things attacking Dwarfen families, stealing our treasures, and destroying our holds! These creatures are descendants of those perpetrators and the debt stands with them. Destroy these monsters, bring them down like rotten elgi trees, so we may raid their filthy lairs and reclaim lost heirlooms that belong in Karaz-a-Karak! This is my edict as High King! Khazukan Kazakit-ha!"
The Armour of Skaldour

"Once more we will ally with the Manlings, just as Grimnir did ten-score centuries ago! It has been many years since the umgi have produced an Emperor worthy as Magnus ir their founding Warrior-King, but... I hear good things about this Franz. Now is the time to test his mettle, we will stand with him against the grobi at Black Fire Pass as King Kurgan did long ago. If the men of the Empire fight with bravery and honour then the runes of my crown will glow with pride ever after, a gesture of my will - just as this Emperor awaits to take up his Warhammer - a gift from the Dwarfs no less... So, gird your loins, my kin. May your az be sharp and thirsty for urk blood, for they come. We will repulse these vile creatures with our dying breath and renew the oldest and greatest alliance this world has ever seen!"
The Dragon Crown of Karaz

"We come to Hel Fenn - this fetid realm - to extract vengeance! A great wrong has befallen our kin, innocent Clans-Dwarfs on a trade mission have been butchered by the Uzkular! This fell deed has been entered into the Dammaz Kron and the cover slammed shut in rage! By my oath it shall not be opened until the grudge is settled, until the bones of the Undead are smashed to powder! Now, Dawi, take up your axes, for the Undead will come to face us. They must, or I'll have every tomb, every cursed gravesite, scoured from these lands, leaving these fell vampires with no puppets to command... Come then, Zangunaz - raise your minions, march them forth for the High King of the Karaz Ankor would have his vengeance on you all!"
The Great Book of Grudges

Ungrim Ironfist

"Dawi, to me - there is no time for grand speeches. The Uzkular gather before that shrine, their evil masters in the midst of some Valaya-cursed ritual! I want it stopped! Strike them down - bring me the heads of the craven things lurking in that shrine!"
The Slayer Crown, Leitziger Ford

"Slayers! I see before me the Zangunaz and its filthy minions. Even now the vampire stands there, chanting filthy umgi spells, trying to summon some abomination. It is time to fulfil your oaths made in Karak Kadrin! Slay everything that does not draw breath! And if some beast does get pulled back to life, then I relish meeting it in battle! Now we move! Charge for the honour of all Kadrin! Charge for your King! Charge for the Slayer Crown! CHAAAARGE!"
The Slayer Crown, Ancient Dragon Crown

"At last! Enough of this larking about, lads. It is time to arm ourselves, to act like Slayers and bring death to the urks - and especially those snivelling grobi! I wish to cleanse myself in battle, once I have cleaned my soul of the subterfuge then I will wear the honourable Cloak of Fyrskar again! Now, my throng, ready your shield walls, bring the oath stones, let us dreng all before us! When the job is done I will crack open a barrel of Bugman's and we will drink until none can stand! Are your with me, lads?!"
Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar

"There... there, across the way... the discordance. For the Axe of Dargo to sing again, for the runes to glow bright with power once more, we must destroy the foe before us - the Chaos filth that dare cross our mountains! We do this in the name of Grimnir. For it will be a joy to spill the blood of Northmen. The enemy Lord is a taint upon the world, yet in fighting him I shall make a thing of wondrous beauty. A perfect song of weaponcraft in whose rhythm the axe of my ancestor shall find harmony anew. Slayers - I hear your howls of longing, desperate to be about this, to plunge your axes into the Chaos scum before us. So, go - bring me victory, bring me death!"
Axe of Dargo

Belegar Ironhammer

"Yes, my kin, today is a great day! Today we kill urks! Today is vengeance! Even now a throng from Karak Azul approaches the green-filth from the rear. We are honoured to dreng the Orcs from the front - let them face our might, let them see what Dawi of the Angrund Clan are made of!"
Shield of Defiance

"The lost vault of Angrund is within reach! Are we going to let these urk trespassers get away with their sneaky shenanigans? Do we let them steal the treasure and valuables which belong to the Angrund Clan by right? No! We do not! Let the grudge be settled - let vengeance begin! Yaaaarh!"
Hammer of Angrund


"Wazzock! You slime-worshippin' umgi filth-merchant! Get your arse and that pet reptile over here! I would have words with your little beast face-to-face, so that I may lop off its claw and reclaim what is mine. Those scales are from my armour, and no thief steals from the White Dwarf and lives. You and your followers will die - that is my oath, as my kin, Grimnir, is witness!"
Armour of Glimril Scales

"Right, my northern kin, let's get about this. These Chaos-lovin' umgi are in need of a reckoning, alright. I have an oath to fulfil, so don't mind me if I'm greedy, but I need to kill lots of kruti braggarts to get my axe channelin' me runes. I promised Grimnir they'd be a mighty tally and I ain't on for breaking such an oath. So come on! Let's have 'em!!!"
Rune Axe of Grombrindal

"Our Goddess has spoken to me! She who prepares the hearth; who secures our Holds. Uzkular have been caught sneaking about like rat-men filth, trying to gain access to our mountains unseen. Well, I see you, scum, and by Valaya's cloak I'll have every last rotten one of you back in that ground, pushing up your tombstones!"
Cloak of Valaya

"At last, we have lured the Orcs to the place we Dawi fight best - in Grungni's realms! I see beside me brave Dwarfen hearts. Such courage will imbue my Rune Helm. This is a day to strike many grudges from the great book, for I am the White Dwarf, and only worthy folk appear in my pages... So, let us record great deeds this day, and give these urki scum a right royal hammerin'!"
Rune Helm of Zhufbar


Grimgor Ironhide

"Da Stunties come to stop us?! Aha... Ahahahahahahaha! Time for a ruck, I say! I'm gonna enjoy pulling dese beards from dere chins. First, though, we need to break dem big gunz - dat's just cheatin'! I want some boyz on dat straight away. Stop their artillery from shootin'. and we get more time scrappin', just as Mork like's it! Watch it though, just cos dere short don't mean one or two of 'em aint 'handy with their own choppas. Dey like fighting underground... but so do we! Ask any rat-man under Mount Red Eye! Right, Boyz, dat's da plan. Immortulz, get yer choppaz out, dis one's gonna be fun!"
Battle at the Thundering Falls

"Raaaaargh! Dis iz it, Boyz! Time to give dis 'Empera' a right spankin'! Me and da Immortulz will lead from da front and seek out da poncey crown-wearin' git ridin' 'iz big pigeon! My axe, Gitsnik, is somewhere in dat pass. A bag of teef to the Orc dat finds it and 'ands it over. Any 'oo fink you're gonna keep it instead, well... you'll find my boot so far up yer arse, you'll be tasting squig-leather until yoo die - which will be straight after! Anyway! Let's give Gork a show. Get smashin'! I want dis pass filled with blood, I want da Humies to remember my name for yearz and yearz... remember GRIMGOR!!!"

"I ain't talkin' for talkin's sake. My time's better spent killin' stunties. If you want ta come and kill some stunties too - then come. But don't be getting' in my or da immortulz way. I don't care 'oo's under me choppa, and if it's your skull instead of a stoopid stunty, I'll laff just as 'ard! Come on then, let's go and scalp stunty beards! Grrrraaaasagh!"
Blood-Forged Armour, Broken Leg Gully

"Those Chaos men, 'ave got some shiny stuff. Fink they can keep it from us?! Dese gitz are meant to be 'ard... dey got squiffy Godz that will turn 'em into gribbly monsterz if dey're not! So, we're gonna 'ave a good scrap, da northern humies better not disappoint! Wot's more, dey're 'aulin' a load of shiny stuff back from da big'hatted Stunties. Dey fink dey can keep it from us, I wantz it all! Go get 'em ladz!"
Blood-Forged Armour, High Pass

Azhag the Slaughterer

"Alright, ladz. 'Ere's da plan! We're goin' into dis lost city. But before we can rummage, we got to clear out all dem Undead fings. Give 'em a good kickin'! Once we killed everyfing, no one'z ta go lootin' until I say so. Dis is my plan, so I get da top picks. I'm in charge now, an' I need a shiny Boss-'at! Anyone 'oo disobeyz will get a boot up dere backside! Remember, dis is a cursed place, da Shamans don't like it, so no messin' wiv stuff ya don'd understand. If ya summon something from da void - yoo'll 'ave ta deal with it yerself!"
Crown of Sorcery

"Dose stoopid, flouncy humies fink dey can trounce all over our sacred ground. Dat burial mound iz Mork's property, not some fishy-smellin' lake-hag's- Bloomin 'at, stop whisperin' at me, I know! Come on, ladz, we're gonna stamp dese gitz and send 'em runnin' back to their pretty towers. I've 'ad my vision from Mork 'imself. He reckons if we do dis, it's gonna sort my armour out real good, and I won't 'ave to knock you all about. Wassat? Yez, we'll go south afterwards. Let'z go an' kill some Knights!"
Azhag's 'ard Armour

"At last! A chance to try a full out-flanking manoeuvre! A grand strategy wasted on the fleeing humans and dese brainless Greenskin creatures- Shut it, Iron 'at, I don't need your poncey tactics! Listen up, Boys - they started callin' me 'da Slaughterer'. I like dat name, let'z not disappoint 'em! I sed, shuddup! We'll go south later. I got some biznizz 'ere first!"
Slagga's Slashas, Butcher's Hill

"Dese savages are gettin' in my way! Dey're led by some git called 'Slagga'. I want 'iz 'ead. Shaddup, crown! Dis is not a waste of time! We kill 'oo I say we kill! The plan's simple... I want a full pincer movement - attacking from the east and west flanks at the same time, will increase our chances of success...Wot? Soddin' dead bloke taking over my words again! Get yer choppaz out, ladz, it's time to move... And if ya want ta do dat flanking manoeuvre-wotsit, we probably should, cos I've got a feelin' it might work."
Slagga's Slashas, Barrier Idols


"Patience, Gobbla, soon you'll eat, and it'z yer favourite - stunty-meat! Oi, you lot, I sed stay 'idden - we want to surprise da bearded gitz, make 'em soil deir breeches when we jump out an' shout 'Gotcha!' Well, 'ere dey come now, and dey are all tool'd up ready to fight. Get ready boyz! I 'ope yer 'ungry, Gobbla!"
Skarsnik's Prodder, Battle 1

"So predickable, dese stunties act like clockworkz. I bet I could work out when Ironhammer or Grudgebearer comb deir beardz if I wanted... So, 'ere's da plan, take 'em in da front and in da sidez. I want da way clear'd so I can get my new prodda! Geddit? If I see any of yoo runnin' da wrong way... well, Gobbla 'ere iz' 'ungry - ee'z alwayz 'ungry!"
Skarsnik's Prodder, Battle 2


"Dis false prophet don't talk to da Green Godz. I should know coz dey told me, dey don't like 'im! 'Ee smellz right funny. 'Ee got some crazy funk about 'im, alright. Go and kill da git and all 'iz mates. and get my mask back off 'im... dey nicked it and I want it back!"
Baleful Mask

"Um chuuka arrr, um chuuka arr, um chuuka ar Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu! Right, dats Gork and Mork up-ta-date! And dey're as miffed as me at dose gits stealin' my Squiggly Beast! We gotta go and teach 'em a lesson; teach 'em not ta mess wiv Da Great Green Prophet! WAAAGH!"
Squiggly Beast

"Black Fire Pass - it's all burnt, just 'ow I like my battlefieldz. Gork want uz ta fight da humies 'ere. Sez if we do dat and smack 'em about real good, den 'ee'll power up ma staff. So listen to ya mate, Wurrzag - I'm da prophet and wot I sez goes! Let'z get 'em!"
Bonewood Staff

    Vampire Counts 

Mannfred con Carstein

"Arise, Grave-bound! I command thee to attend! Franz - the son of whores and tumorous Burgomeisters - thinks the crown is his! But the house of the Reikland Electors is tainted. As the last great count of Stirland, mine claim is the truest, I should be Emperor - I WILL be Emperor! Bring thy swords... Go, mine minions, reap death - dance a Danse Macabre!"
Battle of Hel Fenn

"Look how the insects gather around the Arcane Fulcrum, chanting their pathetic rituals. We shall slaughter them in its shadow, ensorcelling the Pillar of Bone with necromantic energy, and then mine blade will be bathed in unholy power! It is time! The Dead March!"
Sword of Unholy Power

"Vermin! Greenskinned filth with base blood pumping through their crude veins! They serve no purpose, they are poor minions, even in death! I would have this land for mine studies. And yet I am pestered by these filthy creatures. I shall play the role of exterminator - wipe these Orcs out."
Armour of Tempelhof, Burial Idols

"I have always despised Bretonnia - a land ruled by some pitiful witch the smallfolk dare to call a god. Only I can bring the night - the flower of Bretonnia shall wither, and the tomb that holds mine prize be broken open, and those inside shall serve me! They shall know a true deity! I am a god, let thy grave-bound and thy living worship me - Mannfred the wise; Mannfred the Unliving, Mannfred the Merciless"
Armour of Tempelhof, Burial Mound

Heinrich Kemmler

"I see... I see... These servants of the Ruinous Powers search for something... or someone. Oh, how delightful - could Krell be down there? If I could right what Grimbul Ironhelm did wrong and return Krell to Unlife, well, that would be a feat, wouldn't it? And what other trasures are buried with the champion? What wondrous antiquities have been lost to the world? A blade of great power, I'll warrant! Should I let these blind fools have the spoils? I think not, I think they should make way for the Lichemaster, and if such an act angers their Dark Gods? Well, there are pacts to be made, secrets to share, and covenants to be sworn, I'm sure. A decision has been made then, oh yes, slay the Chaos dogs - oust them for Kemmler, my pretties!"
Chaos Tomb Blade

"Oh dear me, oh no, we can't have this, can we? The treasures in that tomb - the spirit-essence that was once Marbad of the Endals - is mine to harvest, not for these impudent Goblins to worship. What a to do - we shall have to sort this mess out! Punish these creatures, oh yes, make them think twice about trespassing on the barrows of the dead! That's right - slay the Goblins, my wondrous Wights, my warriors of bone, my monsters of necrotic flesh - do my bidding, release them of life! Then the mist and shadows will form around me - a cloak formed of the stuff of night!"
Cloak of Mists & Shadows

"How glorious! It has been such fun watching the Empire and Bretonnians rip each other apart. Supplying me with fresh stock as they do - oh, the irony! But while pulling their strings, working them like puppets has been immensely satisfying - it is now time for direct intervention. This abbey, this altar of Taal is my desire, the Skull Staff within calls to me, and I would have it. Let the chittering hordes come and claim their warpstone if they must, for me, the true prize is that wand of Dark Magic. With it, the legend of the Lichemaster will only grow! My legions, advance! Bring me bone, bring me flesh, but do not bring me these things back alive!"
Skull Staff

Helman Ghorst

"Not long, my brothers. Soon, I shall have the missing pages, and with the Liber Noctus complete, I can begin your true resurrection! Mannfred may have set this task as a test, but I fear no challenge. Now, go, my minions - onwards! Take these living fools by surprise. I'll have that casket and the pages within!"
Liber Noctus

Vlad von Carstein

"I have not seen such a pathetic sight since mine father-in-law, Otto, took his last breath! Is this all that thine Empire can muster? What a pitiful age this is! It makes me pander for the era of worthy foes, such as Wilhelm, or that Wolf Knight, Kruger... not this pathetic squabble of mortal men. Yet, my sword thirsts, and so it shall be slaked in the blood of living fools that think to challenge the might of von Carstein. Let the slaughter begin!"
Blood Drinker

"Mine puppets, do me this deed. Purge the area of insects so thy master can collect this warpstone unchallenged. If mine memory serves, then I sought out such material in Mordheim some centuries ago. Halcyon days - when my minions hunted wyrdstone and the Empire was in ruins, as it will be again... Fetch me the head of this Strigoi - I would have this nuisance quashed!"
The Carstein Ring

Isabella von Carstein

"There is sych wonder in the raw, unbridled fury of these Beastmen; they teem and fester with might. I might find the beautiful if they weren't so terribly disgusting. Yet they have attracted the attention of the ignorant Empire. Clearly, they possess some power beyond that of their brutish ilk. Whatever this power is, I shall have it, and I shall use it to ascend the von Carsteins to ever-greater magnificence!"
Blood Chalice of Bathoris, The dead Wood

"Oh, these poor, fragile mortals... how they arrange themselves before me; proud and defiant. Soon, I shall make them prostrate and subservient In death, they will become servants to the von Carsteins, pliable and deliciously loyal. Beyond this rabble is the tomb of a soul so great and so powerful that when it flow into this ancient chalice, the power bestowed upon me will make the world tremble! Bring me what I am owed!"
Blood Chalice of Bathoris, Marbad's Tomb

    Warriors of Chaos 

Archaon the Everchosen

"Another thinks to bring me to my knees! Another who wishes me to bow before him, like he is some pitiless King! Does he think his pathetic sorceries will work on me or my followers? Come, my Swords of Chaos, let us show this weakling conjurer who-would-be-royalty what I do to monarchs! He will see why I am the Lord of the End Times, why I am Everchosen, and why I will wield the Slayer of Kings!"
The Slayer of Kings

"This fool dares challenge me?! He thinks I care about his trivial lust for power? I will teach him a bitter lesson - one for all who defy me, who dare to oppose the will of the Chaos Gods! Here is a maggot to make an example of! It will be a warning to all the Chieftains of the North. Now, my followers, let us attend this tiresomeness - by dusk I wish to be swilling the maggot's blood in his upturned skull, while channeling his ravaged spirit into Morkar's armour!"
The Armour of Morkar

"At last! A worthy challenger comes! Not some weak minion sent by the Gods. No, what confronts me is something more corrupt, more bestial. It serves no master, seeks no glory other than its own! And that I applaud... even as I rip at its throats. For it must die. No man, no God... no creature, can challenge me and live!"
The Eye of Sheerian

"Even as this Daemon-spawn plots to overthrow me, I know my destiny is absolute. Bel'lakor will coronate me! Come then, Changer, bring your best! I will prove once more that I am the Everchosen... For I am the Anointed, the Bringer of Woes - the one, true, LORD OF CHAOS!"
The Crown of Domination

Kholek Suneater

"The green things and Unliving alike will bear witness to my wrath! They are mine to dismember, to disembowel, to crush! I will smash all that remains of these ruins to powder and not stop until my hammer is found. And then the whole world will burn before I rest again - such is my rage - this is the new pact I make to the Dark Powers! Raaaaargh!"

Sigvald the Magnificent

"Sickly, sinful, spectacles stand, shuffle, shamble and saunter shamelessly in mine scandalized sight! I suggest a solution... Surely such sedition should sour and succumb to Sigvald - the salacious, scandalous and sensational servant of Slaanesh! Son of Succubi, scion of sordid acts and slayer of squalid serfs! See how I stroll, stride, swagger and swirl, spin, slash and stab at stupid, senseless scum! Soon they shall swoon, shall seek solace and death from sundry torments wrought on them by my strategic, severing, scintillating shower of shimmering strikes! Send for the sword - summon Sliverslash!"

"Ah, my loyal minions. Over the way stands something I want... I need. Beatific mail, wasted on the clueless worm who wears it. It is only right I take it from him, and if you, my loyal serfs, die in agony during the attempt, then know that I'll feel your pain... why, I will RELISH IT! To the 'champion' in my armour... Yes, you may have heard of me. I am Sigvald the Magnificent, the Geld-Prince of Slaanesh. I do not blame you if hearing my name has caused you to void your bowels. Just make sure the Auric Armour is clean when I come to take it. You could hand it straight over, of course, but I have seen your kind before. You will be irksome, and make me fight for it. No matter! I could do with a workout - but do not over-vex me, or your deathcry will be especially shrill, and I do hate to taint my ears with such cacophpnic nonsense IF I CAN BEAR IT!"
The Auric Armour


Khazrak the One-Eye

"Raaaaargh! Take them now! Bathe in their blood - feast on their guts - gnaw on their bones! Let their puny wolf god know that it is the One-Eye who slaughters his pack! Raaaaargh!"

"Graktar is lame. His time is over! Put him in ground, let him feed worms! Now is the time of Khazrak! They call me cunning, they call me the One-Eye - I call me Beastlord of all!"
The Dark Mail

"See craven men! See them limp together like scared cattle. They run no more; now is slaughter! Now we end lake hag's mongrels; now we end Sigmar's weak sons. Kill for me, kill for dark masters, kill! That is why we were born! KILL!"
The Fall of Man

Malagor the Dark Omen

"You are fools to spurn me. Are we not all Children of Chaos? Man-filth are the true enemy. If you not follow the Crowfather, then the Crowfather will crush you too!"
The Icons of Vilification, The Shadow Forest

"I have seen it, my herd-kin! The Dark Masters, Show me the way. Tear down their walls, burn their churches... Defile this river with man-filth bodies! Please me - your Crowfather - and let the Dark Omen spread!"
The Icons of Vilification, Stir River

Morghur the Shadowgave

"Puny Elf! Uncloven Unknowing. Ignorant. They take from me what is mine - weapon. Power! They will regret. Morghur will change them; ruin them. They will know our power, MY power! Raaarrr!"
Stave of Ruinous Corruption

    Wood Elves 


"These beasts call themselves 'hunters'? Hah! Do they not know they face Orion, Master of the Wild Hunt? Their auras cannot protect them now, for I am charged with the spirit of Kurnous; rage and destruction flow through me! Fall upon them as the howling winds fall upon the winter leaves - show them that nothing can stand before the fury of the storm!"
Horn of the Wild Hunt

"This naïve and foolish Glade Lord has allowed his mind to be poisoned by the Prince of Pleasure. The Dreaming Woods are a forbidden place of great malice and deception, and in his folly our erstwhile brother has been twisted by the dark deeds within. There can be no further mercy. As I am born from Kurnous' spirit, so shall these dark servants be purged by it. Let them face the rage of the forest!"
Cloak of Isha

"The seasons move ever on, and I feel the call to the Oak of Ages. Before I return to Ariel's embrace, another must be chosen to be born anew. Yet these traitors would sully the forest and bear a corrupt vision into being through their blackened hearts. These curs cannot be suffered to live. Though we challenge Anath Raema herself, the will of Kurnous must spurn her once more, and overcome these perverse desires!"
Spear of Kurnous


"I am risen to protect the Deepwood. Undead have no place on this earth, no place in my forest. Those who defile the land will face my fury. There will be no reprieve; I am ancient. Eternal. Vengeful. I am Durthu!"
Sword of Daith 1

"All has happened before. All will happen again. Suffering is unending - battle, eternal. The only answer is in kind; I will rise and smite the Undead outsiders. Return to me the battle-gift of Daith that I might enact wrath upon the world!"
Sword of Daith 2


Louen Leoncour

"Companions - Bretonnia's need is dire! This terrible fog corrodes our focus. Our enemy, a horde of horrifying beasts, thrives in this gloom, so be on your guard. A head-on charge may not succeed - we must proceed more carefully. They are fast and deceptively cunning, but you are the Lady's men, and no beast will stop you. Should we fail today, Bretonnia will be left vulnerable. The Kingdom relies on us; so fight to defend all you hold dear!"
Sword of Couronne

Alberic de Bordeleaux

"My friends; we are blighted by savage deception from those we once thought of as brothers! They have stolen the artefacts from beneath us, and now they mock our righteous fury! We will not yield to these curs, no! We will plunge our blades into their ignoble hearts and reclaim our birthright! Much like the sea crashing against the shore, we will crush these traitors. Now, with me, Companions; for Bordeleaux"
Trident of Manann

Morgiana le Fay

"It is a great deed we must do today. The twisted things of Chaos have come to our shores in vast numbers. Many were dashed upon the rocks, yet enough remain to pose a terrible threat. Malice seeps from their every pore and breath - they are the very essence of doom. Should they win this day, Bretonnia will be nought but ruins. But hope endures; take solace in the Lady's shining grace - for victory!"
Chalice of Potions


Wulfrik the Wanderer

"Tribesmen, again it is time to soak our blades in the blood of weak southerners! Pompous and proud, yet they don't even give me the courtesy of a worthy fight. I come here seeking Champions, but look - they send peasants! Their cowardly Lords don't deserve their riches, so we shall kill them and take all that we see. Then, the rest of Bretonnia! My masters will receive these offerings by my sword! Kill at will!!!"
Sword of Torgald

"The bodies of enemies slain have paved a bloody path, drenched in gore, by the will of our master; the trail has lead us here today! Now the tidal wave of blood we've spilt has drawn the attention of the Hound's twisted followers. They stand across the way with their weakling Champion, attempting to summon yet more cretins. I will take his skull, and together we will wipe out every one of them! To the slaughter!!!"
The Hound's Challenger

"What a compliment! Although the other Ruinous Ones show us no favour, they at least grant us recognition! The followers of the Crow dare stand before us as an affront to our Master. We have shunned their God, and for that they consider us a threat — and so they should! Our victories prove the Master's dominance! Now we will show them what a threat we really are — we shall drown them in their own blood and guts! Glory to the Master!!!"
The Crow's Challenger

"Look at that despicable cabal of Eagle-God worshippers across the way, with their craven Champion! I fear no Champion, I only destroy them! And you, the warriors and twisted beasts of my army, have slain many with me in the name of our Dark Master. Make no mistake — he still watches us! May the bodies continue to fall! May their limbs be torn from their torsos! May the battlefield be soaked red with their blood!!!"
The Eagle's Challenger

"Fellow raiders! Together we have destroyed realms, torn down the feeble cities of the weak, and proven ourselves worthy, worthy in the eyes of our master. We have the attention of the other Gods; they feel threatened by us! And what a dark blessing it is! It is proof of the Master's favour! Look at the Serpent-followers... those sensation-seekers and self-obsessed cowards! They stand trembling over there with their Champion, still trying to summon more help. Let's make their corpses a bloody offering of our own!!!"
The Serpent's Challenger


"Gaaaah! Beardy man over there has my crown! Stunty-runt dares steal from me! Doesn't the stupid little man know he steals from royalty? When I catch him, I'm taking my crown back, and he'll be the first royal meal for the new king of the world - me! Monsters and madmen all - let's have their guts for lunch!"
Wintertooth Crown

"Mmm, slave of the Hound God is here for a fight! The fool tries to make prey out of a predator! Does he know he fights a king? Not like the weak man-kings of the south. I eat those kings for breakfast! Time to feast!!!"
The Hound's Challenger

"Gaaah! Another petty challenge! If the Crow-God wants a fight with me, I give him a fight! *sniff sniff* A strange smell in the air... poison? The Crow uses cheap tricks, but they won't work on me! Today I dine on his puppets!"
The Crow's Challenger

"Gangly fool over there is Champion of the Eagle God. Look at him panic! He tries to summon more of the Eagle's puppets, but he'll never have enough to defeat the Troll King! He summons them only for us to kill, for me to eat! They will all know I am the Lord of the Monster Horde!"
The Eagle's Challenger

"My twisted army, you all follow the Troll King! And you know that where the Troll King goes, death follows! The Serpent-sluts over there challenge me because their master is scared — scared of me! No magic will save them! I'll hammer their Champion into a bloody meat patty before I eat him!"
The Serpent's Challenger

In-Game Quotes

It is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of war. The gods are cruel, and we are their playthings. But this is no game - it is ceaseless war, with the Old World its prize! Many seek the path to victory, but only one can stand glorious over all.

From the badlands come the orcs and goblins, a green tide of brutal creatures that must be stopped. In Sylvania, the dead rise again. The Vampire Counts march forth. The mighty dwarf kingdoms, long thought diminished, are resurgent under their High King. And at the Old World's heart stands The Empire - Karl Franz must prove worthy of the Warhammer. Then there is Chaos, its corrupting, changing taint despoils all before it. Only the strongest will endure.

War is upon us. It is unending.
Narrator, In-Game introduction

"Summon the Elector Counts!"
Karl Franz, when selected

"This action does not have my consent!"
Karl Franz, when selected

"Say my name! SAY MY NAME!"
Grimgor Ironhide, when selected during battle


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