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Possible Future Legendary Lords and Heroes
These characters from the Warhammer lore might appear as future Paid or Free DLC.
  • High Elves
    • Alarielle the Radiant, the Everqueen of the High Elves.
      • Confirmed as of May 17 alongside Crone Hellebron with the Queen and the Crone Lord Pack
      • A critically important lore character who was playable in the tabletop game.
    • Eltharion the Grim, Prince of Yvresse and Warden of Tor Yvresse.
    • Alith Anar Prince of Nargarythe and the Shadow King.
      • Confirmed. Alith Anar is scheduled to be an FLC Lord alongside the Queen and The Crone on May 31
      • A popular character who's introduction would be a good place to add in Shadow Warriors, units that are associated with his territory.
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    • Korhil, Captain of the White Lions.
    • Caradryan, Captain of the Phoenix Guard, and wielder of the Phoenix Blade.
  • Dark Elves
    • Malus Darkblade, the Tyrant of Hag Graef.
      • One of the most popular and well known Dark Elf characters, to the point he has an entire series of novels and comics written about him. He also rules the second greatest city in Naggaroth.
    • Shadowblade, Chief Khainite Assassin of Crone Hellebron.
      • Shadowblade shows up as the Khainite assassin assisting Felicion prepare the rituals for Malekith.
    • Crone Hellebron, High Priestess of Khaine.
      • One of the most important people in Naggaroth besides Malekith and Morathi, and represents an entire aspect of the faction; The Cult of Khaine. She also recieves numerous mentions in the Dark Elf campaign.
      • Confirmed alongside Alarielle with the Queen and the Crone Lord Pack
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    • Lokhir Fellheart the Krakenlord, a Dark Elf corsair.
      • Confirmed in Curse of the Vampire Coast.
    • Tullaris Dreadbringer, Captain of the Har Ganeth Executioners.
    • Kouran Darkhand, Captain of the Black Guard and Malekith's right hand man.
  • Lizardmen
    • Lord Kroak, the greatest Slann to have ever lived.
      • While Kroak is technically dead he is also only technically dead. His body has been preserved as a Relic Priest with his spirit still attached to it. (And this would hardly be the first time CA brought a character back from the dead in the series.)
    • Gor-Rok the Great White Lizard, a renowned albino Saurus.
      • At least as famous and popular as Kroq-gar.
    • Chakax the Eternal Warden, the greatest Saurus Temple-Guards of the city of Xlanhuapec, the City of Mist.
      • The best evidence for this is that Xlanhuapec is already in the game and has a landmark building to represent its famed mists.
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    • Oxyotl, known as "He That Hunts Unseen" a legendary and much-feared Chameleon Skink.
      • Would add a very different Legendary Lord to the Lizardmen roster.
    • Tehenhauin, the Prophet of the Serpent God, Sotek.
      • Confirmed
  • Skaven
    • Grey Seer Thanquol, one of the greatest and most infamous Grey Seers of the Under-Empire and archenemy of Gotrek & Felix.
      • He is one of the best known Skaven characters in lore. Although what he is best known for is losing, again and again.
    • Ikit Claw, Chief Warlock Engineer of Clan Skyre.
      • Considered likely mainly because Clan Skyre is popular and well known (and already in the game). This would also be a good way to introduce some units that are missing such as Ratling Gunners and Warplock Jezzails.
      • In the Mortal Empires campaign, Skyre's start position has been quietly moved from Lustria to Skavenblight itself.
      • Confirmed
    • Deathmaster Snikch, Chief Assassin and prime agent of Lord Sneek, Lord of Decay and Nightlord of Clan Eshin.
    • Throt the Unclean, one of the most twisted and ingenious Master Mutators of Clan Moulder.
      • The addition of Hell Pit, the seat of Clan Moulder, in Mortal Empires lends credence to the idea that Throt may show up.
Possible Future Factions

  • The Tomb Kings are considered a near certainty in the Southlands.
    • Confirmed on December 19th The Tomb Kings will have Settra, Khalida, Khatep, and Arkhan available as legendary lords.
    • It is also widely speculated that Nagash may be involved with the Tomb Kings. He is a popular lore character and the most obvious enemy for the Tomb Kings campaign to focus on since in the lore he created them (and the Vampires) and ultimately destroys them.
    • The Black Pyramid of Nagash is present in both campaigns as a ten-slot settlement - in Eye of the Vortex, it also produces the ritual component MacGuffins that other races are after.
    • The city of Lahmia is present in Mortal Empires as a ten-slot settlement, and Lybaras exists in the same province. This could indicate that Queen Khalida will be the second Tomb King lord, and her faction's campaign might feature her bitter rivalry against Neferata; the matriarch of the Lahmian vampire bloodline and one of the first vampires to ever exist.
    • In Mortal Empires, each faction is given a universal list of important settlements that they must conquer in order to win the game, including racial capitals such as Karaz-A-Karak and Altdorf. Khemri and Lahmia are part of this list.
  • The nations of Araby have already been mentioned by Creative Assembly when they acknowledged that the lands of Araby were "currently" controlled by Brettonian crusaders.
  • Much less likely factions include:
    • Amazons who are mentioned only briefly in lore but would add a human faction to Lustria other than Norsca and the obscure New World colonies. This tweet from CA doesn't make matters much better for the Amazons either.
    • Albion again has only a small amount of lore but models for beings from Albion do exist in tabletop and the island is included in the Vortex Campaign map.
    • The Ogre Kingdoms are in the wrong direction of the map but Ogres get about a fair bit and the Skaven homeland is on the other map as well yet here they are.
    • Dogs Of War are not exactly a faction as such. Rather they are a diverse company of mercenaries which draw units from nearly every faction in the game. Although usually associated with Tilea, which is not in the Vortex Campaign, their presence could easily be justified anywhere. Actually implementing the Dogs of War is probably the biggest obstacle to their inclusion.
      • The best/only evidence for the Dogs of War is that Miragliano, the capitol of Tilea, is listed along with the other faction capitols as part of the victory conditions for Mortal Empires.

    • Halflings the company webpage What the Teams are Working on Augtember 2018 meant say the words Cooking Salt strangely usually a clue what they're working on.

Who are the 3 not yet name Legendary Lords of the The Vampire Coast and why that character?

Araby will be the pre-order bonus for Total War: Warhammer 3
Bretonnia was supposed to be the last race pack for W1, but CA went and made Norsca as a pre-order bonus for W2 anyway. Araby could receive the same treatment, provided that CA have learned their lesson from the disastrous implementation of Norsca.

Possible future Cross-DLC after The Hunter and The Beast
  • The Prince and The Paunch, based around the Waaaagh invading Ulthuan, pitting Prince Eltharion The Grim against Grom The Paunch, possibly including the Greenskin Mortal Empires rework as well.
  • The Axe and The Blade, pitting Gotrek Gurnisson against Malus Darkblade, a battle against the deadliest close quarter fighters of both factions. May or may not involve Grombrindal being moved to Kraka Drak to help them against Norsca in their time of need.
    • This one is half-jossed as Gotrek is coming as an FLC character alongside Felix.
  • The Knight and The Killer, pitting Aborash The Blood Dragon against Deathmaster Snikch, a fearsome bout against two of the best one-on-one fighters ever to have lived. Also fitting considering how both armies are mostly based around spamming troops.

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