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Quotes / This Is Your Premise on Drugs

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They're like the family from hell on acid that's on steroids.
Woman describing The Simpson family, "Any Given Sundance"

It's like LSD... ON ACID!
Julius Caesar, Clone High

This is basically a Galasso strip. On acid. Bat acid.
The Rant for this Shortpacked! strip.

Dora: Tracks three through five, "The Dark Elves' Grimoire Parts One Through Three", are entirely in Elvish.
Faye: It's good thing you can't actually understand anything the singer growls, because these lyrics read like Tolkien on PCP.
Dora: According to the band's website, massive amounts of both were involved in the recording process.

I love the fact that Jack mentions that Torchwood is '"beyond the United Nations." He’s basically saying "we’re UNIT with sex and swearing!"''

We're seeing the clouds of cocaine that fueled the script-writing session behind this movie.
— From the Rifftrax for Batman & Robin.

It's like if you got a person drunk, gave him a bunch of drugs, butt him around and then send him off to an anime con, this is what he would see!

First, the people responsible for the Planet of the Apes sequels tried to get Dune off the ground with two different directors and two different screenwriters... The second company meant to turn it into a 10-hour miniseries starring Salvador Dalí, Mick Jagger, and Hervé Villechaize and featuring a soundtrack by Pink Floyd. The ticket stub to see this movie would've been a tab of LSD.

Chris: Barb rides her motorcycle out of Death Truck, and I guess it has missile launchers on it now. Is any of this in the original Casablanca? I haven’t seen it.
Matt: They only have it in the alternate ending on the limited edition Blu-ray. Also, it’s one of the finest films ever made, so you should probably get on that. It will be weird how your points of reference for it will be Barb Wire and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, though.
Chris: I think that’ll be a fun game, though. Whenever anyone talks about Casablanca, ask them if they mean “the original, or the remake with Pamela Anderson.”
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Barb Wire

It takes Deus Ex's gameplay, then proceeds to fuck that gameplay in the eye socket while listening to Cameo's "Word Up" on repeat. This is a game in which you can hack doors, turrets, computers, and even players, and if you fail, the doors will hack you back! This is a game in which your character can become mad, paranoid, or too frightened to fire his own gun. ... E.Y.E. is basically like Deus Ex would have been if Eidos had spent its time licking toads and drinking Red Bull.

The only way I can see this story being put together like "Hey, this will make sense" is if a guy got... totally stoned off his ass. And was asked by his son to read him a fairytale. But the stoner can't read, so he has to fake it... and this is the story he tells.

After Ant-Man asked the question, "You ever watch Iron Man, but small?" Marvel's latest solo movie invites you to ask another: "You ever watch Iron Man... on weeeeeeeeed?!"


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