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Nintendo News & Views
"Hello, and welcome to Power Pros Podcast! I am your host, "The Hoff" Chris Hoffman, and with me is my co-host and nemesis, Pete Michaud..."

What happens when the former staff of Nintendo Power keep going long after the magazine's end? You get the Nintendo Power podcast...or you get Power Pros, the unofficial podcast where Nintendo staff past and present talk news, play games, and drink a whole lotta milk.

First started in 2015 by ex-Nintendo Power editor Chris Hoffman and former editor-in-chief Chris Slate, in 2016 Slate was launched into space and replaced by a group of rotating co-hosts. Beginning in April 2017 and continuing to the present, this is most commonly Hoffman's Arch-Enemy Pete Michaud.

The regular format of the show begins with a breakdown of the current news in the world of Nintendo, followed by impressions on recent releases, a musical intermission, and then the week's special topic, before ending on a Dramatic Reading.


More recently, the show has brought back the Don't Hassle the Hoff column from Nintendo Power magazine, with Pete hassling the Hoff with a Sadistic Choice...over something video game-related.

You can start listening to the podcast on its official website or on iTunes. Podcast-related updates show up on the Power Pros Twitter, as well as on Hoff and Pete'sfeeds.

The podcast provides examples of:

Hoffman: Well they're already calling the PlayStation Vita a legacy system...
Hoffman: For myself, Pete Michaud, and our good friend [video game character of the day], we will see ya next time.
Hoffman: That it?
Slate: Yeah, I think that's it.
  • Theme Tune: A Chiptune piece by Stenobot, Shark Flower, serves as the official Power Pros intro/outro theme.
  • Top Ten List: Any Nintendo anniversary is an excuse for the Power Pros to run down their top games/systems/characters. These sometimes serve as springboards for talking about whatever was going on at Nintendo Power at the time a game came out.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Pro Wrestling is very well-liked on the show, as are piledrivers, suplexes, and wrestling moves of all kinds. Hoff was overjoyed when Incineroar made it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, if only to finally have a wrestler in Smash.
  • Wrote the Book: Hoffman can legitimately claim to have written the book on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, as he literally wrote its Nintendo Power guide. Most of the other hosts have also done this for one or more games, being ex-NP editors themselves.

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