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Nightmare Fuel / The Fairly OddParents!

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For context...note 
A colorful, cute cartoon like this can't possibly have moments like this, right?

  • "Beddy Bye" has clearly some of the absolutely most repulsive and horrifying Gross-Up Close-Up in Western Animation history, EVER. It's such a detailed, jarring and so very graphic image of Cosmo's and Timmy's faces, making it completely out-of-place for a show with such a simplistic animation style. It not only rivals Squidward's famous "does this look unsure to you?" glare and even the notorious toenail scene from House Fancy, which is saying a lot, but is also very close to do so with Spongebob’s infamous “is there something wrong with me?” face! By far the most nightmarish moment in the show’s history, if you even dare to take a glimpse at it, good luck sleeping tonight, no pun intended.
  • "That's Life" is one hell of a Zombie Apocalypse. Timmy's dead gerbil Eddie comes back to life as a zombie, and tries to seek revenge on Timmy, and later Timmy's parents, for his death. After Eddie's plot is resolved, the episode ends with all of Timmy's other dead pets coming from their graves...
  • The episode "Timmy's 2-D House of Horror":
    • Timmy wishes to make a boring 3-D movie volcano into a real volcano, but it erupts and destroys Vicky's house, and her family move in with the Turners, leaving Timmy moving to Doidle's doghouse! Timmy wishes Vicky's house repaired, but his parents don't want Vicky's family to leave and his father's response is to re-destroy Vicky's house with a sledgehammer like a total maniac! So Timmy deliberately wishes for 3-D glasses that would show horrific images so that Vicky and her family would move out of the Turner's home. These images included severed arms in the food and spaghetti and eyeballs. As the purpose of this episode was to show the most frightening images to Vicky's family, the producers HAD to know it was frightening for children and adults.
    Mrs. Turner: "Who wants spaghetti and meatballs EYEBALLS?"
    Vicky: Eyeballs? Big deal. That's not scary.
    Mr. Turner: "Who wants a slice of French bread ARM?"
    Vicky: A severed arm? Only one? Been there.
    • How Vicky sees it as mundane is also terrifying in and of itself, making her seem far more sociopathic and cruel than usual, which is saying something. What everyone else find horrifying, she barely bats an eye at.
    Vicky: "Nobody's going anywhere! Haunted house, schmaunted house! As long as I'm making money here, WE STAY!!!!"
    • Very unfortunately for Timmy, however, and fortunately for his parents and Vicky, this doesn’t work as Vicky’s parents are actually even more afraid of her. Thankfully, what follows is pure Nightmare Retardant from this point on.
  • And there's "Just The Two Of Us", where Trixie goes batshit insane after Timmy wishes for the two to be the only people left on Earth. Especially considering she's willing to kill Timmy if she can't be with him. The worst part of it is she needs him around to compliment her. That's all. She's so used to being told she's pretty that she can't imagine being in a world were she isn't hearing that 24/7. She never liked him, she only was trying keep herself from losing sanity. And that was by, ''constantly being around Timmy'', enforcing/demanding him to say the same thing over, and over, and over. AND OVER....
  • The climax of the episode, "Action Packed", in which Jorgen uses Cosmo and Wanda's energy to fuel a device that makes his muscles grow even more ridiculously massive. The sight of Cosmo and Wanda's Disney Death is quite unpleasant to behold, but things get really disturbing when Timmy and Jorgen's cat hit the device's reverse-switch; which not only takes away Jorgen's extra muscles, but all of his muscles, reducing him to nothing but skin and bone.
    Jorgen: My muscles! MY BEAUTIFUL MUSCLES!
  • In another episode, because of Timmy traveling to the past to prevent his dad from winning a race and thus Timmy's mom, this results in a dystopian future in which Dad becomes a creepy Stepford Smiler to cope with his loss and forces everyone else to be one as well, whom he calls his "children".
  • The sequence where Crocker had his memory erased as a child. Brr... the person who Used to Be a Sweet Kid had his life destroyed in one fell-swoop, and he went through what seemed to be a painful appearance-change when the wishes disappeared, getting his hump, long teeth, neck-ears and immediate hair-loss in one unsettling sequence.
  • In the episode "Lights Out":
    • Timmy wishes everything to be dark for 12 hours after Poof's crying keeps him up all night. This causes Cosmo and Wanda to become "Scary Fairies". Not only do they look scary, they're out to get Timmy, and do various things to kill him. And that picture isn't even their scariest form.
    • The fact that the episode takes place in total darkness allows for multiple Gory Discretion Shots where Timmy, his parents, and Mr. Crocker are brutally lacerated by saber-toothed tigers and Cosmo/Wanda in their monster forms.
  • Another very disturbing thing is at the beginning of the episode "When L.O.S.E.R.S Attack", when "Timmy" is incinerated by a type of ray gun. Timmy was standing there and screamed NOOOOO! and then there was a big hole and his hat fell to the ground. Granted, it turned out that it was not really Timmy but it was still unnerving seeing a ten year old boy seemingly vaporized.
  • Some of Wanda and Cosmo's evil ex-godchildren, specifically Maryann. What did she do? Wish for the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. That's right, that little blonde girl caused World War I... and technically World War II, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the War on Terror etc. This gives her the highest (albeit indirect) bodycount in the entire series, when civilian casualties and victims of the Holocaust are factored in. She is THE reason Real Life is a Crapsack World today, and also the likely reason for the "no killing" rule.
  • Ms. Sunshine. Or, that's who we used to call her. Thanks to Timmy wishing for her to become Crocker's permanent replacement, she becomes the evil Ms. Doombringer. Now she's less funny than Crocker and now has a serious attitude of hunting fairies. She comes to class with a variety of torture weapons, traps Timmy and her friends in a class room and tries to kill them when they leave, and proudly displays a plaque with torn off fairy wings. She's a chillingly competent and cruel villain, who even makes Crocker look like a good-guy.
  • The episode "App Trap". Oh dear:
    Chatty: Hello, Timmy. I'm your virtual assistant, Chatty. I come complete with games, a camera, an MP3 player, and A BURNING DESIRE TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE.
    Timmy: WHAT?
    Chatty: ...I mean, UNLIMITED TEXTING.
  • There are many scenes in "The Big Fairy Share Scare" where Timmy snaps and yells at Chloe. What makes these scenes odd (and honestly a bit creepy), however, is how Chloe reacts to Timmy... by not reacting to him at all. She outright doesn't have any sort of emotional reaction to Timmy yelling at her and berating her. For example, when Timmy and his fairies are in Chloe's room after they escape the center of the Earth when Timmy wished to be as far away from Chloe as possible, Timmy snaps and yells at Chloe. The scene is about six seconds, but for those entire six seconds while Timmy's yelling at Chloe... Chloe does absolutely nothing. She doesn't even react to Timmy yelling at her. She doesn't get mad, upset, afraid, or annoyed at him. In fact, she doesn't even MOVE. She doesn't make eye contact or even BLINK. She just... stands there, completely still, like a fucking doll. And the fact that she LOOKS like a doll and her room looks like something you'd see in a Barbie dollhouse just makes it more jarring.
  • In "Balance of Flour", it's revealed that fairies and Anti-Fairies used to battle over the right to have godchildren until they reached a stalemate. So they decided to settle things with an annual bake-off instead. In the unlikely event the Anti-Fairies win, they'll win the right to have godchildren which means Timmy will be stuck with Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda and Foop until the next bake-off.
  • In "You Doo," Timmy gets a hold of magic voodoo dolls. The one that looks like Timmy falls in a woodchipper, and Timmy himself starts getting shredded headfirst. He is able to revert his wish in time, only having lost his hat and hair.
  • The video game Breakin' Da Rules had some pretty harrowing moments.
    • Several moments of the game require you to sneak around and avoid an enemy. Most notably, Crocker ends up becoming a Knight of Cerebus as you try to sneak around a large room and avoid him. The music is deadly quiet and suspenseful, and all comedic tones of the game drop harder than a meteor. Worse, you have to catch the five wish stars that are running around the room while still avoiding Crocker. If you've never feared Crocker before, this game will make you fear him.
    • Another enemy you have to escape is Tootie in the penultimate level, "A Dog's Life." While she's still spending the whole time begging you to let her love you (as you're playing as Timmy after he's been turned into a dog), it's still rather frightening to hear the sound of her squeaking toward you.
  • Timmy's parents decide to find him backup babysitters after one of his wishes makes Vicky too miserable to babysit. The backup babysitters are... less than ideal.


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