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Nightmare Fuel / Doug

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This is what you think I look like, Doug?

Although Doug is one of the more light-hearted of the Nicktoons/Disney Afternoon cartoons, it still had plenty of examples of some pretty scary stuff.

  • Many of Doug's ImagineSpots qualified as this. It showcased how wild of an imagination that he possessed and that he was far more pessimistic and afraid of life than he let on:
    • His infamous "You broke my grill" fantasy. In it, he imagines telling Mr. Dink that he had broken his grill, which leads to the latter getting so angry with him, he immediately transforms into a cross between the Wolfman and the Hulk, while growling at his neighbor and, at least in Doug's mind, probably intent on hurting him "YOU BROKE MY GRILL?!"
    • Doug's fantasy of Mrs. Wingo, drawn as a doodle, appearing at his door step in "Doug's Doodle" (as pictured above) is pretty disturbing to say the least.
    • So is his fantasy of a live fish being served to him begging for its life in tears in "Doug on the Wild Side".
    • All of the imagine spots from "Doug's Nightmare on Jumbo Street". To wit, Doug and friends had recently viewed a monster movie, The Abnormal, and while all of his friends were freaked out by the movie and the havoc that the monster itself wreaked, Doug never viewed it, closing his eyes at the last moment, which gave him recurring nightmares. Among the moments including one where his and Skeeter's bikes became sentient and the latter's bike threw him off a cliff and to his death while Doug helplessly watched, the garage itself came alive and ate Doug and one where Porkchop was Jack Torrance and transformed into the monster, taunting him with "You don’t even know what I look like! Look at me! LOOK AT MEEEE!!!" Granted, it all was soon Nightmare Retardant when we finally saw the monster, who was so cheap looking you could see the zipper for the costume he was in from the back (and which is comparable to the actual image on the Nightmare Retardant page), but still...
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    • The time Doug had a fantasy about what Mr. Bone, who was in the hospital, was in for: he actually believed that he was there to literally get eyes in the back of his head. It was something out of a horror movie, even though there haven't been any reported cases of such a thing happening.
    • One episode had Doug finding a lost purse full of money and he wrestling with if he should return it or not. Upon seeing the news report about the purse's owner being distressed over losing it, he has a bad dream where the woman was now so poor that she not only was wearing a barrel for clothing, but the "bolts" holding her head on were also repossessed and it proceeded to fall off while she flailed her arms uncontrollably and wailed out "Oh-NOOOO!!"
    • The episode in which Doug wishes "everyone to be just like him", only for him to have a nightmare where everyone he knows and loves morphs into a clone of himself. By the end, Doug is on the verge of being swarmed by them before snapping out of his fantasy.
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    • The episode where Doug was suspected of cheating on Chalky's test and he trying in vain to confront him on it had him imagining his classmate walking by Patti and Mrs. Wingo who praise him for being so perfect, only for him to hide behind a tree, take off his "human" skin to reveal himself as a giant rat and cackle fiendishly.
    • "Doug's Lucky Hat," where Roger steals his hat, and he imagines he's a homeless sock peddler while Roger's an enormously successful financial tycoon could be this to those viewers who were mature enough to understand it. The fantasy ends with Roger's limo splashing dirty rainwater at Doug (who has a pathetically desperate facial expression). No doubt, that fantasy gave more than a few kids nightmares for years.
    • The camping episode featured a creepy, surreal imaginary sequence of monsters lurking in the woods.
    • Similarly to the Doug and Roger fantasy, Judy and her Dancing Cats from "Doug Goes Hollywood". Aside from implying that Judy has lost her mind due to him being offered a role in a commercial instead of her the actress, this is Doug fantasizing about what he thinks his sister may someday end up. Worse, he imagines himself a Michael Jackson-esque famous big shot who just in case he ever runs into her on the street, instead of helping her in any meaningful way, he'll just give her whatever change is in his pocket.
    • The episode where Doug and Skeeter are going to an out-of-town Beets concert has them accidentally missing their bus and leaving them stranded at a truck stop diner. Then the former gets an idea of them stealing one of the many big rig trucks at the diner and driving to the concert, which leads to an fantasy of what will happen once behind the wheel. Problem is, they're only in junior high and have no idea how to drive a truck, let alone any vehicle, which leads to them losing control of the vehicle and plunging off of the highwaynote .
    • "Doug's Got No Gift" has Doug wishing to buy a great gift for Patti's birthday, but he accidentally spends all of his money at the video arcade. After he gets help from Mr. Dink to make her a gift instead, he initially dreams about building her her own plane and flying in it with her (seriously), but after building something more practical and that he's less proud of, a towel rack that ends up being useful to the plot, he has another dream where they're "flying" on that, but soon fall to their deaths into a lake.
  • The first Christmas Special was surprisingly dark for the show. It all started with Porkchop being sent to the pound for biting and injuring Beebee while they were playing hockey on a frozen pond. Turns out, it wasn't his intent to injure her, but to keep her away from the thin ice she was on. Regardless, he was almost put down over a simple misunderstanding. Also, you had Doug fantasizing about standing at his dog's grave as he tries to find a way to rescue him and clear his name. Worse, during the trial where they went back to the pond to explain what occurred, Beebee actually did fall through the ice, but Porkchop was able to rescue her and save the day.
  • Percy Femur, Mr. Bone's nephew from "Doug Saves Roger". His cruelty and Hair-Trigger Temper is shown early on by beginning to bully Roger (and his style of bullying involved physical harm instead of just annoying pranks and obnoxiousness like with the latter), who spent the majority of the episode terrified for his life and even the opening sequence showed him desperate to escape/hide from the offscreen presence that was threatening him. Plus, the guy is shown to be a wolf in sheep's clothing whenever his Uncle is around, pretending to be the "innocent" student. As if Percy wasn't bad enough, he then decides to beat up Doug after school simply because he asked him (and rather politely) to back off of the former. Fortunately, this also doubles as a Moment of Awesome as right before Percy even manages to take a swing, Mr. Bone stops him, has him expelled and even calls him "the bad seed". Roger had told him what was happening and not only did the vice principal believe him, but he put a stop to everything instead of looking the other way because that was a family member.
  • The Halloween episode of the Nick series.
  • The eating-disorder episode from the Disney series, particularly after Patti (for some reason) goes off the deep end.
  • "Doug's Bad Trip" had the tensions of the Funnie family at an all-time high. While Phil just wanted to take his family to see a place called The Painted Gorge, Doug and Judy kept falling for tourist traps that held up their schedule. So by the end of the night, all of the family members are angry and sniping at one another, the two siblings argument has devolved into a screaming match (with Doug even yelling at her, "You don't even know what you're talking about! Ah, shut up!") and when Phil turns around to scold him, they almost collide head-on with a big rig. Not helping matters is during this intense confrontation is the soundtrack, which is the blaring "action" music heard during a big argument or a tense adventurous moment.

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