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Film - Live-Action

  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022): While Chip and Dale drive through Los Angeles, a billboard can be seen for a law firm called Funnie & Porkchop ("Your injury is not Funnie"). Interestingly, their designs from the Nickelodeon series are used in this cameo.


  • Doug is one of the many shows paid homage to in the music video for "Cartoons & Vodka". In the video, Jinkx Monsoon (dressed in a drag version of Doug Funnie) does the iconic episode title screen, and RuPaul appears next to her as Skeeter Valentine before they introduce a band wearing beet masks (an extended parody of The Beets).

Video Games

  • Catti's and Catty's dad in Deltarune is an extended parody of Mr. Dink, in both his design and his writing; he even first appears next to a broken grill.
  • Vine Realms includes a parody of Mr. Dink that mashes him up with Shrek, with the result being named "Mr. Shrink".

Web Animation

  • Cartoon Beatbox Lessons: In "Ep 3: How to Scratch It", Skeeter can be seen beatboxing in a demonstration of a good time to practice vs a bad time to beatbox. Interestingly, Skeeter is drawn in his design from Disney's Doug.
  • FreezeFlame:
    • The Koopa Kids: In the Season 3 episode "Lemmy Does Things", Lemmy hums the opening theme tune to the Nickelodeon seasons.
    • In Carl, Jim Flaig's orange mohawk is directly inspired by Roger Klotz's haircut from the Nickelodeon seasons.
Web Original
  • Bum Reviews: In the review of Up, Chester A. Bum compares the character of Dug to Doug Funnie. He then says he loves that show and sings the Doug theme song, after which he asks why "the Nostalgima Critic" doesn't like that show. He suspects it's because the Critic has the same name as one of the show's characters, then says "I'm onto you, Mr. Mayonnaise! Lighten up!"
  • The Nostalgia Critic: The Critic has profiled the show in his Nicktoons review, and also reviewed Doug's First Movie. He hates the franchise because he was made fun of for sharing the same first name as the protagonist, and the theme song is a well-known Berserk Button of his.

Web Video

  • Vinesauce: Vinny has referenced the show in a couple of videos.
    • In "Corruption Stockpile 11", one of the games featured was Doug's Big Game on Game Boy Color. The result was a glitchy mess, with dialogue replaced by gibberish and the dialogue portraits of Doug and his friends distorted.
    • In "Pix2Pix Face Generator", Vinny tries to make Mr. Dink on the software. The result is... horrifying, to say the least.

Western Animation

  • Hoop Dogz: A species-swapped version of Doug is shown playing on TV in the first episode. Doug has canine features while Porkchop is a human named Meatball.
  • House of Mouse: In the short "Pluto's Magic Paws", Pluto channel-surfs through a series of dog-themed shows, including Brand Spanking New Dog. (This is not an error, as the Disney series was originally named as Brand Spanking New Doug for it’s first two seasons when they originally aired and for it’s VHS releases, before the third season, the reruns of the first two seasons, and Disney+ uses the Disney’s Doug moniker.)
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: In "Haunted House", the design for the Bloody Head Fairy is based on Doug. Coincidentally, both shows featured the voice of Billy West.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A sketch from "Endless Breadsticks" involves a man encountering a down-and-out Doug at a bar.
    • A sketch from "Yogurt in a Bag" titled "Not Funnie" has Doug trying to put on a stand-up comedy routine for his school's talent show. Billy West reprises his role as Doug (but not Roger) for this sketch.
    • A sketch from "Strummy Strummy Sad Sad" has Patti waiting for Quailman for rescue her, but Doug gets turned on by his outer underwear and ends up killing himself via autoerotic asphyxiation.
      Patti: Oh God, I knew this day would come!