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Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so Unmarked spoilers ahead!
This squirrel's truly gone nuts.

Just because Dio is out of the picture for now, this doesn't mean that Battle Tendency doesn't have any more horrors that will make you scream "OH NO!".

  • After Joseph blows up Straizo with about a half-dozen grenades, we're treated to this really awesome scene of Straizo's pieces Pulling Themselves Together. It includes things like his arm's flesh flaying itself and using the shredded pieces to move and intestines, toes, and eyeballs (with the optic nerve still attached) sliding across the floor to join back to the main body (you can clearly see Straizo's femur, spine, and ribs sticking out of the bloody flesh). It's a gruesome enough sight that Smokey clasps his hands and asks God to save him.
  • Stroheim himself dipped into this before his Heel–Face Turn, but two of the things he does stand out:
    • The first happens when he conscripts some of the local women to shave him, and one of them accidentally slips and cuts his cheek. Stroheim tells her to lick it off, and then puts the sharp edge of the straight razor under her tongue so that if she moves she'll cut herself on the blade, taunting her and laughing as he does so. Fortunately, she doesn't get cut, but geez...
    • The second, far more horrifying event, happens when the Nazis plan to feed the Pillar Man blood, and have captured a bunch of the locals to use as food. Before this can be carried out, Stroheim offers a trade: one person will die and the others will live. When one boy steps forward, Stroheim congratulates him for his courageous spirit... and then immediately has everyone BUT the boy executed. Even worse: the Nazis actually did this. We later find out that he had a good reason for it, but even so...
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  • Santana, in order to exit a room completely devoid of any "normal" exits, opts to completely fold and crush his body to fit inside a few-inches-wide ventilation shaft. Made even more disturbing in the 2012 anime adaptation, where the viewer is "treated" to the full, very-well-done animation of Santana's body crushing, contorting, and folding like origami, complete with squishing, cracking, and popping sounds coming from his body. You may now commence with the shuddering.
  • After the above, Santana turns a Nazi officer into an obese yellow man-blob by going into his body through his eyes. Said Nazi officer is still alive for a few seconds before transforming, and begs for help before Santana takes him over.
  • And throughout all of the above, Santana has this emotionless facial expression, and it's utterly creepy. Then he is introduced to sunlight, and loses his stoicism completely, becoming even more terrifying in the process.
    • Santana's attack in general. It plays like an anime adaptation of the SCP Foundation!
  • Wammu's introduction involves him assimilating a row of Nazis Cell-style (drinking them until they're a deflated blob of skin).
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  • Mark's death. All it takes is Wamuu accidentally bumping into him without even noticing, and half his body isn't there anymore. All he can do is beg Caesar for a Mercy Kill before the pain becomes unbearable. Not only is this a horrifically gruesome death, with lots of blood spurting out from what's left of Mark's body, it also sets up the Pillar Men as terrifying foes who are so far above humans that we may as well be bugs in comparison.
  • The way Esidisi would have killed Joseph — had Joestar not had a plan in advance to beat him with — by having his prehensile veins enter his body, and violently pumping his lava-like blood through it, boiling him alive from the inside out. Just try picturing that.
    • When Joseph manages to defeat Esidisi the first time, beams of light start erupting from his body and his face rips apart. When his horn erupts from his skull — tearing more of his face open — he looks like a demonic skull-unicorn ready to impale Joseph, and when the horn is destroyed he has an appearance like a human Jack-o'-Lantern with light blazing from his mouth, nose hole, eye sockets, upper head, and a dozen points in his body where his veins had come from. The process of finally exploding takes several seconds and he screams in absolute pain the entire time.
  • Reduced to a brain with blood vessels, Esidisi possesses Suzi Q, resulting in some hexagon shaped eyes while blood bursts out of her profusely in preparation to blow himself up with the three Ripple users. It's worse when he starts flipping back and forth between Suzi's face and his own face; on the same body.
  • The squirrel created by Kars eats through another squirrel, Stroheim, and several other Nazis. See the image above for your sake.
  • Ultimate Kars. Much like all the Pillar Men, he was a strong-enough foe before, but after being powered up by the Red Stone of Aja and the Stone Mask, he becomes an all-powerful amalgamation of the DNA from every creature that's ever lived or ever will live on Earth. Not only can he now use Hamon that burns as hot as the core of the Sunnote  alongside Esidisi and Wammu's powers, his general abilities are amplified to a ridiculous degree — with some serious Body Horror on the side whenever he partially-shapeshifts to use his animalistic abilities — and due to a combination of Complete Immortality and a healing factor leagues more powerful than any vampire or Pillar Man, he literally cannot die. It's telling when just the very sight of Kars standing triumphantly in direct sunlight is enough to elicit a Mass "Oh, Crap!" from all parties present.
  • Kars' fate. After getting blasted into space by Joseph and the power of an active volcano, he attempts to get back to Earth using his air jets and wings; only for his body to freeze solid due to his Adaptive Ability, leaving him helplessly drifting through deep space for eternity. As his immortality renders him unable to die naturally, Kars is left begging for something out there to kill him; and eventually, his mind just shuts down altogether. Kars' descent into panic when he realises he can't escape nor control his own movement — and especially his agonised screaming right before he's fully frozen — sum up just how dire the whole situation is for him.
    Narrator: So ended Kars, last and greatest of the Pillar Men. His body turned hard as rock, and he floated through space for the rest of time, never to return. (cuts to Kars floating through the void of space) He wished for death, but there was nothing out there to kill him. The spark of thought within him went dim... and then, silent.


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