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Nightmare Fuel / It: Chapter Two

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Pennywise is back... with a fresh dose of Nightmare Fuel to boot. The second part to a story based on arguably Stephen King's scariest novel, and a sequel to a film considered absolutely horrifying, featuring a Pennywise who survived his defeat by the losers and is now out for revenge as a result. And we know how horrible he was in the first film, when he was just toying with his prey, this time this thing doesn't hold back.

For Chapter One, see here.

Unmarked spoilers below!

  • Pennywise as a whole in this movie. As mentioned above, this is not the same Pennywise of the first film, who liked to toy around with the Losers just because he could torment them, and didn’t take them seriously. Pennywise was nearly killed last time, he’s scared of the Losers, and now the Losers are all back he’s out for blood. He wants to break them all down psychologically, torment them, corner them all into his lair, and wants to then have the pleasure of killing them. He's been dreaming of this, by the way, for 27 years. And he means it.
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  • The gore in the film. Chapter One had the courtesy of cutting away as kids suffered the torment of Pennywise. Or didn’t show them being lured in and killed by him (apart from Georgie of course). This film doesn’t have the same courtesy. We see what happens to his victims - Adrian Mellon, Dean, Victoria - and it’s as horrific as you’d expect.
  • Remember how the creators said there was probably an original Bob Gray/Pennywise before It took him on as its favourite form? We seem to get a glimpse of him. After Beverly gets chased out of her old house by the horrifying form Mrs. Kersh takes, she sees a door open with someone inside. Bob then turns around and tells Beverly that she can’t change anything - and it’s obvious he’s Pennywise, even without any makeup. He then rubs white paint on his face as he taunts Beverly, before scratching his face open to form his signature red clown lines, laughing crazily and then letting out something that can only be described as some kind of reversed howl.
  • Mrs. Kersh. It becomes really obvious early on that she’s It in disguise. Whether it’s her giving Beverly the creepiest smile in existence for an uncomfortably long time, or jerking around in the background.
    • Worse, it’s implied she’s basically a rotting corpse at this point; when she fans herself, she reveals decaying flesh on her chest, and there are flies all over the apartment.
      • The decaying flesh on her chest isn’t just indicating she’s basically a corpse at this point. It’s a scar from where Ben skewered Pennywise with a pike in the first film.
    • This is all before she runs at Beverly, in a demented fashion, while naked. Remind you of anything?
    • Good LORD, the form Mrs. Kersh takes is absolutely nightmarish. A naked, zombified, lanky, gross elderly wraith as tall as the ceiling, with long spindly limbs, an utterly inhuman face, horrifying fish-like eyes which are way too big and extra mouths on her neck that swiftly chases after Beverly.
      • The buildup before the arrival of the aforementioned entity is far worse. It doesn't help that her dialogue is almost immediately followed by heavy thumping footsteps.
    Mrs. Kersh: I was always Daddy's little girl... what about you? Are you still his little girl, Beverly? ARE YOU?!
  • Henry is reintroduced as being shown to have spilled out of the sewers after Mike pushed him down the well. He is washed out along the corpses of Pennywise’s victims, shrieking continuously as he resurfaces. That alone is pretty much an indication that whatever he saw down there completely demolished his psyche.
    • Henry Bowers as he gets arrested isn’t exactly much better. He screams and screams incoherently about how he was meant to kill them all like Pennywise said to, trying to fight off the officers while doing so - this is after It went back into early hibernation. Just what did he see to break his sanity like that?
    • Henry’s adult self is just as terrifying. The way he chases after the red balloon, delighted to see Pennywise, the embodiment of pure torment and evil. The fact he’s really clearly been taken over by Pennywise but with just enough of him there that he’s still Henry - who is an insane, psychopathic bully already. Or how deranged and incoherent he is at pretty much all times.
    • While we’re on the topic of Henry, he’s a rather tough cookie to kill, suffering horrendous injuries no lifeform should ever be able to survive. And it takes a hatchet through the brain to kill him. He survived falling down a massive well and having his skull smashed hard multiple times against the insides on the way down, and survived a knife through his heart, stuff which would have killed most normal humans. In fact, they don’t even seem to phase him anywhere as much as they should realistically. Is this him just being really hard to kill? Or could it be that It imbued him with unnatural resilience, on top of breaking and taking over his mind, so he could kill the Losers to please the beast?
  • The fortune cookie scene. In an edit from the book, each loser gets one word in each fortune cookie message. The boys get ‘guess’, ‘could’, ‘not’, ‘cut’, and ‘it’. They argue over what the hell the message is and means, and what order the words go in. Then they realise they haven’t got Beverly’s word. Beverly gets ‘Stanley’. The implication is clear. Then as they realize what's happened to Stanley, Pennywise taunts them with horrifying hallucinations. They immediately remember why they were so scared.
    • How horrifying you ask? Think along the lines of a fleshy, baby-faced cockroach thing that cries exactly like a human baby. Or an eyeball with a ton of tentacles that crawls across the table,note  with a shrieking, still-living bird fetus thrown in. How about the severed heads of Pennywise’s victims singing nursery rhymes in the aquarium? Pennywise isn’t messing around.
  • Adding to this, everyone who’s left Derry since the events of their childhood seems to have forgotten all the horrifying stuff they’ve gone through since the first scene. Pennywise has the entire city under its control to forget or ignore all of the horrifying things it does, so when you leave Derry, you forget why you were so terrified there to begin with.
    • When the Losers answer Mike's phone call, they're so afraid that they have physical, visceral reactions to the thought of facing It again. Richie throws up, Eddie crashes his car, and one of Bill's hands starts shaking, with his stutter also coming back. And let’s not even mention Stan. But they can’t remember why they were so afraid to begin with. Despite all of the horrifying trauma of the first film, they outright forgot all of it, because It’s mind control is that powerful.
    • Stan's reaction is to kill himself, which scary and saddening enough on its own, but then the remaining Losers discover something even more frightening: their childhood encounter with Pennywise has "infected" them with something that will eventually result in their Psychic-Assisted Suicide if they don't kill It before the next cycle. The rest of the group's deaths will play out similarly to how Beverly predicted Stan's. The fact that It's presence has fundamentally altered something in each of the Losers, such that it will drive them to suicide (despite full knowledge of the infection) if they don't kill him first, is pretty scary.
  • Bill's visions of IT terrorizing the local Indigenous people, shown in the style of wood-carved puppets. Even depicted as a wooden puppet, IT's giant spider form is terrifying.
  • The hall of mirrors scene. Pennywise lures Bill into a ‘funhouse’, and wants to exploit Bill’s guilt for Georgie. Bill and Pennywise both try to smash their respective mirror to get to this kid. Pennywise gets there first, letting off a smile which will haunt your dreams before biting the kid’s head so hard it explodes like an overripe watermelon being smashed with a hammer, painting the mirror red.
    • Before smashing through the glass, just as Bill tells the kid that he can save him, they hear a sliding noise from the glass in front of Bill. The camera then looks down to reveal Pennywise licking the glass with an inhumanly long tongue.
    • The way Pennywise breaks open the glass is just unsettling: he doesn’t just punch it to break through it, he smashes the glass gradually by bashing his head against the glass, putting the entire heft of his body behind each smash - and Pennywise doesn’t flinch once while ramming his face into the glass. If you look closely, Pennywise's face makes expressions impossible for an actual human face between each impact. Just in case you had any doubt that there was nothing human about Pennywise (somehow), this scene reminds us that’s he just a purely malevolent entity with no concept of morality, with a tiny layer of glamour to lure in kids/scare people who hate clowns.
    • Pennywise wants Bill to watch, and helplessly try to kick the glass down, so he can taunt Bill with the fact that he can’t save this kid from a gruesome, Pennywise-themed end. In fact, Pennywise specifically sent Bill a message warning him about the kid, all so Bill would rush to the fair and try to save him, only to fail and watch the boy die a terrifying and bloody death. Damn.
      • As with everything Pennywise does, the sheer glee he takes in tormenting his victims and prolonging their suffering for as long as possible is just fucking creepy. He looks so happy and amused when he first bangs his head on the glass, letting his victims know exactly what he’s going to do; and gaining sick satisfaction from watching them suffer and anticipate the inevitable.
  • The sudden reappearance of the corpse of Patrick during the hospital scene. The way he crawls out from underneath the bed was enough to scare Henry shitless.
  • Bill reaches into the sewer in order to save Georgie, but something grabs his hand. And that something turns into thousands of tiny hands.
  • In one scene, we see Pennywise lure in Victoria, a little girl. Victoria at first is understandably terrified, but Pennywise draws her back in by fake crying about how everyone finds him ugly. He then promises to "poof" away her port wine facial birthmark after the count of three. He can’t even make it to three before he’s staring at this poor girl, drooling all over the place. Three guesses what happens next. Pennywise launches himself at this kid, opening its mouth all of the way.
    • As soon as he lunges we have a quick shot of Pennywise's jaws clamping on Victoria’s face before immediately cutting away. In his own twisted way he didn't lie about getting rid of her birthmark. Can't have a facial birthmark with no head after all.
    • Pennywise doesn’t just hypnotise this poor kid, like he did with Georgie. Pennywise lures this girl in with empathy.
    • There’s something so creepy about how child-like Pennywise acts, yet how off it is at the same time.
    • The tiny little laugh, and the way his head moves, after Pennywise tells Victoria "I guess we must be friends" is horrifying. It’s almost a perfectly innocent clown laugh yet there’s something so... wrong and inhuman about it. It’s so painfully obvious Pennywise isn’t really a clown and has... other intentions just based on this alone.
    • There's also HEAVY elements of Adult Fear to take in here. Sure, the entire concept of the story is technically Adult Fear (with children disappearing and abusive parents), but Victoria's death was the most realistic it's been so far; some creepy guy in a public place who wins her trust by appealing to her sympathy and humanity, then luring her closer and promising her gifts and special things... it's just OOZING with images of a predator taking a child away.
  • The entire Adrian Mellon scene has been kept in from the book, but it's much, much worse. A bunch of homophobic teens beat up Adrian Mellon and his boyfriend brutally before chucking him off of a bridge. Then Adrian is left drowning after being beaten to a pulp, only to be dragged out by - unfortunately for him - Pennywise, freshly pissed off from his previous defeat by the Losers. Pennywise then stares into the camera, and bites a massive chunk of flesh off of Adrian's armpit, before angrily chewing on his flesh - all while staring at Adrian’s boyfriend and YOU, the viewer.
    • And not only does he stare; he starts to smile wider and wider right before he takes one big bite.
    • While Pennywise is chewing Adrian’s flesh, you hear his mandibles click from how powerful his jaw is. This also hints at his true form being much more than just the already intimidating Pennywise.
    • Pennywise doesn’t just bite out a piece of flesh from Adrian - he bites so deep and so hard that he kills Adrian by ripping out his heart.
      • This wouldn’t instantly kill Adrian. Pennywise knows this. Adrian would die a slow and excruciating death from the blood loss caused by the massive cavity in his armpit. Pennywise wants Adrian to suffer for as long as possible.
    • There’s something so creepy and off-putting about how the whole bridge is then covered in red balloons after watching this absolutely horrific scene. Almost like a demented celebration of the whole thing from Pennywise, announcing he’s back.
    • Arguably, the scariest part of the scene is how unprovoked the initial attack was against Adrian. He and his partner are just minding their own business when the Bratty Half-Pint walks up and spits at them. Adrian attempts to stand up for himself, but is beaten and thrown off the bridge, where he most likely would have died alone even without Pennywise's intervention. Worst of all is that there's no indication It was controlling or influencing the attackers in any way.
    • The ‘Come Home’ message for Mike, who arrives at the crime scene after? That was most likely written with Adrian's blood. The whole thing was a sick way for Pennywise to let the Losers know that he’s back - and he’s out for revenge.
  • So we all know in the end that Pennywise becomes a giant spider. However, in this version he's something akin to a drider, with his upper half still mostly in clown mode. And this form is larger than the original incarnation of the spider - all the more menacing and wrong for it.
    Pennywise: Time to floooaaaat...!
  • During the final fight, Richie overcomes his fears and faces Pennywise. But during his speech, he gets hit with Pennywise’s deadlights and just becomes catatonic almost immediately, unable to deal with the sheer horror of the deadlights, his whole body just going limp.
    • Although seeing Eddie hit Pennywise with the spear and save Richie is awesome, the sight of the spear in his deadlights, with Pennywise’s face fully lifted up and coughing up deadlight juice is pretty horrifying.
  • Poor Eddie. He gets impaled by Pennywise’s weird elastic spider arm, slowly crushed by It while Pennywise takes joy in him suffer, before being tossed like a ragdoll by Pennywise into a cave and left to slowly bleed to death from a massive hole in his chest. All while Richie watches in horror.
  • The way Pennywise dies is pretty horrific, comeuppance aside. The giant clown spider slowly and painfully dissolves into a small lump of flesh, becoming almost like a shrivelled, melted baby but with multiple arms and weird tendrils for legs. He becomes completely and utterly helpless, enabling Mike to reach into Pennywise's chest and pull out It's heart. The Losers then crush it into paste as Pennywise screams in pain before finally falling silent.
    • As the Losers tear out Pennywise's heart, it can be heard beating - and, as the group prepares to crush it, it beats progressively louder and faster until it reaches an almost maddening speed... signifying that It - the ancient, abstract manifestation of predation itself - is absolutely terrified and panicking knowing it's going to die.
    • There’s something a bit terrifying about the way Richie savagely rips of Pennywise’s one remaining arm when he’s already going through a horrific demise. While it’s definitely deserved, Richie going just berserk because of what Pennywise did to Eddie is a bit unsettling.
      • On a meta note, it’s exactly how Pennywise killed Georgie. Richie in his rage is almost becoming like Pennywise.
  • How Pennywise torments Ben as a child. Beverly sits with Ben after class and chats to him, but it’s clear something is... a bit off with her. She slyly taunts Ben about how he has no friends in an uncharacteristic way. When Ben goes to kiss her is when the real nightmare begins though. She tells Ben he’s ugly and fat and gross, and that point it becomes obvious she’s not Beverly but Pennywise. Her hair then literally turns into fire and her eyes turn demonic and she chases Ben around the school, shrieking Ben’s poem like a banshee the whole time as her head's flesh slowly burns off.
    • It gets worse. Ben hides in a locker to try and hide from It. He thinks he’s safe only to turn around and see that Pennywise is with him in the locker.
    • He then torments Ben about how he’s fat and will die alone, before baring his teeth as if to eat Ben, but then disappearing. Even for Pennywise — who is basically evil incarnate — this is cruel.
  • At one point in the movie, Bill, Richie and Eddie open up a fridge to find the head of a young Stan. Said head grows spider-like legs from the side of its head and begins to attack everyone. Kind of a step up compared to the fridge scene in the mini series, isn’t it?
  • Ben nearly gets buried alive during their final confrontation. Worst of all: Penny didn't even bother to eat him, instead taking sadistic pleasure in shutting off the only exit, forcing Ben in near darkness as the walls begin to crumble, with him knowing that he will die alone.
    • Worse still, Pennywise is burying him alive in the Loser’s old clubhouse - the place of so many happy memories for Ben, the clubhouse he took pride in constructing, is being twisted into a sick hallucination designed to prey on his worst fears.
  • Eddie’s encounter with the Leper as a child. Eddie goes into the basement of the Keene pharmacy, where he sees his mother tied to a chair. On the other side of the room? The Leper, chained away. Who proceeds to slowly and disturbingly make his way to Eddie’s mother, before sticking his nasty, diseased tongue down her throat - the implication is clear.
    • Before that, we get a really suspenseful scene with Eddie walking down a filthy, dark hallway full of used medical equipment, complete with close-up shots of rusty syringes and Eddie getting tangled up in some IV bags, all while his mother is behind a curtain with only her shadow shown pleading for help. The fact that she's hidden from view the entire time gives you the interpretation that something is seriously wrong with her, like she's afflicted with some sort of disease or Body Horror. While she turns out to be normal, albeit terrified and strapped to a chair, it still doesn't get any better from there with the above scene coming into play.
  • The ‘Not Scary at All’ Door in the final battle with Pennywise. Richie and Eddie open the door to find a lovely little Pomeranian. How cute! And when they tell him to sit, he sits, looking adorably at them. As they think it’s harmless, the dog then proceeds to suddenly turn into a horrifying, demonic, skeletal, growling canine monster.
    • Before that, they try the 'Very Scary' door to find a closet, and in a similar repeat in Chapter One, they hear the voice of Betty Ripson crying out for her shoe, however this time around, her missing legs start running towards the door at them!
  • Pennywise torturing Richie over his ‘dirty little secret’, while it can be considered black comedy. is also rather unsettling. Him being able to taunt Richie about his memories of Street Fighter, or about his secret, implies that Pennywise can read your mind like a damn book to find what you’re afraid of. He doesn’t just want to kill the Losers, he wants to break them in every conceivable way.
  • Alvin Marsh is just as horrifying in this film as the last, in flashbacks. He’s still calling Beverly his little girl, in a way just oozing with lust. In one of the film’s flashbacks, he sprays Beverly with her late mother’s perfume and sniffs her. It’s clear he views Beverly as just an extension of her dead mother, who he can abuse as he pleases. When Beverly slams the fingers off of a hallucination of Alvin Marsh, later in the film, you can’t help but cheer.


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