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This film will have a "crossover" scene with Doctor Sleep
Both are Stephen King adaptations that are remake-sequels to previous Stephen King adaptations coming out this year. Also it'd be awesome to see James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor in the same scene together as Bill and Danny respectively.
  • Jossed.

The film will play around with Stan's death
They may try to add in a Hope Spot where Stan doesn't commit suicide, but tragedy strikes when Stan dies regardless.
  • Quite possibly during the final showdown with Pennywise.
  • Jossed. He still commits suicide.
  • Sort of jossed by changing the why behind Stan's death instead of it being out of fear like it had been. He leaves letters to the Losers explaining he committed suicide because he knew he was the weakness member of the entire group. He killed himself to remove himself "off the board" for the endgame between the Losers and Pennywise, and to make the group stronger without him.

There will a cameo of (or at lest a reference to) the Big Good Outer God, Maturin the turtle.
Maybe Bill will tell the gang of the encounter he had from the first film that we never see in a flash back.
  • Partially confirmed. There's very pointed shot of a tortoise sculpture in one scene.
  • Sorta confirmed. The movies version of the smokehole scene features a Native American drug they call the “Holy Maturin.”
The well in the trailers with volcanic shards sticking out of the ground is Pennywise's real lair, and the impact site from when he came to Earth
  • Confirmed.

The man with the Pennywise face in the trailer is Henry.
Given that he will once again be The Dragon to Pennywise, he may decide to emulate the clown himself or it may be a side effect of Pennywise’s powers.
  • Jossed, it's It.

It WANTED to lose, either because It's ancient and just wanted to finally die, or because he saw the Losers as Worthy Opponents.
Maybe it's just me, but the way at the end as It lays dying after the Losers rip out It's heart the way It says "Look at you, you're all grown up." It sounded almost like It was telling the Losers It was PROUD of them for finally having the courage to stand up to it and defeated it for good.

Bob Gray became the host of IT
At some point years and years ago, IT realised that its shapeshifting gave it the weakness of whatever form it took (As in the book and miniseries), but realised it alot earlier, and somehow it took over and fused with the body of Bob Gray, the original Pennywise, that gave it the immunity to other forms weaknesses but kind made Pennywise its default form, but because it was fused with Pennywise that gave it a heart that could be destroyed, The Ritual of Chud would of worked against IT if it hadn't fused with Pennywise, because the Losers would of believed it worked, as it is implied that when the tribe tried it, they didn't believe enough, but again fusing with Pennywise removed that weakness it is also why its final form
still had Pennywise sticking out of it, as Pennywise was now part of it's true form.
  • I agree with this theory because the movies definitely seem to be implying that Pennywise/Bob Gray was a guy who existed at some point. The fact that IT's default form is a clown, even when it's tangling with full grown adults is pretty conclusive in your favor.

Dean never really existed. He was just one of It’s illusions and his “death” was intended to provoke Bill into going Leeroy Jenkins.

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