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Richie is neglected or abused by his parents
Richie is shown to have a loudmouthed, attention-seeking attitude, and his missing poster shows him to be a mere 90 lbs; substantially underweight for a child his height and age. In addition, unlike the miniseries, his family is one of the few that we never see over the course of the film. Child neglect could connect a lot of dots.
The Turtle will make an appearance
Due to the fact the movie will be based more on the book, along with the leaked script having several references to the Turtle, it is almost guaranteed that ol' Maturin himself will make an appearance, an element the miniseries neglected to include.
  • It's been confirmed by the director that the Turtle will be in Part 1. However, he also suggested that it won't have a clear connection to The Dark Tower as was seen in the novel.
  • In the film itself, Maturin does not appear, but is instead alluded to via a LEGO turtle in Georgie's bedroom, and further joked about when one of the Losers spots a turtle while swimming at the creek.

The remake will have some Deconstruction/Reality Ensues and Reconstruction
Namely, it will address the fact that to a cosmic, older-than-time, man-eating Eldritch Abomination is not threatened by a bunch of small children, and the movie will find a way to make his defeat more plausible. Then, in part 2, we'll see that the kids spent some time taking a level in badass and learning more about the supernatural, maybe even becoming full-on monster hunters, in preparation for the inevitable return of Pennywise.
  • Depends on how you view things: The movie explicitly states that IT is powered by the fear of its victims, so the kids defeat IT by overcoming their fears. Take that explanation as you will. Also, given how Part 1 ends (Bev leaving Derry), the speculation about the kids growing to be professional monster hunters in Part 2 is unlikely, with the exception of Mike, who, according to the director, will become obsessed with learning all about IT in the 27 years that pass between movies.
Derry is a Town with a Dark Secret in more than one way
While the Losers investigate previous attacks of It they will discover that the founders of the city made a deal with It so Derry had prosperity for the 27 years between attacks in exchange for the children of it's citizens. To make things worse, at least one of the Losers is related to these people.
  • Not revealed in the first movie, but there's still the sequel.
    • Heavily implied all the same — the art depicting the town's founding has Pennywise in it, and the founders all died shortly after.

Pennywise's 1990 movie appearance will get a nod.
While the Losers research or learn about It, they noticed it often takes the form of a clown; same with the 1990 movie as opposed to the book where it rarely appears as a clown. But in each passing decade, his clown form takes a different (if minor) appearance due to the times in history. The 50s and/or 90s show him resembling how he looked in the '90 movie.
  • Confirmed. A Freeze-Frame Bonus in the second trailer shows a room full of clown costumes, one of which is Tim Curry's Pennywise suit.

Georgie is actually alive.
Once the Losers find him, Pennywise will kill Georgie just to spite Bill. Ironically, this will bring about his downfall.

Battery Acid
In this movie, Eddie will say the book-accurate "BATTERY ACID, FUCKNUTS" before dealing his blow on Pennywise, but in the sequel, he'll say "This is battery acid you slime!" as a way to symbolize his loss of innocence.
  • Nope, there was no battery acid/aspirator scene in the movie.
    • Further, It no longer demonstrates the weaknesses of any of Its shapeshifted forms, as demonstrated when It survives Bill's attack while It was disguised as Georgie, who'd have died.

Pennywise actually possessed Mr. Marsh
It would explain why he appeared suddenly after Beverly knocked him out.

Bill's stutter is just a mental/situational thing.
This explains why he doesn't stutter much when talking to Georgie.
  • This would also explain why his stutter got worse when Georgie went missing, and how his stutter goes away when he's talking about something important.

Bill, Ben, and Bev are really just DJ, Chowder, and Jenny from Monster House
Given that these two movies have a TON of similarities, it wouldn't be too far fetched.

Deep down, Bill knew that Georgie was dead, but he was in denial throughout the whole movie.
Bill's smart enough to know that a seven-year-old like Georgie couldn't have survived his disappearance, especially for eight months. Bill's character arc is about him finally accepting his loss and moving on.

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