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Eye scream, you scream, we all scream for Beverly!

  • The Losers decide to take it upon themselves to stop Pennywise from taking any more children, complete with Bill giving a Rousing Speech.
    • Richie even notes that Bill doesn't stutter once during that speech.
    Bill: Look, you don't have to come in with me. But what happens when another Georgie goes missing? Or another Betty, or another Ed Corcoran, or... One of us? Are you just gonna pretend it isn't happening like everyone else in this town?! Because I can't! I go home and all I see is that Georgie isn't there. His clothes, his toys, his stupid stuffed animals... But HE isn't. So, walking into this house? For me, it's easier than walking into my own.
  • The rock war between The Losers and the Bowers gang that starts because the latter were harassing Mike. The Losers win.
    • Set to freaking Anthrax, no less.
    • Ben casts the first rock after Henry insults Beverly. It hits the bastard with a satisfying thwack on the head.
      • Even funnier with Richie just a split second before all hell breaks loose:
      Richie: ROCK WAR! (gets hit square in the face with a flying rock)
    • Especially Richie's line to Henry at the end. Capped with double middle fingers for maximum effect.
    Richie: Go blow your dad, you mullet-wearing asshole!
  • The final confrontation in the film. After all the scares, the running away, the screaming... fighting back never felt so good. Good enough for the entire cinema to start cheering on.
    • Just the bit when Pennywise starts retreating and the Losers close in. It's power is fear but without that, It has nothing.
  • Right before it, Henry of all people gets one when he murders his own father. In any other setting this would be a Moral Event Horizon, but his father had just 20 seconds earlier shot at him with a loaded gun to scare him straight (admittedly for a good reason), and has been abusing his son for years. Henry stabbing the switchblade into his father's neck is a Kick the Son of a Bitch moment at worst.
  • Beverly knocking her pedophile father out cold in self-defense. Unfortunately, the awesomeness of that was undercut by Pennywise kidnapping her afterwards.
    • Although there is still a fairly awesome silver lining to Bev's kidnapping; she had completely lost all fear of IT, and ITs kidnapping of her was out of frustration that he couldn't prey upon her more than anything else.
  • Eddie finally standing up to his domineering mother after a lifetime of being lied to that he is a frail asthmatic, furiously declaring that she has robbed him of a full and happy life, and that she will never keep him away from his friends ever again. As a gesture of his galvanized will prior to the finally battle against Pennywise, he contemptuously tosses away the fake medicine she crammed down his throat all his life, finally taking charge of his own destiny for the very first time.
  • Pennywise grabs hold of Bill, telling the Losers that if they leave, he'll only eat him and leave the rest of them alone, which even Bill urges them to accept after everything he's forced them through. Richie answers with this:
    Richie: I fucking told you, Bill. I don't wanna die. It's your fault. You punched me in the face, made me walk through shitty water, brought me to a fucking crackhead house! And now? [goes to Pennywise's trophy pile and draws a baseball bat] I'm going to have to kill this fucking clown.
    • Richie is a little badass, folks.
    • And this.
    Richie: WELCOME TO THE LOSERS' CLUB, ASSHOLE! [smashes IT across the face]
  • The epic final battle of the Loser's Club versus Pennywise, as our seven heroes work together as one to deliver a spectacular No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the Monster Clown, pounding the entity into a terrified and helpless mess, cowering for its life.
    • A bit earlier but no less understated. Mike seemingly kills Henry Bowers. This means he'll actually be part of the group in the future when they go to kill IT once and for all... maybe.
    • Not only that, but Mike had enough foresight to not carry a loaded bolt gun before he and his friends were about to enter Its lair. Upon being ambushed by Henry Bowers, the bully snatches Mike's weapon and attempts to kill him with his own bolt gun... only to discover that there's no ammunition, giving Mike enough time to distract him with a rock to the head. Shortly afterwards, Mike tackles Henry towards the well, causing him to fall to the bottom and never to be seen again.
  • When IT hurls itself at Bill (with the Bolt Gun the only thing between Its jaws and Bill's throat), all of the kids dog-pile on IT's back to save him, with Ben holding onto Its arm for dear life and even biting IT.
  • IT tries to exploit Eddie's fear of germs, but after finding out his mom was using it to manipulate him it became a Berserk Button instead. He flies into an unstoppable rage and soccer kicks IT in the face.
  • IT takes the form of Beverly's father to scare her. He doesn't even finish speaking before she stabs him, showing how little he/IT scares her now. Pennywise couldn't have picked an easier target for if it tried.
  • While easy to miss in the funny moment, when the other Losers raise their hands to stay behind on the trip in to Pennywise's lair, Bev's hand doesn't even twitch. The girl has nerves of steel.
  • Beverly ramming a spike through Its face at Neibolt House, forcing IT to retreat.
    • Before that, Bill and Richie escaping Pennywise's trap by refusing to believe IT exists. It's the moment everything starts going wrong for the clown, and actually draws Its attention.
  • The final battle in its entirety. The Losers, the unlikely group of social outcasts banded together, confront Pennywise in his lair and face him on his own terms. Pennywise constantly attempts to shift his form to scare them, but all of them fight through their own fear, inflicting wound after wound. Pennywise finally takes Bill hostage and says he'll let them go if they leave him only Bill, or they can all stay and die. Richie, whose friendship with Bill has been on the rocks, is the first to say hell to the no on this offer and resume the attack on Pennywise. After being beaten and broken, Pennywise is left a cringing wreck on the ground, beaten by the kids he'd hurt and tormented for so long. What drives it home is Bill's amazing line: "Now you're the one who's afraid." After centuries of evil and murder, Pennywise has faced his first defeat at the hands of the children he's taken so lightly.
    • By the end of it, it's the Humanoid Abomination who's repeating the "sees the ghosts" mantra in a desperate bid to calm Itself down. And it's stuttering.
  • Even though it's only a gag opening, it's quite cathartic to see Georgie escape from Pennywise and his untimely demise at the beginning of the film.
  • The deleted scene where Stanley makes his Bar Mitzvah speech. It seems to be going as planned, until it takes a drastic turn when Stan seems to go off the script for his speech, drops the mic, and walks out while Richie stands up and slow claps.
    • Even more awesome when this scene actually turns up in Chapter 2, and serves as the motivating for adult Richie to go back to the Losers for the final fight against Pennywise.


  • The notorious Troubled Production of the film (including a sudden switch of directors due to Executive Meddling) got many people predicting that the movie would suck. But then came the first trailer, and the general reaction to it was not only near universal acclaim, but utter terror.
  • Behold the high fresh rating of 85%!.
  • Many people are already calling it one of the best adaptations of Stephen King's books, and taking into account just how many were made (and how many still hold critical acclaim), this is a GIANT sigh of relief for those who were worried.
  • It holds the record for biggest opening for a horror film!
  • It holds the record for highest grossing horror film ever, with a total gross being a little over $700 million! Not bad!
  • Given all that, perhaps it would be fair to say that this IT movie has become the "it movie" of 2017.
  • Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. What a casting choice. Much like Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker, no one thought this performance would work as well as it did, much less even compare to what came before. But then Skarsgård proceeded to blow all of us away with a Pennywise that arguably surpassed Tim Curry's version. It's safe to say that this was a crowning performance of awesome. Case in point?
    • The first scene with Pennywise was his infamous encounter with Georgie. In just that one scene, Skarsgård put the audience on pins and needles with his insane creepiness.
    • It’s a subtle detail, but even the way he moves added so much to the performance because of un-human it is.
    • The bit where Pennywise is crammed into a tiny fridge and slowly pulls himself out? Not an effect. Bill Skarsgård actually worked with contortionists to be able to do it for real.
    • Another point for Skarsgård is in regards to Pennywise's gaze. Muschietti intended for his eyes to be edited with a deviated stare in post, but Skårsgard happened to be able to do it naturally, so he added it to his already tricky performance. Suffice it to say, he managed to make Pennywise really feel like a form for something very inhuman.
    • Another thing that worked about Skarsgård's performance was his Slasher Smile. The way his lower lip curls down as he smiles was just so incredibly sinister.
  • Three words before the credits: It: Chapter One. An incredibly ballsy move for any movie, but one that earned applause at the end of many screenings. After producing such a great film, we as audiences feel like this one time, they earned that sequel.


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